Beautiful bedroom interior with photo: the secrets of organizing space

There is nothing better than a good rest after a hard day, especially when it is a beautiful bedroom interior. It is not so difficult to equip, but the harmony of all the components is needed. Each style has its own secrets and potentialities, but not every design impresses with its refined aesthetics. About a balanced approach to all components metropolitan interior designers shared their secrets.

The interior of a beautiful bedroom in pale blue tones

A place of peace and comfort, where you can relax and unwind

How to start a stylish bedroom decoration?

Any personal space or relaxation room begins with a plane for sleeping. In the bedroom, most often it is a bed, sofa or sofa bed. But there may be options - a podium with a high ergonomic mattress and expensive linens, as in Japanese style.

Interior of a small bedroom in oriental style.

The secret of oriental style is a minimum of details, a maximum of beauty and quality

Beautiful bedroom in oriental style with fairy tale elements

The best option for those who want to surround themselves with luxury and mystery.

It can be an elegant wrought-iron bed under the beautiful design of the bedroom, as was fashionable in the modern era of the early twentieth century.

Provence and other country-style styles include wooden beds, patchwork quilts and colorful bedding.

Provence rustic bedroom with wood-beamed ceilings

Rustic simplicity will appeal to romantic people and couples who value home comfort

Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Interior

Provence is often mixed with the original decoration of the bedroom in the style of shabby chic

Obviously, the beautiful design of the room determines the functional furniture in the chosen style. But there are many examples of stylistically neutral design of the bedrooms, which can be described as eclectic - a mixture of design trends. But they must be guessed at a specific topic or concept. For example, an extravagant black bedroom is also beautiful if there is an interesting idea with photo wallpaper.

High-tech country house bedroom interior

High-tech bedroom is suitable for young active people who appreciate a comfortable atmosphere, but without unnecessary decorations

A completely white bedroom without a stylistic reference is a traditional option, which will be good in different style incarnations:

  • fusion;
  • high tech;
  • Provence
  • Scandinavian minimalism and others.

They may have a common solution in terms of color, but a different look, so it is not a decisive factor for perception. It is worth noting that a white bedroom always looks more advantageous than “color” variations. But nothing can replace the colored diode illumination on multi-level ceilings with glossy stretch canvas.

Pastel bedroom interior with white bed

From the point of view of minimalism, the ideal bedroom is light curtains, pastel colors, a comfortable bed and a pair of bedside tables

Design of a corner bedroom in a two-room apartment

In practice, a bedroom is not only a sleeping room, but also a dressing room, and for someone else, a study

In any case, the original design of the bedroom depends on many components:

1. Room Dimensions Affect the arrangement of furniture and the organization of space.
2. Type of lighting Main and local, spot lighting.
3. Decoration Materials Wall cladding, type of ceiling and floor decoration, decor, false moldings, frieze.
4. Furniture selection Layout (bedroom set, bed with accessories, built-in furniture, upholstered furniture with a transformation mechanism).
5. Window decoration Layered curtains, transparent tulle, embroidered curtains or natural linen.
6. Textiles on the bed A quilted or knitted bedspread, original pillows and blankets, beautiful bedding.
7. Interior doors Aesthetics of design, color of veneer, inserts from mirrors or glass (corrugated, stained, stained, color, sandblasted).
8. Interior style Contemporary, classic, country, ethno urbanism, eco style or eclecticism.
9. Color spectrum Warm or cold, neutral, contrast.
10. Accessories and decor Depend on lifestyle and preferences.
Bedroom interior with beautiful dark furniture

The transformation of an ordinary bedroom into a unique one begins with an understanding of the style that defines all further work

We will talk about the features of using all these components in more detail. This will help determine the bedroom of your dreams.

Room dimensions and interior design

When experienced professionals begin to sketch the project and think about how to design the bedroom, they are primarily interested in measurements. This is important for a computer program for interior design, and for outline design.

