Design a bedroom in a modern style - we take into account all the subtleties

The design of the bedroom in a modern style combines concise practicality and an appropriate, well-designed chic. Most of the current trends in bedroom decoration styles are oriented towards liberation, space optimization. That is why it is appropriate to use them to design even tiny rooms limited by their small area.

Gray bed in the interior of a modern bedroom

The concept of "modern bedroom" does not apply to any one style direction. Nevertheless, the distinguishing features of such an interior stand out

Harmony of functionality and comfort

The modern progressive design of your bedroom will make it possible to review the interior, plan it and make it as suitable as possible for relaxation. The interior of the bedroom in a modern style is also good in that it can be easily supplemented with various missing configurations if necessary.

Gray bed in a modern bedroom

The modern interior strives for minimalism and is simple and practical.

In order for the interior to really “play” in the bedroom, it is important to follow one strictly defined style, choose the right environment, adhere to one color scheme, complement with appropriate furniture, textiles, and other small accessories. The bedroom interior in a modern style is one way or another oriented towards progressive people who are not afraid of extraordinary, sometimes unusual solutions for a simple inhabitant, in terms of combinations of colors, lines, shapes.

The most “advanced” choose styles: minimalism, oriental, modern - they are inherent in: a contrasting color palette, conciseness, smoothness, sharpness of lines, expressiveness (sometimes aggressiveness).

Modern bedroom decoration

All interior details must support and complement each other.

Adherents of calm measured prefer to make the interior of the bedroom in the following areas: “loft”, often “Provence” or “art decor” - they are more classic and calm.

What is in fashion today: a bedroom with modern features

The correct, harmonious combination of colors is the key to a good interior. Color is the foundation, the key detail in a modern bedroom. Your psycho-emotional state during your stay in the room will depend on it.

Soft wall decoration over the head of the bed

Interior details must match the size of the room

Light pastel shades help to tune in the right way: peach, mint, cream. But these colors must be diluted moderately, because the excess of all light negatively affects sleep. In the role of contrasting can appear: dark blue, black, burgundy colors.

Dark gray walls in a modern bedroom

Dark tones are better suited for spacious rooms with large windows.

The modern design of the bedroom stands out with the help of the following methods:

  1. The combination of various materials. Combine the decoration and coating on the walls (wallpaper with paint); speaking of furniture - stone and wood.Mirror, glass, metal panels will also be appropriate.
  2. Multi-level lighting. It does not have to be limited to one chandelier in a stream. Experiment with lamps, sconces, all kinds of lights, night lights. Believe me, the design of the bedroom will look more profitable and more interesting, subject to proper and moderate lighting.
  3. The simplicity of the forms. When choosing the right furniture, make smart accents. The catchy bizarre bends are best replaced by smooth streamlining.
  4. Add the gloss. The soft shine of the smooth surface of large-sized fittings will emphasize the sophistication of the taste of the interior.
  5. Relief. Surfaces with different textures will help to correctly place accents: wall panels, stucco made of stone, wooden panels - in other words, everything that stands out on the plane of the wall makes it expressive.
  6. Multifunctional furniture. It occupies one of the most important places in the modern bedroom. It can be sliding walls, folding tables, a bed. Practical, functional, original.
Interior of a spacious bedroom in a modern style

To make the bedroom comfortable, it should contain all the necessary interior items

It is important to remember: there should not be excesses in a modern bedroom; beautiful but practical elements are welcome. That is, you should not overload the interior with insignificant small accessories (like photo frames, collectible figurines), otherwise the brevity of order will be replaced by chaos. The same goes for various electrical engineering. It is not necessary to install it in excess in the bedroom, as it will completely destroy all comfort and peace.

Advice! If you want to achieve a good result in decoration, design the bedroom design symmetrically. And remember that every element brought into the interior is an integral part in the overall composition.

Gray curtains on the panoramic windows of the bedroom

Curtains add a finished look to the bedroom

High-tech bedroom design

Art Nouveau bedroom

A modern bedroom in the modern style has two main features: simplicity and laconicism of forms, traced by each element of furniture (interior), dynamically revitalizing the environment; smoothness of lines - the absence of sharp transitions, piles of jewelry. The same rule provides freedom from excessive pretentiousness of accessories. Free up space from unnecessary furniture: leave only the most necessary. Give preference to functional sliding wardrobes, dressing rooms. Do not forget to combine all of the above with a suitable range of color shades.

Organization of lighting in a modernist style bedroom

Modern makes the bedroom interior exclusive, different from others

Black chandelier in the Art Nouveau bedroom

Stylish modern bedroom in dark colors

Walls, ceiling modern style is best done in plain color. As an exception - discreet graphic design, delicate ornament. As for the color: it is advisable to focus on one (maximum three) basic shades. To avoid confusion, choose light colors that will dominate the dark. So that the interior does not seem faded - dilute it with appropriate accessories.

Features of modern classics

Now an interesting trend has come into fashion: to paint the wall in a brighter, or very contrasting color. The original solution is to select the wall with the bed or the opposite, depending on which area of ​​the room you want to highlight.

Wall decoration of a modern bedroom with panels and mirrors

An interesting solution for an accent wall - a combination of mirrors with laminated panels

In addition to the accent wall, a very common solution for the interior in a modern bedroom is contrasting vertical stripes. You can stick murals with a view of the night megalopolis (or any other plot). Then the elements of the environment must be selected in such a way that they are combined with the picture on the wallpaper.

There is a prejudice that modern is a rude, purely “masculine” style, but this is not so. If desired, even it can be made soft and attractive, suitable for decorating bedrooms.

