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The space style in the interior is presented in the form of functional and technological features of all the details. Futurism is present, which allows emphasizing the design feature. You can bring it to the premises of any purpose. Such a decision will bring to the atmosphere of uniqueness, originality.

Space style kids room interior

The space interior is based on the functionality of all elements, as well as some futurism in their appearance

The Universe in Home Design: Features of the Space Interior

Space design can be implemented in a separate room or in the whole house. Suitable for those who prefer safety, good technical equipment and comfort. The listed principles are fundamental when creating spacecraft, stations. To recreate such a design in a city apartment or private house is not difficult. If you follow the recommendations of specialists, the embodiment will not cause difficulties.

Star ceiling in the interior of the living room

Designing the interior, you can implement the idea in detail from the selection of finishing materials to the choice of furniture, or you can do it with individual touches in the form of thematic accessories

Natural space interior involves the solution of the main problems of this space. Key points should be correctly recreated, including a feeling of weightlessness, movement, and stopping. To do this, use horizontal and vertical lines. The storage system should be versatile and light. Things should be easy to access. Among the technology, only the latest models.

Space style living room with original TV stand

Space style living room interior

Space workplace teenager room interior

Futuristic design office

Realization of space style in a residential interior

Just a mural for creating a space interior is not enough. It is important to reproduce a special atmosphere that will plunge into the deep space. To do this, it is recommended to adhere to the basic principles of this style. They are reflected in the table:

Principles Description
Creating a specific space A perspective with an endless atmosphere should be recreated.
Color schemes Black and white gamma prevails. A blue tint is added. The listed tones are combined with a bright spectrum.
Recreating the sensation The space should seem airy, light. It is necessary to reproduce the effect of weightlessness, as if you really soar in space.
Used items The equipment should be distinguished by high manufacturability and novelty. All items are modern.
Lighting A maximum of cold and diffused light is appreciated.
Accessories Must fully reflect space interior.
Design of a children's room in space style

Space style kids room

Futuristic style living room interior

Shell Room

The room should be practical. Littering the area with unnecessary objects is not welcome. It is important to save space, it is useful to use every centimeter. If you follow the recommendations described, the appearance will be impressive.

We select space furniture

Every detail of the space interior should reflect a certain orientation. Furniture selection should be given a lot of attention. Typical models will not work. They are convenient and functional, but they will look pretty boring.It is better to choose each item separately, based on its practicality and appearance suitable for this style.

Furniture in a room with a space interior

To match the furniture to the interior, you should pick up items of unusual shape or with some non-standard solutions, for example, a chair with a pull-out table or an ellipse bed

Space style bedroom interior

Soaring bed in the space bedroom

The color scheme is acceptable dark or light, among the materials suitable wood, plastic and metal. Details should be simple, without sophistication. You can purchase narrow bunks similar to those installed in the ship’s cramped cabins.

Textiles should be plain. A pattern in the form of small stars is allowed. No other ornaments can be used. Try to prevail in the space interior silver metal or its imitation. The geometry in space is simple, the angles are sharp, the lines are smooth.

Images of star galaxies on bedding

Bed linens with drawings of the starry sky

Cosmic colors and shapes palette

Recreating the space design, it is worth paying special attention to the selection of the color palette. Preferred colors have already been noted. The space of the “cosmos” is perfectly perceived by bright colors, including blue, orange and purple. The white gamut is great for small rooms because of the ability to visually expand the boundaries.

White sofa on the background of space wallpaper

The space style has a lot of blue, white and black

Properly selected furniture becomes the main decor in the room. Forms should be streamlined, if possible, original. The main task is to reproduce the view of the space station.

Photo wallpaper in the bedroom based on star wars

Additional shades are selected depending on how the space interior is seen.

Star ships on the wall of a children's room

Bright neon shades work great

But do not load space with objects. It is important to leave maximum free space. Everything should look concise and simple. The created image is complemented by lighting, which will create the right atmosphere. To do this, use spotlights.

Unusual decor and accessories

The ceiling is the most suitable canvas to emphasize space design. It gives a huge scope for imagination. In addition to the starry sky, you can embody a galaxy, zodiac signs, constellations, and more.

Stretch ceiling with the image of fantastic planets

You can decorate the ceiling in different ways, based on the budget. It can be stickers, paint, or stretch ceiling with 3D effects

Space Design Room

Flooring should be practical

Cosmic style bedroom interior in purple hues

Wall decoration should embody the basic idea of ​​design

Emphasize the design should be with accessories. Among them are lamps that erase the borders of the room, figures with the image of alien creatures. It is not necessary to install decorative parts on each shelf. Even a minimal number of objects competently emphasize the general atmosphere.

Space style room lighting

Hi-tech chandeliers or spotlight fixtures fit well into the space interior

Online stores allow you to choose the appropriate “space” accessories, many of them are presented in a single copy. This will increase the uniqueness of the created style.

Starry sky hot pot holder

“Star” kitchen pot holder

Night lights imitating the starry sky on the walls and ceiling of a room

Galaxy Design Nightlights

Intergalactic curtain

Adding various objects of the chosen subject in the room will only emphasize the theme of space. One of these is the intergalactic curtain. It is a curtain that mimics the starry sky.

Making a window opening in space style

Window shutter imitating a starry sky

Space style bathroom interior

Galaxy shutter in the bathroom

Space mural

An important step is the design of the walls. For them, you can choose a wallpaper with the corresponding print. They will become the highlight of the interior, favorably emphasize the selected topics.

Space wall bedroom decor

Space photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Similar wallpapers have some advantages:

  1. The effect of infinity. The mysterious atmosphere is great for relaxing and relaxing.
  2. The presence of constellations and planets on the cover will be informative, especially for children.
  3. Well-chosen wallpapers can visually expand the space.
Wall decoration over the sofa in space-themed murals

Star galaxy behind the sofa in the living room

Constellation lamp

Space design can be supplemented with one original element. The constellation lamp is an excellent decorative object, perfect for a room and stylized as space. Creates a pleasant twilight.

Pendant lamp with holes in the lampshade repeating the map of the starry sky

Stylish and unusual lamp

Simulate the starry sky in a room with a night lamp

Night light starry sky

Moon behind the door

In addition to photo wallpaper, you can use a special sticker on the door. She imitates the moon and starry sky. It feels like it's the entrance to outer space. Very original and beautiful.

Space style door decoration

Door decorated with a photograph of the moon

Video: DIY space decor

Photo of space rooms

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