Design of the bedroom in 2018: current trends in the selection of finishing materials and furniture

Interior decoration home or apartment is a kind of calling card of its inhabitants. Image rooms becomes a reflection of the interests, tastes, moods of the owners. Modern bedroom design 2018 - This is the space for imagination and the opportunity to express yourself. Bedroom - This is the place in the apartment where a person rests from everyday fuss, relaxes. Every new day begins here. Therefore to design just this premises It is worth approaching with all responsibility.

2018 bedroom design

The bedroom is a place intended for relaxation, here we hide from the bustle of the modern world.

beautiful bedroom interior 2018

The decoration and furnishing of the bedroom should be approached with the understanding that the room should not only be fashionable and stylish, but also convenient and comfortable to ensure us a good rest.

Latest Trends 2018

Creating modern projects bedroom design, experts are trying to find a balance between new products, fashionable solutions and trends that will be relevant for several more years. Moreover, not every modern decision in design may be suitable for a particular person and meet his requirements.

bedroom design 2018 year

The actual design of the bedroom 2018 is different in that it offers us functional solutions that are distinguished by originality, practicality, and beauty.

Bedroom Design 2018 year leads people to a difficult choice between minimalist ideas and high functionality premises. Minimalism implies only the most necessary set of furniture. But, as you know, many people also prefer to work in the bedroomto do some business other than rest. Therefore, the placement of the additional necessary for a particular person suggests itself of furniture.

bedroom photo 2018

One of the main fashion trends is simplicity.

The table below shows the main tendencies create modern bedroom interiorthat you can rely on when creating a project premises.

No. p / p Title Description
1 Modern room Even if you want to create a multifunctional spaceThe place to sleep should be comfortable and secluded.
2 Free space The more light and air, the more comfortable a person is. Therefore, it is recommended that the maximum use Arsenal of designers to visually increase the area.
3 Quality and safe materials Human health should always come first. For this reason, you should pay maximum attention to ergonomics - it is safe and convenient to place all objects of interior. BUT furniture and choose finishes and quality materials that are not harmful to health.
4 Saving of space To implement this difficult condition will come furniture-transformer. Comfortable in using modular sections, multifunctional surfaces.
5 Simplified design Concise outlines are relevant this season. of furniture. Even the classic in modern The manifestation looks stylish.
6 Natural materials Natural colors perfectly accentuate natural motives.
bedroom design in dark colors

In the bedroom 2018 there should be as little furniture as possible - only the most necessary.

Room decoration: the right combination

It is quite difficult at the first stages of repair to decide on the choice of a color palette.This question becomes particularly difficult in relation to the bedrooms. Decision making is primarily about size the rooms, its location relative to the side of the world. It is these facts that affect lighting.

bedroom lighting 2018

Furniture should also differ in concise forms.

photo of bedroom interior 2018

Massive armchairs and cabinets, carvings, bent backs and legs - all this is in the past.

For example, if the windows face south or southeast, then premise will be very bright in itself. In such a situation, it will be possible use cool shades for execution. With windows to the north, designers recommend paying attention to the warm colors of the decoration materials.

bedroom decoration 2018

Pay attention to the main subject of any bedroom - the bed.

At execution residential premises not worth it use many at once colors and shades. Quite enough 3 colors and 5 shades. Moreover, light combinations should be in the majority. They have been trending for several seasons in a row. It is worth noting that White color, beige, neutral gray combine perfectly with absolutely everyone flowers.

light tones in the bedroom 2018

Despite the apparent simplicity, luxury in a modern bedroom also has a right to exist.

If you want to add brightness the premisesthen carpet may come to the rescue. Do not be afraid to contrast it with the walls.

bedroom carpet 2018

Luxury can be manifested in the use of expensive natural finishing materials.

Masonry or masonry in all its forms remains popular. If it seems that a pronounced stone surface is too bold, then the stone covered white water-based paint, on the contrary, looks gentle and romantic. Especially if you choose the appropriate decor. Natural stone will itself "ask" in premise with a fireplace. Moreover, it does not matter whether it is real or imitated.

brick finish in the bedroom

Among the finishing materials may be stone, leather, Venetian plaster, glass or crystal, wood, fine fabrics.

