Design features of a bedroom in a wooden house

A wooden house is an ideal place to create an atmosphere of real coziness and comfort. That is why interior of a bedroom in a wooden house should deserve special attention. A competent approach will create a great place for complete relaxation and rest from civilization.

bedroom in a wooden house

A wooden house is associated with a warm and cozy atmosphere, a home and proximity to nature.

design of a bedroom in a wooden house

Creating the interior of a bedroom in a wooden house, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances associated with the features of this type of housing.

Finishing work

Materials It is preferable to leave the natural texture of logs, boards or beams.
Wall decoration Coating with varnish or a special solution, if necessary, change the color - paint with the desired shade in one layer so that the texture remains noticeable. For painting, it is better to use a stain, it is absolutely safe for health.
Bedroom floor Parquet board, laminate.
photo of a bedroom in a wooden house

The choice of furnishings and the style of the room should be approached responsibly so as not to violate the internal harmony and naturalness of the surrounding space.

Three rules for creating a cozy bedroom in a timber house

The location of the room plays an important role, since the bedroom is intended primarily for a sound and healthy sleep.

bedroom ideas in a wooden house

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly material that provides a healthy microclimate in the living room.

design of a bedroom in a wooden house

The presence of finishing materials and furnishings in such an interior should be minimal.

  • The room should be located as far as possible from the corridor and the kitchen.
  • If the house has several floors, it is better to choose the upper one. It will be quiet and warm.
  • If there is an attic or attic, they will be the best solution for the bedroom.

Advice! Use light colors as the primary color, but to interior of a bedroom in a wooden house it turned out not too faded, add bright accents: pillows, curtains, lamps, other accessories.

Pistachio shade of walls in a provence bedroom

In favor of the openness of wooden surfaces in the interior of the bedroom, says the aroma of natural wood, which acts soothingly.

Bedroom Design Styles

Design a bedroom in a wooden house can be made in absolutely any style, but it is better to choose something authentic, close to nature and the village way of life.

natural light in the bedroom

Modern styles are not used in such houses, since the priority is still the naturalness and openness of wooden surfaces.

stylish design of a wooden bedroom

Modern bedroom interior with natural wood in the decoration of the main planes.

  1. Country. Walls made of wood will be an excellent element of such an interior. This stylistic trend is characterized by an abundance of light, so do not use blackout curtains. Family photos, antique candlesticks, lace lampshades and napkins on all horizontal surfaces (except for the bed) will become wonderful accessories.

    ceiling in the bedroom with log walls

    When decorating floors, ceilings and walls, give preference to light shades.

  2. Provence. Another popular destination in a rustic style. It is characterized by artificially aged furniture, an abundance of textiles, light shades in the decoration, accessories or legs of the bed and chairs made of wrought metal, a floral ornament.

    bedroom in a wooden country house

    Making a bedroom in a certain style, you should consider the interior of all rooms in the house and its appearance.

  3. Scandinavian style. It will make your bedroom truly bright and comfortable. Give preference to calm, pastel shades, use decorative elements made of stone or precious wood to decorate.

    Scandinavian style in the bedroom

    Finishing the interior of a wooden country house should be aimed at emphasizing the advantages of natural material.

Attic bedroom

The attic is a fairly common place to create a bedroom. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the preliminary preparation of the room. It is necessary to insulate it, think over the lighting, and only after that take care of the beauty of the design.

bedroom in a wooden house in the attic

Determine the location of the bedroom should be at the design stage of the house.

wooden house bedroom design

A house with two floors allows you to most rationally arrange the location of "quiet" and "noisy" rooms relative to each other.

The right approach to design can visually “dissolve” the roof and create a cozy, warm room. To achieve this effect, fit:

  • Drapery textiles;
  • Walls painted with light paint;
  • Minimum amount of furniture;
  • Cross beams that hide sharp corners (can be painted in a contrasting color).
photo of the bedroom in the attic

The rooms on the second floor are always warmer, and the arrangement of the rooms on two levels will provide the necessary isolation and intimacy.

Sloping Roof Bedroom

A bedroom in a wooden house often turns out to be truly original, if an attic with a sloping roof is chosen to create it. Although it seems to many that such an architectural feature “steals” part of the space. This shortcoming can be turned into a dignity and the main highlight of the entire interior.

beveled bedroom

The roof slope forms an interesting configuration of the internal space, which allows you to create an original, unique bedroom interior.

country bedroom style

Structural elements in the form of beams for some styles are the touch that emphasizes the individuality of a wooden house.

Basic rules for decorating a bedroom in the attic

  • The room should be well-lit, not only with natural light, but also with additional sources.
  • Use a small amount of furniture, do not overload the space.
  • Experiment with accessories, decorative pillows, light curtains, original fixtures.
photo of a bedroom with a sloping roof

Importantly, do not forget to decorate the windows with curtains, otherwise the interior will turn out to be somewhat empty and harsh.

Mezzanine bedroom in a small wooden house

If the area is small, a cozy and unusual bedroom can be done on the mezzanine. To do this, a wooden structure is created in a normal room, enclosing part of the space near the ceiling.

layout of the attic bedroom

The ceiling in the bedroom with log walls can be sheathed with a block-house lining, which emphasizes the relief of the surfaces.

Advantages of zoning:

  • Space saving;
  • Combination of several functional zones in one room;
  • Creating a cozy nest.

This option harmoniously fits only into the interior of small houses, in the spacious rooms the bedroom-mezzanine looks strange.

mezzanine bedroom in a wooden house

Fans of contemplation of the first rays of the sun will suit the east side, and the west will suit those who prefer to sleep longer.

Advice! In the mezzanine bedroom, discard any furniture: only a mattress, lighting fixtures and a couple of decorative elements that will create a really comfortable tiny bedroom.

Furniture for a bedroom in a wooden house

All pieces of furniture should be made only of natural materials. You do not need to force all the space, use only the most necessary: ​​a large bed, a rack, a chest of drawers, a shoe rack.If necessary, put a desk or a rocking chair at the window.

bedroom in a wooden house provence

In such an interior, the use of wooden furniture in any design will be correct - depending on the style.

bedroom in a wooden house

Furniture can be either massive or elegant with thin carved legs.

Fluffy carpet on the floor and a warm blanket on the bed will make the interior even more cozy.

Bedroom decoration

Do not overload the space and make the room cute trinkets.

decor of a bedroom in a wooden house

The choice of decorative elements depends on the chosen style in the room.

For decoration, objects of practical value are also suitable:

  • Lamps of an unusual form;
  • Clock;
  • Cover;
  • Curtains;
  • Carpet;
  • Soft pillows;
  • Candlesticks
  • Natural flowers.
Provence style bedroom

Textile accessories are most harmoniously combined with natural wood - the fabric should be natural.

interior of a bedroom in a wooden house

DIY items are welcome.

Design work is an exciting experience. And its result will please you for a long time. With efforts, you can create a cozy and beautiful room that promotes good rest and good sleep.

sunny atmosphere in the bedroom

In a room without windows, it is necessary to equip a high-quality ventilation system to ensure an optimal microclimate.

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50 design options for a bedroom in a wooden house:

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