Modern interiors of one-room apartments

Choosing an apartment interior is an important decision. You need to study a lot of materials to find the right option. Consider the features of the premises. You need to hide the flaws, and focus on the merits. This will achieve a high-quality and beautiful result.

White living room in a modern apartment

The interior of the apartment must satisfy all family members

Apartment Design: Best Interior Ideas

It is recommended that you consider various design ideas to choose the one that suits you. There are many options that differ in originality, rigor, pomp. First, decide on the main direction of the view of space.

Sofa with gray upholstery in the interior of the apartment

It is important to consider which zones are needed and what area they should be.

Zoning of the lounge bar

Proper zoning will ensure ergonomics and functionality of the interior

One-room apartment design

It’s difficult to think of an interior in such conditions. It is necessary to place all the necessary zones in one space. The most popular and suitable solutions for the interior of an apartment with a small area are shown in the table:

Receptions Description
Minimalism Using only multifunctional furniture allows you to practically fill the space. All items must fulfill several roles, saving space.
Lightness and airiness To increase visual space allow mirror surfaces and zoning. Light fabrics, strong glass serve as a partition. The division into segments is embodied with the help of finishing materials. Do not use blackout curtains, the window should transmit light as much as possible.
Accents It is important to add variety to the palette. Introduce a few color accents. If the walls and ceiling are in light colors, choose a dark floor. But do not abuse the last palette. Dark visually reduce the room.
Redevelopment If the walls are not bearing, it is better to remove them. This will add space and space.
Maximum storage room utilization Turn it into a dressing room or closet.
High ceiling If the apartment has this feature, it is recommended to purchase an attic bed. It combines a sleeping area and a storage area.
Decor Reduce the use of figurines and other items to a minimum. Thin air curtains are suitable for windows.
Zoning of the bedroom-living room with a wooden partition

An interesting solution would be to separate the sleeping area using vertical wooden slats.

Design of an apartment in Khrushchev

It is recommended to start from the hallway. The number of furniture items should be reduced to a minimum. If there is a pantry, a closet will be organized there. To visually expand the space, use a large mirror. Complete with a small shoe rack with a seat and a wardrobe in the absence of a pantry.

For the kitchen, built-in appliances are preferred, which saves meters. The dining area is set next to the window. Choose a table with a wall mount. It folds comfortably, freeing up space. If the windowsill is wide, it is made by the application of the working area. It is important to use every centimeter.

Gas stove in a small kitchen Khrushchev

In a small kitchen, it is reasonable to use small-sized household appliances

In the living room you need to organize several zones. To distinguish, you should use a light small partition. For the interior of the apartment, it is recommended to add a few bright accents. This will avoid dullness and dullness of space.

How to equip an apartment for a family with a child

If you plan to accommodate adults and children in one room, it is important to think through the design carefully so that all family members comfortably accommodate. Two segments are distinguished, one of which is assigned to the child. It can be arranged in a corner, away from the aisle and window to avoid drafts. Complete with transformer furniture and good lighting.

Interior of a children's corner in a common room

Children's area for girls of preschool age

A children's zone can be organized as follows:

  1. Connection of a room and a balcony, pantry. The room is divided into several parts using a stationary wall.
  2. Connection to the kitchen. It is supposed to transfer the dining area to the balcony.
  3. Creation of a studio with the introduction of mobile screens for dividing the area.

The age of the child should also be considered.

  • Little. To increase the space, the bed can be installed on a high podium. In the niche formed, the sleeping place of the parents is removed. For zoning use racks.
  • Teenager. A partition should be introduced. Suitable both stationary and in the form of a screen with the ability to move. You can choose a bed installed on the upper tier, and the lower one is reserved for the workplace. This saves a lot of space.
  • Two children. A bunk bed with several sleeping places is suitable. Additionally, you will need to organize a separate working segment.
Separating the bedroom from the living room using a curtain

To separate the sleeping area, sometimes a simple curtain is enough, it all depends on the lifestyle of the owners

How to design the whole apartment

Think through the design carefully. It is important that the selected styles for each room are combined in a single piece. It can be a uniform coating or decorative elements. Then the housing will have a complete and holistic look. First you need to think through all the nuances in each room, only then proceed with the implementation of ideas.