The combination of finishing materials of different textures is the main trend of the season. According to experts, absolutely everything can be combined. The main thing is to think through each element. bedroom interior design. In the classic white the ceiling, neutral wallpaper and classic flooring is quite possible to highlight one the wall, add design accents to it.

white bedroom

It is desirable that the furniture was also made of real wood, it is even better if the tree will be valuable species.

Such the wall in most cases, it becomes the one located at the head of the bed. Wall murals made of wood, textiles, ceramics, glass can dilute boring finishes. Can use textured plaster or liquid wallpaper.

Fashionable bedroom design 2018

One of the chips of 2018 is the texture game.

Relevant in 2018 year will be wallpaper with a metal embossed ornament. Their basis can be based on any textile. Such a choice will bring chic to any interior.

Stylish design rules

At bedroom interior decoration everyone wants her to be stylish and modern.

Design of a modern bedroom 2018

Often a bedroom is used not only as a room for sleeping, but also as a place to engage in one's hobbies or beauty treatments, study, dressing room.

Fashionable bedroom 2018 ideas

The combination of various materials and textures makes it possible to divide the space into functional zones.

In the new season, designers identify several rules that will help achieve this goal:

  • Natural materials and textures: wood, textiles, leather;
  • Natural shades;
  • Multifunctional items of furniture;
  • Minimal amount of furniture and decor at indoors;
  • Beautiful and high-quality bedding;
  • Using plain translucent curtains.
bedroom design 2018

Most often, a creative approach to the design of the bedroom is manifested in the decoration of the walls.

Bedroom furniture

After all the finishing issues have been resolved, the time has come to acquire of furniture. Naturally, the main subject in this case will be a berth. The beds, sofas, podiums - this is not only a necessary item for convenience and comfort. This is the center bedroom design, all in the room will depend on the choice the beds or sofa.

bed in the bedroom 2018

Accent wall is a fashion trend, and not only wallpapers can be used for its design.

large bed in the bedroom 2018

A popular decoration material is wood.

The convenience of a berth, of course, primarily depends on the mattress and the head of the berth. If selected bed, then models with the following characteristics will be more comfortable:

  1. Soft textile headboard.
  2. Using at furniture design solid wood.
  3. The presence at the head of the shelves, lights.
bedroom headboard

If a natural wood for the floor is expensive for you, then a great substitute is a quality laminate, it looks no worse, but it costs much cheaper.

Naturally, the arrangement of a place to relax Bedroom design doesn't end there. Here you may also need a dressing table, which, if necessary, will turn into a convenient workplace. If there is a need to arrange in the room books, you should pick up open shelving, they will leave more light and air. So, it is better to forget about bulky cabinets from the very beginning of the design. A great idea would be to place bookshelves or cabinets around the window opening.

stylish bedroom 2018

This is a conservation of space, saving light, a stylish solution.

Curtains in the bedroom play far from the last role. It depends on them: will be in the room comfortable or not. Modern design recommends choosing curtains from dense high-quality textiles or translucent air curtains. But combining these two types is not recommended - this idea is a thing of the past. Still relevant using Roman curtains and roller blinds.

curtains in the bedroom 2018

The combination of dark chocolate with contrasting milk or vanilla is always interesting.

Design Additions

Of course, everyone wants his bedroom was unique and one of a kind. Maximum naturalness design literally pushing a selection of living plants into the room. Species of fern will look especially stylish. And it should be just pots with flowers, and not cut bouquets.

2018 bedroom decor

Pots should not be flashy, it is better to select simple classic models.

2018 bedroom design with decor

Curtains that beautifully frame the window, fluffy and soft carpet by the bed, pillows, rugs and bedspreads create a nice atmosphere that promotes relaxation after a long busy day.

AT design absolutely any of space an important role is played by lighting devices. Do not choose only the central chandelier. Looks original in 2018 year multi-level lighting: possible use floor lamps, sconces, small lamps on bedside tables, built-in LED lighting, additional lighting for the cabinet, dressing table, work area.

bedroom lighting 2018

It is worth taking care of an interesting chandelier or other sources of light, because with their help you can create a romantic atmosphere.

Bedroom interior design - This is the most important step when carrying out repairs or simply moving houses. In that indoors man begins and ends every day. Here to the owner the rooms should be convenient and comfortable. And taking into account the advice of professionals with execution will make space fashionable and relevant in the new season.

bedroom interior 2018 year

The main requirement for the bedroom is to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

VIDEO: Bedroom Design 2018 - modern innovations.

50 stylish bedroom design options for 2018:

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