Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

The bedroom in Khrushchev does not differ in spaciousness and large area. But in conditions of compactness, you can create a cozy corner for rest and relaxation. Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev It has certain design criteria to maximize the use of meters.

design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

The bedroom in Khrushchev is usually one of the smallest rooms.

Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

The interior of the bedroom in Khrushchev Depends on the features of the architecture. Ceiling height, presence and location of windows, doors. Use less furniture, and think through the design of each corner in advance.

bedroom in Khrushchev

Even such a compact room is easy to turn into a cozy and beautiful corner for sleeping.

How to decide on the basic design of a bedroom in Khrushchev?

It is rather difficult to realize a beautiful and functional interior in such conditions. Khrushchevka is notable for its small area and poor layout. This creates problems, but it’s real to solve them. In Khrushchev, usually the height of the walls is small. Therefore, it is recommended to introduce original design solutions. Design should be aimed at visual expansion of the area, filling it with light and spaciousness.

beautiful design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

A competent choice of each item will increase the functionality of the room, without reducing its beauty.

The design of a small bedroom

She should set up relaxation, be beautiful and practical. Due to the lack of meters, it is necessary to place everything you need in a limited space.

bedroom ideas in Khrushchev

It’s difficult to think over the interior, but given some of the nuances you can embody a successful design.

Layout of a small bedroom

To select a layout, you must first determine what you want to see in this room. Often a set of things includes a bed, several nightstands and cabinets, lighting devices. The set is considered a classic. But if the room is the only one in the apartment, then it will include a working area with a table, shelving and a relaxation area with a soft sofa, a certain level of lighting.

registration of a bedroom in Khrushchev

Cases when a whole family lives in a one-room Khrushchevka are not uncommon.

The layout and arrangement depend on the selected models. It is important to make the most of available meters.

Proper zoning of the room

The zoning will be affected by the purpose of the room. It can be combined with a living room, study or boudoir. In the first case, such an option is difficult to implement in the conditions of small size. Replace the bed with a fold-out sofa gathering in the afternoon.

bedroom in Khrushchev

Then it will be possible to receive guests.

The cabinet is easier to organize. It is recommended to abandon the bed in favor of a compact, comfortable sofa. The table can be placed corner. He effectively uses the free space in this area. Such a model often has shelves, which will allow you to abandon the additional cabinet. The compact table can be folded quickly.

modern bedroom in Khrushchev

If the area allows, it is worth building a wall of through cubes. She will separate one zone from another.

Connection with the boudoir is the most harmonious option.It is assumed that there is a segment for sleep and an area where a woman will be able to place her makeup and bring beauty. The bed looks appropriate. No need to clean it to make more room.

bedroom with a boudoir in Khrushchev

To divide into zones, use a chest of drawers and mirrors.

Basic style solutions

Designing for a small space requires maximum functionality. Therefore, it is recommended to consider styles based on practicality.

bedroom in Khrushchev photo

A small footage is not such a big problem for the bedroom.

Possible options are shown in the table.

Style Description
Minimalism Maximum simplicity. Rectangular parts are used, mainly from natural materials. The palette is soft or a combination of black and white. Minimum items, more space.
High tech Strictness and clarity. Shades are bright, but not oppressive.
Loft It involves a combination of rough surfaces and rich details.
Fusion This is a mixture of several modern interiors.

The listed interiors involve the use of a minimum of furniture, more light, mirror surfaces, which allows you to add space and air. Choose a palette mostly light. She visually makes the room bigger.

high-tech bedroom in Khrushchev

Use dark tones for accents.

For a narrow room, different wallpapers are suitable. Choose cold shades for long walls, cover opposite surfaces with a warm range.

combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

Properly selected wallpaper is another way to visually expand the room.

Ceiling and walls in a small bedroom

Much depends on the color scheme. A competent choice will make the room cozy, spacious. There are several options for decorating walls:

  1. Perfect wallpaper;
  2. Contrast staining
  3. Decoration with masonry;
  4. Mirror surfaces
  5. Wall mural with the image of nature and other motives.
decor of a bedroom in Khrushchev

The choice of style for the bedroom is a purely individual matter, because the atmosphere of this room should appeal to its inhabitants.

The choice of wallpaper is influenced by the palette of curtains and furniture. They must be combined. You can focus on pastel colors, emphasizing furniture and textiles on the windows. For visual expansion, it is worth painting one of the walls or part of it with a contrasting tone.

The choice of ceiling design is much narrower. The best solution is to choose a white or light palette. If you use a dark color, the ceiling will become massive, visually heavy, will crush.

ceiling in the bedroom in Khrushchev

The light gamut embodies the effect of weightlessness.

The preferred option is a glossy coated stretch web. It will scatter the sun's rays and visually increase the free area. The ceiling can be decorated with wood, paint a certain area.

suspended ceiling in the bedroom

It is necessary to consider the dimensions of the Khrushchev and not overload the space with bright details, as well as bulky elements.

