If the bedroom is windowless. Interior Design

A room without windows is an interesting task for a designer. How to make an initially dark, cramped room so cozy that you don’t want to leave it?

Interior options for a room without windows: closet or living room?

Rooms without windows are usually small rooms, up to 12 m², or a corner in a small apartment. It happens that a cozy nook for an additional place to relax is chosen in a spacious room. A bedroom without windows is a frequent occurrence when planning a “studio”.

beautiful decor of the bedroom

Design a bedroom in a light style

original bedroom facade

Bright bedroom without windows

light bedroom style

Bedroom without windows in a bright style

How to make a room without a natural light source residential?

In search of inspiration, you can turn to solutions that have been tested for centuries, for example, the style of the cabin - equipped with only closed porthole windows, but a cozy room.

Design options are limited only by the following rules.

  1. Dark heavy colors are not used.
  2. Large patterns are undesirable.
  3. All modern methods are used to make the room brighter: built-in lighting, LED lamps, less often - sconces and wall.
  4. As much space as possible. Road to air and light.
  5. Competent ventilation. Air conditioning will not be enough.
  6. Built-in and multifunctional furniture - nothing more.
  7. The ceiling is slightly lighter than the walls.

It should also take into account the specifics of the bedroom.

  1. The design decision should not be flashy. The room is intended for relaxation.
  2. Lamps near the bed, night table, should be turned on according to the principle of "lend a hand."
  3. There should be several lighting options: local, for the entire room.
bright bedroom design

Windowless bedroom interior

unusual bedroom interior

Modern design windowless bedroom

Selection of furniture in a modern bedroom with no windows

Standard set includes: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe. However, now there are a lot of combi options.

  • The bed can be inscribed in a corner, a niche - a place to sleep becomes a continuation of the constructive lines of the room.
  • An insulated cabinet is not relevant. Only a coupe.
  • Beds: models without legs, with a sliding mattress (bedding can be quickly folded under it), two and three-tier beds.
  • Bedside tables are continuation of racks.

Functionality is important. Think carefully about interior design in terms of ergonomics, down to the smallest detail.

Important points for a functional bedroom with no windows.

  • Low furniture without legs. Simple concise forms, smooth surfaces.
  • Free access to the room, a convenient approach to the wardrobe and place for bedding.
  • Nothing more - just a couple of shelves for books and little things or a built-in bookcase.
  • Decorative elements - built-in or functional. No more than one or two accents.
  • It is easy to get to the light switch without getting out of bed, and is convenient when entering the room.
beautiful facade of the bedroom

Design a bedroom in a light style

light bedroom design

Bright bedroom without windows

original bedroom interior

Bedroom without windows in a bright style

Color scheme

Furniture and walls of a bedroom without a window can be any light shades.

Fashionable colors for furniture and walls that will be appropriate in a small room: white, beige, golden, ecru, pale blue, cream, peach, mint, turquoise, silver gray.

The current gamma is not limited to them.

Interesting! Any color is a lot of nuances. Different style, image, character. For example, the white color most demanded for rooms without windows is a noble alabaster, uncompromising snow-white, and an exquisite color of sea foam.

Ivory (ivory) is retro, vanilla is delicious, milk is cozy. Pearl white, a luminous color with a light pinkish tinge, will make the bedroom without a window romantic, antique white (the color with a touch of beige) will give solidity. And ash-white looks ultramodern, a great choice for a bedroom in modern style.

unusual bedroom decor

Windowless bedroom interior

bright bedroom style

Modern design windowless bedroom

Are cold tones appropriate?

Yes, but you should choose the lightest and most original shades. For example, from gray: mother-of-pearl, gray-green tea, grederleap tea (pearl gray, with a slight greenish tint). Lead, asphalt tones will not work. Blue shades are all good, only some will require caution, for example, tourmaline blue (with a greenish-gray undertone).

When choosing cold tones, there is a risk of making the room gloomy, but with the modern possibilities of artificial lighting, the rule "only light and warm colors" is outdated.

Muted tones with a pronounced gray (ash-lilac, ash-green, etc.) can look luxurious if they are correctly diluted with bright or light accents. For example, warm ashen-pink will be complemented with ocher accessories, and cold - with ivory. Or competently beat the room with lighting. A soft creamy orange light will revive the bedroom in bright dusty lilac colors.

What accessories to choose?

original bedroom design

Design a bedroom in a light style

unusual interior of a bedroom

Bright bedroom without windows

beautiful bedroom style

Bedroom without windows in a bright style

To revitalize a calm range, do not forget to ...

  • Textiles: bedspreads, rugs, pillows, toys.
  • Photo frames, panels, compositions.
  • Vases, floor and table lamps are a rarity in a small bedroom, it is better to focus on soft or wall accessories.

The main rule for the selection of accessories for a small bedroom: they should not be many, placed not in the center.

Mirror ideas for a small room

Mirrors are actively used to expand the space of small rooms. But just hanging a mirror on the wall is commonplace.

