Design bedroom with crib

Parents begin to prepare for the appearance of the child in advance. Particular attention is paid to the future resting place of the crumbs. You can combine the room of adults and baby. You need to think through everything carefully. Design bedroom with crib has certain features. Given them, you can create a warm atmosphere.

bedroom with crib

The third is not superfluous in the bedroom, if it is a newborn family member.

Requirements for the arrangement of a place for a child

Bedroom interior with crib assumes compliance with a number of requirements. It is important to ensure the complete safety of the child. Do not place the crib near the window. Bad place due to possible draft, curtains collecting dust, cornice. The area near the door does not fit. Constant noise does not contribute to comfortable sleep.

photo of a bedroom with a crib

It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for the crumb, not forgetting the convenience of those who will care for him.

The following arrangement tips are available.

  1. If the door is on the edge of the wall, you can install the structure in the opposite corner. This will help to avoid constant noise.
  2. If you do not plan to buy new furniture, be sure to use special overlays for corners so that the baby does not get hurt.
  3. Lockers should not be hit by doors on the bed of the newborn when opened.
  4. Racks with objects and things should be located farther from the place for sleeping offspring.
  5. It will take a few fixtures. If you want to hang a large chandelier, take care of the ability to adjust its brightness.
  6. Be sure to buy a nightlight. He does not interfere with sound sleep, but if the child wakes up, this will help him not to be afraid of the dark.
  7. Outlets in the room should be safe.
bedroom ideas with crib

A small child requires round-the-clock attention, and parents, as before, need rest and sleep.

How to zone a bedroom with a crib

Design bedroom with crib involves the separation of the room into different zones for a comfortable existence of parents and crumbs. Among the cardinal zoning methods noted.

  1. Using the color or material used for the walls.
  2. Installation of the partition, with the possibility of folding it. A transparent light curtain mounted on the ceiling is suitable.
zoning in the bedroom with a cot

For the first couple of years, the baby is usually lodged in the parent's bedroom.

There are other ways to segment a room. Similar techniques are suitable for small spaces.

  1. Lighting. Parents' area should be supplemented with floor or table type lamps. Near the bed of the child, spot light on the ceiling or wall, optionally install a night lamp.
  2. Decorate the kid’s corner with photos.
  3. Complete everything with a stencil.
bedroom decor with crib

It must be remembered that the crib in the bedroom is a temporary phenomenon.

Is the dormitory temporary or permanent?

The described recommendations suggest a temporary residence of the child in the room of parents. But if it is not possible for a grown-up baby to move to another room, it is important to think everything in such a way that in a few years to make some changes. Bedroom interior with cribit will subsequently be divided into zones, which will allow everyone to feel comfortable. To highlight each segment, a podium, furniture and a palette are suitable.

nursery in the bedroom

This will help to create several different rooms in one space.

How to choose a place for a cradle:                                                               

In adults, their bed will be a central feature. Other elements become a complement.

  1. Make a drawing of the room.
  2. Draw on existing items.
  3. Determine the necessary elements for the baby and draw them, trying to choose the most optimal place for each detail.
nursery in the bedroom

It is advisable to plan the design of the bedroom so that the newborn’s bed is not a central element.

Remember that it is important to leave enough freedom for a comfortable and convenient approach to the crumb bed. The following location options are available.

  1. In the corner. The solution is popular, standard. No noise, it is convenient to limit the flow of light.
  2. Opposite the parent bed. This will allow adults to watch the baby;
  3. Close to adult bed. Thanks to this, it will turn out to be as close to the child as possible. It is more convenient to feed at night.
bedroom interior with crib

When choosing a location, it is recommended to rely on key requirements, including safety of the newborn and comfortable access for adults.

Design a bedroom with a crib: how to choose the right furniture

Design bedroom with crib involves the presence of various pieces of furniture. It is recommended to select only the necessary ones. They are indicated in the table.

furniture in the bedroom with a nursery

The atmosphere of the room should contribute to the comprehensive development of the child and stimulate his creative inclinations.

Furniture Details Description
Crib The style will fit a bed of adults. The material is only natural, fully meeting safety indicators. The rods should be kept at a minimum distance so that the newborn does not stick his head in. Inside you should make the sides of the fabric.
Chest of drawers Helps to conveniently arrange all things crumbs. There will be clothes in the drawers, and the countertop will allow you to put toys and cosmetics for the care of the baby.
Baby changing table It makes it easier to care for the baby. Many designs are equipped with a special niche for convenient storage of things.
Armchair You can refuse such a detail, but it will be more convenient for mom to spend time with the baby just like that.
Game Zone This includes the playpen, which is subsequently replaced by a play mat. Necessarily antistatic coating. Take care of the warmth of the floor.
Textile Use it to a minimum. Curtains, rugs attract and store dust. Even perfect cleaning will not completely eliminate it. Therefore, it is wise to use dust collecting parts to a minimum. Curtains are preferably dense, protecting from morning light from entering the house.
photo of the nursery in the bedroom

First of all, the design and arrangement of furniture in a room depends on its size.

