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Setting up a small bedroom in 2016, where to start

Almost all small-sized apartments have premises ranging from 9 square meters. m., which at first glance, are the most problematic place. However, they can be very practical to equip, making it the pearl of your apartment, using it as a bedroom or a nursery. And each person is faced with the question of a change of scenery - when moving to new housing, redeveloping your own apartment, the problem of arranging a small room arises. However, small-sized apartments can be equipped without creating a feeling of crowding.

First of all, for a bedroom of 9 square meters. m., 12 square meters. m., you need to make a memorable interior. There are many different interesting ideas for 2016, and decoration materials can be purchased at a bargain price. New technical solutions are constantly appearing on the market, so updating the interior is not difficult.

black-bedroom-furniture-ideasYou can apply creative ideas for arranging - for example, the use of photo wallpaper with colorful drawings. If you place a canvas with flowers or trees above the bed, then such a picture will enliven the interior and increase the volume. An interesting solution is to repeat the wallpaper pattern on the carpet or a similar pattern, sustained in the same color scheme. Wall mural - a simple and budget option for updating the room.

Modern ideas for the bedroom interior 2016

Modern design ideas include color accents in bright colors against a pastel background. Here shades of blue, green and sometimes even red are suitable, combined with other colors. Bright decor items - a table, chairs, multi-colored pillows or bright linens transform the image of the bedroom.

classic-bedroom40For a cozy atmosphere and giving additional originality on the windowsill, you can organize a place to relax. Dreamy nature and romance will appreciate it. Put soft pillows, a plaid and even books, because it’s nice to read on the windowsill! It is necessary to use the space economically - folding sofas and bunk beds will occupy a minimum of room space.

How to design a bedroom in colors according to new trends and ideas in 2016. First of all, you have to face a choice:

  • color gamut
  • of wallpaper
  • of doors
  • curtains
  • furniture
  • lighting
  • the ceilingsblack-and-white-bedroom-2016-photos-900x874


You can choose to taste from a wide range: turquoise, eggplant, burgundy, khaki, gray and others, using harmonious color combinations. It is important to consider the right lighting. With an increase in the amount of light in the room, it seems to be wider. To the maximum it is worth using natural light from the window. A visual increase in floor space is necessary for a small room. This can be done using light colors, the right choice of interior.


A simple and affordable option. Small drawings on them visually increase the volume, especially in a small room of 9 sq.m., vertical stripes raise the height of the ceilings, the light upper area of ​​the wallpaper will visually expand the space.Best-Bedroom-Furniture-2016

Stretch ceiling

The one-color flat surface creates the illusion of the height of the ceiling, which in fact has fallen. The mirror will help create additional volume by visually increasing the volume.


Sliding doors save and increase space.By using the free space above the door, under a sofa or bed, on the walls, you can save on an area of ​​9 square meters. m. extra space.Bed-roos-6


The curtains on the windows, preferably of a simple cut, play an important role in the design of the interior. Complex designs on the curtains and on the wallpaper, reduce the area. Curtains without a picture do not distract attention, and do not “eat up” the excess volume. The picture should be used only with a single-color design of the rest of the space. An interesting solution to the blinds. Neat, functional, taking up little space.

Lightweight curtains are combined with stretch ceilings, they increase the volume of the room, especially a small one, 9 square meters. m. When decorating a bedroom, they use the same shade of curtains as the whole room, but are an order of magnitude lighter, which draws attention to the window opening and preserves the overall style.bedroom-wallpaper-dy9ahbzr


Bulky interior items are avoided in small bedrooms. For a small room, narrow closets are suitable. For small rooms with an area of ​​about 9 square meters. m. choose furniture that contributes to an increase in their visual volume. Beds without legs are suitable here, they will help the room seem larger. Installation of full bedroom sets is undesirable - they will create an overloaded space, and as it would reduce. A good choice of wardrobe for a small room is a sliding wardrobe, if it is in the same color scheme as the walls, this makes it invisible, and the mirrored doors add volume.

