Bedroom design 14 m2. Key ideas and concepts

Bedrooms in typical modern apartments have a medium quadrature. Big roomAs a rule, it is reserved for the living room, a small one is used as an office. BUT the bedroom Something average is allotted. So often given room has only 14 m2 at your disposal. Agree, not a lot, but not 9 or even less. therefore bedroom design 14 sq. m. gives a lot of opportunities for creativity. However, there are many nuances here that you will learn about today. Let's get started!

bedroom design 14 sq m

Bedroom in 14 square meters. m can be made beautiful and functional.

Before you start a full-fledged repair and decoration of the space, decide how you want to see the future the bedroom. What is important to you? This is the place where you relax after a hard working day, and you need a full charge of energy. Or for you this is a cozy nest where you relax. Is it important for you to expand the space, or to keep its miniature?

bedroom photo 14 sq m

If it is customary to make a bedroom in a small room, then you can use well-known techniques to visually increase the space.

Contrary to popular belief that the bedroom 14 sq. m. you definitely need to do more, you can use dark colors here, and create a truly cozy little roomwithout fear of making her visually smaller. This space also allows you to create a feeling of freedom and freshness, offering you to use visual expansion techniques the rooms

bedroom design ideas 14 sq m

It all depends on your main idea. And this, in turn, dictates the style and colors of the future bedroom.

Leading idea Style Color spectrum Main focus
Freedom and freshness Mediterranean, Scandinavian, eco Blue, white, green Large windows, lots of light (both natural and artificial), bright and fresh accents
Comfort and coziness Provence, country, high-tech Beige, brown, black A large number of small decorative details, soft and smooth transitions of colors
Novelty and Modernity Loft, techno, modern Blue, metallic, red Street motifs, hard and contrasting color combinations
bedroom 14 sq m

There is no need to clutter up the space at the entrance.

Much depends on the leading idea. Therefore, decide on this factor, and we will tell you the basic elements bedroom design 14 sq. m

luxurious bedroom design 14 sq m

In a room of 14 sq m there is no need to decorate the walls with dark shades.

Color spectrum

We will consider the elements design in the aspect of a leading idea. The color scheme is no exception. It also depends on the main mood. the rooms, and on what effect you need to create.

the color scheme of the bedroom is 14 sq m

The best option is bright colors that spread the walls.

Contrary to the prevailing stereotype that a small the bedroom it is necessary to visually expand, applying for this all the known techniques, the opposite effect can be involved here. But light and fresh tones are still relevant.

14 sqm bedroom

No need to clutter up the room with extra pieces of furniture that can be moved to another room or corridor.

To create a cozy and warm atmosphere, you must use the appropriate colors. Ideal for this purpose option will turn brown and all its shades. Turn it into of furniture and flooring. For the walls it’s better to pick a little lighter tone To create warmth and lightness, beige, milky, peach is suitable. They go well with brown and make the room calm, soft and comfortable.

bedroom 14 sq m in beige colors

The windows are decorated with blackout curtains so that the sunlight does not interfere with relaxing in the daytime.

To visually expand space use light colors. The unchanging king in this case is white. For the bedrooms also great gray. Psychologists say that it positively affects the human nervous system, and contributes to full recovery. So, we advise you to pay attention to this color.

gray white bedroom design

It is necessary to abandon the design of the walls with a large number of photographs and paintings in massive frames.

To create a cool effect, use deep blue, electric, dark shades of green in combination with the same white. Supporting the cult of coldness, but adding freshness and spaciousness to it, apply blue, purple, light shades of green.

bedroom 14 sq m in cold colors

In the bedroom, it is imperative to observe the “golden mean” and it is better to abandon unnecessary items that can be dispensed with.

Remember that light, cool tones will add the room feelings of spaciousness, and visually expand the space. And pastel colors with the addition of brown color will help to create coziness.

color scheme of the bedroom 14 sq m

If you adhere to the following rules, then even a small bedroom space can be made a positive point.

Style direction

For small bedroom The choice of style flow is also a very important aspect. The basic concept influences his choice. design and a choice of colors. However, there are styles that are most suitable for use in the bedroomTherefore, you can build on this factor.

stylish bedroom design 14 sq m

There is enough space in such a bedroom to accommodate a Euro-size bed.