Modern bedroom decoration

Sometimes a modern bedroom can be decorated very interestingly: for example, to reflect the worldview, even the internal state and preferences of its owner. So, for example, decoration in oriental, Scandinavian styles, with the addition of old motifs, ornaments. If you are crazy about the sea, nature, animals, then think over the interior of the bedroom in the appropriate color palette, colors, add accessories and everything that will fit into the overall picture in the best way. Also, the modern bedroom is sometimes thought out, and then they lay down a specific idea that reflects the preferences of the owner.

Design of a modern attic bedroom

Environmental friendliness is the main criterion when choosing finishing materials

If you are a man and do not like a heap of "meaningless" trinkets, then a neutral or minimalist bedroom interior in a modern style will suit you. Of the benefits - complete freedom; just keep things in order.

The interior of the male bedroom in white

Strict men's bedroom with a leather armchair

The design of the bedroom in a modern style miraculously transforms even small rooms. Thanks to only the necessary elements and the absence of all that is superfluous, the illusion of additional space and volume arises.

Minimalist interior

The course of minimalism in the interior in the most radical way relates not only to the presence of furniture, but in general to any items in the room. This style in the full sense of "free." And he suits the same free people who are not afraid to get rid of excess, not constraining themselves in anything. Minimalism gives room for thought and life.

The contours of animals on the white wall of a modern bedroom

In minimalism, the main thing is not the number of objects, but their quality and functionality

Colored curtains in a small bedroom

Yellow textiles will look great in combination with modern painting

Making the interior of the bedroom in this style, it is especially reverent to approach the choice of colors. In the minimalist interior, monotony predominates, so white and contrasting black are more often chosen. If such a solution seems too boring to you, try playing with the texture of the walls: combine glossy surfaces with matte, smooth - with rough ones.

Hi-tech in the bedroom

A modern bedroom with a hi-tech interior is accompanied by dynamism. Not the most suitable option for a bedroom, since this style is full of catchy, bright elements: from paint on the walls to decorative inserts for metallic. In such an environment, it will be problematic to relax, but this style has its admirers, whose life is fully consistent with the interior design in their bedroom.

High-tech panoramic window in the bedroom

The hi-tech bedroom is characterized by clear lines, coherence and restraint

Hanging wardrobes on the wall of a high-tech bedroom

Good lighting is important for hi-tech

Skilfully selected curtains (for example, in the Roman style), made in shades of gray and brown, will help to design a bedroom under high-tech. This style is richly bright, so it is important that there is a lot of light.

Design bedroom in a classic style

This style is a combination of pomposity and comfort. You can design a bedroom for a classic using draped chic fabric, vintage carved gilded elements on furniture. Interesting classic attributes would be equally relevant.

Gilded chandelier on the ceiling of a classic bedroom

The classic bedroom resembles the palace chambers with their exquisite decoration

The highlight in this modern bedroom is the furniture. A real rare sofa, armchair, or bed, covered with leather, plush emphasize the sophistication of decoration and the taste of the owner of this treasure.

Design bedroom: do it yourself

To give the bedroom a modern style on its own is an entirely feasible idea; the main thing is to know what steps to start with. Since the modernity of the interior is manifested in detail, it is primarily important for them to pay more attention.

Original bed in a modern bedroom in white

If you are tired of boring bedside tables and ordinary beds, try replacing them with the original podium, which goes into the head of the shelves

We bet on materials

You need to choose suitable materials for the decor based on the idea, which will be implemented through their means. But there is a standard “set”: smooth shiny, mirror-like surfaces.
Perfectly fit into the interior: all kinds of shelves, shelves made of bronze, various decorative elements inlaid with crystals, shockproof glass.

Decorating the bedroom wall with natural wood

The wall above the head of the bed can be decorated with environmental materials that will make a good accent in a stylish interior

The progressive interior of the bedroom provides for the use of leather, because it has a stunning texture, and at the same time it is great for furniture and wall panels.

We complement the interior with furniture

Multifunctional collapsible furniture. Modular furniture is so good that it will not be a problem to move it, or assemble it in a new way if necessary. Thus, it becomes possible to combine, free up space from unnecessary objects.

White bed in the bedroom with panoramic window

It is better to choose simple and comfortable furniture, without unnecessary decor and patterns.

Spacious loft bedroom with home-made furniture

Loft style bedroom with a hanging bed, which you can do yourself

Decorating bedrooms in a modern style can truly “empty” a place in a room, transforming and transforming it. Comfort is excellently achieved without heavy piles of furniture.

We decorate a modern bedroom according to the rules

The originality of the decor is emphasized by smooth, unsharp transitions of pure colors and lines. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to completely exclude decor - not at all. The main thing is to get rid of heavy constructions. Properly arrange accents on trifles (minimalistic vases, black and white paintings).

Bedroom decoration in a modern style

One rule works in a modern interior - less scenery and more space

Blue textile in the design of the bedroom

Marine shades will add freshness to the bedroom interior.

The original decorative accent can be distinguished with the help of mirrors arranged together, or separately.

Colors and light in your bedroom

As we have said, proper lighting is a very important detail, especially in the bedroom. Here it is necessary to adhere to a certain balance: not to allow overexposure, which negatively affects a healthy human sleep, and at the same time, try to avoid excessive dimming.

Green wallpaper on the wall of a modern bedroom

Emerald wallpapers fill the room with freshness and make you smile when you wake up early

On the other hand, if the bedroom is located in a shady area, where the sun's rays penetrate with difficulty, use the following tips:

  • Paint the walls in a light color - the brighter the walls, the more light will be captured, and, therefore, the room will appear wider.
  • Use pearlescent tones - then the light will be better reflected.
Gray bedroom with a yellow bedspread on the bed

A yellow bedspread will add light to the bedroom and visually expand the space

Video review of the bedroom in a modern style

50 photo ideas for decorating a modern bedroom

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