Draperies in the bedroom: 48 photo options and features of choice

One of the main rooms of the house is the bedroom. This is the most intimate room in which a person can retire, where he rests with his body and soul. Therefore, it is very important that the interior is thoughtful, calm and create the necessary atmosphere. And one of the main elements besides furniture is curtains in the bedroom, photos and a description of the features of which will help you choose the most suitable option for you.New-arrival-Curtains-For-modern-living-Room-Bedroom-Blackout-Window-Treatment-drapes-ready-made-curtains-Free

Functions of curtains in the interior

Draperies perform several functions in the bedroom at once:

  • Privacy. The window in the room is a source of light and air, but they are often opposite the windows of other houses or opposite the road, the carriageway. In such circumstances, it is very difficult to maintain the necessary privacy and intimacy of personal life, and curtains come to the rescue here. Using this fabric, it is very easy to protect yourself from the outside world, close the review to outsiders and preserve the “inviolability” of the personal space, which is the bedroom.
  • Lighting control. The light of the moon or the ruthless rays of dawn can interrupt a dream when you still did not think to wake up. Draperies are designed to maximally obscure the room from penetrating light when it is not required. From their density and transparency depends on the degree to which the light flux will penetrate into the room.
  • Thermal insulation. The curtains are a small but still tangible barrier to the heat coming out through the open window. They also delay the cold air coming from the street and prevent dust and dirt from entering the bedroom. This function is especially important in panel houses, where heavy curtains made of dense fabric become an additional source of heat, not only preventing the penetration of cool air through the open window, but also becoming an obstacle between the main room and the cold wall.
  • Protective function. It is inherent in curtains made from natural materials (for example, bamboo), which have an antistatic effect: they release useful substances into the air and at the same time do not trap dust and dirt in themselves, which can become a source of air pollution, cause allergies and various uncomfortable sensations.
  • Interior addition (decorative function). With their help, you can make a bright emphasis on a certain part of the room, add a twist to the interior, and make the design of the room unique. Curtains help to introduce an element of intimacy into the bedroom - perception of space will depend on their position. For the right choice, you will have to study in detail all the options for curtains in the photo or come up with your own exclusive version.Modern-window-curtains

It should be noted that many of the functions of curtains directly depend on their type, on the material of which they are made. Therefore, when choosing this interior item, it is important to pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to other characteristics, taking into account the features of the room and the main bedroom interior.

What to consider when choosing

Before starting to study photo curtains of various types, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the space in which they will be located. Be sure to know the exact area of ​​the bedroom, the height of the ceilings, the size of window openings. This is necessary in order to order curtains of the required size: not too short or long, not covering half the room or too small for the window of the room.Also, the appearance of the bedroom, the resulting visual effects (depth of space or its limitations, etc.) depend on the ratio of the size of the room to the size of the curtains.modern-livingroom-deign-with-comely-window-curtain-ideas-large-windows-decoration-and-chair-and-nightstand-idea

The next item necessary for accounting is the main one, dominant in the bedroom, interior style and color scheme. Curtains should harmoniously fit into the design, not contradict it and not look like a black sheep, attracting the eye and creating a strange sensation, the feeling that they are clearly superfluous. And finally, you need to listen to your own feelings and tastes. The most fashionable and beautiful curtains will not please you if their color is annoying or the fabric is unpleasant to the touch.

