Design of a bedroom with a balcony: the secrets of visual union of adjacent space

When redeveloping or modernizing an apartment, it is most often decided to combine a living room with an adjacent external space. New bedroom design with balcony should look harmoniously, and the joining area gains new functionality. It is important to take into account the features of the updated interior at the reconstruction stage so that personal space suits everything. To fulfill your expectations, you should follow the advice of professional designers in order to minimize costs and achieve the best results.

Bedroom design with balcony in warm brown tones

The design of the bedroom with a balcony should look harmonious, and the joined area takes on new functionality.

How to combine a room with a loggia?

Transformation of personal space after reconstruction bedroom design combined with a balcony, can be implemented in two ways:

  1. balcony space - continuation of the design concept of the room

    Balcony as a continuation of the bedroom

    Balcony space - continuation of the design concept of the room;

  2. The attached loggia and the bedroom area are delimited practically, visually and functionally.
Bedroom design in gray tones

The attached loggia and the territory of the bedroom are delimited practically, visually and functionally.

With any decision, it is recommended to take care of the improvement of the external space:

  • insulate the balcony from the inside and outside;
  • make high-quality waterproofing;
  • install double-glazed windows to provide the highest noise isolation coefficient.

Equally important is stylistic unity. Agree if bedroom combined with balcony design completed in the palace style or baroque, the balcony under the hi-tech in the form of a mini-hall with exercise equipment looks ridiculous.

Stylistic unity in combining bedroom and balcony

When combining the balcony with the bedroom, stylistic unity is important

The choice of style in interior design should be somehow tied to a lifestyle:

  • any modern urban style is suitable for a sports girl, then the treadmill and exercise bikes on the balcony will be a harmonious addition to the bedroom;
Bedroom for a sports girl

For a sports girl, any modern urban style is suitable. The style in which the simulators fit perfectly into the interior.

  • nursery design with balconydecorated with decorations in the spirit of the “boudoir of the little princess”, you can complement the living plants on the loggia to make it resemble a fairy garden;
Nursery design with combined loggia

Nursery design with balcony

  • a room for twin boys can be decorated in a marine style, a balcony - a captain’s bridge with panoramic windows;
Twin Boys Room

Marine Style Twin Boys Room

  • it’s wise to make the room for the seamstress-craftswoman in a romantic or boho style with an exhibition of finished works handmade, let there be an adjoining balcony - a dressing room or a waiting area for potential customers;
Craftswoman bedroom with a balcony

Comfortable bedroom for the seamstress

  • there is no sense to overload the lonely "computer genius" with unnecessary objects, his style is minimalism, a balcony is reserved for the workshop and equipment warehouse.
Combined bedroom

Shelter of the lonely "computer genius" in the style of minimalism

All recommendations under room interior with balcony at the choice of the color of finishing materials, furniture, decor and accessories are tied to the chosen style and the degree of illumination of the room.

1. On the north side, light and warm shades are preferred, compensating for the lack of sunlight.

Bedroom combined with a balcony in bright colors

For the north side, light shades are preferred.

2. The southern windows need to be shaded, the color scheme is darker, with a cooling effect.

The bedroom combined with a loggia in dark shades

For southern windows, dark colors are preferable.

3. It is desirable to arrange east and west in calm pastel colors or choose your favorite color, but in blurry shades.

Combined bedroom

Comfortable and cozy bedroom in bright colors

Reminder. For a radical reconstruction of an apartment with redevelopment, it is necessary to take permission from the city authorities. It is given reluctantly, especially if the owners intend to remove the whole wall. Dismantling the load-bearing wall - the threat of the collapse of the whole entrance.

The minimum that can be done when warming and attaching a reconstructed loggia is to remove the window sill. After this, it is advisable to strengthen the opening with metal bars and arrange the passage in the form of an arch. Experienced designers and architects agree that the best option for any style remains an arched opening without dismantling the upper crossbar.

decoration of the opening in the form of an arch

Strengthening the opening with metal bars and making the opening in the form of an arch

If you make a minimal transformation without radical transformation, then only the balcony door and window are removed. Then it remains to think about how to arrange the window sill. It can be made in the form of a bar, a large countertop, or a workstation for a computer or a compact means of production. Then the delimitation of space will be most useful.

Window sill decoration

The design of the window sill in the form of a bar

The same recommendations apply to a one-room apartment, if the living room acts as a bedroom, as in the photo design spacious rooms with joinable balcony.

