Features of the design of a bedroom in the style of Provence

Each style is characterized by its own characteristics, which give it a unique personality. They, in many respects, give birth to the surrounding countryside. Lovely villages, lavender fields, abundant vineyards, the Mediterranean breeze - all that the prosperous south of France gave us, giving birth to a provence style that was refined in its simplicity. The ghost of rural simplicity is everywhere here. It, like no other, is ideally suited to the design of the bedroom, because it gives the desired coziness and peace.

The interior of a cozy bedroom in the style of Provence

Romantic provence is just paradise for subtle and sensual natures

Features provence style for bedroom

A characteristic feature of the Provence-style bedroom interior is the presence of a large amount of light, delicate pastel colors, antique furniture. It is as if they say that the things dear to the heart here are passed down from generation to generation, the wealth accumulated over the years, if not centuries. All colors are faded and worn out by time, and interior details are handmade and with care for future generations.

Baby blue walls in provence style bedroom

Provence embodies rustic beauty and ancient luxury in the interior

Vintage wardrobe in the bedroom

Style is the best suited for personal space

With all this, the style creates a feeling of status and regularity of the well-fed life of the country bourgeois. This has made him so popular lately. Massive-looking furniture and calm, pastel colors create an atmosphere in which you can concentrate on your own thoughts and find effective solutions.

Bright Provence-style private home bedroom

Rural origin does not at all make the style provincial, it lacks classic luxury and sophistication

These interiors are calming because they do not allow bright annoying accents. It is for this reason that Provence style is often chosen precisely for decorating a bedroom, where it is very important to maintain an atmosphere of peace and silence.

Colorful bedspread on beige bedding

Provence is characterized by a soft color palette

Interior decoration

Naturalness is the highlight of the design of a bedroom in the Provence style, so the materials for it should be natural - wood, stone, high-quality ceramics. Since all this is not cheap, you can use approximate analogues, such as veneer, artificial stone and other modern materials with various effects of natural stones and wood.

Old chest in a rustic bedroom

Style requires the use of natural materials

Stone walls in a rustic bedroom

Surfaces shouldn't look perfect at all

There are some tips:

  1. The whitewashed ceiling and plastered walls look perfect together, which can be painted with stencils or pasted with discreet wallpaper, made plaster decoration with a figured, embossed pattern.
  2. If the floor is not covered with natural wood, then you can do it using a laminate under natural wooden crossbars or parquet boards.
  3. You can emphasize the naturalness of the wooden beams on the ceiling, the roughness of the walls, giving various pronounced textures to the surfaces in the room.
  4. Do not use dark, saturated colors - they are inappropriate here. Designers actively use olive, lavender, beige, light brown, cream. The background for this is a huge amount of boiling white and milky color.
Light curtains on the windows of the bedroom in the style of provence

Wallpaper with floral patterns painted in soft tones of the wall - typical features of a provincial style

The rooms, decorated in the Provence style, look like it's a rustic country house in the French suburbs, even if we are talking about a bedroom in a new building. This allows you to create the appropriate mood even in noisy big cities for people who miss the peace and quiet of suburban villages, but who for some reason cannot live in these villages.

Furniture for a bedroom Provence

The most important component of any bedroom is the bed. It is chosen first of all, all other colors and details are adjusted to it. In this case, the berth should be solid, solid, with a large headboard and a sufficiently wide berth. Of course, usually such furniture takes a lot of time, but you can pick up options that will fit into the dimensions of the room.

Provence style wooden bedroom furniture

The main compositional center of the bedroom is a bed with a wooden frame.

Textiles with pink print in the interior of a bright bedroom

Lightweight forged bed allowed

White bed with high headboard

Unusually high headboard in the bedroom for a romantic girl

Modern craftsmen will help to “age” the furniture in accordance with the direction, to give it the spirit of the time - this way you get new furniture, but which looks like outdated, to give style to the features. It is very convenient.

  • Truly old furniture may not be strong enough and durable, and it can be replaced with new, but outdated.
  • New furniture with aging effect is used with maximum practicality, and takes up less space thanks to light and compact modern materials.
  • You can use really old furniture, but with new fittings - replace awnings and handles, as well as additional elements, so that everything works stably.
Furnishing a rustic bedroom

The design is best suited for vintage cabinets with legs

Beige Provence style wardrobe

But from a practical point of view, you can choose a stylized wardrobe, which will be more functional and convenient.