Bedroom with a crib: how to equip the interior

The unity of style is recommended. There should not be a strong contrast between the details in color or texture. If the designs in the adult section are light, then the products on the child’s site should be similar. If the bed acts as an accent, it is worth complementing everything with decor in an identical gamut. The child segment must be reliably protected from draft, cold, bright light, artificial or natural.

beautiful design of a bedroom with a nursery

Do not place objects that could fall.

Design bedroom with crib

Design of a matrimonial bedroom with a nursery it is necessary to organize so that everyone feels comfortable and relaxed. The place of sleep of the crumb should not be made a central element.This space is primarily owned by adults.

bedroom interior with crib

A separate section is allocated for the child.

Spouses bedroom organization

The matrimonial bed becomes the central detail of space. Therefore, you first need to determine the location. The cradle is easier to place due to its compact size. When organizing the matrimonial bed, it is important to make sure that all items can be freely approached.

arrangement of furniture in the bedroom

Nothing should impede movement.

The best option for the parent bed will be the center. The headboard rests against one of the walls. For the convenience of choosing a location, you should draw a floor plan and consider various installation options.

Newborn's corner in the bedroom

For a newborn, an angle is perfect. This will allow the baby to see mom and have real boundaries. Take away any things that may fall in this area, restrict free access to them. Exclude hinged shelves; cabinet doors should not reach the cradle.

bedroom interior with crib

Make sure that the TV screen, laptop is not visible from the corner of the crumbs.

In the corner, in addition to the cradle, you should install a chest of drawers for storing things, a changing table and an easy chair for a convenient location for mom. The key parameters for arranging a corner is the organization of a free approach to it, the safety and comfort of the baby.

design nursery in parents bedroom

When the room is large, it will easily fit all the necessary items for the baby.

What design to choose for a bedroom with a crib?

When choosing an interior, it is recommended to rely on several important parameters:

  1. Comfort;
  2. Convenience;
  3. Security.
nursery in parents bedroom

It is necessary to choose a special design that allows all the inhabitants of the room to comfortably exist.

Decorating and decorating a bedroom with a crib

Staining in different shades allows you to divide the room into several sections. It is important that the selected tones are combined with each other. Choose wallpapers characterized by the use of natural materials, environmental safety, versatility.

wall decoration in the children's bedroom

It is necessary to create comfort for the baby and mother.

To highlight the children's segment, use a cover with pictures of characters from fairy tales, photos in beautiful frames, sconces placed around the perimeter of the wall. Furniture structures must match the color of the material.

design nursery in parents bedroom

Preference should be given to a neutral palette, not able to affect the emotional background of the newborn.

Textiles in the interior of the bedroom with a crib

Use a minimum of textile. It accumulates dust in itself, which is difficult to completely get rid of. Therefore, do not fill the space with carpets. Limit yourself to one small one.

crib in the interior

Clean it regularly to reduce accumulated dust levels.

Sunlight can awaken a child, interfere with his daytime sleep. Therefore, choose blackout curtains that allow you to prevent natural light inside. You can choose bedding and a bedspread to match the curtains.

bedroom for parents and newborn

The crib should be away from bright sunlight and lighting.

Modern children's beds with a pull-out berth

A bed with an extension mechanism allows you to save square meters. Actual model for families with several children. When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the following parameters.

  1. The quality of the material used. Wood models are preferred.
  2. Supplement in the form of small sides. Safety is important and a similar detail will help children not fall.
  3. Product strength. It must support the weight of children.
children's bed in the bedroom

There should be no electrical outlets or falling objects near the bed.

If there is no place to set a bed for each of the kids, a design with a roll-out mechanism will solve this problem. At night, the model will turn into several berths, and during the day you can free up the area for games. There are cabinet-mounted designs suitable for families with one child.

cot in parents bedroom

The most common situation is when a crib in the parents' bedroom takes place next to the matrimonial bed, which makes it convenient to look after the baby.

Exquisite Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds

Another method to effectively use the available meters is to install a structure with several tiers. It is imperative that it be equipped with bumpers. There is a wide range of products, so you can choose an original model that will appeal to children.

nursery in parents bedroom

The choice is affected by the age of the child.

Remember that children grow quickly, which is important to consider when determining the dimensions of the product. For children who are not yet 3 years old, a similar placement option is not suitable. There are products equipped with additional drawers for organizing a convenient storage system.

crib with drawers

This will reduce the number of lockers, shelves.

Take into account future changes

The cradle in the matrimonial room is temporary. Even if the baby does not change the room, he will move to another bed, more suitable. Therefore, it is important to organize the design so that, removing the things of the child, the view does not lose its integrity. If you plan to continue living with the baby in the same territory, it is recommended that you think about future zoning in advance. This will help to quickly and conveniently make a reshuffle when the children are older.

combination of a bedroom with a nursery

Locate each item in advance.

VIDEO: A small parents bedroom with a crib.

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