How to create a comfortable bedroom design 10 square meters. m

Any apartment is a corner, which is a reflection of the nature and lifestyle of its owners. However, this property of the house is most clearly manifested in the bedroom. If the living room and kitchen collect guests and also take into account their needs, then the bedroom is completely and completely adapted to the needs of its owners.

bedroom design 10 sq m

The main principle is to install only the necessary.

bedroom 10 sq m in classic style

If space allows, you can add the necessary, but optional.

A small bedroom of 10 sq m has a territory that allows you to settle in with comfort. You will only have to abandon large furniture, try to use the available space as profitably as possible, as well as properly organize lighting.

bedroom photo 10 sq m

If you are an ascetic person, then you may well be satisfied with the bedroom, in which there is a bed and bedside tables with floor lamps.


One of the most popular solutions for the interior of a small bedroom with an area of ​​10 square meters is the use of drywall constructions: multi-level ceilings, niches and built-in shelves. Wallpaper can also be a perfectly acceptable option, however, when choosing a picture, some rules should be considered.

wallpaper decoration in the bedroom 10 sq m

It doesn’t matter what footage, because you can create in any space.

bright bedroom interior

Today, there are many different options for designing a photo of a bedroom of 10 square meters. m

  • It is customary to avoid small ornaments in the interior of rooms that cannot boast a large area, since in this case it has a depressing effect on the psyche.
  • Horizontal drawings will help to visually expand the narrow little bedroom, but this option is acceptable only for rooms with a high ceiling.
  • Vertical drawings, on the contrary, pull the room up, and the room is already visually made.
  • Solid walls in pastel colors - the perfect solution for a small bedroom. Light colors will make the room more spacious, and a calm palette will create a cozy and soothing atmosphere.
  • Another design technique for small apartments is a combination of light and dark stripes, or a large pattern with plain walls.
wallpaper in the bedroom 10 sq m

A massive bed will occupy almost the entire area of ​​the bedroom.

The flooring is usually chosen taking into account the colors of the furniture. They should look harmonious, but not merge. One shade, but of different saturation, is exactly what you need. As for the drawing, since we decided to visually expand the small bedroom, it is better to stay on the diagonal version.

bedroom 10 sq m decor

Today there are many models of beds that fit perfectly into such an area.

Visual increase in space

Proper decoration is not the only secret of designers. Small tricks that help optimize the design of a small bedroom are present in almost all interior elements.

luxurious simple bedroom

To visually increase the space, choose a bed with low legs, or without them at all.

Element of the interior Design solution
Color palette White, blue, lilac, lime, light gray, peach, beige, mint
Decor Minimalistic, concise, functional, without too much pomposity and glamor
Textures Glossy, mirror, smooth surfaces
Furniture Transformers, sliding models, sliding wardrobes
Lighting Soft and comfortable light, no dark areas, neat little lights
Layout Placing most of the furniture along the walls, zoning with canopies or compact partitions


Proper lighting can work wonders, and bedroom design 10 sqm m requires its proper organization. Modern technologies allow not only to provide the necessary level of illumination in every corner of the room, but also to regulate the brightness of light sources.

bedroom lighting 10 sq m

High headboards by the bed are not suitable.

To create a cozy lamp atmosphere in the bedroom interior, you can use the following types of lamps:

  • Point;
  • Built in ceiling;
  • Lamps with lampshade;
  • Spherical or hemispherical;
  • LED strip.
original lighting in the bedroom

To save space, discard the chest of drawers; it can be replaced with niches in the bed.

With the help of such simple equipment, you can also divide the room into functional zones or focus on the decor. In addition, the atmosphere prevailing in it depends on the lighting of the room. Therefore, lighting is an element of interior design that is worth considering especially carefully.

design of a small bedroom 10 sq m

Choose furniture with a mirror surface, thus increasing the space.


Bedroom Design 10 sq m the planner’s fantasies aren’t particularly clear up, as this space is enough only to place all the most necessary pieces of furniture in the interior. The project can be outlined with a pencil and paper. It’s worth starting from the bed. It is she who is the central element of the bedroom, and the arrangement of other pieces of furniture depends on its location.

interior of a small bedroom in bright colors

The bed should be the head of the wall, so that later there is a place for bedside tables.

The most common bedding methods.

  • Head to the wall. In this case, small bedside tables can easily fit on the sides of it. This option is a classic design.
  • In the inner corner. A particularly relevant solution for a single bed, when access to the bed from both sides is not necessary at all. Thus, you can save a lot of space and organize in the bedroom a work area or relaxation area with an armchair or sofa.
  • In the center of the room. The island arrangement of the bed is a bold decision for those who are going to use the bedroom exclusively for its intended purpose, and the remaining pieces of furniture in it will be completely unnecessary. The bed in this case occupies almost the entire space of the room.
  • Along the wall. This option also saves space and allows you to install a wardrobe or chest of drawers in the bedroom.
bedroom 10 sq meters

If you have chosen a large bed, position it in the center of the room.

