The nuances of design design bedroom 9 m2

Many modern apartments have very large rooms. But such a luxury is worth a lot of money. Meanwhile, we want to make a good interior, and enjoy the beautiful. We have to do with what we have. Agree bedroom in 9 square meters m. - this is very small. Not many people will be able to feel comfort and ease in such a close indoors.However, applying some tricks in the design, choosing the right style, materials for finishes and details, you can create a beautiful design even on such a limited space, and brighten up his flaws.

bedroom design 9 sq m

Arranging such a small room is a difficult task, but feasible.

The first thing that affects the future design - of course, size. Bedroom enough small, and some ideas will have to be abandoned. In such indoors everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. Pay attention to all the factors that affect the design.

modern bedroom design 9 sq m

Designers argue that with the right layout, a good choice of colors and the use of accents and decor, the sleeping space can be designed not only beautifully and comfortably, but also in an original way.

  1. Room configuration: rectangular or square. The choice depends on it. colors and arrangement of elements.
  2. Layout. It is influenced by the previous factor. Meanwhile, highlight the layout with special attention. Having placed all the components correctly, it will become easier for you to see the design possibilities.
  3. Who is it for? This factor is of great importance, because for men and women should choose a different design. And in a bedroom for a married couple all the more everything should be harmonious.
bedroom photo 9 sq m

Of course, when planning a repair of a bedroom of small sizes, you will have to make more efforts for the correct formation of the arrangement of furniture, making color decisions.

Of course, their own taste preferences play a big role. Picking up interior focus on personal desires, laws design and functional design the rooms.

We choose the right furniture

For this small room it is especially important to choose the right one furniture. After all, having made mistakes at this stage, you risk coming to irrational use of space and littering the rooms.

choice of furniture in the bedroom 9 sq m

When decorating small rooms, it is important to prioritize - get rid of all that is superfluous, replace massive furniture with more compact one.

Though bedroom and small, in fact, in it you can fit all the necessary items. To begin, decide what is necessary for you. An obligatory element, of course, is bed. Bedside tables, table, chair or cupboard - all of these items may be in another the roombut, if there is a need, place them will turn out here. Only you need to carefully approach their choice.

bedroom design 9 sq m with wardrobe

It is necessary to try to maintain order in terms of the absence of clutter up the space constantly.

Picking up furnitureUse the following tips:

  • Prefer functional of furniture: bed with drawers and shelves, bed- attic, suspended or retractable bed;
  • If thickness allows the walls, instead of shelves or a table in the room, make niches in the wall;
  • Cupboard pick up with mirrored doors, this will visually enlarge the room.
bedroom design 9 sq m with a closet in a niche

Plan your bed so that it can be approached from all sides (minimum 40 cm per aisle).

In general, remember: do not litter the bedroom extra items. If any pieces of furniture can be discarded, do so.

We place the components

Correctly place the selected furniture and other items of interior also need to be able to. Make a plan to get started premiseswrite on it the available items of furniture and their dimensions. First, on paper, determine where to put what. So you can see the picture from above, evaluate everything from the outside. After everything is laid out on the plan, proceed to real actions.

bedroom furniture 9 sq m

If we talk about choosing a stylistic direction in interior design, it is best to draw inspiration from modern stylistics.

Here are some placement tips:

  • If you can't do without a TV, hang it on the wallso it takes the least of space;
  • If you are a superstitious person, and do not want to sleep with your feet to the door, and the room is rectangular, then choose a different configuration the beds, because there are not only rectangular, but also round models;
  • Do not put it bed to the corner, it will create an uncomfortable atmosphere, and is somewhat impractical;
  • When placing of furniture take into account the configuration of the room: what shape it has, where the window is, which side of the world they go to, etc.
bedroom 9 sq m with TV

It is better to sacrifice the size of the bedside tables and replace them with compact stand tables than to move the bed into a corner.

Correctly placing furniture at the bedroomyou will get enough places to create comfort, and to implement the intended design.

Color spectrum

Best option for small bedroom Light colors are considered, both warm and cold tones.

bedroom 9 sq m in bright colors

“Cozy minimalism” is what is ideal for small spaces.

A universal option is white. It can exist both alone and in combination with others. flowers. Certainly better than him use in tandem to out the bedrooms the hospital ward didn’t work out. In modern the interior often is used contrast highlighting method. So, you paint all surfaces the bedrooms at White color, and do contrasting the wall. For example, decorate the wall above the bed bright red brick. Emphasis can be made on bright bedding, curtains or flooring.

bedroom 9 sq m in white

Maximum comfort with minimal use of decor, nothing more and everything is enough.

Another option bedroom design in 9 square meters m. - all in bright colors. Beige, milky, peach in combination with white will make your the room a model of tenderness and style. Such combinations are often were used in the royal reception, making it bright and majestic.

color scheme of the bedroom 9 sq m

You can pay attention to the eco-style when creating the interior of a small room.

Psychologists consider the design a good option the bedrooms in gray tones. At first glance it seems that it is depressing Colour. However, it has the opposite effect: it helps relieve stress, relax quickly, calm down, and get a good rest. Combine different shades of gray. To make the room a little lighter, add white, blue, green or another bright color.

