Design of a bedroom in lilac tones: features of color in the interior

After a hard day, it's nice to come home and relax in a secluded room, furnished stylishly and tastefully. In personal space, everything should be filled with peace and pacification. If these are marital chambers, you need to add a romantic touch to the design of the bedroom in lilac colors. The entire interior should be filled with an intimate atmosphere, promote emotional communication and have a good rest. It is these properties that this delightful color possesses, which is considered complex in spectral classification and the most extravagant among esthetic connoisseurs.

bright bedroom design option

The bedroom should be a cozy and relaxing place to relax.

example of a bright bedroom interior

Lilac color will give the room an intimate atmosphere

variant of the unusual style of a bedroom

This color is the most extravagant among connoisseurs of aesthetics.

Interior features in purple tones

Each room in the house has its own purpose, but the bedroom is a multifunctional room. It most closely reflects the real “face” of its owner - here, every owner (or mistress) as if removes all the masks for the outside world. For lovers of custom design solutions, as in the photo, an elegant room in purple and lilac colors is recommended.

A delicate lilac bedroom is an extraordinary choice, such a preference says a lot about its owner. But men rarely choose this color in the room of good rest and deep sleep. It is considered to be “feminine”, possibly due to the “floral” name. However, having given the right of choice to their woman, men soon agree that a light lilac or delicate lavender background is a great solution.

Regardless of the place of residence, it is worth undertaking repairs in order to decorate the bedroom in lilac colors. Colorists note its specific feature in the interior. In the evenings, especially with artificial lighting of the “cold” spectrum, the room is filled with some kind of mystical glow, where you want to enjoy the atmosphere and get close to a person nearby. In the morning, when the sun rises, on the contrary, you don’t feel like lingering for a long time, you feel a surge of strength and fulfillment with the desire to “move the mountains”.

beautiful bedroom design example

Lilac color is perfect for non-standard people

An example of a bright bedroom interior

Colorists note a specific feature in the interior of lilac

Why choose lilac bedrooms?

If you like this mysterious tone, do not rush to start the repair, it is better to first familiarize yourself with the perception of the purple palette. The fact is that lilac itself is not a completely independent tone, but the lightest version of the violet gamut.

Studying its features, try to understand and understand how much it will be comfortable for you personally. This is important because repairs are not done every year, and every evening you will need to immerse yourself in the special atmosphere of violet shades. But you can’t do everything in one color of equal saturation - it will be boring. Floral shades soften the apparent coldness and detachment of the deep tone of the cosmic and ocean depths. But for most people, everything purple is associated with mysticism, unsolved mysteries and a mysterious atmosphere.

Immature teens, especially girls, are more likely to choose this gamut for arranging their personal space, often combining it with pink or blue. Subconscious choice speaks of the vanity of an immature person. And in adulthood, purple and lavender colors are chosen by extravagant dreamy women, prone to loneliness, but in need of recognition and admiration.

variant of a beautiful bedroom style

Before starting repairs, plan your room’s color scheme in advance.

variant of a beautiful bedroom interior

Lilac color will create a special atmosphere in the room

An example of a bright bedroom design

It is not advisable to do everything in one color

Men rarely agree to such a design decision, but the design of the purple room often speaks of their inner strength, able to swim against the tide, contrary to the opinions of the crowd. In the “men's” choice, the lilac color harmonizes well with chrome details and fittings, silver wallpaper and glossy stretch fabric on the ceiling.

Psychologists say that married women who choose the interior of the bedroom in lilac colors are distinguished by a craving for their things. For them, the material is higher than the spiritual; they are prone to creativity and mysticism. Admirers of violet shades do not like to radically change something in their life. Even parting with a beloved cat or thoroughbred dog is “like death” to them. But such ladies are not capable of cunning and outright evil. And women often choose lilac wallpaper in the bedroom for the collection of their orchids by the window.

An example of a bright bedroom design

Men very rarely choose this color for the bedroom.

an example of an unusual style of a bedroom

In natural light, a beautiful glow will appear in the room

The embodiment of the design concept for the bedroom in purple and lilac colors

Experts say that purple and lilac are “active” colors, although they belong to the cold part of the spectrum. Their birth is at the junction of blue and red, blue and pink, hence the inconsistency and complexity of perception of such a choice. But, you see, white and lilac furniture for the purple bedroom is luxurious and extravagant. It’s hard to refuse such an interior, especially if it’s Art Nouveau or Art Deco.

The color is so multifaceted, but it does not tolerate a casual neighborhood with shades that do not harmonize with it or drown its charm. Therefore, experience and good taste are needed when designing a room in lilac tones. In this complex color, in a certain proportional ratio, several simple tones are mixed:

  • white;
  • Violet;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pink.

Perception of a design idea depends on the choice of shade. Lilac-violet gamut always look different if you change the color-companions.

The perfect classic tandem is a combination of delicate lilac with white and black to dilute the correct monochrome. Recommended for creative people, especially if it is a room with a musical instrument.

“Lilac fog” with the addition of silver or chrome details is a great option for a men's bedroom, combining the functions of an office or library.

variant of the bright bedroom interior

The lilac room is perfect for girls

variant of the unusual interior of the bedroom

White and lilac furniture for the purple bedroom is luxurious and extravagant

an example of a beautiful bedroom style

Ideally, it is better to combine lilac and white colors

A nursery with floral shades such as tea rose and fuchsia is a delightful solution for a little princess boudoir.

The purple color in the interior of the matrimonial bedroom goes well with notes of delicate greenery and astringency of spicy herbs. Floral ornament or photo wallpaper with a large flower is a symbol of romantic relationships and the triumph of life. But this should be one bright accent that attracts attention.