Design a bedroom in a studio apartment

The living room combines the functions of a bedroom and a living room

How to dismantle the decoration of the balcony without damage?

Tip. It is not necessary to insulate and modernize the joined space on top of old materials. Soon, building materials of the Soviet and post-Soviet era will become worthless.

Modern technologies and materials are applied on a reliable basis. Often it makes no sense to mount double-glazed windows on an old balcony frame. It is better to digest a new corner by contacting specialists, they will do it in a high-quality and safe manner. And think about the fact that the old rusty corner, which still looks good, under the weight of the new equipment will quickly collapse.


Replacing an old balcony frame

Do not mount double-glazed windows on the old balcony frame, it is better to make a new

Dismantling the balcony door and the inner window is best done after glazing, so as not to remain in the open bedroom, even for a couple of days. When removing the door frame, be careful not to damage the concrete or masonry.

Dismantling the balcony door

When removing the door frame, be careful not to damage the concrete or masonry.

If you have to dismantle part of the wall, first remove the baseboard and the finish from the surface, if it has value (tile, lining, laminate). If there are no building skills, entrust it to the craftsmen with the right tool.

Dismantling part of the wall

When demolishing part of a wall, first remove the skirting board and the surface finish

Choose a finish

Getting started choosing design of a bedroom with a loggiastart by arranging joinable area.

Golden Rule. Balcony territory is a logical continuation of a bedroom or another room. There should be slight differences in the finish, but be sure to overlap:

  • Colour;
  • texture;
  • material type;
  • design approach in the design.
Balcony loggia - continuation of the bedroom

Balcony territory - a logical continuation of the bedroom, the spaces should overlap

Contrast is not the best solution in this case.If the room has a bulk floor, then the attached loggia should have similar material - in color and degree of light reflection:

  • gloss;
  • matte texture.


Matte bulk floor

Matte bulk flooring is an excellent solution for the bedroom

Most often, the sills are cleaned and level the floor. But if you plan a warm floor covered with material adapted to insulation. Then this separation is quite appropriate, horizontal alignment by level is optional.

Tip. If you want to choose the right material for the bedroom laminate, you should look for something similar in color and woody pattern.

The choice of wall decoration should be based on practicality - dust will fall from the windows that open. Walls need to be washed often, so paper wallpaper is not an option, better painting or tile.

Brick Design Bedroom

Design of a bedroom with brick trim - a great alternative to wallpaper

It is important not only to conduct wiring to the attached loggia, but also to choose a variety of lighting devices. They should be with such shades so as not to risk closure if rain accidentally gets into the open window in the absence of the hosts.

Attention! It is better not to clean the planks due to the possible ingress of water from precipitation onto the bedroom floor. This happens occasionally, but there is always the possibility of natural disasters and hurricane winds that can damage the tightness of the glazing.

Get started interior of a small bedroom with a balcony it is possible only after the main modernization work is completed:

  • soundproofed glazing;
  • waterproofing;
  • insulation and heating;
  • exterior cladding.

They begin dismantling after all the furniture and textiles have been removed. When the main work is completed, you can begin the basic work of landscaping and decoration.

Finishing work

Dismantling a small bedroom with a balcony and finishing work

Arrangement of insulation and heating

Comfortable temperature in the room is the most important condition for comfort, especially when it comes to nursery design with balcony. Joinable the area is classified as external space, and to thicken the walls, it is necessary to increase the sides of the balcony and the window sill. A multilayer finish helps keep you warm.

Important! To reduce the load on the balcony slab, only light porous materials are used. SIP panels of 175 mm, for example, have the properties of meter-long brickwork.

It is necessary to insulate all planes, even if it is a loggia or bay window annex with insulated adjacent areas. It is useless to heat old wooden glazing with cracks in wooden frames - the wood swells and periodically breaks down. Aluminum glazing is very reliable, but in winter it is very cold to touch. It is desirable to cover it with paint from the inside in 2-3 layers.

Warming a balcony is an important stage

Warming a balcony is an important step when combining space

Two-chamber and 3-chamber double-glazed windows (windows) are much warmer than ordinary ones, besides an excellent noise barrier, there is practically no condensation on them. Frameless glazing (glass butt) is considered cold, even when there are silicone seals. This is an option for decor design summer bedrooms with balcony for a country estate. The main advantage is the excellent panorama outside the windows.

The correct and competent choice of double-glazed windows

The correct and competent choice of double-glazed windows will provide you a comfortable life in the bedroom

If a screed is necessary, it is recommended to fill it with coarse expanded clay as much as possible to facilitate this layer. A warm floor with a heating cable has proven itself - at the same time warming and heating, the bark is almost imperceptible in bedroom design with a balcony.

