Design project of a bedroom: all stages from an idea to an independent embodiment

Taking up the bedroom design project on your own, it is important to correctly assemble all the components. Any idea requires a detailed study, including visualization. It is recommended to use all available means, but in the development of the project it is important not to miss anything so that all elements are in harmony. Then you get the bedroom of your dreams, an exclusive interior that is not inferior to the development of professionals.

An example of an unusual bedroom interior design

You can make a design project yourself

variant of a light bedroom design project

Any little thing should be thought out

An example of a bright bedroom style design

All details must be in harmony in the interior.

Layout and footage: the main components of the design of the bedroom

An integrated approach to designing a bedroom design project is half the success.

  1. The easiest way to plan the arrangement of new furniture, but this does not reflect the stylish splendor of the new interior.
  2. A sketch sketch of three-dimensional space will show the attractiveness of the idea within 2-3 adjacent walls, but this is available to those who are good at drawing.
  3. You can use a computer program with 3D graphics, but it will not show the magnificent play of light and shadow in the beauty of textures. Therefore, you will have to turn on your imagination and use, as an example, real photo design project of the bedroom interior.

Do not stretch this venture for several months. The sooner the plan is ready, the sooner it will receive further implementation. Experts recommend dividing the entire modernization of the bedroom into 6 stages.

  1. Make a general sketch with the location of the main elements of the layout.
  2. Choose the color and texture of finishing materials.
  3. Decide on the stylistic decision of the bedroom.
  4. Choose furniture that matches the chosen style of the interior (you can order a built-in wardrobe, add "transformers" or reconstruct existing elements).
  5. Think up a modern lighting design.
  6. Choose textiles, decor and accessories.

Phased implementation takes less effort - it will be easier to fix the problems of each step. At the end of the next stage, the final goal will be more clearly drawn.

variant of a beautiful bedroom design project

At the beginning, make a drawing and choose the color of the room

An example of an unusual bedroom style design

The furniture in the room plays a very important role.

It is important not only to be inspired by ready-made examples, but also to build on reality. A luxurious bed with a podium, which in the photo takes up a little space in a large room, can hardly fit in a small bedroom. Therefore, it is imperative to make all measurements in order to correlate the dimensions of the purchased furniture with its own area. All this needs to be marked out on the bedroom design project, indicated on paper.

In order to keep up with life, it is important to periodically turn over catalogs with new facing materials for interior decoration, to get acquainted with new products. Many of the options for “smart home” today are quite accessible, although for 10 years it seemed that this is somewhere “on the brink of science fiction”.

Today, the "warm floor" is powered by a presence sensor, the curtains are moved apart through the remote control. The cabinet backlight turns on when it is opened, the light switches to colored diodes or gradually goes out on command. All this can be planned at home.

variant of a bright bedroom interior design

To make a design project, you can see examples on the Internet

example of a bright bedroom style design

LED wall illumination looks very harmonious

variant of a beautiful bedroom interior design

White color in the bedroom will visually increase its size

Online catalogs not only offer affordable products, they introduce new products. Original murals and window textiles, ceiling cornices, bedside tables and hanging shelves can be ordered with home delivery. Therefore, do not rush to buy what is offered in the nearest furniture or construction store, choose what will decorate your bedroom interior.

Answer your question, “what should be my ideal bedroom?” So as not to throw money away, but after a couple of months to think about how to fix it. Give money for something that is truly pleasing and impressive - you will live in this environment for the next decade.

A separate solution requires reconstruction of the bedroom area, if it is decided to attach a warmed balcony or a loggia to a small room. A special approach is also needed in a non-standard room - a room with panoramic windows, a bay window or a studio apartment for two after the reconstruction of the "odnushka" of the old layout.

example of a bright bedroom design project

Look for new items for the interior

variant of an unusual bedroom style project

In the daytime, the room should have enough natural light

Attention! The redevelopment should be coordinated with the city supervisory services - it is not so easy to get permission in the old housing stock, especially on the lower floor. The main reconstruction works are best received by specialized construction companies, and finishing work is done independently.

Each room has its own "minuses" and "pluses", and a well-designed design project for the bedroom will help to level all the shortcomings visually expand the small room.

Functionality of bedrooms and furniture selection

Many people think that a bedroom is a room for sleeping and nothing more. However, this is, first of all, a personal space that reflects the identity of its owner:

  • Lifestyle;
  • hobby;
  • tastes;
  • preferences;
  • work schedule;
  • emotional background.

