Bedroom decor: your exclusive interior

The bedroom is a private space where guests are not taken. But this does not mean that in this room you can get along with inexpensive repairs, and the decor of the bedroom is not necessary at all. On the contrary, all the best should be concentrated here, especially when this is the total area of ​​the spouses. Famous designers have developed many interesting proposals for decorating a bedroom with their own hands. It is important to choose a style and some kind of concept, then the choice of finishes and accessories will be subject to a tempting idea.

option for brightly decorated bedroom style

Such a panel will be the main highlight of the bedroom interior.

idea of ​​unusual bedroom interior decoration

The design of the bedroom is made in dark colors.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the design of the bedroom

The paintings on the wall perfectly complement the decor of the room

What option for decorating the bedroom to choose?

Faceless uniform decoration of the bedroom is a thing of the past; no one is interested in simply re-gluing wallpapers when it is possible to do something special. If you dream a little, in your personal space it is easy to realize your wildest dreams.

Think what you like best:

  • boho bohemian needlewoman workshop with a luxurious bed;
  • a quiet cozy corner in the style of French Provence;
  • luxury apartments with white furniture;
  • palace interior with a set on elegant gilt legs;
  • metropolitan loft with city panorama and a transformer bed;
  • a Japanese geisha’s room with a rock garden landscape behind a bamboo curtain;
  • chambers of the eastern dancer or concubine of the sultan;
  • hi-tech creative lab;
  • glamorous bedroom of a socialite;
  • Futuristic atmosphere of a guest from the future.

How to decorate a bedroom if each bedroom decoration option is good in its own way? You need to rely only on your taste and sense of proportion. Do not rush from one extreme to another. "Decor" is related to the word "scenery", they are made from inexpensive materials. But in a theater or cinema pavilion, it looks like a spaceship cabin or real royal chambers. How and how to decorate the bedroom with your own hands depends on the choice of style.

option of stylish decoration of the bedroom style

On the ceiling, you can install additional lighting

the idea of ​​the original decoration of the interior of the bedroom

The design of the bedroom is made in the style of Provence

Golden Rule: All finishes and accessories should emphasize the choice of a single recognizable style. Do not miss "a little bit of everything" - as a rule, these are large, but unjustified expenses for magnificent decor in the bedroom. An eclectic interior is rarely possible, especially when there is no experience. The design, which has a bit of decor, but all of it is expertly and tastefully made, will make your bedroom unique and elegant.

All components work on the general design concept:

  • decoration of the walls and ceiling in the bedroom, floor decoration;
  • carpentry material (windows, doors, other wood in the finish);
  • furniture selection (method of updating it);
  • textiles (bedding, bedspread, curtains, tulle, rug);
  • accessories and decor elements.

If the finish is made with neutral materials, the style is easier to vary. Partially change the look of the room can be for the new season and the upcoming holiday, or even just for the mood. A radical stylistic transformation is done during the repair (major or cosmetic), but it is much more expensive than the original bedroom decor with your own hands.

variant of unusual decoration of bedroom design

Wallpaper with flowers will look great in the bedroom

idea of ​​stylish bedroom interior decoration

The design of the bedroom is made in bright colors.

version of the original bedroom style decoration

Lamps above the bed perfectly complement the bedroom interior

We decorate the walls and ceiling

A stylish bedroom is unthinkable without modern design solutions that include high-tech finishes. It is difficult to do the ceiling decor of the bedroom with your own hands, but some elements are quite accessible:

  • the effect of the night sky with painted stars, where luminous paint is used;
  • original lighting from a perforated lampshade (openwork pattern on a smooth ceiling);
  • stained glass inserts illuminated from the inside give the illusion of ceiling windows;
  • finishing with unusual materials or adding new inclusions to traditional mixtures;
  • zoning of a bedroom with color differentiation along the ceiling;
  • suspended structures, decorative beams and modern lighting fixtures mounted on a bar near the upper plane;
  • gypsum-based stucco molding is the embodiment of any idea.

Embodying ideas on walls is even better. On 4 vertical planes there is more area, wider possibilities, it is easier to draw and fix fragments of decor at the head of the bedroom or at the window. When they want to do something quickly and inexpensively for the holiday, they use vinyl stickers or a volumetric application of paper for walls or a pendant lettering in capital letters.

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the design of the bedroom

You can put a large mirror in the room

variant of beautiful decoration of bedroom design

Above the bed you can attach a panel with patterns and lights

The easiest way to put interesting images in frames and place in the most suitable place. Suitable pictures, a printout of optical illusions, a photo from a good angle, the author's experience in the visual arts. As a decor for the bedroom, wall painting is often used. It seems that it is difficult, but there are simple and beautiful sketches that I want to consider for a long time. They are easy to transfer to a free wall - at the head of the bed or opposite the bed.

Tip: If there are no artistic skills, use a stencil or transfer contours along the cells, increasing the picture. A good example is the “Look” drawing suitable for the bedroom at the head, carried over with zooming.

Stencils can be used repeatedly - flowers, leaves, fruits, birds, butterflies. Applying to the wall, the lumen is stained with a roller or a wide brush. Contours are outlined with a thin brush or marker, the background is created by spraying paint.

idea of ​​original bedroom interior decoration

The design of the bedroom is made in white.

option for stylish bedroom interior decoration

Bedroom design in dark color

idea of ​​unusual decoration of bedroom style

The backlight of the bed makes it feel like it is hanging in the air

The easiest way to use for decor is a mural in the bedroom. The selected landscape will delight the eye all year round. The only drawback is that the principle of seasonality is violated. Summer in the image cannot be changed to another time of the year without deciding to re-glue the wallpaper. But you can choose a city landscape - New York, London or Paris on the wall will not confuse those who love their architecture in any weather.

