Design features of a rectangular bedroom 16 sq. m

A bedroom of any shape can be attractive, cozy, comfortable, if properly designed. Bedroom design 16 sq m rectangular shape "gives" its designer a lot of options for ideas in the selection of furniture elements. Standard, store furniture mainly represents items of this particular shape, which greatly facilitates the selection.

rectangular bedroom design 16 sq m

Bedroom with an area of ​​16 square meters. m - spacious enough for the Russian owner of an apartment or private house.

stylish bedroom design 16 sq m

In such a space, you can not only equip a comfortable berth, but also place roomy storage systems.

The choice of color scheme, style directions

Designed by design project of a bedroom 16 sq. m should begin by determining the prevailing color of the room.

bedroom photo 16 sq m

Design project bedroom 16 sq m must first be carefully thought out.

Designers consider the following shades universal:

  • White;
  • Gray;
  • Blue;
  • Sand;
  • Pale pink;
  • Yellow;
  • Beige.

They make the room softer, calmer, visually expand the space.

bright bedroom design 16 sq m

Usually the bed occupies most of the bedroom, its average size is 1.6-1.8 meters.

Minimalism style Beige, white, gray colors are optimal for him. Wallpaper is preferably monophonic, calm.
Provence style Beige, cream, milk, blue, lavender. Wallpaper can be selected plain, in a small strip or flower, a large picture is not desirable.
Hi-tech style "Lover" of delicious, cozy colors: brown, milky, red, gray, violet, orange. It is important to carefully select the matching shades.
Classic style Suitable gold, dairy, olive, ivory.
Naturel style A new direction, involving the use of "environmentally friendly" tones: beige, terracotta, olive.
classic bedroom design 16 sq m

Stylists do not recommend the use of draperies and canopies in a small room, since a bedroom of 16 squares becomes visually much smaller.

Furniture and lighting

Bedroom design 16 sq. m not designed for a large number of furniture. Experts recommend choosing a classic set: a bed, bedside tables (1-2 pcs.), A wardrobe, preferably a compartment, if the place still allows, they install a chest of drawers and a dressing table. In this case, the determining factor is that the room should not be cluttered, a minimalism style will be the best option.

bedroom design ideas 16 sq m

If the bedroom is small, the most successful solution would be a symmetrical design.

selection of bedroom furniture 16 sq m

To achieve symmetry in the interior when repairing a room, you can arrange on both sides of the bed, identical small-sized bedside tables.

The lighting of the dormitory should not be bright, a large number of lighting devices are not necessary. You can mount several spotlights in the ceiling, install a lamp, a night lamp.

bedroom lighting 16 sq m

We select furniture according to the color of the walls, or, conversely, in contrast.

Room decoration

To cover the walls of the bedroom, Venetian putty is well suited. With it, the room will look elegant, delicate, relaxing. The second option - photo wallpaper, 3D wallpaper. The drawing should not be dark or very large, preferably light colors, natural theme.

wallpaper in the bedroom 16 sq m

Dark colors visually reduce the space of the bedroom.

bedroom 16 sq m with frosted walls

You can add a few bright colors to the bedroom interior so that the room is not boring.

Before finally approving the final design project of a room, it is necessary to correctly calculate the “useful” ceiling height. The higher, the more interesting and unusual it is possible to arrange a room. If the height is not more than 2.5 meters, the surface is simply glued or stained. In such cases, liquid wallpaper is very relevant.

bedroom 16 sq m with wallpaper

It is better to abandon bulky decor items.

If the height is more than 2.5 meters, you can safely install tension structures. The surfaces will be perfectly flat, but a few valuable centimeters will be lost.

bedroom 16 sq m with stretch ceiling

You need to choose a decor that will create a feeling of lightness.

With a ceiling height of more than 2.8, multi-level drywall constructions can be suspended. In such cases, an individual project is created.

bedroom lighting 16 sq m

Photos of the whole family in small frames, small paintings of neutral content (landscapes) or drawings made by children are always appropriate in the bedroom.

The flooring can be a laminate, high-quality linoleum, carpet. If the decoration of walls, ceilings, decorative elements in pastel colors, it is recommended to design the floor in dark colors, or in tone with the walls.

bedroom floor finishing 16 sq m

It is necessary to take into account the compatibility of all decor elements in the interior and decoration elements.

If you want brightness, you can hang a catchy panel, bedspread or several small pillows on the wall.

bright bedroom decor 16 sq m

If the decor placed around the perimeter creates disharmony, it is best to replace it or completely abandon this idea.

Doors are preferable sliding or swinging, opening towards the next room. The presence of a loggia is rarely necessary for anyone now, most of the owners attach it to the room, winning additional meters.

bedroom door 16 sq m

Performing repairs of the bedroom area of ​​16 square meters. m., designers recommend providing diffused lighting for the room.

Little tricks of decoration, decoration

Repair in a small room should be both discreet and stylish. A minimal set of sleeping elements, better than transformers. For example, a bed with a wardrobe, a bed with a built-in lamp and a table, a sofa bed. The TV can be hung on the bracket.

bedroom furniture 16 sq m

The interior of the room can be made original by applying the illumination of the ceiling or decorative elements that are on the wall.

bedroom 16 sq m

You can organize artificial lighting, creating an image of comfort and extraordinary mystery.

Creating a bedroom-living room

In small Khrushchev apartments to save space, a bedroom + living room is created in one room. 16 m2 - a small space, it is not easy to share, but possible. In size, the living room will prevail. For visual expansion of the room, it is better to use shades such as beige, white, light lilac.

bedroom living room design 16 sq m

It is better to refuse bright colors.

Calm shades can be combined to make the interior more interesting, for example, white and lilac, beige and coffee with milk. Furniture can be light pink, lavender, peach. Brighter accessories are allowed: purple, blue, gray.

living room bedroom 16 sq m

Making the design of the room 16 sq m special attention should be paid to furniture.

If the room implies the presence of a children's corner, it is better to place it next to the bedroom.

To separate the zones, you can use curtains, partitions, wardrobes.

living room bedroom design 16 sq m

The arrangement of furniture is affected by how many people will live in the room.

Decor, selection of textiles, curtains

When designing a bedroom decor, the following factors must be considered:

  • Ceiling height;
  • Window sill size;
  • The height of the cornice;
  • Battery Indent;
  • The shades of the walls.
bright colors in the bedroom 16 sq m

If only one person needs a bedroom, then you can buy a small bed, which will take up little space.

pastel colors in the bedroom 16 sq m

On the area that remains, you can place a lot of useful furniture - small racks, cabinets, bedside tables and other necessary furniture.

Curtains in the bedroom are allowed to hang to your taste. When choosing, you can adhere to the following recommendations.

  • It is undesirable for curtains and walls to be the same color, this will make the interior dull and monotonous. It is better if the difference is 2-3 tones. And the material, on the contrary, should complement the general concept of the design of the room.
  • Sleeping curtains can accommodate no more than 3 layers: lambrequin, curtain, night curtain.
curtains in the bedroom 16 sq m

Wallpaper can be selected with horizontal patterns or embossed, you can also apply an ornament.

Bedroom design 16 m2 with the right approach, you can make a complete and comfortable. The main thing is to think through everything to the smallest detail, correctly use every free centimeter.

cozy bedroom design 16 sq m

You have instructions, and now you can do everything according to your taste and preferences.

VIDEO: Design project of a bedroom of 16 sq. m. in a modern style.

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