A good solution will be the choice of built-in racks and cabinets that form a niche around the bed and give the bedroom space extra depth. Extra details such as pillows, paintings, shelves here look inappropriate, they are used in a minimal amount and in order to emphasize the individuality of the small bedroom.bedroom-painting-color-ideas


Do not choose for a small area of ​​9 square meters. m. crystal chandeliers with pendants and decorations. They will eat a significant amount of space, and create the impression of crowding. A good option is the choice of chandeliers with a long suspension, simple designs and models, and clutter and weighting of the space will be minimal. For 2016 there is a large selection of various lighting devices that will help give the room an extra volume.

Matte shades and lampshades comfortably scatter light, lamps directing the light flux to the ceiling create lighting that does not hit the eyes with soft, diffused light. A small lamp with clear hermetic silhouettes is suitable for a bedroom in a minimalist style.bedroom-designs-with-regard-to-platform-beds-bedroom-design-ideas-design-furniture-4800x2700px

The right choice of interior will ensure that atmosphere in the bedroom, which will create a feeling of comfort, warmth, coziness and security.

Modern design ideas for a children's bedroom

In the early years, during the period of 3-5 years, the child grows very intensively, so it is very important to choose the very design of the child that will meet the interests of the child, and which will not have to be completely redone in a year. The choice of materials for flooring, ceiling and decoration is important. In 2016, there are a lot of environmentally friendly foundations for a child, you can also use natural wood or metal. It is not necessary to use synthetic materials that are not recommended for sleeping and toxic when abused, the concentration of harmful substances exceeds the recommended standards also taking into account the small space.bedroom-design-ideas-intended-for-inspiring-another-bedroom-design-ideas-luxury-bedroom-design

Proper distribution of living space, especially small areas of 9 square meters. m., it is very important when decorating the bedroom of a boy or girl. It is necessary to achieve a feeling of spaciousness using compact furniture and the necessary accessories. The child will feel comfortable if you divide the nursery into a number of zones:

  • recreation
  • of games
  • sports
  • sleep
  • study

Moreover, they should not be more than three or four. The main task at the same time remains that the boy’s field of vision is that which relates directly to what he is doing at the given moment.Bedroom-Design-Ideas-2016

When choosing the finish also take into account how easy it is to clean the room.

Sleeping for a boy

First of all, you need to leave in his room 9 square meters. There is enough space for him to move and play quietly.

boys-bedroom-furniture-for-small-roomsThe bedroom should express the child’s inner world, interests, in it he manages and is responsible for his own personal space, which will further help the formation of personality.

The preferred colors for the boy can be sustained in blue-green bed shades or in combination with other colors. It is important to zoning the place - for sleeping, playing games, studying (if the child’s bedroom is also his child’s) so that the boy is not distracted from current activities by the presence of foreign objects in front of his eyes. Modular boxes for storing toys are installed in the play area.

Picture 091In the bedroom for the boy, do not place expensive things that break during the games of the child, should take into account the interests and preferences of the boy. For wall and ceiling decoration it is advisable to use the simplest whitewash and paper wallpaper, soft linoleum is better for the floor, and the laminate is suitable for school-age boys, so the coating is hard and hard.

Bedroom for the girl

You should use pink, pale purple in combination with white or green. Do not use too bright, as they can bore the child. Depending on the tastes and temperament of the girl, you can use yellow, peach, green. If the child seeks the brightness of the color scheme, you can use red, purple tones.

white-bedroom-furniture-for-girlsThe interior can be made interesting, dynamic. And the ceiling is white to increase the light. The play area can be decorated with various patterns, decorations, fun and colorful drawings - it is very important for a child to have many such details in his room. For the girl, the presence of a mirror, a table for jewelry and cosmetics is also required, as well as a dressing rack and shelves in a modern style. Be sure to do the zoning so that she understands where to dump things, where to keep toys. For each zone, it is advisable to make separate lighting - for a larger game, for a smaller recreation area. It is important to use small ones - and wallpapers of different colors and textures.Turquoise-Romantic-and-Sexy-Bedroom-Design-Ideas


Children's bedroom is a special place for a boy or girl in which they create their own personal space, a small world where the atmosphere of comfort and security reigns. And adults have to think about the fact that sooner or later you need to transform it, more functional, beautiful and comfortable. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the age of the children, gender, their interests. The maximum use of free space, the creative courage to reflect the child’s inner world on the design of his room, the maximum use of self-expression means, such as murals, will help you make the children's room a unique room that promotes the development of the child.

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