Design of a bedroom in an apartment: varieties of design solutions

The bedroom is the most secret place where everyone intends to abandon everyday worries and indulge in sweet dreams. One way or another, in their personal space for recreation, people spend at least one third of their lives, and bedroom design in the apartment affects mood and well-being. Therefore, the privacy room should be tastefully furnished, starting from the curtains and ending with lighting. Choosing the style of the bedroom, there is no need to rush to inherit fashion trends.

bedroom design in the apartment

In it, first of all, it should be comfortable and cozy, and everyone has their own ideas about this.

Design of a female, man's and children's bedroom

Any bedroom reflects the lifestyle, age and basic preferences of its owners. The furniture, textiles and accessories immediately notice who owns the room.

bedroom in the apartment

Equipping the bedroom, we expect to get a comfortable and cozy room in which you can forget about all the problems and have a good rest.

Conventionally, they can be classified as follows.

  1. The bedroom of a single woman.
  2. Marital chambers.
  3. The bedchamber of an elderly person.
  4. Boudoir of the "socialite".
  5. A lonely man's resting place combined with an office.
  6. The room of the little "princess".
  7. The bedroom interior in the apartment for a boy or girl.
  8. A room for two teenagers.
luxury bedroom design

The bedroom is the most peaceful place in the apartment where we spend a third of our time.

Each option has its own specifics and recognizable features. Agree, the biker will never choose the pink or lilac color of the walls. A glamorous young lady, most likely, will turn to the designer and make an order for the interior shade of fuchsia, even if it is too bright for the rest room.

Any bedroom interior in a country house will be different from the tiny room in Khrushchev’s, at least because of the layout deprived of square meters.

beautiful bedroom design

The actual interior of the bedroom involves a cozy and spacious room, contributing to relaxation and restoration of strength.

For a teenage girl, you can make a bedroom in pink shades in the style of a Barbie doll house. It can look very funny or childishly charming, especially the exposition of dolls in dresses sewn and hand-made.

pink bedroom

But, think about whether it’s worth the cost if in a couple of years the girl grows up, graduates from school, and her interests change radically.

Creative bedroom interior young men in a country house can combine several functions. This is not only a personal space, but also a living room for friends who share common interests. The concept of a football fan, for example, is perfect for a spacious room. But the small bedroom of a young man from an urban environment can accommodate, in addition to a sofa bed, only a compact computer desk.

bedroom design for a guy

Any urban style like hi-tech or techno is appropriate here.

But the idea bedroom interior in a private house for two sisters of different ages can be successfully implemented in any rustic style, such as country or provence.

Dreamy girls are perfect romantic style, shabby chic or boho. These styles can be combined with Provencal features or classics, as in the photo. bedroom design in the house with the attic.

attic bedroom

The versatility and universality of the repair of the premises dictates its own rules for interior design.

An admirer of oriental ethno-stylistics will like the concept of Japanese minimalism, with its laconic asceticism. Women especially like the decor with the theme of blooming sakura and graphic design with hieroglyphs. The traditional color combination of black and white will dilute the texture of natural wood and the image of bamboo.

japanese style bedroom

Modern designers offer a variety of bedroom design ideas.

Traditional minimalism without ethnic elements is a great offer for a single man. Like private bedroom design Does not require decor or accessories. If desired, one emphasis can emphasize the passion for fishing or hunting. And in the athlete’s room, a shelf with cups or a small showcase of medals or other awards plus a corner with a Swedish wall and an exercise bike will be appropriate.

minimalism style bedroom

All styles are based primarily on comfort and practicality.

Women like wide beds with luxurious linens; men prefer a folding sofa, although they lay them out only when their girlfriend arrives. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy a double matrimonial bed, if there is no one to appreciate it.

bedroom with sofa

This is a typical element of the atmosphere for couples, whether it is the interiors of bedrooms in a country house or city apartment.

