Photos of the interiors of the bedroom are simple and tasteful.

The bedroom is primarily a place for sleeping and relaxing, and therefore it is necessary that it be decorated simply, without annoying frills and fit our taste. This room should be a place of calm and relaxation, where we would allow ourselves to relax from everyday worries. Excessively bright details and tasteless design of the sleeping room can not only interfere with sleep and rest, but also cause irritability, bad mood and insomnia. To avoid such problems, the design of bedrooms should be approached with special attention. In this article you can find Photo of the bedroom interiors made simply and tastefully.

First step

Where to start decorating the bedroom? The first thing you need to pay attention to is the layout and location of the windows in the room. When choosing a style and color scheme, it is best to push away from the layout of the room and the amount of light. If the room is small and there is not much light in it, then it is better not to overload the room with details and use light colors in the design, making several bright or dark accents in the form of furniture or textiles. If the room is large and there is a lot of light in it, then here you can already give scope for imagination. But we must not forget about the sense of proportion - a room with a good layout can spoil tastelessly selected textiles or overload a large number of unnecessary furniture.

Please note: if the room is too small and a feeling of crowding is created, then you can use mirrors in height from floor to ceiling to design one or more walls. Such a trick will visually increase the volume and give the room "freedom".

First step

When choosing a style and color scheme, it is best to push away from the layout of the room and the amount of light.

Choosing a bedroom style

Once you have decided on the "source data", it's time to do the style for the bedroom. The style may not necessarily be pronounced, but it will create a mood and subsequently facilitate the process of choosing furniture, textiles and decorations. The main directions that are suitable for registration:

  • Minimalism. A style that will not leave anyone indifferent and suitable for any room. Especially it is worth paying attention to the owners of small bedrooms with a complex layout. In a simply decorated bedroom, it is pleasant to relax from a busy day with events and emotions;
  • Ethnic style will certainly create a feeling of home and comfort. It is characterized by an abundance of peculiar details and unusual textiles. Design elements are done manually and in bright colors. A room in this style will become a haven for knitted rugs, quilted bedspreads, children's drawings, hand-embroidered curtains, an unusual wooden cabinet or table, details with an abundance of beads and beads. Preference is given to natural materials (wood, leather, stone) and fabrics made from natural materials (linen, cotton, wool);
  • Classic style. A win-win option that will appeal to both men and women. There will be no problems with the choice of furniture and decoration materials - the shops offer a wide selection of “classic” items. Simplicity and some severity are the main features of the style. To some, this style will seem too boring, but this is not so - the design allows the choice of any color scheme.And a couple of stylish and selected in accordance with the personal taste of the owner of the bedroom decorations or an interesting version of the textile will make the room unusual, cozy and will reflect the individuality of the owner.
  • Contemporary style is gaining popularity. The bedroom, made with the latest fashion and technology, will be a great place to relax. There is no need to be afraid that the design in a modern style will become obsolete or go out of fashion - well-executed bedroom decoration and tastefully selected textiles will help to avoid that and give the room a special charm.
Choosing a bedroom style


Color selection

Once the style is chosen, proceed to the selection of paints and finishes. It’s best to choose several colors that combine.

Interesting fact. A popular option today is the choice of white as the main color. The white room is filled with bright details and decor elements. A winning option, both for large rooms and for small ones.

A classic version, regardless of the chosen style, will be a white ceiling, natural wood flooring and walls made in pastel colors. It is worth noting that this version of the color solution has a beneficial effect on the human body and allows you to relax

Scientists recognized the most “relaxing” colors ... blue and blue. They reduce muscle tension, soothe, relieve stress and help with insomnia. Recommended for anxious and emotional people.

If blue is used as the main one, then preference should be given to calm and soft shades, such as turquoise and azure. Dark blue causes a feeling of sadness and can even affect the occurrence of depression.

Color selection

Dark blue causes a feeling of sadness and can even affect the occurrence of depression.