Layout of furniture in a small bedroom

Layout option for a small bedroom

In the figure of the future beautiful bedroom, the configuration of the room is necessarily drawn, where the location of windows and doors is noted. In most cases, this is a small room in a typical layout apartment, so with original ideas you don’t really need to “take off”. When designing, they necessarily mark the place where the bed will be - the basis of the furniture of any bedroom.

In a large room for rest and relaxation, zoning is appropriate, which can be emphasized by finishing the floor (podium) and a multi-level ceiling. The dimensions of the bed also depend on the size of the room, since there must be free passages on all sides. The large bedroom will fit a wardrobe or a small dressing room. A small room should not be cluttered with cabinet furniture.

Wooden bed in the bedroom of a city apartment

Furniture should not clutter the room and interfere with free movement

Lighting selection

It seems strange to those unaware of interior design that discussing bedroom lighting - a chandelier and a wall sconce by the bed is enough. But lighting designers not only offer the most economical way to light a room, but also make it very organic.

Beautiful bedroom with lights on the bedside tables

Lighting in the bedroom, in addition to the main purpose, can act as a decor

Important! A good lighting design can replace a beautiful decor in a minimalistic bedroom interior.

Beautiful bedroom lighting in a modern style

In the bedroom, you can not limit yourself to monophonic lighting, it is appropriate to use background lighting, hidden lamps and wall sconces

It takes into account the natural light and lifestyle of the owner of the bedroom. For example, if the stressful rhythm of life involves staying in a relaxation room only at night, then the amount of sunlight that must fall into the bedroom is not taken into account. Then in the room you can arrange a "soaring ceiling" without a chandelier and with a diode tape around the perimeter.

For fans of black ceilings, a complex multi-level design with a glossy stretch canvas with an almost mirror effect is suitable. With a high degree of light reflection, black does not appear dark.

Even more interesting is the ceiling with the effect of "starry sky" filled with point diodes. In any case, the room where they only go to sleep can be darkened as you like, including multilayer curtains.

Decorative ceiling lamp in the bedroom of a city apartment

Original chandelier giving the effect of stars on the bedroom ceiling

For those who have a bedroom - a private space where they spend a lot of time, it is important to fill it with natural light as much as possible. In the evening, if you read or work on a laptop in the bedroom, there should be good lighting.

  1. General (ceiling lamp).
  2. Local (wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps).
  3. Linear (diode tape) and spot (near a cosmetic table or mirror, cabinet interior lighting).

All these components should harmonize and create a comfortable environment. A lot or a little light negatively affects the optic nerves. It is also important to consider where the windows go - south or north, east or west, where there is enough light.

Flat lights on the bedroom ceiling

In a room with a low ceiling, it is better to hang the most flat fixtures

Southern windows are necessarily obscured by blackout curtains, northern ones are opened as much as possible, choosing a transparent tulle. All these factors also affect whether it will be a beautiful bedroom interior or very mediocre.

Cladding materials for the bedroom

All surfaces must be in harmony - this is the secret to the success of the cladding. The choice of wall covering is limited only by financial capabilities and a stylistic choice. Today, the assortment of building materials is so large that even palace design of a bedroom can be made quite affordable. It is distinguished by molding and molding, false wall decor and false rosettes on the ceiling. Equally important are accessories and furniture.

Wall decoration behind the bed with paper wallpaper

For the bedroom suitable wallpaper in pastel colors, in harmony with the color of the furniture

The most popular coatings for a beautiful "bedside" are:

  • original wallpaper;
  • decorative plaster;
  • plaster painting;
  • wood-based wall cladding panels and other natural materials.

Floors set the general mood, especially if they are not covered with rugs. A beautiful bulk coating, laminate for expensive wood or tiles with simulated marble according to the "warm floor" scheme - to choose from. There may be other options, for example, for adherents of traditional parquet, carpet or insulated linoleum on the substrate. The main thing is that the floors emphasize your beautiful design of the bedroom.

Gray carpet floor in the bedroom

Carpet gives a soft and warm surface

Laminate under the tree in the bedroom interior

Different types of laminate imitate a wooden surface, parquet or floor tiles.