A tall, roughly knitted cabinet with carved legs fits perfectly into the overall ensemble. A dressing table and an original mirror perfectly complement and enliven the interior. Facades are often painted in pale shades or make decoupage of doors. If there is a large area, the decoration of the room can be supplemented with a bedside table or even a tea ensemble of two armchairs and a table, but this is possible only when the bedroom is quite large in area. The same is true for studio rooms, which have recently been popular not only in urban new buildings, but also in country houses to save space and optimize its use.

Bedroom interior with fireplace in a country house

The number of additional items is limited by free space, it can be a chair, a couch or even a fireplace

Appropriate lighting

Southern areas abound in sunlight for a greater time of day, so the lighting in the bedroom should be plentiful, but soft. Be sure to have a large wrought iron chandelier on the ceiling in the center - such a detail will emphasize the style of the interior. Lampshades most often choose frosted glass, but a textile version with a rustic design would be appropriate. Bedside sconces and floor lamps will act as an evening alternative, giving the atmosphere a French charm and providing additional lighting for different situations.

Bedroom interior with door to the balcony

The bedroom should receive adequate natural light.

Beautiful dressing table in Provence style bedroom

A large chandelier and a couple of local fixtures - a standard set for a medium-sized bedroom

Of course, you can not ignore the natural light. Large windows on the floor will be an excellent source of light, which requires a Provence style in the interior of the bedroom, but they are not always convenient and affordable. If it is not possible to install panoramic windows, then you can choose windows with frames made of wood or euro-windows like wood, as well as abandon massive and heavy curtains that reduce natural light.It is better to paint the frames white; modern plastic euro-windows will not be appropriate.


What bedroom will do without a lot of textile filling? Bedspreads and decorative pillows on the bed, curtains on the windows, furniture upholstery - everything should be done in uniform colors. This style loves a small and large floral print. The main rule is not to oversaturate the interior! If the walls are painted with monophonic paint, then make the design of the same color, but with a pattern, for example. In the case of using colorful wallpapers, it is better to take a coarse homespun cloth of monophonic coloring for the rest.

Multi-colored pillows on the bed in the bedroom

The main decoration of the bed are voluminous pillows and bedspreads.

White canopy in the bedroom with portraits on the wall

A canopy of light fabric will help to complement the desired image.

Cotton, linen, burlap - natural and high-quality linen are welcome. The Provence direction gives a huge flight for imagination of needlewomen creating patchwork bedspreads, embroiderers, lovers of crocheting lace. Handicraft gizmos will be an excellent additional element of interior decoration to not only emphasize the style and make the room more residential, but also to show the creative nature of the room owner.

Cute additions

Paintings depicting endless fields of lavender, olive groves, Mediterranean shores will enliven the walls and emphasize the color, and the abundance of flowers in vases will add naturalness and simplicity. Porcelain figurines will bring grace and chic, wooden caskets - a hint of the wealth of the owners. Even a curtain rod for curtains, naturally, light and airy, can be an element of decor in this case.

Vintage lamp on the bedside table

In the interior, stylish decorative things are appropriate

Decoration painting a wall in a bedroom

Above the head of the bed you can hang a picture with a discreet image

White bedroom interior with pink wall

Light pink accents in white Provence style bedroom

The Provence-style bedroom will be a wonderful haven for soul and body for sophisticated educated natures. It is so convenient to read in silence, to contemplate nature outside the window, to surrender to romantic relationships. Tranquility and tranquility will surround the bedroom owners from all sides around the clock and will give a feeling of cleanliness and peace, the main thing is to approach the design business with all love and diligence.

Modern Provence

Today, Provence is actively used for both urban apartments and country houses, but it is most relevant for a summer residence and holiday houses. That is why often people save on new furniture, picking up old elements of decor and simply updating them with repainting and repair, as well as replacing accessories with more modern ones. Country houses allow you to use panoramic windows and many additional decorative elements, which is usually not relevant for city apartments, where conciseness and practicality are more welcome.

White ceiling with wooden beams

Wooden beams bring a special charm to the bedroom.

Provence style interior decoration

Soft ottomans and decorative pillows will add softness and originality.

But even in the city, such interiors in pastel colors, complemented by delicate floral patterns and drawings, as well as paintings and embroideries depicting French landscapes, look very profitable. However, it is just for urban housing that they already choose new furniture for the decor, and thus the design of a room in this style is much more expensive than the Provence cottage interior. This is necessary for a more durable furniture service, since furniture in apartments is more actively and often used.

Bedroom decoration with elements of provence

Great fit in the design of a grandmother's chest, an old bedside table or an old dressing table

These interiors choose sophisticated and creative natures that take from the charm of this style not only peace and tranquility, but also creative inspiration for further work!

Vintage bedside table near a bed on a metal frame

In Provence, you can safely experiment with any combination of pleasant warm colors.

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