Warm floors for a bedroom

A warm floor is an excellent solution when combining a bedroom with a balcony

The best insulation of the ceiling plane:

  • lightweight foam panels;
  • polyurethane foam spraying;
  • blocks of mineral wool.

Attention! The foam is combustible and toxic, so if wiring passes through the ceiling, it is better to refuse such insulation! Mineral wool needs a vapor barrier - when it is saturated with moisture, it loses its insulating properties.

An infrared warm floor is better than steam heating, but in a cold climate you have to duplicate the chosen method of maintaining a comfortable microclimate.

Choosing a bedroom design

Development design combined with a bedroom balcony limited only by its functionality. First of all, it is a secluded personal space and a place for a good rest. However, even within the framework of a certain style, options with original ideas are possible.

Ideally, the design concept should be maximally tied to all components:

  • lifestyle of the owners;
  • gender and age features;
  • stylistic choice;
  • the number of family members sharing this living space.
Gray bedroom interior

Cozy interior of a bedroom combined with a balcony

  1. Lifestyle is not only interests and hobbies, but also how much time a person spends in his bedroom. For example, some come home from work late at night, no light, no dawn. And on weekends they sleep until noon and immediately leave to have fun somewhere. In this case, make a darkened room with a ceiling like a "starry sky" or with a black glossy canvas. Blackout windows need blackout curtains or blinds.
Starry Sky Ceiling Bedroom

Darkened room with a ceiling like a "starry sky"


  1. If this kids room with balcony, design must be consistent with age interests. Of course, the boy’s room is stylistically designed more strictly than a romantic girl’s boudoir. A secluded space for an elderly person should provide peace; retro-style or country is appropriate.
Bright bedroom for a boy

Bright room for a boy - a great solution for a nursery

3. The choice of style is not to please guests, it is an intimate place that is not necessary to show guests. First of all, the owners should be comfortable here - the adherents of the classics will be uncomfortable in a room under high-tech or avant-garde. But there are win-win options that combine the features of several style decisions - eclecticism, postmodern, neoclassic and fusion.

Bright bedroom

A great example of combining multiple styles

4. AT a room where two teens are furnished on the balcony different ages, take into account the wishes of both. If they are heterosexual children, this should be their common room, where they play at the computer and do homework. But it is better that one of them sleeps in another place, and in the common room each has his own personal space with clear zoning.

Bedroom for a boy and a girl

Bedroom for daughter and son - a great style solution

In the room of the spouses there is usually no clear boundary, but each (on opposite sides of the common bed) should have its own personal space. On the attached loggia, for example, a common system for storing clothes (mini-dressing room), a fitness zone or a computer place is appropriate.

Cozy bedroom for spouses

A cozy bedroom for spouses combines a zone of a husband and wife

Tip. Functionally, you can equip a balcony to the needs of one of the family members or as a common area. In a small apartment, with a shortage of living space, it is better to combine a bedroom with a living room. Then on a wide loggia it is recommended to equip a cozy guest area.

The choice of furniture and accessories for the combined loggia

After joining and ennoblement of the balcony space, it remains to complete the interior design with reference to the functionality and style of the room.

Tip. Do not rush to buy furniture without reading the offers in the catalogs. This will help to keep abreast of new products and compact models that are preferred in a small space.

Functional and stylish pieces of furniture that occupy a minimum of space will look.


1. Folding sofa. Transformable 2 and 3-seater models.
2. Console. Wall table with two legs.
3. Chairs and stools. Suitable lightweight plastic stackable options, stackable, garden furniture.
4. Folding places. Attached to any vertical plane of the seat and countertop, all kinds of transformers.
5. Banquets and pouffes. Compact, with a locker (niche under the seat).
6. Shelves and coasters. Multilevel glass shelves and openwork wrought iron shelves under the flowers - the illusion of emptiness.

Window sills expanded to the level of countertops are also a priority - along the line of external windows or the delimitation between the balcony and the bedroom.

It remains to choose curtains, bedspreads, bedding and other textiles, emphasizing the stylistic choice. Type of lighting, accessories and decor items - everything should harmonize and create the impression of a cozy corner. Sometimes visually this is difficult to achieve - the area to be joined often looks “cold”.

The right selection of bedroom accessories

A vivid example of the right selection of accessories. The bedroom looks completely harmonious

Modern Design: Bedroom combined with a balcony

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