Bedrooms in Khrushchev: furniture selection and style solution (+ many photos)

Even a small room can be turned into a cozy and comfortable room. It is important to choose a design that sets in to relax and rest. The chosen design must be liked by the owners.

choice of bedroom design in Khrushchev

It is important to think through each detail in advance.

Refuse complex decorative solutions and fill the area with a huge amount of furniture and objects. A minimum of large items. Otherwise, the space will become several times smaller. Furniture is preferably in bright colors. A good combination is obtained by combining the texture of finishing materials and wallpaper.

bright design of a bedroom in Khrushchev

Discard the headset with cabinet. It is too big and in a small room will look out of place.

An ideal option would be a wardrobe. There are many models, including corner ones. This helps to fill the free space and it is useful to use each area. The shallow depth of the product can be compensated for by height. For doors, choose a full-length mirror or frosted glass.

furniture for a bedroom in Khrushchev

Such a design will help visually increase the space.

Choose a bed with a maximum width of 160 cm. Models with a headboard are preferred. An excellent solution would be the installation of a catwalk bed. It has many drawers where it is convenient to store linen.

Be sure to place a large mirror. To increase the ceiling, choose wallpaper with horizontal stripes.

Khrushchev bedroom with a mirror

If the mirror is on the doors of the wardrobe, you can supplement it with several paintings and photos within.

Color scheme for a small bedroom

Using color, you can correctly adjust the appearance of the room. The correct palette presents the room in a favorable light, hiding flaws. The main choice is light shades, mostly cold. Beige, blue, peach, pink tones will do.

Dark gamut, coatings with bright, large patterns contribute to visual narrowing. Therefore, it is recommended not to consider them in design. Wallpaper should have a small picture. A dark floor will help create contrast.

laminate flooring in the bedroom

A great choice will be laminate flooring. This will favorably emphasize the overall appearance.

Using a light palette is important not to overdo it. White is well suited for furniture and flow. But abuse it is not recommended. The glossy cloth of a stretch ceiling becomes ideal. It will visually expand the boundaries and allow you to conveniently place a point light.

Discard the dense curtains. A limited number of meters are favorably complemented by natural light. The room becomes freer, fresher. A dense fabric will not allow the rays to penetrate into the room. Therefore, choose lightweight, airy curtains. You can limit yourself to tulle.

curtains in the interior of the bedroom

To connect the window opening and the entire look, the textiles used must have patterns or interspersed with shades used in the bedroom.

Means of visual increase in space

There are certain techniques that allow you to visually expand the room. Embodying them, you can make the room more spacious. The following remedies are recommended.

registration of a bedroom in Khrushchev

This design leaves maximum free space and looks very concise.

  1. Installation of a large bed. Even if the division into zones is planned, the purpose of the bedroom will remain the same. Therefore, the bed should be comfortable. To save and free up space, it is recommended to place the bed next to one of the walls, sliding it tightly.
  2. A minimum of items. It is difficult to do without cabinets and shelves. However, hidden models should be mixed. A built-in wardrobe is good, saving square meters.
  3. The monotony of the walls. Mostly light colors, giving the room a cool. Do not overdo it with a white tint. Otherwise, the walls will look like in a hospital.
  4. Using mirrors. In addition to the standard placement on the walls, it can be installed on the ceiling. The surface will successfully reflect the sun's rays. The location will depend on where the windows are.
  5. Lighting. It is necessary to organize a sufficient amount of natural and artificial light. Proper arrangement of lamps will make the bedroom more spacious.
  6. Retractable doors. They will allow not to occupy excess space when opening;
  7. Discard the carpets. They visually steal the area of ​​the room. Therefore, it is better to choose a warm floor.
floor in the bedroom in Khrushchev

Compact furniture and no frills are the main features of a minimalistic interior.

Design of a small bedroom in Khrushchev: rules and taboos

There are a number of rules, the observance of which will translate into the most advantageous interior.

photo of bedroom design in Khrushchev

The classic interior design implies the symmetry of the lines, restrained luxury and sophistication of the atmosphere as a whole.

Follow the recommendations.

  1. A light palette is suitable for the ceiling and walls.
  2. Exclude orange, red. Dark aggressive tones will not work.
  3. It is not recommended to make the windowsill wide.
  4. Choose a sliding door, as in sliding wardrobes. If this is not possible, let it open outward.
modern bedroom design

Since the room is small, it is advisable to use no more than 2-3 colors in light or muted shades.

It is important to buy compact models. It’s good if they combine several functions. If a work area is organized, you can set up a table that can be assembled if necessary. Choose a bed with storage space.

bed in the bedroom in Khrushchev

Such a bed eliminates the need to purchase additional lockers.

The small size and lack of sufficient space can create a lot of difficulties. But if you think over the design of each corner in advance, using any site is useful, it will turn out to realize a practical and beautiful interior.

VIDEO: Design of a bedroom in Khrushchev.

50 stylish bedroom design options in Khrushchev:

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