Single bed with storage drawers - the best choice for a small bedroom

underbed3d-2Single beds in the modern consumer market are the most sought after products. This is due to the fact that the compact size allows it to occupy a minimum space and fit perfectly even in a small bedroom.

At the same time, modern furniture is of higher quality, reliable, with a long service life. That's why many buyers prefer to purchase full-length single beds for their growing children, bypassing transitional teenage models.

Another advantage of single beds: modern manufacturers, working to improve functionality, began to produce models with retractable drawers for storing household items, clothes and bedding.


Choosing a model with sliding drawers for his bedroom, the buyer protects his personal living space from being cluttered with household items and creates an island of harmony and tranquility in his own home.

Wooden bed is the best choice for a healthy sleep

First of all, it is necessary to approach the choice of furniture for a bedroom for reasons of a full and comfortable sleep, which is the key to good mood and health. You can’t save on this, so that there is no disruption of the important organs of human life support: the heart and spine.

Single-Beds-For-Adults-With-Storage-YourLeryIt is better to invest in a good orthopedic mattress without being seduced by various design tricks and discounts on beautiful, but uncomfortable furniture. Moreover, almost all modern beds are equipped with hard slats, on which the mattress is laid, and making the structure stronger and more durable.

Furniture manufacturers often use artificial materials:

  1. MDF - wood-fiber board, which is perfect for decoration;
  2. Particleboard is a wood-particle board with good strength.

Despite their advantages and a certain natural part of the composition, the use of glue and resins for their manufacture makes these materials not the most successful environment for a sleeping person.

Therefore, models made of natural wood remain by far the best choice for a healthy sleep. In defense of artificial materials, we can only say that sometimes they look much more beautiful than wooden furniture.Serene_Latino_Faux_Leather_2_Drawer_Bedstead_1

However, the beauty of the natural pattern of wooden models can become a universal basis for creating an exclusive interior in which colors, shapes and textures fit perfectly into the environment. In addition, many modern designers create a stylish interior design that uses wooden furniture with pleasure.

And furniture from aged or varnished wood, carved or in a minimalist style, will undoubtedly not only be a great place for a healthy sleep, but will also become a decoration of the bedroom.

Sizes and standard of a single bed

The model with one berth is popular in many countries, but everywhere there is a standard and size for it. For example, in China, the standard for such a model has only the width of the pillow. In European countries, on the contrary, the size of a single bed is from 1.2 to 1.5 meters, and the Russians call it "one and a half."

In Russia, the standard model with one berth most often has a width of 80-100 cm and a length of 2-2.1 m (standard).But there are models with a different length: 1.9 m (teenage size) and for the "giants" - 2.2 m (euro - standard). A comfortable length is determined by adding 30-40 cm to a person's height.

Thus, the standard and size of the beds have certain limits of oscillation. But the more significant of the parameters, nevertheless, is the width of the beds. This size should be paid more attention when choosing a model, especially for mature buyers who do not sleep well in crowded areas.

plumb-childrens-storage-divanCalculating the correct width of a single bed is easy. It is necessary to lie on your back, connect your hands and take your elbows to the sides. Measuring the distance between the tops of the elbows, add another 10-15 cm on each side. The amount received will determine the ideal size of a single bed in width.

Another way to determine the size of a bed for one person in width is as follows: you need to lie on your side, pull your legs to your stomach. Then calculate the length of the segment from the top of the knees to the lower back, add another 15-20 cm to this figure. The general result will show the desired width of one berth.

New-King-Size-Bed-FramesIf you tend to toss and turn at night, it is better to purchase a wider one and a half model, the standard of its width is from 120 to 150 cm. When purchasing a bed, you should also take into account its height, the size of the headboard and how much free space in the bedroom is reserved for it. For example, the size of the protruding base of the podium model does not allow it to be placed in a small bedroom.

Varieties of design of bed frames?

When buying a bed for your bedroom, you should carefully consider the following points:

  • what type of model base;
  • what the main parts are made of;
  • what mattress is equipped with;
  • whether the model is equipped with storage boxes.

The base of the model is either rigid monolithic, or made in the form of a flexible lattice. The second type is a more preferred option for healthy sleep. The frame with flexible slats (slats) made of durable wood ensures the correct position of the spine of a sleeping person and air access to the mattress.

malmo_white_solo_mainLamellas are made more often from beech. They are installed in various models at different distances and differ in the type of attachment to the frame. The frame is of two types: orthopedic and anatomical. If we compare their photos, it will become clear that they differ in the width and frequency of the arrangement of the rails:

  • orthopedic look wide rails suitable for people with spinal problems and overweight;
  • anatomical view with narrow rails that are sensitive to the load, the small width of the rails is compensated by their large number.

Models of single beds can have many varieties and design features. There are standard-type beds for a normal interior, and there are very original and comfortable models. The most popular model to date is the catwalk.