Lifestyle should be reflected in the design projects of the bedrooms. If this is a single man, you do not need an extensive dressing room or wardrobe in the bedroom, it is better for him to equip an office with a computer table. They don’t put a bed at a dressmaker who accepts a clientele at home - in a room that has gradually become a dressing room and a sewing workshop, you need a multi-seat sofa. And in the bedroom of an orchid collector, it is advisable to add lighting with phytolamps and equip elegant shelves and shelves for floral containers, as in the photo.

  1. In many families there is no way for everyone to be able to personal space, so the bedroom is often given under the nursery or teenage room. It is characterized by a calm environment, where too emotional and vibrant design is inappropriate. All small things should have their place, therefore, compact cabinet furniture is needed. Delicate pastel shades will not distract children from studies and good rest. A warm palette of light shades will enhance the lighting of the north bedroom for the kids.
  2. In the adult matrimonial bedroom, the emphasis is on relaxation, but in the preference, intimate notes in the decor. The color of the wallpaper should not excite the mind, but you can hang one picture in the style of "nude" on an empty wall. It is advisable to find a place for a chest of drawers and a closet where the bulk of clothes and linen will be stored. The mirror is an indispensable attribute of the conjugal bedroom.
  3. An office with a library and a computer desk is the bedroom of a student or youth freelancer working on a PC. A bed is not the main element, most often, they do without it, preferring a soft corner with an armchair. It will be convenient to settle down with friends who come to play computer games.
  4. A young lady’s bedroom can be a bit fabulous. Interior design should reflect preference. For a throwing teenage girl who lives in a fantasy world, it’s best to design her like a princess’s bedroom.For a girl who dreams of a luxurious marriage, make a “boudoir of socialite” with a dressing room, gilt handles and sparkling crystals on the ceiling, it will be “heaven in diamonds”.
  5. Lonely lovers of Japanese style prefer a bedroom that is designed in oriental traditions. A solution with a low bed or a catwalk under a high mattress and luxurious bedding. It would be appropriate wardrobe with sliding doors, on the facade - branches of blossoming sakura. Decor - one picture with a picturesque landscape, a bonsai on the window, hieroglyphics on screened curtains and a rug of rice straws. Here they enjoy peace at any time.
An example of a beautiful bedroom design project

Bedroom design should be chosen based on your preferences

variant of an unusual design of a bedroom style

For single people, in the bedroom you can put a computer desk

An example of a beautiful bedroom style design

The bedroom should reflect the owner’s lifestyle

You can also study the functionality of the bedroom with the help of a specialized 3D modeling program for interior design. There are special options to evaluate the implementation of the idea of ​​a design project for a bedroom.

Tip. So that the room does not look pale and boring, you can vary the mood with the help of decor and textiles.

The central element of the classic bedroom is the bed, but functionality can vary, a complete rest is possible on any comfortable plane with an orthopedic mattress. Today, beds are offered in different versions:

  • single, one and a half and double;
  • rectangular, square and round;
  • with backs and without foot;
  • with drawers;
  • sliding out from under the podium under the workplace;
  • complete with a banquet, padded stool, a small couch;
  • with a bedside table, console or cabinet;
  • with a frame, a podium or on thin metal legs;
  • composite, from metal or wood;
  • classic and bunk.

No extra furniture needed in the bedroom. Think about whether you need a whole dressing room or a small “compartment”. Each hinged shelf and niche in the cabinet must be functionally justified.

version of a beautiful bedroom design project

Design a bedroom project can be done in a special computer program

An example of an unusual bedroom interior design

Put everything you need in the room

Choosing the color scheme of the bedroom

A small room requires a smart choice of palette. The bedroom is inappropriate motley, so it is better to choose a light main background and 2-3 other shades. Those who dream of a black or red bedroom, it is important to consider the size of the room and the degree of illumination.




A universal background for any color scheme, this wall and ceiling, adding light. When combined with a warm range (north), milk is suitable, for the south room to the south - a snow-white tone.



Suitable for the interior of a small room of any functionality. It harmonizes with brown, golden, green and red. A popular shade for a bedroom is leveled, as if “not visible” against a background of brighter companions.



The traditional "female" color, which is often chosen by single ladies and teenage girls. Looks good with raspberry, white, mint and indigo.


Lilac, purple.

Complex non-spectral color, a favorite of creative natures and single women. The cold gamut, many "floral shades", and greens go well with it. Suitable for a married bedroom to enhance the romantic atmosphere.


Blue tone and turquoise.

The bedroom gives a feeling of chill, designers often use for rooms with windows to the south. On a blue background, wall murals and aquariums are perfectly perceived. Different shades of “aqua” are combined with white and blue, lemon and shades of fresh green.


Green tones.