Fresh solutions

  1. Faceted mirrors. That is, with a beveled and machined face. Light refracted by the facet plays like a gem.
  2. The sandblasted mirror will not only add space, but will also make an exquisite decorative element.
  3. Mirrors with backlight. With a contour of LED lamps. Or they are placed behind a mirror, decorative elements on the surface pass light. It can be anything: from flamingos and butterflies to geometric shapes. Very bright welcome.
light bedroom decor

Windowless bedroom interior

bright facade of the bedroom

Modern design windowless bedroom

Mirror Niches

  1. In human growth, imitating doorways.
  2. Decorated with mirror elements of the partition.
  3. Convex mirrors. Such are in antique stores or on order.
  4. Finally, you can play with the frame for the mirror or its shape. From narrow elongated vertical panels to huge mirror windows. Or decorate the wall with an exhibition of mirror "paintings" in old frames.
  5. For particularly extravagant decisions - the surface of a broken mirror.

Tricks: imitation or a window in the next room

If there is no window, it can be successfully replaced, the room will be cozy, light and bright.

How to successfully simulate a window

  • Use a poster or decorative stickers with a picture of the window and the landscape behind it.
  • Installing a full frame that simulates a window. Pick up the curtains, put indoor plants on the "windowsill" - guests will not distinguish the window from the real one.
  • False windows with backlight. You can choose and order from a mass of ready-made options for the wall and ceiling.
  • Install curtains or blinds in the floor, placing LED strips behind them.
  • Place a mirror in the frame in place of the desired window.
original bedroom style

Design a bedroom in a light style

bright facade of the bedroom

Bright bedroom without windows

original design of a bedroom

Bedroom without windows in a bright style

Another method is an internal window to the next room.

How to beat him:

  • use clear or frosted glass;
  • to make a window of the original form: round, oval, arched;
  • make a transom (a small window under the ceiling);
  • place it in a non-banal place, for example, a group of rectangular windows at different levels will look amazing;
  • behind frosted glass you can place a lamp - a spectacular decorative element.

Planning secrets: zoning as a decorative technique

Partitions in an isolated small bedroom are not needed. But they are often used to highlight a separate sleeping area. The fence should work on the principle: more light, more air.

Types of partitions: plasterboard, sibit, glass, sliding screens and transformers, huge interior windows. Openwork, lightweight designs are used. Excellent - a cabinet or a rack as a partition (Callax from IKEA). The back side of a conventional cabinet is decorated with wallpaper in the tone of the walls, canvas, curtains (attached to the ceiling cornice), covered with leather.

More light: lighting

unusual style of a bedroom

Windowless bedroom interior

beautiful bedroom interior

Modern design windowless bedroom

It is selected based on the following tasks:

  • Lighting should be adequate.
  • Not tiring for sight and relaxation.
  • Positioned to cover the entire room.

Actual Options

  • Spotlights (so-called spots) around the perimeter of the bedroom.
  • Suspended structures around the perimeter of the bed, with integrated spotlights.
  • Light sources at the head, on the opposite wall, on the side. Their combinations.

Spot lamps successfully replace bedside light sources or a central chandelier, they are used for zoning the room.

If the bedroom has suspended ceilings, a number of rules must be followed.

  1. Lamp power - from 40 watts.
  2. From the ceiling of the chandelier to the film at least 15 cm.
  3. Between a bulb and a film not less than 20 cm.
  4. The number of spotlights - 1 pc. for every 2 square meters. m. ceiling.
  5. The hidden part of the luminaire must fit into the distance between the ceiling and the stretch ceiling.
  6. The lamps are placed so that the light is evenly distributed, without too harsh or dark places.

Original. Decorate cabinet doors or the wall with shutters (louvre shutters), and LED strips behind them. The illusion of a huge window is provided.

original decor of a bedroom

Design a bedroom in a light style

unusual bedroom style

Bright bedroom without windows

unusual facade of the bedroom

Bedroom without windows in a bright style

More air: ventilation

Artificial ventilation is necessary, isolated rooms suffer from mold, fungi. Their appearance is promoted by increased humidity and stagnation of air. How to arrange ventilation in a windowless room? The following solutions are presented on the market.

  • Ventilators with natural air supply (these are simple wall valves).
  • Airgivers, breathers and ventilators. All of them are compact, comfortable, deliver fresh air, and feature additional functions. Airgivers are equipped with climate control. Breathers control the climate and promote clean air. Ventilators have a cleaning filter, but do not heat the air.
  • Recuperators - not only deliver air from the street and regulate its temperature, but also have an exhaust function.

It will require air conditioning. This is a companion for an airgiver or other forced-air ventilation unit, indispensable on hot days.The airgiver delivers fresh air, the air conditioner cools the air already in the room - the perfect pair.

bright bedroom design

Windowless bedroom interior

original interior of a bedroom

Modern design windowless bedroom

8 more fresh tricks for a windowless room

Suitable not only for the bedroom, but also for another room, such as a living room.

  1. Niches with backlight, with glass: frosted, transparent, stained glass.
  • Wall mounted aquariums.
  • Light windows and false windows in the ceiling.
  • A picture imitating a "window into the nature."
  • False fireplace with lighting.
  • Fan integrated in a niche window.
  • Ceiling with imitation of the sky (stars, clouds, deciduous forest).
  • Special stretch ceiling coatings: transparent, glossy film. Two-level construction. They will "eat" part of the height of the room, but add perspective and visual depth. In addition, they will act as a reception for zoning the room.

As you can see, the framework by which the owner of a bedroom with no windows is limited is not so rigid. There are a lot of tricks to turn the "closet-room" into a masterpiece of functionality and comfort.

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