If you plan to create a working area in the bedroom, then the angular location of the bed, or the last method described, will suit you. However, if the bedroom is connected to the balcony, then there is another solution to this problem. Combining the room with the balcony will add you some additional square meters and will help you easily find space for a table, chair and wardrobe.

design of a small bedroom with a balcony

Small bedside tables are placed as close to the bed as possible.


Not every style is suitable for a small bedroom, and preference should be given to concise and functional directions.

stylish bedroom design 10 sq m

To complement the room you need to take care of the scenery.

Style Distinctive features
High tech Plain finish, modern technology, the use of metal, glass and plastic, a minimum of decor, glossy surfaces, the correct geometric shapes. Primary colors - white, gray, black, beige.
Minimalism Restrained, strict. Two base colors are commonly used. It is characterized by simple geometric shapes, the absence of partitions, bright free space, large windows, diffused lighting.
Japanese style The use of natural materials, calm natural colors, the absence of contrasts, smooth lines, low furniture, colorful accessories
Modern Functional furniture, the main material is wood, lack of symmetry, a minimum of textiles, glass elements, soft shades
bedroom interior design 10 sq m

Pillows, bedspreads should be in tone with the whole interior.

Each of them is original in its own way, remarkable for its convenience and lack of frills. The minimum amount of furniture, simple shapes, compact sizes, modest decor - this is exactly what should be guided by when choosing furniture and accessories for a small bedroom.

bedroom 10 sq m in white colors

A carpet with a pile covering is suitable for the floor, in the color of the floor covering itself.


Bedroom Design 10 sq m involves the selection of functional, but at the same time compact furniture. Massive beds, huge oak wardrobes and chairs with footrests are best left in the store, and built-in wardrobe-beds, hanging and two-tier models can be safely purchased and taken home.

bedroom furniture 10 sq m

Properly positioned lighting creates the effect of a large space, which is what we need.


A bed can become not only a place for sleeping and relaxing, but also perform other functions. Built-in drawers will make it a convenient storage for bedding and other useful items.

wardrobe bed in the bedroom 10 sq m

Lighting should be soft, yet this bedroom is where the body and soul relax.

Creating a podium in a small bedroom will help to zone the room, but it will not take away your precious square meters. To create a bed, just put a mattress on it. This solution is not only stylish, but also quite economical. Under the podium there is also a place to store things.

bed podium in the bedroom 10 sq m

The catwalk beds have not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Benefits disadvantages
No need to buy a bed, just a mattress will be enough Visual reduction in ceiling height
Drawers under the podium can be used instead of the cabinet Multilevel constructions make it difficult to move
Space saving Not suitable for use in a one-room apartment
Design Originality This design is not mobile
Zoning capability The complexity of installation and installation

If a reception is also planned in the small bedroom, then a folding sofa is an excellent find. It does not take up much space.

room 10 sq m with a sofa

Such a sofa easily turns into a fairly wide berth.

Zoning the room, as well as creating a unique atmosphere of magic and comfort, will help a light canopy above the bed. You can order it in a furniture salon or atelier for sewing curtains, or you can create it yourself. In fact, it is much simpler than it seems at first glance. Ideally, the canopy can also be decorated with garlands and lanterns.

canopy bedroom design

Such decor will be appropriate in almost any bedroom style.

Cabinets and cabinets

Bedside tables - it is convenient, but not too functional. The place they occupy is not offset by their benefits. It is much more competent to replace them with small shelves above or near the bed.

bedroom 10 sq m with bedside tables

A small space is not a reason to refuse something, approach the creation of a design correctly and everything will work out.

Wardrobes with swing doors are not the best choice for bedroom design 10 sq m. Coupe models will fit here much better, especially if their doors will have a mirror or glossy surface that visually enlarges the room at times.

bedroom 10 sq m with wardrobe

It is better to purchase a sliding wardrobe to order, so that it takes into account the size, shape and style of the bedroom.

If there is not enough room in the room to accommodate the whole closet, then you can place mezzanines around the perimeter of the small bedroom, and put a small floor hanger in the corner. This option of replacing familiar furniture with its more rational counterparts will save space and make your stay in the bedroom more comfortable.

small bedroom design photo

Bedroom 10 sq. m. - not a sentence for a creative, seeking person.

VIDEO: Design project of a bedroom of 10 sq.m. in white.

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