Tips for choosing a one-room apartment design

Most designers claim that the larger the footage of a room, the less rationally it is used. Another thing is when the room is small, but you want to fit as much as possible into it. Then the owners begin to look for the most practical design of a one-room apartment, think through the use of each residential centimeter.

one-room apartment design

Who really knows exactly what “little space” means - these are the owners of one-room apartments.

A small living room should include a kitchen, a nursery and a work area, a bedroom. At first glance, this seems impossible, as practice shows, insoluble problems do not exist.

bright design of the apartment

The design of a one-room apartment is the most difficult to think about, since often in one room you have to place a sleeping place, a living room, a kitchen corner and even a place for a child.

We list effective tips for designers to create a dream interior

Minimalism style A suitable option for designing a studio apartment. No need to think that it is better to leave a table, a chair and a bed in the room. This implies the purchase of multifunctional furniture and interior items: a sofa with a built-in countertop, a large table that folds up and turns into a small, coffee version. Modern manufacturers offer furniture in different sizes, so all of these elements can be made to order in the right sizes.
Lightweight, airy interior To visually increase the space, you can use mirror surfaces, zoning using partitions of light, translucent fabrics, thin, strong glass. If partitions are not needed, zoning can be done during repairs. An important point here is the competent selection of finishing material. The floor in different areas should vary: in the kitchen - tiles, living room in the laminate. In the sleeping area you can lay a fluffy carpet. Each zone should have individual lighting.
Accent Do not use only dark or light colors in the interior of a studio apartment. There are 2-3 main accents. For example, a dark shelf and light walls, or, walls and ceiling are light, and the floor is saturated, dark shade. But, do not use a lot of dark, visually it will reduce the room.
Redevelopment The walls inside the small room make it even smaller cut it. Therefore, if they are not bearing, it is better to disassemble.
Multi-use pantry In old houses there is a pantry that can be used practically. She perfectly fulfills the role of a built-in closet, or dressing room. There will be no need to install a “large box” in the main room.
High ceilings If the ceilings in the apartment are high, you can install a bed above the floor. It is called the loft bed. The base can be a great closet. Thus, 2 furniture elements are connected at once.
Proper use of decorative elements and textiles Do not overload the interior for a one-room apartment with statuettes and caskets of different sizes. Windows are best decorated with thin, lightweight fabrics or roller blinds.
studio apartment

Making the interior of a one-room apartment practical is quite difficult.

Design of the room in Khrushchev

The footage of the same type of Khrushchev is 26-28 square meters. m. Therefore, you need to organize the space as efficiently as possible. You need to do this from the entrance. The entrance hall is usually narrow and small; there should be as little furniture as possible. If there is a pantry, a closet can be arranged there, and 2-3 hooks can be hung on the wall of the hallway.

layout of a studio apartment

You won’t accelerate to such an area, but there are several ways to make the apartment comfortable.

To make the space visually wider, you can place a large mirror. The shoe model is narrow, with a seat on top. If there is no pantry, a small wardrobe is installed in the room. Extra details in the form of shelves, it is better not to put vases. The main light element is best placed above the mirror.

hallway interior

The light source may be one or more.

The kitchen in Khrushchev takes up no more than 6-7 square meters. m. When planning the design of a one-room apartment, you need to purchase furniture with built-in appliances in the kitchen.

kitchen in the apartment

Remember that the stove in such a kitchen must be electric, not gas.

The dining area needs to be organized by the window, preferably a table model that is attached to the wall, folds if necessary. A window sill in a small kitchen is not for flowers. It should perform more serious functions. If a wide option, it can be a table or a continuation of the working area for cooking.

cozy redevelopment of Khrushchev

The set is located along one or two walls.

The most difficult is the competent organization of the space of the main living room. The interior of a one-room apartment implies one stylistic decision. It can be minimalism, hi-tech, classic. But zoning will still have to be done.

decoration of a studio apartment

A small but functional partition.

There should be a minimal amount of vivid color solutions, it is better to exclude frequent small drawings. So that the interior does not seem gray and boring, you can put 1-2 accents. For example, with a bright pattern on one wall, a material of a similar shade, but with a different texture.

room zoning

The most important feature of this layout is the functionality.

If you don’t like bright colors, you can do zoning using the play of light or air partitions. For example, an open shelf from the ceiling to the floor.

partition zoning

The main task is a visual expansion of space.

Kitchen decoration

If the apartment is in a new house, then redevelopment can be done without any problems. The most suitable option is a studio. Here, the space separating element may be a bar counter. Also plays the role of a dining table. Or additionally install a transforming table in the kitchen. It can serve as an element for eating or, when folded, a coffee table.

layout of the kitchen with a breakfast bar

The apartment should contain furniture that you really need.