When the plans do not include a frequent change of bedroom decor, they prefer a solid finish with expensive textured plaster, frescoes or a pattern on a flexible stone. Such work is entrusted to specialists, but it is better to prepare a wall and choose an image yourself. Unusual painting of walls or original author's decor on the wall in the bedroom can look very extravagant. You can vary the pigment added to the liquid wallpaper and decorative plaster to get something original.

option for bright decoration of the interior of the bedroom

The color combination in the bedroom looks very beautiful

variant of unusual bedroom style decoration

You can hang a big picture above the bed and make a highlight

How to decorate furniture in the bedroom?

Decorating a bedroom with your own hands involves updating the furniture if it is purchased long ago.

  1. It is not necessary to change cabinet furniture that suits functionality. It is enough to change the facade, which emphasizes the style. Sliding mirrors - a universal option, veneer or natural wood of noble texture - a classic.The pattern on frosted or sandblasted glass can be matched to any ethnic style. Stained glass - for gothic or modern.
  2. Artificial aging of furniture facades is a popular trend in home decor for a bedroom. It can be done in any available technique - patina or varnish with cracks, exclusive decoupage with eggshell and napkins. Such furniture is in great demand in the Provencal and vintage bedroom, in the retro or country style.
  3. Combining several pieces of furniture into a single bedroom set will help repainting in a common color, replacing old legs and moldings. The more elegant these additions are, the more luxurious your “new” white furniture will be under the decor of bedrooms in the style of shabby chic, grunge, chateau or romanticism.
  4. When you want to update the look of the bed, which is quite comfortable with a comfortable sleeping plane, you can replace only the headboard or the entire base. The bedroom for Japanese minimalism does not imply a bed - a rather low wooden podium with a comfortable mattress and a luxurious bed. Like the English classics - it is recommended to upholstery the high headboard of eco-leather in the form of a carriage pick.
  5. The hi-tech bedroom has glass shelves and corners on chrome-plated anchors to match the bed on metal legs.
  6. The East is a “delicate matter,” but not so much a special bed is needed, but many stylized pillows with luxurious embroidery and other decor.
  7. Some styles have a canopy above the bed, which will create a special atmosphere. A great idea for those who have not decided how to decorate the bedroom with fabric. Beautiful materials are also suitable for screens and partitions, multi-layer curtains or other bedroom window decorations. Upholstered furniture with new upholstery is also appropriate if someone prefers a sofa bed.
idea of ​​original decoration of bedroom design

Design bedroom with large panoramic windows

variant of beautiful bedroom interior decoration

You can put flowers near the bed

idea of ​​stylish bedroom style decoration

Flowers in the room will make the interior more vibrant

Important rules for the design of the bedroom

The bedroom is a special room, and it is highly undesirable that other rooms are combined in it. For lack of free space, the accountant’s office, the dressmaker’s workshop are transferred here, where the clothes are like decor in the bedroom. There may be a computer desk, an aquarium incubator, a dressing room and a library. Well, if not all at once, and many mothers also have a baby crib next to them.

There are 2 solutions:

  1. Relieve the functionality of the bedroom and emphasize the decor that it is a place to relax.
  2. As much as possible to rethink the room in terms of zoning.

Maximum relaxation and rest is the dominant idea of ​​the decor of the bedroom, no matter what style it is decorated.

variant of beautiful decoration of the design of the bedroom

You can hang pictures on the wall

the idea of ​​brightly decorating the bedroom design

A bright room will give only positive emotions

A place to sleep is the basis of the bedroom, no matter what the owners sleep on. Everything should “rotate” around her. It is very convenient when the most necessary is at arm's length, and the do-it-yourself secondary wall decor in the bedroom is conveniently viewed from the opposite side.

It is not necessary to overload the consciousness with bright elements, in this room there is nothing to excite the imagination, with the exception of paintings of erotic content or other “hints”. The priority is your favorite color, but calm shades, even if it is red or purple. An important role is given to textiles and decor, visually expanding the dimensions of a small bedroom. If the room is very large, it is important to correctly delimit the space so that it does not look empty and inhospitable.

version of the original bedroom interior decoration

In the room you can make a backlit panel

idea of ​​stylish bedroom style decoration

The combination of black and white colors in the interior of the bedroom

variant of unusual decoration of the bedroom style

On the bed you can put multi-colored pillows

The main types of decoration of a modern bedroom



Rugged wall decor

Brickwork, “concrete” plaster, stone and lining cladding


Natural wood and texture imitation

Eco-veneer, laminated particleboard and fiberboard, plywood, furniture board, etc.


Wall painting

Interior Enamels (for indoor use only)


Wallpaper (all types)

Liquid wallpaper, fiberglass, vinyl, photo wallpaper, luminous wallpaper


Drapery and fabric trim

Upholstery of the wall with a carriage pick, decorative panels, screens, curtains


Wall painting

Murals, collages, appliques, screen drawings


Decorative plaster

“Venetian”, “bark beetle”, textured, “fleece”

option for brightly decorated bedroom design

The 3D panel near the bed will perfectly complement the bedroom interior.

the idea of ​​a beautiful decoration of the design of the bedroom

You can hang pictures on the wall in the bedroom

Obviously, there is no shortage of how to decorate the wall in the bedroom or to make original decor with your own hands. It all depends on the scale of the transformation and the preferred way of decorating. More interesting design ideas are in our photo gallery.

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