The layout of the room in the studio apartment

Common space for rest area, workplace and sleeping area

Zoning with a sliding partition bedroom-living room

Sliding partition instead of walls to separate the bedroom

Living room combined with a loggia

A popular option for competent expansion of the area. While maintaining the upper window sill, it will become a partition for visual separation of segments. It can be used as follows:

  1. Installing a TV or other equipment.
  2. The construction of the bar.
  3. Make a stand and place decorative fresh flowers.

If the window sill is removed, then the formed passage is formed with an arch. The choice of styles for extended space is quite wide. To save space, embody high-tech or modern.

Bar counter instead of window sill in the kitchen with balcony

The wall under the windowsill can not be broken to avoid problems with the transfer of the heating battery

Lighting is preferably spotlight. You can make several levels for different zones. There is also the option of installing spotlights that direct light from below. If the loggia will be used as a working area or reading place, it is worth considering the location of electrical points.

Comfortable sofa on a heated loggia

On the attached loggia you can organize a comfortable place to relax

The balcony is decorated in the same style with the connected room. It has a small area, so the placement of many items is not permissible. A minimum of details will allow you to maintain lightness and spaciousness.

Bathroom and toilet

When the bathroom has a large area, you can embody any style you like. The situation is more complicated when the dimensions are small or the bathroom is divided. It takes a lot of effort to combine practicality, functionality and beauty.

Interior of separate bathrooms in Provence style

The design of the toilet and bathroom in the same Provence style

Finishing materials must meet the difficult conditions of the room. Not everyone can withstand high humidity and regular temperature changes. Tile remains one of the sought after materials. It should organize a good, high-quality lighting, supplement with a large mirror.

Design of small apartments

Limited area increases design complexity. New tasks are added, including compactness and practicality. Therefore, it is recommended that you first think over the details, make a project on paper. This will allow you to take into account the shortcomings and place everything correctly.

Layout of furniture in a studio apartment

Plan of a studio apartment with an area of ​​33 square meters. meter

Project of an entrance hall in a one-room apartment

Entrance hall with a spacious wardrobe

Decorative partition between the living room and the study

Office behind a light partition

Living room interior in a small apartment

Comfortable sitting area with corner sofa

Design project of a small kitchen

Minimalist style kitchen

Small Area Bathroom Design

Combined bathroom interior

Modern apartment interior design

The modern interior involves a combination of functionality, beauty and practicality.

  • Contemporary. It is versatile and often embodied in small rooms. The division into zones is carried out by partitions. High functionality and the ability to interchange interior items with each other.

    Interior of the apartment in contemporary style

    Contemporary style apartment is a great option for middle-income people

  • Loft. At the core are abandoned, unfinished buildings. Assumes some rude finishes. Spaciousness is organized, no partitions are used. Communications and wires do not hide, the floor can be from ordinary boards. A lot of modern and original appliances and furniture are added.

    Industrial style apartment interior

    Decorating a loft apartment involves the use of rough surfaces and open structures

Flat studio design for young and creative.

Often choose a design in the loft style. It combines modernity, non-standard, practicality. Suitable for creative people. In addition, you can choose hi-tech or modern. These options look appropriate in a studio for young people. The emphasis is on modernity and manufacturability. Styles make it possible to use the entire area useful, leaving enough space free.

Blue sofa in a studio apartment

Bright and unusual loft style living room for a young couple

Workplace arrangement in a combined living room

Desk for two people at the end of the living room

Mixed style kitchen interior

A compromise style kitchen between loft and eclecticism

Key details in the design of different rooms

When developing the overall design of the apartment, the features of each room are taken into account:

  1. Living room. The cozy atmosphere prevails. The center becomes the site where the sofa is located. The lighting is good. Special attention is paid to the design of the window.
  2. Bedroom. The atmosphere should be aimed at maximum recovery of energy and good rest. It should be reflected in the palette, details, textiles. Exclude bright and flashy tones.
  3. Kitchen. The convenience of arranging the workspace is important. There should be no obstacles to movement. If there is not enough space, it is recommended to use the built-in equipment and placed cabinets along the height of the walls.
  4. Hallway Avoid too many parts. Stick to a concise style.
  5. Bath. Particular attention to finishing materials. All elements must withstand changes in temperature and humidity.
Black and white hallway in a small apartment

For a small hallway, minimalism will be the best design style.

Combined bathroom in white

To design a compact bathroom, it is better to use light colors that visually increase the space

Pre-designed design will allow you to take into account the features of the room. Then it will be possible to avoid mistakes even before putting the ideas into practice.

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Photo of modern interiors

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