If you want to create a feeling of spaciousness and freedom in the bedroomas well as visually increase space pay attention to such areas as minimalism, Mediterranean, eco-style. They are based on light and fresh colors, simple combinations, and the absence of unnecessary details in the interior

eco style bedroom 14 sq m

Simplicity and freedom are what you need for a small room.

Loft, techno and avant-garde have recently gained popularity, but there are many nuances in their use. Their urban focus and coldness make them accessible to a small circle of connoisseurs.

bedroom 14 sq m loft style

In the modern bedroom interior, these styles are most often found when this room is combined with the living room.

To create a warm and soft atmosphere in small bedroom Provence and country are perfect. They differ in the use of pastel light colors, discreet and cute little things.

bedroom 14 sq m country

Such details help create a special atmosphere of comfort.

Middle option will become a scandinavian style. It is based on the idea of ​​coldness and rigor. It uses white, cyan, blue colors. Despite this, it is a warm and calm style, since along with the proposed calmly takes yellow, red and brown colors.

bedroom 14 sq m Scandinavian style

This makes it original, calm and comfortable.


AT small bedroom every centimeter is important, so use space with benefit. It is better if it will serve the beautiful, that is, jewelry and the creation of a complete design style.

bedroom decoration 14 sq m

An ideal place to store things is a wardrobe. Furniture of this plan is very spacious and takes up little space.

Therefore, in the case of mebspruce do you have two options:

  1. Use multifunctional furniture that will save precious space;
  2. Turn furniture into a work of art that will become an element of design ideas.
multifunctional furniture in the bedroom 14 sq m

Both options are viable and easy to implement.

Following the first method, pick up bed with extra drawers or shelves. This will help get rid of an extra chest of drawers. Cupboard better to pick with a mirror surface. Its height should be maximum, that is, to the ceiling. This will help maximize the benefits. space. If width allows the walls, make niches in them to accommodate small items.

bedroom 14 sq m with mirror

You can also make a wardrobe in the wall, which eliminates the need to install a wardrobe.

Having chosen the second method, select the original furniture, which will become part of the decor. You can order any product for individual production or order the one you need in the online store. So, the modern market can offer bed and cupboard backlit, unusual shape furniture and etc.

bedroom furniture 14 sq m

You can fulfill a niche in which the necessary things will be stored.

Bed as the center of the room

AT the bedroom the central place is, of course, bed. It also needs to be correctly positioned and picked up.

bed in the bedroom 14 sq m

The main rule in the repair of premises in 14 square meters. m - is the use of each square meter wisely, so that the output will be a full room.

Here are some tips for choosing and using this design:

  • Do not push bed to the wall; better to be in the middle the rooms;
  • If a room rectangular, put the bed along premisesbut don’t sacrifice its length to set across;
  • Find if possible bed with side shelves; this will save you from the need to purchase bedside tables, and significantly save space.
bed with shelves in the bedroom

A huge range of pastel colors will help to create a modern interior in a calm style.

Bed should not only be a practical part the roomsbut also an aesthetic embodiment. Choose a model that you like, and will harmoniously fit into the overall style of the bedroom.

choice of bed for bedroom

Warm tones are suitable for those rooms that are facing north, and cold tones are suitable for the south side.

Final steps

At the final stage of decoration the bedrooms you only need to add decorative elements. These include any trifles whose use involves style or your preferences. Paintings on the walls, photographs, figurines, etc.

beautiful bedroom design 14 sq m

This color combination will be ideal even for the smallest rooms.

Do not forget about textiles. AT the bedroom This detail creates a complete picture, and gives comfort. Be sure to decorate the windows with curtains, and choose bed linens in accordance with the style and color scheme. premises.

curtains in the bedroom 14 sq m

To create some zest, you can add bright elements to the interior, such as a carpet, bedspread or curtains of bright colors.

VIDEO: Design of a small bedroom of 14 square meters. m in blue tones.

50 stylish bedroom design ideas of 14 m2:

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