Bed podium: features and benefits

Stylish bed podium - an original solution for arranging a bedroom. This interior design is a practical, convenient and modern option that gives the bedroom an attractive look. A podium can perform both a purely decorative function and a practical one: fill the space between the bed and the floor with drawers for storing blankets, rugs, pillows, clothes and other things.

kids-single-beds-with-storageModels on the catwalk have a very diverse design and size. Many options make it possible to purchase the most suitable for arranging a small bedroom that meets all the needs of the buyer. For the production of such furniture, noble breeds of wood, metal, leather and textiles of the highest quality are used.

There are models of the catwalk with a lifting mattress. Achievement is achieved simply and conveniently due to special handles firmly attached to the frame. The single and double models are equipped with such details.

Jett-1000x792The mechanism that raises the model’s podium frame is durable and powerful. Using a number of flexible shock absorbers makes it easy to lift a large and heavy mattress and keep it at maximum height.

Similarly, easily and silently, the mattress is lowered.The metal supports on which the mattress falls are equipped with a rubber compensator. Therefore, to prepare a bed for bed, to clean it in the early morning hours, you can without unpleasant noise, clang and concern of the household with loud sounds.

The demand for the catwalk model is understandable. In the photo in the furniture catalog and in reality, the bed looks truly like a “royal bed”. This is the best offer of the modern interior market. Choosing such a model, the buyer will undoubtedly bring notes of luxury, wealth and chic to the decor of his home.

IMG_1679_001__55225.1359149932.1280.1280Models with drawers for storing linen Photo modular furniture in online catalogs has the largest number of views. Owners of small apartments are happy to purchase such models. Very popular is a single or double bed with drawers for storing linen, things and various utensils.

There is always a place in the bedside space that furniture manufacturers wisely filled with drawers of various sizes. You can store in them blankets, bedding and underwear, some folded here is not even seasonal shoes to unload the cabinets in the hallway.

imageDrawers are pulled out either directly on the floor on casters, or along rails. The option with drawers on wheels is convenient when it is planned to use them separately or transport them to another room to ignore it and disassemble things.

Those who like to make frequent rearrangements in the apartment will like the option of drawers sliding along the guide profiles. The advantage of such structures is that they do not spoil the flooring and do not warp when extended.

Glory-Furniture-Storage-Panel-Bed-G31When buying beds with pull-out drawers, it should be ensured that there is a place in the bedside for free extension of drawers. Therefore, think in advance which wall the bed will be placed on and whether the drawers will be freely used.

Excellent ability to pass air characterizes models with wooden drawers. The base of the bed is equipped with ventilation holes, which ensures good air circulation in the linen compartment, and avoids the problem of musty and unpleasant odors stored in drawers.

furniture-bedroom-dark-varnished-wooden-low-profile-platform-bed-with-single-side-drawer-wood-queen-bed-frame-with-drawersHow to properly place the bedside sconces The sconces near the bed are not just a source of lighting, but also the decorative design of the wall at the head of the bed, so you need to position them wisely. You can symmetrically arrange the lamps on both sides of a large element of decor. For example, on the sides of a picture hanging in the head. Looks good sconces located next to a shelf, mirror or screen.

Lamps can be made the only decorative element. In this case, a pair of large beautiful sconces or a group of original lamps is suitable. Very convenient sconces in which you can change the direction of lighting.

Picture 6061For example, to illuminate any part of the wall, the lamp is turned on it, and for easy reading, direct the lighting to the head. If you strengthen the sconce on the side of the back of the headboard, then you can change the direction of lighting, even without getting up from bed.

Room decoration does not have to be symmetrical. If the interior is not made in the classical style, you can place the sconce asymmetrically. Mount a ceiling lamp on a suspension bracket near one wall, and design the other wall using a sconce with a similar design.

childrens-bed-with-storage-drawersIn modern interior decoration, sconces are often used that are mounted directly to the headboard. Usually this is a large wooden panel to which you can attach lamps, shelves, and a mirror.

Looking at the photo catalogs of fashionable interiors, one can notice that different types of lighting often coexist in the same room: the niche at the head of the head can be illuminated simultaneously with LED lamps and pendant lights. The more diverse the light sources used, the more original the combination of sconces and other fixtures selected, the more exclusive and stylish the bedroom looks.charming-futon-beds-with-drawers-image-idea

Bed for a children's room

It is very convenient to use beds with drawers in the nursery. The number of boxes can be different, it depends on the chosen model.Models with a large number of drawers in the photo and in life look like stylish dressers, in fact they perform this function. In them, the child can store their many toys, school supplies, clothes.

Such compact furniture in the children's room leaves the baby with more space for outdoor games and creative activities. Of particular popularity among our contemporaries is the model with the interesting name “captain”. In it, the drawers are located in 2 or 3 rows, due to which the sleeping bed is largely raised above the floor.

catalania_single_bed_1These beds are more suitable for teenagers, as they have many different things that need to be placed. The lower drawers can be adapted for storing books, stationery and other items for the growing child.

By purchasing exclusive models of beds with drawers, the buyer becomes the owner of the product with many advantages. These include: superior design, compactness and excellent functionality.

Single bed with drawers for storing things 40 photos:

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