Small bedroom interior

The most comfortable the design of the bedroom in the house is simpler equip the finished project, but it is much more interesting to choose a solution yourself. The easiest way is with a small room - it makes no sense to think than to fill the space.

bedroom in Khrushchev

In the Khrushchev’s bedroom there is no room for all the furniture that I would like to place.

A small bed and shelves built into empty corners are appropriate here. The mirror can be inserted into the interior door, but it is important to fix it securely. If there is a place for a small chest of drawers for linen, it can be used as an additional plane. Here you can put a mobile phone on a charge, a laptop, a cosmetic bag and a vase of flowers - there is enough space.

design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

Spacious laconic interior, even in small housing.

Rooms in Khrushchev are sometimes called the “curse of three generations”. Indeed, more than one generation has grown up in these deprived square meters of apartments. These old houses are gradually being demolished, but those who alone have been forced to redevelop and modernize them.

bedroom in the apartment Khrushchev

The feeling of lightness of space is achieved with the help of light colors, good lighting, mirrors.

Practical advice! There is no point investing in expensive apartment repairs in the house for demolition. Enough to refresh design Khrushchev bedrooms in small apartmentusing the original color scheme, beautiful textiles, compact furniture and a mirror wall, visually "pushing" the space.

Combining the bedroom with the living room

In urban apartments there is always a shortage of usable space. Each family member is sorely lacking a separate space. Therefore, you have to allocate a corner for privacy literally in every room, even in the kitchen or hallway. But how to isolate yourself in the living room, where to take visitors?

bedroom living room design

A prerequisite for a modern bedroom is environmental friendliness and the use of natural materials.

Designers offer 2 options.

  1. Move the place to visit guests to a well-equipped kitchen or insulated loggia.
  2. Zoning the living room in such a way that you get an isolated space with a bed behind a partition, a side or a curtain.

The second option is often used in odnushka, studio apartment and large bedroom designcombined with the living room, as in the photo examples.

photo bedroom living room

These techniques help maintain the functionality of both rooms.

The recreation area can be hidden behind a canopy, curtain or thread curtain.When there is a niche or partition made of glass or drywall, it is easier to focus on relaxation - you pay less attention to the movement of other family members. A lone person does not need such a delimitation of space in order to isolate.

For couples who often receive guests, it is better to abandon the bed in favor of a multi-seat sofa bed opposite the large television “plasma”. After visitors leave, the sofa bed can easily be converted into a complete resting place.

transformer furniture in the living room bedroom

When the folding furniture is converted to its original position, the room is no different from an ordinary living room.

Bedroom interior with balcony

After redevelopment or modernization of an uncomfortable small-sized city apartment, adjacent rooms are often combined. In most cases, the area of ​​the insulated balcony or loggia joins the bedroom, which was combined to increase the usable area.

bedroom design with balcony

With such a transformation of space, one cannot do without zoning and distribution of functional zones.

New Interior Design little different from bedrooms of a country house - large area, panoramic windows, excellent visibility behind the curtains. If the windows overlook the industrial zone, this industrial “landscape” is easy to hide behind translucent curtains with a beautiful pattern.

If a balcony is attached to a small bedroom, how to distribute the area? The new layout will add space for all that previously denied themselves due to lack of square meters. On the insulated loggia on the south side, you can equip a greenhouse with a console table and stackable stools.

bedroom with balcony photo

This is the best place for morning coffee and evening conversations with a friend or private tea with pleasant music overlooking the evening city.

It is also possible to equip a computer corner or a workshop on the attached balcony. Sports recreation with exercise machines is a good option for functional home bedroom interiorwhere you can combine 2 balconies. It can be a loggia of a bedroom and an adjacent living room or kitchen.

The bedroom, regardless of who it was intended for, should be adequately lit. But in summer, the excess of sun rays on the south side is dosed with dense multilayer curtains. It is advisable to provide an elderly person’s room with good soundproofing and a bell above the bed if help is needed for a bed patient.

ideas for a bedroom with a balcony

It does not matter what decision you make, it is important that the bedroom meets all the needs of its owner.