The emotional and subconscious perception of the violet gamma is largely dependent on saturation. You can’t make the whole bedroom purple, combined with black lines - it depresses and “puts pressure on the brain.” But the blurry tone in combination with white is the best combination in the design of a romantic bedroom in lilac for newlyweds.

In the distant past, only the aristocracy wore purple clothes, since it was a very expensive mollusk dye. The “amethyst" or "violet" color, as it was then called, was a mandatory attribute in the bedchairs of emperors and kings, in the rings on the index finger and the outfits of their favorites. Today, the royal luxury of violet chambers can be afforded to anyone who likes this royal favorite.

light bedroom design option

Perception of violet gamma more often depends on saturation

bright bedroom style option

The best combination of lilac color will be with white

Choose shades for the interior

Nowadays, a lot of new names associated with natural counterparts have appeared in the palette of lilac-violet shades. These are lavender and eggplant, indigo and fuchsia, charoite (mineral) and orchid.

In its pure form, this color is rare, mainly in flower petals. But the plant itself, which gave the name, has more than 30 shades - from lilac "Persian" terry lilacs to wild pale blue "Russian". For the interior, the whole violet-lilac palette is used, but the most popular are shades:

  • cyclamen;
  • amethyst;
  • fuchsia;
  • orchid;
  • bluish;
  • pinkish;
  • pale lilac;
  • classic lilac;
  • lavender;
  • violet;
  • blurry purple;
  • grayish ("lilac fog");
  • lilac blue.

Light and blurry shades - in preference, they do not strain the perception and do not overload the overall gamut. The walls seem to expand the space, especially with neon or diode lighting. The room seems cleanly washed, filled with fresh spring scents. In a small room, an addition in the form of purple textiles (curtains and bedspreads) or elegant accessories looks great.

beautiful bedroom design example

In its pure form, lilac color is very rare.

variant of the unusual bedroom interior

Lilac color has more than 30 shades.

An example of a bright bedroom style

Light and blurry shades - in preference, they do not strain perception

The interior of the room in purple and lilac tones will successfully complement the white furniture and window textiles, black linear contrasts in the decoration. But there may be options with decor and accessories, for example, a purple coverlet, a picture or photo wallpaper in purple colors.

Attention! A “four” is considered a classic, consisting of two “duets” - lilac plus purple (or lilac) and black plus white. But there should be much more light shades in a proportional ratio!

Background dark violet is a deep, saturated and “bottomless” color. Its excess depresses, but it is quite acceptable in the form of a bulk polymer floor, which will look elegant and extravagant.

variant of the unusual style of the bedroom

Lilac color will fill the room with warmth and comfort

variant of a beautiful bedroom design

White furniture perfectly complements the lilac room

The classic combination (purple, lilac and white with black) is used by eminent designers and lovers of experimental interiors in their apartment. With a competent choice of shades, you can complement this quartet, vary, complementing the most appropriate shades:

  • Gray;
  • silver;
  • beige;
  • blue;
  • red;
  • pink;
  • blue;
  • chocolate;
  • mustard;
  • turquoise;
  • light green;
  • olive (with lavender).

Just do not overdo it with the choice of the palette, you can use only 1-2 contrasting colors, otherwise it will result in a brute force search perception. Black can be replaced with blueberry or eggplant. Beige, brown and all warm tones are used metered.

The romantic atmosphere is complemented by floral decorations or elements of lavender and violet tones. Favorite designer “trick” for decorating a married bedroom is pale lilac or white walls and a glossy stretch ceiling, as in the photo.

An example of a bright bedroom interior

Usually combine lilac, white and black colors.

option for a bright bedroom interior

A light tone of lilac color will fill the room with light

bright bedroom design option

Do not use more than two bright colors.

The choice of style

Complex specific tones look good in interiors of different stylistic orientations.



Arabic, other oriental styles

A riot of colors and patterns, gamma is used in the embroidery of cushions, expensive textiles.


Art Deco

Pure purple and its variations look great on the pale blue background of the walls and ceiling.



Lavender - an association with spice fields. French chic style is realized with elegant white bedroom furniture, which is in most specialized catalogs.


Modern, both types (modern and historical)

Both directions beat the transitional shades of the spectrum. Forged furniture is emphasized by forged furniture with an elegant headboard and corner doors of the wardrobe. Furniture in this style is widely represented in various catalogs.



A style where you can not do without floral elements in the decor, wallpaper colors and textiles.


Shabby chic and boho

Different directions, but their typical elements often go parallel in the interior of the bedroom in purple tones.


Retro style, vintage and grunge.

Stylistics with their antique furnishings and textiles, printed patterns can be adequately presented in rooms for sleeping and relaxing.



(modern, japanese, scandinavian)

Laconic lines without decorations and excessive decor win in the interiors of lilac bedrooms due to the delicate palette and white furniture. The picture (another element) emphasizes the choice of style.

an example of a beautiful bedroom interior

Examples of design of a bedroom in lilac color can be viewed on the Internet

variant of a beautiful design of a bedroom

Complex specific tones look good in interiors of different stylistic directions

This list is not limited to, if there is a desire, this palette can be adequately presented in neo-baroque and classic, in a glamorous bedroom and a high-tech studio apartment. The design of the bedroom with purple wallpaper looks good in a modern design, but you need to complement it with light furniture and textiles.

Lilac is a more friendly shade than deep violet. But it can be used with taste, for example, in the idea of ​​additions, accessories, in the drawing of textiles or wallpaper. Do not forget that the choice of bedding also affects the interior of the bedroom - choose large floral prints. Perception largely depends on lighting, especially artificial, it is better to choose diodes and lamps of the "cold" spectrum. Successful design options for the bedroom in purple are widely represented in our photo gallery.

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