Design bedroom 15 sq. m. of different layouts

The bedroom is a place where everyone feels protected, peaceful, where you can restore physical and mental strength after a busy working day. The room should be comfortable with a relaxing atmosphere. To create ideal conditions for relaxation and good rest, the bedroom interior is 15 square meters. m. you need to think through to every small detail and take into account all the nuances.

bedroom 15 sq m

Each room in a house or apartment needs a special approach in creating first-class interior design.

You should also think about the functionality of the room in advance, that is, whether it will be used only as a place for relaxation or also for work and entertainment.

bedroom 15 sq m photo

A special atmosphere is created in this room, which is most conducive to rest, to relaxation.

Interior design depends on the layout of the room, as the furniture, surface finishes and decoration are selected according to the shape of the room. What is suitable for one cannot create a beautiful picture in another layout of the bedroom.

bedroom ideas 15 sq m

To create the necessary environment, you need to think through the details of using all the details.

Rectangular bedroom

This layout is most popular in the construction of multi-apartment buildings, this is good because it is possible to put all the important things and objects, such as:

  • A large bed;
  • Spacious wardrobe;
  • Chest of drawers;
  • Armchairs
  • Dressing table;
  • Bedside tables;
  • A table with a TV and other elements.
bedroom design 15 sq m

The color scheme plays an important role.

Any of the items listed above can be placed in the bedroom, if desired. In any case, it will remain a cozy and attractive place. If necessary, the room can be divided into zones. Allow a little space for work, reading books, watching TV.

bedroom interior 16 sq m

It is better to choose calm tones that blend perfectly with textiles, numerous accessories that create an atmosphere.

Furniture placement

Bed Mounted by the head to the wall away from the window.
Dressing table It is better to put near the window, so that sunlight illuminates the table, falling at a convenient angle.
Wardrobe, chest of drawers They are placed in the corner and at the front door, so the use of objects will become more comfortable.
Armchairs or poufs A pair of chairs or poufs set opposite each other will create a pleasant area, especially if you put a coffee table between them.

Idea! More free space in the room will remain if you buy a sofa instead of a bed, which is laid out for sleeping time. The location of the sofa will depend on the model of the sofa.

bedroom interior design 15 sq m

This area is enough to equip the most comfortable room for relaxation.

Corner sofa It is preferable to install in the corner.
Sofa - book or pull-out He will find a place against the wall, as well as a bed.
15 m2 bedroom with sofa

The design of the bedroom does not have to stand out from the overall style of the apartment.

Living room - bedroom

The design of the bedroom - living room 15 square meters. m. a very delicate process. Before proceeding with the repair, you should weigh the pros and cons of such a decision - combining the bedroom with the living room. Often this option is used in one-room apartments.

bedroom living room 15 sq m

When the repair of the bedroom begins 15 square meters. m, there will already be some certainty with the style and future design.

Advice! It will become appropriate to divide the room into zones if the living room and bedroom are in the same room. So in the living room area you can glue wallpaper of one color and texture, and in the bedroom - another, the same with flooring. An interesting solution will be the dividing wall in the form of a double-sided bookcase or glass door - a compartment.

living room bedroom design

On 15 m2, it is hardly appropriate to use the palace style of design, because it requires one more scale.

Furniture and equipment placement options

  1. To place a bed and a miniature sofa. Mount the TV on the wall, thereby saving space. Also, instead of a sofa, several armchairs or pouffes will look good in the room.
  2. At the request of household members, a folding sofa can fully replace the bed. Additionally, a small sofa is placed for relaxing and receiving guests.
  3. In the bedroom - living room, the Transformers furniture items (tables, tables, armchairs) will be appropriate.
bedroom living room 15 sq m

Making a bedroom in the styles of minimalism, country, classic or high-tech is quite possible.

Bedroom with balcony

Joining the balcony to the bedroom implies an increase in space due to several square meters. Such a solution has both advantages and some nuances of this association.

15 sq m bedroom with balcony

Choosing this or that direction, it is worth settling to your taste and your preferences.

