Creating a baroque style in the interior

Baroque is a luxurious style whose task is to demonstrate the richness and dynamism of images. For home, he is one of the most successful, because it emphasizes the sense of style and the high status of the owner. The baroque style in the interior has many little things that can create a single picture. Let's find out more about these little things.

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Baroque bedroom

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Baroque style in the interior of the kitchen

The history of development

In 1850, the first mention of baroque appeared in the interior. At that time it was a palace style, able to show all the luxury of kings. Versailles and Peterhof are great examples of use that are still able to enthrall people.

In the 17th century, he comes to Russia. Golitsyn was one of the first to formalize his residences in the then already characteristic European manner. After that, St. Petersburg meets Baroque, due to which it respects the ruler. Then the rulers used the name of the style, because of which the concepts of "Golitsyn Baroque" are still found.

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Purple color in the interior of a baroque bedroom

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Baroque living room

It has its own requirements for the premises: right angles and circles with regular structures are the main requirements. Geometric shapes such as oval, circle, square are the most common shapes. Castles at the time of the kings should have been decorated in accordance with all the rules, so do not be surprised at such luxury, for the Baroque there is nothing strange in this.

Over time, the style begins to change dramatically, becoming more feminine and pompous. Symmetry and color saturation of the interior is gradually becoming a thing of the past, it is being replaced by a huge amount of gilding and curls. The changes lead to the fact that Baroque is becoming more and more like Rococo, but a key feature remains. Rococo used exclusively in the interior, designed according to the rules of Rococo buildings you will not find anywhere.

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Baroque in the interior

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Chic baroque bedroom

Baroque features

It has its own characteristics, without which it makes no sense to try to create a baroque interior.

Large space

Do not even try to apply the baroque features in a small apartment. It is more suitable for large apartments or private houses. Use sculptures and volumetric figures, take advantage of a change in perspective that creates deceptive images.

Too many decorative shapes

With its lines, baroque is able to attract the attention of any person. Various colors and lighting solutions complement the forms. At the same time, the lines can create a certain tension, it will be insanely difficult to distract attention from them.

bright baroque style bathroom

Light colors in a baroque room

beautiful baroque style living room

Baroque living room

Using volumetric elements

Their use is surprising: the elements can act as the main and additional decor or integrate into another decor, creating some kind of room dynamics.

Wall as a change of reality

Thanks to the baroque, the walls change their purpose, flowing smoothly into the ceiling and creating the illusion of deception. In modern baroque, three-dimensional drawings are often used, which allows you to change the interior.


For decorating walls and ceilings, painting is used. If previously only fresco painting was used, now it has become customary to replace it with a pattern on the ground. For dynamism, it is better to use half-naked, overcoming the limitations of a figure in the style of Michelangelo.

In creating a full-fledged interior in a luxurious style, it is necessary to use all its characteristic features.

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Baroque style in home design

light baroque bedroom decor

Baroque bedroom design

Color spectrum

White combined with gold is considered a traditional color. By using this color, you can emphasize the best aspects of your room by masking the flaws, if any. White can be replaced with beige or peach, it will look no less status.

Baroque in a modern interior is impossible without the use of velvet blue and muted green colors. Use can be emphasized due to contrast. For example, white is ideal for even low ceilings. To unite the space, it is better to use gilded stucco molding.

bright baroque style kitchen interior

Baroque in the interior of the room

beautiful baroque corridor interior

Bright beautiful baroque bedroom

Baroque furniture

In the era of this luxurious style, the now well-known concept of furniture sets appears. The painting is used not only for walls and ceilings, but also necessary for furniture. Consider the incredible lines that attract the attention of guests. All furniture is lined with smooth velvet and silk, which sometimes looks too elaborate - the main feature of the Baroque style. Furniture is often encrusted with precious stones. Pillows should be hand embroidered or at least create such an impression. Gilded fittings can add luxury.

Dining rooms at the time of the kings were one of the central places in the residences. Only large tables with company chairs were necessarily purchased, the legs of which were always twisted, and massive countertops were decorated with mosaics. An especially important place was the bedroom: beds decorated with canopies were raised to the podium. This creates a certain elevation and gives luxury to the bedroom, so do not be afraid to use the podium.