DIY bedroom design in the apartment

To create a stylish bedroom interior in a city apartment, there are 3 options:

  • Invite specialists from a specialized company engaged in construction and repair;
  • Order a project to the designer;
  • To think over and do it yourself.

When there is no experience in such a thing, you need to use ready-made ideas and design projects with real a photo.

Sometimes the most interesting options are obtained not from interior designers, but from ordinary creative people with good taste and golden hands.

luxurious bedroom decor

It is worth experimenting, letting your imagination run wild, trying out what you like best in the design of your bedroom - a bright accent or a calm solid color option.

Initially, measurements and markup are made on the sketch or drawing of the converted space. This is necessary so as not to be mistaken in choosing furniture that may not fit literally several centimeters in the allocated area. For the construction of a wardrobe, they drank a mini-dressing room it is better to hire a specialist.

Further, do not rush to buy finishing materials, but review profile catalogs to keep abreast of new products and those opportunities that are available for modern repairs at the moment.

photo of the bedroom in the apartment

This will help to really assess the budget of the upcoming additions and the time to implement the desired.

Making repairs with redevelopment without specialists and construction experience is expensive and risky.Therefore, choose the "golden mean" in the price segment, taking into account real opportunities. It is better to entrust the masters of their craft with everything that they do not know how, for example, stretch ceilings, warm floors with a heating cable. But you can decide on independent sewing of designer multilayer curtains, if you have a sewing machine and needlework skills.

Part of the furniture can also be made with your own hands or assembled after cutting and facing the MDF sheets according to your sketches or samples you like in the catalog.

bedroom with wardrobe

The easiest way is to make the simplest furniture for your bedroom interior.


1. Bedside console An elegant product with 2 legs and a worktop, transformed from the old table and new details.
2. Bench seat Universal upholstered furniture of small forms - the simplest rigid frame and upholstered seat.
3. Glass shelves corner Ready-made brackets and accessories are needed to connect collapsible display cases, transparent parts with grinding of the cut are made in a glass workshop.
4. Ottomans A lot of design options, including the base of 7 plastic bottles with a round pillow or a rolled up cotton blanket - we sew a cover.
5. Bedside tables Perform the same of the blanks to put on both sides of the double bed, each with its own bedside table or table with niches.

Furniture in the bedroom should not be much, free up space for easy access. AT large bedroom interior fits the original round bed with a built-in wardrobe or a whole headset. All this should be reflected in the design project.

Regarding the choice of style, colors and lighting design, there are no direct indications - everything should be in harmony. It is impossible to afford "all at once", even when there is finances.

lighting in a small bedroom

Natural shades in the interior emphasize the connection with nature, contributing to peace and relaxation.

Golden Rule! The less stylistic eclecticism, contrasting shades and small elements, the more refined bedroom design in a country house or apartment.

The interior should be able to withstand in one single stylistic decision, with inherent features:

  • Country
  • Retro;
  • Ethnicity;
  • Art Deco;
  • Modern;
  • Fusion;
  • High tech;
  • Classic;
  • Minimalism, etc.
modern bedroom design

Consistency and attention will help to achieve the desired effect and create a dream room.

Many of them have similar or borrowed features from related styles, but they should not look ridiculous. They dictate the color scheme. For example, for Provence-style bedrooms, many catalogs offer finished furniture and accessories. But French chic with its typical shades bedroom interior in a private house - this milky, olive, lavender and blue.

bedroom design provence

You should not experiment with contrasts in a small city bedroom, they can distort and crush space.

But straight horizontal and vertical lines visually expand the room. Do not rush to choose a fashionable black ceiling - it seems to be "overhanging". The exception is a glossy canvas with a mirror effect or "starry sky" with dot diodes. Choose delicate, light, blurry and pastel shades, as in the examples of bedrooms on the picture.

VIDEO: Modern bedroom interior.

50 modern bedroom design options:

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