Varieties of curtains

Today there are a huge number of options for curtains for the bedroom, which can decorate the interior and perform all the necessary functions. On the Internet and design magazines you can find many interesting photo curtains in a wide variety of styles. They differ in appearance, in the fabric from which they are made, in the method of attachment. The main ones are:

  1. Classic. The most common type that is used in various versions. The simplest options are two layers of curtains: the first is thinner and transparent, the second is more dense and heavy. They can have two halves twitching from different ends of the window, or represent a single piece of fabric. Often lambrequins are added to such curtains.Great-valances-window-treatments
  2. London. They are made of dense fabric (often floral or striped) and cover only the upper half of the window, freely letting light in at the bottom. One part of such curtains is flat, gradually turning into bow folds.
  3. Japanese. Very simple curtains that look very impressive due to their elegance and color matching. They are made of light fabric or medium-density materials, have no decorations and are long rectangular canvases.
  4. French. As much as possible combine a decorative and practical function. This is a one-piece rectangular canvas, which is collected in the vertical direction into folds - festoons with a special lifting tape. In the lowered state, the window opening is completely closed, and in the assembled one, they open the room for the penetration of light and form a beautiful lambrequin in the upper part of the window.Luxury-font-b-European-b-font-font-b-curtain-b-font-head-font-b-curtain-b
  5. Italian. Similar to classic ones, but draped with soft folds using special cords. With them you can create various compositions, fixing the parts of the paintings in different ways.
  6. Austrian. Flat curtains, may have frills at the end. When climbing upwards, they add up in beautiful waves, framing the window opening and creating an interesting interior in the room.
  7. Roman. Similar to Austrian, but more economical (require less consumption of fabric), simple and concise. These are non-long canvases that go down to the windowsill, gather up, do not have folds and decorative elements. They are made of light translucent materials.drapes-and-curtains

In the photo you can evaluate each of these types of curtains in the bedroom. But these are far from the only options. Also quite often you can find overlapping halves of curtains, models with a lap, with a variety of decorative elements. Non-standard models are “screens” and “hourglass”. “Screens” - curtains that are attached to the ledges above and below, move strictly in a straight line, do not have extra decor elements. The hourglass is not assembled at the edges of the window opening, but in the middle (resembling an hourglass in shape), made primarily of lightweight fabrics that only partially hide sunlight.

Selection recommendations

How to choose the most suitable curtains in the bedroom from this variety? Much depends on the parameters (see. What you need to consider when choosing), but you need to take into account other nuances. If the window is located on the sunny side and you want to dim the light as much as possible, it is better to use a combined version of the curtains, consisting of light tulle and more dense outer halves.This will protect the room from unnecessary streams of light and provide free access to it if necessary (it is enough to pull off the dense curtains). You can give preference to English or French curtains, ordering their tailoring from dense fabric.cool-bedroom-curtain-ideas

Of the flowers, it is recommended to choose bed or muted shades. Psychologists and designers are advised to dwell on beige, cream, blue, light green, pink colors. If you prefer more saturated shades, then in this case dark green, burgundy or purple models are ideal. Drapes with light stripes or floral patterns look good. An interesting detail of the interior will be a contrasting option, for example, a combination of internal cream and external burgundy curtains. You can learn more options and ideas in the photo, without forgetting to focus on the main color scheme of the bedroom.

Pay particular attention to the type of material from which the curtains will be made. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics with a minimum content of synthetics. They pass air well and do not trap dirt and street dust. An interesting and unusual option will be curtains made of bamboo, which is an environmentally friendly material and due to its antistatic effect is well suited for people prone to allergies.Comely-bedroom-curtains-with-white-color-wall-and-glass-window

A few little things in the end

When choosing curtains in the bedroom, one should not forget about additional elements, about fasteners. It can be of several types:

  • Hinges. Sew to the top of the canvas and fasten to the cornice.
  • Rings. Attached to the cornice, sewn or cling to the curtains.
  • Clips. They do not leave marks on the fabric and look very stylish, giving the curtains originality. Attached to the curtain rods, with their help you can attach various decorative elements to the curtains.
  • Bracket. It is used to fasten paintings directly to the wall.

chic-bedroom-idea-window-treatments-curtain-drapes-valance-blindsThe choice of curtains for the bedroom is a very responsible task, because these interior elements have many different functions. Choosing them for your room, carefully measure all the required space parameters, take into account the existing design and study as many photos as possible with various options.

Draperies for the bedroom 48 ideas:

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