Advantages Nuances
By connecting the balcony to the total area, the room is increased by 2-3 square meters. m Before making a redevelopment, you will have to contact the authority for permission, and this will take a lot of time and effort.
There is a chance to organize a separate functional area (a place for a wardrobe, for work or leisure). It is necessary to properly insulate the balcony with the help of special materials so that the room remains warm at any time of the year.
The interior becomes special thanks to the design of the balcony. Putting an idea into practice is noticeable quite a lot of time and money.
Large windows along the wall will allow more natural light to enter the room.
The level of comfort and coziness will increase in connection with the unification of the area together.
15 m2 bedroom with balcony

It is important to create such a bedroom interior of 15 square meters. m. so that everyone is comfortable in it.

The most suitable styles

For the design of such a bedroom pompous styles, sophisticated decoration and color diversity will not work. Excessive decoration is also useless; it will make the room heavier.

bedroom decor 15 sq m

Many decorate the bedrooms in their own way, using only those or other details from the chosen style.

Such styles are suitable for creating a unique and unusual design:

  • Minimalism

A successful and relevant solution when creating a holistic bedroom design, because the color palette consists of two colors (one bright and the second neutral, which plays the background role).

minimalism in the bedroom 15 sq m

In the interior, one single primary color is used, but several different shades are used.

Modern decoration materials and compact furniture are used. Each item in the room performs its function.

bedroom 15 sq m in white colors

For maximum convenience, somewhere in the corner you can place a comfortable easy chair, floor lamp.

Style involves placing a minimum amount of furniture (the most necessary), among which there may be folding items (bedside table, table).

  • Classic

Style can bring a pleasant, bewitching effect if you skillfully select the details.

bedroom 15 sq m classic

The central zone in the design of the room belongs to a double bed, which is complemented by bedside tables.

The color palette contains deep shades (chocolate, burgundy, blue, emerald).

bedroom 15 m2 classic style

Furniture is selected in traditional shapes and colors, exclusively from expensive materials.

  • High tech

Modernity, functionality and originality are the features of this style, characterized by the use of high-quality natural materials.

bedroom 15 sq m high tech

High-tech sleeping implies that laconic furniture is used.

Several colors predominate in the decoration of walls and floors (blue, white, gray, brown).

high-tech style in the bedroom

The bedroom has a bed, most often a double, a spacious wardrobe, lamps.

The style emphasizes multi-level lighting, curtains that do not allow light or blinds.

  • Country

Style turns a simple room into a cozy, warm, favorite place for rest and sleep.

bedroom 15 sq m country

You can use two colors - one background, the second accent.

Only natural materials, primitive decor are welcome.

country style bedroom

Aged wooden furniture, forged, textile, wicker decor elements are selected.

Bedroom lighting

Most often, central lighting is installed - the only source of light in the room (large original chandelier). It is also possible to use several lighting devices (sconces, floor lamps, table lamps).

bedroom 15 sq m

It is better to choose soft light sources to create a relaxed atmosphere for rest and sleep.

Suitable lamps with matte lampshades, lamps with scattering light.

Color scheme

The bedroom, first of all, is a room for rest, therefore it is better to refuse the idea of ​​arranging it in bright poisonous colors.

bedroom 15 sq m decoration

The best option is to use pleasant pastel colors.

Suitable combinations of shades among themselves:

  1. Milk, peach, lemon;
  2. Coffee, caramel, cream;
  3. Lavender, Lilac, Gray;
  4. Milky, turquoise, beige;
  5. Caramel, white, pistachio.

If the desire to decorate the bedroom in bright colors does not fade, you can find an alternative and design one wall in a rich color scheme.

Spacious dressing room in the bedroom

It is possible to install a dressing room in such a room if you place a minimum of furniture (bed, table, TV). A pleasant thing for women is best placed in the corner of the room, decorating it with mirror or glass doors.

15 sq m bedroom with dressing room

The wardrobe is best decorated with a mirror, because it is so visually possible to expand the room.

The wardrobe should contain:

  • Shelves, where all clothing located at eye level for convenience;
  • Hangers for outerwear and evening dresses;
  • Drawers for bedding and underwear and other small gizmos, accessories.

Curtains for a bedroom

It is better to hang curtains from a light translucent fabric in a bedroom.

curtains in the bedroom 15 sq m

The texture allows the sun's rays to gently penetrate into the room and soften the contrasting interior in the evening.

For a small bedroom, Roman or Australian curtains are suitable. Also, mounting should be done under the ceiling to create an arch shape.

VIDEO: Design of a bedroom of 15 sq m in the neoclassical style.

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