Yellow allows you to create a feeling of "fullness" of the room with light, but they should not be abused. In large quantities, yellow causes excessive emotionality and fatigue, as well as a bright crimson color.

Grassy green is considered the most beneficial of all colors affecting vision. It also calms and relaxes.

Green is a good option for couples who want to have a baby, as it is considered a color that has a good effect on fertility.

Shades of purple and violet are not recommended as the primary color. However, as an auxiliary color, this is a good option. Purple will give the room depth, it positively affects mood and creative abilities.

Color selection

Grassy green is considered the most beneficial of all colors affecting vision.

White, black and brown are a win-win for furniture. Choosing furniture made in these colors, you can be sure that it will fit into the interior of the room, regardless of the color scheme.

Orange and red are recognized as exciting colors that increase heartbeat, induce action. Not the best color scheme for a bedroom or a relaxation room, however, this is an interesting option for creative workshops, bathrooms and gyms. Although the elements of red or orange colors will not hurt the rest and give vivacity and positive emotions, so necessary at the beginning of a new day.

If you have problems choosing a color, you need to use the color wheel. The color wheel, a true friend of artists and designers, will come to the rescue in this matter and become an indispensable ally in the choice of colors.

Color selection

White, black and brown - a win-win for furniture

The recommendations described above are the basics, without which it is difficult to design a comfortable bedroom. But the main criterion in this matter is the personal opinion and preferences of the one who will live in the new bedroom. Therefore, one should not neglect one's own opinion in this matter, based only on other people's recommendations.


Usually the ceiling is not given much time for repairs - it is covered with white paint.Meanwhile, the ceiling occupies a sixth of the room’s space and you should pay attention to it. The traditional white color of the ceiling is an attractive solution (it is cheap, relatively fast and does not require the selection of colors for the main color scheme of the room), it makes sense to try other colors for this part of the bedroom. The white ceiling will visually make the walls of the room higher, while pastel, soft and dark colors will give the room a sense of intimacy and coziness. True, for small rooms it is better not to get involved in repainting the ceiling in dark colors - this can play a cruel joke and make the room even smaller than it is.

Textile selection

It may seem that the main thing in the living space is the decoration of the walls and furniture, but often it is textiles that play a decisive role in the overall impression of the room. Incorrectly selected textiles can be a fatal mistake in the design of the room and nullify the efforts spent on creating comfort. Textiles include curtains, draperies, canopies, bedspreads, rugs, bedding and upholstery for ottomans and armchairs. In fact, textile decoration occupies the lion's share of the room, and therefore it should be given special attention.

The golden rule: if the room is decorated in light colors, then the textiles are selected a couple of tones darker, if in dark - then a few tones are lighter.

It is better to choose simple curtains - curtains made of high-quality heavy material, in addition to a light translucent tulle, will become a win-win option. It is worth noting that the tulle must necessarily let in sunlight, and not impede its penetration - there are curtains for this. It is better to refrain from an abundance of fringe, quilling, bows, ribbons and a large number of draperies. Curtains with an abundance of improperly selected decorations look tasteless and only visually make the room heavier. If the bedroom requires curtains with decorative elements, then in this case the best solution would be to contact a designer who can correctly combine the decorations and successfully fit them into the general style of the room.

Textile selection

Pink bedroom

Furniture selection

White, black and brown colors are the best solutions for bedroom furniture. In a small room they put cumbersome elegant furniture. Then in such a room a good rest is provided. In large spaces, low furniture and furniture with thin legs looks out of place - the free space “presses” on it. An abundance of furniture is contraindicated in both cases. The bedroom should have only the necessities: a bed, bedside tables, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe and a bookcase with books, if the owners like to read a couple of chapters before bedtime. It is better not to put a TV and a computer in the bedroom.

So, as you can see, decorating the bedroom is simple and tasteful. The main thing is to approach the matter responsibly and with love, and then the bedroom will become one of the most beloved rooms in the house, an island of rest and relaxation. Approach the matter with the soul, and you will not regret the effort expended.

Contemporary bedroom style

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