9 sqm bedroom with accent wall

The use of contrasting colors to design an accent wall will also favorably affect the image of the bedroom.

No one forbids making a room in cold tones. This is a very good way. Only choose should be cold cold shades. They will visually make the room larger and more spacious. This category includes light green, blue, eucalyptus, mint, etc.

bedroom 9 sq m in green

A light palette in the decoration of the ceiling and walls, as well as a darker performance of the floor covering, leads to a visual increase in the square of the room.

Who said that the room must be bright? Despite the fact that the bedroom is small it can also be decorated in dark colors. Properly approaching this type of decor, you will make the decor cozy and warm. But be careful: achieve a soft effect, otherwise you risk doing the room dark cloakroom. To achieve the desired goal use warm colors: brown, terracotta, mustard, etc.

9 sqm bedroom with brick trim

The use of local light sources or built-in illumination is necessary to create a cozy atmosphere of the room and “erase” the borders of a small room.

Gender factor

Color matching style and the texture largely depends on who owns the room. Do not forget this factor. After all, we dress girls and boys in different ways. And so bedroom men and women are different in their appearance. This is an important aspect, because for the owner room should be comfortable, and cause only positive emotions, contribute to relaxation and calm.

bedroom 9 sq m in a modern style

Pay attention to styles and colors suitable for a specific gender and age category.

Who is it for Style Color scheme
Women's bedroom Provence, classic, country Beige, milky, light shades of cold and warm colors.
Men's Loft, minimalism, avant-garde Black, gray, white
Matrimonial Classic, hi-tech, modern Brown, pastel colors.
Children Eclecticism vibrant colors combined with a neutral background
Teenager's bedroom Urban areas (for a boy), country, marine, Provence (for a girl) Cold tones, sometimes dark (for boys);

Light and tender, respectively;

The interspersing of bright, contrasting colors is characteristic.

More on preferences.

Men's bedroom

Of course, a single man will prefer accuracy and conciseness in everything. According to observations, men choose dark tones for bedroom designeven if she small. Versatile and often used the option is blackwhite tandem. Mostly male the bedrooms made in cool colors.

bedroom 9 sq m for men

If there is the possibility of expanding window openings, this must be done - the more natural light in the room, the more it seems.

It is noticed that the male half is capable of costing a minimum, and does not like unnecessary details, especially in the bedroom. Such room usually only holds bed.

bedroom 9 sq m for a guy

Color accents are needed - at least one bright or contrasting piece of furniture, textiles or a lighting fixture.

Talking about style. For men, minimalism, high-tech, techno, loft, etc. are suitable. Modern, strict, urban stylessupporting the idea of ​​"nothing more."

Female territory

Women love various colors, it is either bright colors, or calm and gentle. It is proved that even during training, women perceive information better when it is presented in colorful colors. But since bedroom Is not the best a place for colorful vinaigrette, warm, light colors are preferred.

bedroom 9 sq m for woman

In order to visually increase the ceiling height of a small room, use plain curtains, suspended from the very top, on a cornice that attaches directly to the ceiling.

Ideal female friends: milk, ivory, beige, peach, pink. There are also bright accents. Beautiful design it will turn out from a combination of beige with blue, or milk with green. Make colorful elements in yellow, red, blue, orange colors - female nature will take this with pleasure.

bedroom design 9 sq m for a girl

Vertical folds of curtains act as strips that visually “stretch” the room to a height.

A woman will definitely need to create comfort in the bedroom. This will require elements such as a bedside table, a flower vase (preferably with flowers), paintings on the walls, and necessarily, soft, beautiful artificial lighting.

female bedroom design 9 sq m

The first thought that comes up when thinking about the color scheme of a small bedroom is the use of light colors.

Nest for a married couple

In this case, you will have to find a compromise between female and male nature.In such cases, they come to either neutral or combined solutions. Gentle pastel colors remain relevant. Brown and black appear more often: for a married couple this combination is a great option. So you will be able to create a feeling of comfort, and to avoid the abundance of tenderness characteristic of women's territory.

bedroom 9 sq m for couples

A bright, plain finish will allow you to use textiles of various colors to decorate a bed.

In terms of style, rely on classic, Scandinavian, high-tech, modern. They are neutral, and can become a manifestation of both the female and male “I”.

modern style bedroom 9 sq m

A few "warm" spots (best of all natural wood) are necessary so that the interior does not seem hospital.

Teenager's bedroom

Worthy of special attention room teenager. In this difficult period for a teenager, the house should become comfortable and dear a place, but bedroom - a reflection of his inner world. Your task is to provide the right atmosphere and proper mood.

bedroom 9 sq m for a teenager

Such an interior will look modern and original.

The basic rule: bedroom should be a display of the child. Ask him what he likes best, what colors, stylesmethods finishes and decoration. But don't forget what you create Bedroom design 9 sq. m., and some ideas are inappropriate.

bedroom 9 sq m for a teenager

In a small room, designed for one person after the installation of a bed, there is still room for placement of storage systems or arrangement of a mini-cabinet.

Properly combining the preferences of the owner and the rules of design, you will be able to create a truly wonderful design. Approach the renovation enthusiastically and the room will turn into a real work of art.

beautiful bedroom design 9 sq m

Organize your space correctly so that you feel comfortable and comfortable in it!

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