Ceiling will be the final accent, but often they are the main decorative element. Therefore, do not rush to paste it on the ceiling wallpaper or just paint it white.

Tip: If the furniture does not have a special aesthetics, order a multi-level ceiling with attractive lighting design from specialists.

Combined ceiling with recessed lights in the bedroom interior

A multi-level stretch ceiling allows you to implement any design decisions in terms of bedroom lighting

Spectacular textiles for a beautiful bedroom

The decoration of bedrooms is largely determined by the choice of textiles. You must admit, when a luxurious quilted bedspread with flowers or handmade bows is thrown on a large double bed, pillows are in elegant pillowcases with ruffles, then they pay no attention to the rest.

Beautiful pillows on the bed in the spouses bedroom

Beautiful bedspreads can radically change the whole atmosphere of a bedroom

Attention: Textiles for beds determine the semantic load when making out a room for newlyweds in hotels. The conjugal bedroom should not be overloaded with decor, but luxurious bedspreads, beautiful bedding and original curtains will add a romantic atmosphere.

Window decoration is the second most important component on which the beautiful interior of a bedroom depends. If you do not have the creative abilities and experience of a seamstress, use ready-made illustrations by contacting a specialized workshop. Atelier sew multilayer curtains of any design.

Provence-style curtains on the bedroom windows

Curtains can be selected to match the wallpaper, or vice versa to resist them in color

When choosing the form of curtains, it is imperative to focus on the style of the interior:

  • flat screened curtains came from Japan;
  • Marquise with undulating draperies - from France;
  • a complex cut of multilayer velvet curtains with a lambrequin and - English classics;
  • Italian, Roman and Austrian curtains (with pickups in different modifications) - offers of European designers;
  • multilayer veil - a traditional stylistic approach to the Arab East;
  • colorful textiles are typical of many ethnic styles;
  • colored curtains with ruffles and ruffles came from the style of country and Provence.

Tips for choosing shades, furniture, and decor for a stylish bedroom

As already mentioned, color affects perception, but is not decisive in the interiors of beautiful bedrooms. This is just a way of embodying an original idea or a stylistic solution.

Bed with fabric upholstery in a rustic bedroom

Furniture must be reliable and functional, and the appearance is determined by the style of the bedroom

Black and white bedroom is a favorite of many designers. But when people who are far from this profession come to work, it rarely turns out beautifully. Often such an interior turns out to be cold and lifeless, it has to be supplemented with an aquarium, indoor plants or murals. Then the meaning of laconic monochrome design is lost. Often everything is decided by the choice of furniture.

Tip. The original bedroom interior is difficult to do in traditional ways. If you want to buy a stylish furniture set, look at the catalogs, where the style is usually indicated - empire, classic, baroque, renaissance, etc.

Decorating the wall above the bed with a monochrome painting

If you want to add a twist to the bedroom, hang on the wall an original photo, monochrome picture or poster

Warm or cold gamma? This defines the north window when you need to add warm shades that mimic sunlight. Southern rooms, especially in hot climates, are better “cooled” with blue, lilac or green walls and curtains.

The color of interior doors, decor and accessories should be in harmony with the furniture and coatings of all surfaces, reflect the style. But it is important to remember the balance - two-thirds of light shades.

The interior of a beautiful female bedroom in a modern style

The abundance of beautiful decorative elements is an integral attribute of the female bedroom

Important! Remember that the bedroom should relax, calm, and not activate brain activity. Bright accents can be placed at the head of the bed so that there is no strain on the eyes before going to bed.

Mirrors are a “welcome guest” in any bedroom, but there shouldn’t be many, as adherents of Feng Shui teachings say. The mirror wall is an excellent technique for visually increasing the space, but really appreciate what will be reflected there - a mess of an unmade bed or a stylish design. It is undesirable to place them opposite doors and windows.

Oval mirror in the corner of the bedroom

A round or oval mirror fits perfectly into any interior

To summarize the above, we offer photo examples that will help determine the choice of furniture, decoration, lighting, textiles and accessories for your beautiful bedroom.

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