Rarely used for bedroom design projects, but the natural “mint”, anise and “green apple” create a soothing atmosphere. It is better to combine these tones with white and lemon - a special aura of peace.


Delicate pastel, pearl and foggy gray.

Ideal for a small bedroom.If the room is bright, then one of the walls can be distinguished by dark wallpaper with a geometric ornament.


Bright red and wine tones.

Not always appropriate for bedrooms. As a pattern on textiles or individual accents are quite suitable. Color - a favorite of active people, awakening passion, is applicable in the room of young spouses.

variant of a light bedroom interior design

Usually warm and soft colors are suitable for the bedroom.

An example of a bright bedroom design project

Dark colors are used more often in modern interiors.

version of a bright bedroom design project

For a bedroom, a combination of two or three colors is enough

Black and white contrast is an extravagant option for modern interiors. In order to get a stylish and fashionable atmosphere, it is important to choose the right furniture of the original configuration and luxurious textiles.

The bedroom space will look good if everything is done in the same color (except gray). The lack of a palette can be compensated for:

  • lighting design (general light, wall sconces, floor lamp, diode tape around the perimeter, lamps with perforated shades);
  • original tailoring of curtains and bedspreads from satin, openwork and jacquard fabrics;
  • a game of textures of building materials;
  • beautiful linens.

The choice of finishing materials

  1. The floor of the bedroom interior - warm materials, natural wood or its imitation. For modern design, a glossy bulk floor with heating is suitable. The simplest option is linoleum, it is advisable to choose a beautiful imitation of a cut of wood. Carpeting is best chosen without a bright pattern.
  2. Walls can be varied in decoration, texture, shades and combination of materials. Liquid wallpapers and textiles, decorative plaster and gypsum stucco work well together, wallpaper for painting and decorative panels. Remember the visual effect of horizontal and vertical stripes. In the bedroom you can apply a glossy texture with a high degree of reflection of light, but they should not be dazzled when you go to bed. Patterned wallpaper is good to shade solid furniture, curtains and floor.
  3. For the upper plane, usually choose white, blue or light beige color. But you can make a black stretch ceiling with the effect of "starry sky", if the bedroom is used only for sleep. In a large room, “soaring ceilings” and constructions with soft diode illumination look beautiful, it is important to make them visually light.
variant of an unusual bedroom interior design

Usually in the room they use natural materials.

An example of a bright bedroom interior design

A design made in one color will look very harmonious

Decor, textiles and accessories for bedrooms

Final touches determine the final result - these are the final touches that can ruin the whole impression or adjust a simple bedroom design project. All elements should complement the basic elements that determine the appearance of the interior of the room for sleeping and relaxing.

Fabric for curtains should obscure the room, tulle - good light transmission. Layered designer curtains look great, but the choice of style should emphasize the style of the design.

All textiles, including curtains and bedspreads, should be in harmony with the walls. Convenience of handling depends on the choice of cornices and the method of their fastening (walls, ceiling). If you often have to “shade” curtains to open transoms and a balcony door, they should be easy to move on grommets or another practical system.

light bedroom style design option

All elements in the room should harmoniously complement each other.

An example of an unusual bedroom design project

Fabric for curtains should obscure the room, tulle - good light transmission.

variant of a beautiful bedroom style project

The small lamps in the 3D panel harmoniously complement the bedroom interior

Rugs make walking barefoot comfortable. Massive carpets on the floor have long gone out of fashion, but their cozy practicality has not yet found a worthy replacement. Today, small rugs with a soft pile are recommended, which are easy to wash and clean.

One wall can be turned into a collage of family photos or a real exhibition for handmade products. The paintings by contemporary artists on the same theme look good - country, rain, jazz, Paris or Venice.They should not fall out of the general design concept and competently complement the interior styling.

Tip. If at a certain stage there is a desire to seek the help of masters in cladding, decoration or interior design, do not deny yourself this.

An example of a bright bedroom design project

It’s better to lay a soft mat near the bed

variant of a bright bedroom interior design

If at any stage there are difficulties, it is better to seek help from specialists

Professionals will offer several worthy options and help to dwell on the most acceptable design. Recall that the price of an order directly depends on the footage of the bedroom and the package solution, which, after meeting with customers, is carried out, on average, per week.

For example, there is a “Planning package”, where 4-5 developments will cost at least 600 rubles per sq.m.

The “visual package” will cost at least 800 rubles / sq.m., But there will be realistic images from different angles.

"Sketch design" is half the price. Competent development is already half the battle, now look in the examples in the photo what can happen in the end.

Video: 5 bedroom comfort tips

50 photo examples of design bedroom projects:

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