The kitchen set can be located both along one wall, if the size of the room allows, then along 2 walls. The windowsill will be a great addition to the countertop, it can be made from the same material. The oven is placed at eye level, the microwave is a little higher, the “dishwasher” or washing machine will fit perfectly below.

compact kitchen in a studio apartment

Under the windowsill, you can make several narrow drawers under the little things, or use it as a countertop.

Toilet and bathroom decoration

If possible, it is better to make a redevelopment, minimize the space for the bathroom by separating precious meters from the main room. The bathroom and bath are often connected. A set of furniture is standard: a shower cabin or a small bathtub, a toilet bowl, a sink. If space allows you can install a washing machine. More often it is placed in the kitchen.

bathroom in a studio apartment

It is advisable to combine white with some other delicate color, such as blue or beige.

Storage system

Competent interior design of a one-room apartment implies a multifunctional storage system.In new homes, the balcony is no longer relevant, it is connected to a common room. In older houses, this is more difficult, therefore, it remains only to insulate it and store common things there.

balcony in a studio apartment

A balcony is not suitable for storing clothes, as foreign odors and dampness can penetrate.

A significant advantage of the houses of the old construction is the presence of a storage room. There you can equip a spacious wardrobe for clothes and shoes.


If there is no pantry, then when planning repair work you need to determine exactly where the dressing room will be.

Hinged doors are undesirable, preferably in the form of a compartment. To make the space look visually larger, the doors or partitions can be glass. Corner furniture elements take up less space than standard ones, so they are preferable.

small dressing room

In a small room, floating or translucent furniture will look lighter than a full and massive one.

If the width of the hallway is more than 300-350 cm, then the storage system can be built there. It is better to make a cabinet to order, so that it fits perfectly into the interior, has the most convenient height and width.

closet in the hallway

It is advisable to give preference to options for cabinets with mirrors.

About furniture recommendations

The interior of a one-room apartment implies compact furniture elements. More often, they are sliding or folding. The berth can be raised to the podium, inside it to mount boxes for linen, things. Currently, manufacturers offer a huge selection of transforming furniture.

bed on the podium

Built-in or easily transformable furniture will save space and your room will not look crowded and cluttered.

The podium can also be built on the balcony, most of the seasonal items will be stored there, replacing each other. It is better to hang open type shelves on the mills. Near the bed you can put a table that can "grow" and move apart.

furniture in the interior

If you are used to the fact that you can work with a computer exclusively on your favorite sofa, then it is not necessary to purchase a computer table for yourself.

Small apartment for a family with a baby

Each family has its own ideas about the ideal apartment. In fact, even from a small odnushka you can make a comfortable paradise. When developing an apartment project, it is necessary to take into account the footage, family composition, age of each of them, interests and hobbies.

interior of a studio apartment

In order to visually expand the interior, it is necessary to use light soft and unobtrusive colors.

All furniture should be multifunctional. It is not necessary to install everything along the walls, strictly in one line. Highlighted islets and podiums are welcome here. For the baby, an attic bed is an ideal option. In the free lower part you can install a roll-out table, a small built-in wardrobe. A full bed for adults cannot be put on, only a sofa. But, if you search well, you can buy a model with an orthopedic mattress.

loft bed and sofa

It is necessary to pay attention not only to the color of the walls, but also to the furniture.

There must be shelves in the hallway. If you put the door, then sliding. The color of the canvas should be similar to the color of the walls so as not to stand out, which can visually reduce the space.

The bathroom and toilet can be combined, but this may not be acceptable for some family members.

bathroom in Khrushchev

Therefore, you must first consult with everyone.

Secrets of Lighting

With the help of competent lighting, you can even correct geometric errors in the room. If you need to visually expand the space, it is better to use devices with bright lamps in the design. If you direct the light of lamps, including spotlights, up, then they will "raise" the ceiling, it will seem higher.

apartment lighting

Do not forget about lighting, which should be not just a lot, but a lot.

Lighting by zones must necessarily combine the main light source (chandelier) and spot.General lighting can be a little dim, secondary ones should be brighter, as they are intended for lighting workplaces.

In the sleeping area, the lighting can be muffled, soft. If there are fans to read, then on a bedside table or over your head you can hang a brighter source of light.

bedroom lighting

It is advisable not to be limited to one lamp, but to purchase several lamps that will need to be placed in different functional areas.

In the bathroom, halogen lamps give the main light; in addition, a dressing mirror can be highlighted.

In the hallway, lighting should be general and bright, so that it is convenient to undress, get dressed, and correct makeup before going out. If the room is small and narrow, you can add spotlights.

hallway in the apartment

When there is a lot of bright light, the room visually seems larger.

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