Furniture in the living room should be no less luxurious than in other rooms. Use comfortable chairs and lush sofas for this. Furniture legs should be curved, art carving and the use of mosaics are welcome. If you have a large room, you can use several sofas in the living room, which will create a division of the room into relaxation areas. The amount of furniture you choose yourself, depending on the size of the house and your wishes.

bright baroque style apartment

Chic baroque design

unusual baroque bedroom design

Bright baroque room design

Baroque decoration

To create baroque in a modern interior, use decorative objects:

  • dishes should be made of porcelain with painting;
  • all over the house, especially in the hallway and living room, put sculptures;
  • vases exclusively from porcelain;
  • pictures;
  • mirrors should be larger in different frames to give sophistication to the room.

An important role is played by the walls and ceiling, for which not only classic colors are selected, but also accentuating elements. For example, use stucco and gilded elements in the interior. Wall painting will add a royal character to your interior.

light baroque style apartment decor

Dark furniture in the interior of the living room in the baroque style

bright baroque living room design

Baroque bedroom design

Room decoration

Each room must be individually designed, while notes of the same style should be felt in all areas.

Baroque living room

Proper design of the living room in this style will allow you to create chambers, as in the time of the kings. The use of furniture with gilded finishes will focus on the splendor of this style. The living room is the center of the whole house. It should be the largest and most luxurious.If space permits, place several sofas and armchairs, evenly distribute small details, such as vases and sculptures.

Focus on the gold finish, it really should be even too much. Velvet in the living room is better to use a bright crimson hue. Due to the large size of the room and the natural splendor of style, the design requires considerable resources, so you should even think over the little things in advance.

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Baroque white bedroom

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Beautiful baroque bedroom design

In the living room should be:

  • artsy wooden furniture;
  • some old antiques;
  • crystal high chandelier with a lot of small details;
  • soft, evenly incident light;
  • only expensive heavy fabrics;
  • Gold finishes for ceilings and walls.

If a person can afford such a design, he definitely should use baroque in the interior.

bright baroque hallway design

Chic baroque design

light baroque living room decor

Bright baroque bedroom


The room should have enough space with the main baroque feature - high ceilings. The size of the windows does not matter much, because natural light in this style is not so important. In any case, the windows should be draped with luxurious curtains. You can use the bedroom even in small sizes, combining with other similar ones. For walls and ceilings, stucco molding with painting is used. Try to create a sophisticated finish, because this is the main feature of Baroque.

For a bedroom, it is better to use a light finish in combination with a complex, but some prefer only a complicated interior. In this case, the use of plant or monogram patterns is mandatory. Wallpaper can be used with silkscreen printing or even replaced with Venetian plaster.

If other interiors in the bedroom use exclusively dim light, in baroque the opposite is true. The light should be soft, and the chandelier should be long, with a large number of small inserts and gilding. Table lamps help create a romantic atmosphere.

beautiful baroque bedroom interior

Baroque design

unusual baroque style hallway

Baroque style in the interior of the room


You need to start creating the necessary interior with the layout. Horizontal lines should be much more vertical. A large stone countertop will look perfect. The kitchen is decorated in traditional colors for this style: white and beige. Walls can be painted with gilding. There should also be luxury in the kitchen, so use as many details as possible: engraving, sculptures, paintings.

For baroque, the height of the ceilings is of great importance: the higher the better. But categorically refuse to design a kitchen in this style because of the low ceilings is definitely not worth it. In this case, use spot lighting. If you are lucky with high ceilings, use all the baroque features to the maximum: a long chandelier with candle-like crystal horns will look perfect in your kitchen.

beautiful baroque corridor design

Chic baroque living room design

unusual baroque style apartment

Bright baroque bedroom

beautiful baroque bathroom decor

Beautiful baroque living room

Furniture should be made of solid wood to add weight to the interior. Sink, which is often combined with a countertop, get only from stone. She is not just beautiful, but also practical, it is important in the kitchen for every housewife. You can also experiment using ivory in the finish.

If you follow all the above tips, you can create not just a beautiful room, but a real gem. It causes heated discussions: some for the splendor of the room, others consider it stupid to use so many details in a place where comfort is most important. In any case, you decide. The baroque style in the interior has been used for a long time and still remains one of the best.

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