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Interior design is the most important part in the decoration of rooms, contributing to a special emphasis and emphasizing the uniqueness of the room. Given that it is the curtains that most often turn the gaze of residents, this element must be treated with particular care.7658bad7ead1709574579744e8a3e834

Lambrequins is what

These are gorgeous pleated headbands, fringe or tassels hanging down with charming sophistication. Lambrequins are draped matter horizontally located over the entire width of the cornice. Their initial purpose was to give the window a kind of completeness. Today, a huge variety of such accessories are aimed at creating sophistication and originality.

Lambrequins for the bedroom cause conflicting opinions, both among designers and housewives, who are able to achieve coziness to realize the most vivid ideas. This room, like other rooms, and maybe more than others, needs harmony. Therefore, all the decor elements that are in it, starting from bedside rugs and ending with curtains, must be combined, not only in color, but also in texture and style.


Thanks to modern industry, the market is filled not only with an immense amount of these decorations for windows, various styles and types, but also with all kinds of materials for their manufacture. Therefore, you can make a choice based on your wishes, which our photos will help you well. These elegant accessories can turn curtains into an amazing, unique and rather original decoration of a window opening. Various variations of decoration contribute to creating a special atmosphere in the bedroom.

Variety of compositions

Window decorations differ in execution methods and are divided into three main types:

  1. Hard, or the so-called "bando." The main material here is non-woven, wonderfully deformed. This allows you to create lambrequins of the most diverse and bizarre forms. The use of material for their manufacture, which is upholstered in furniture, contributes to the creation of a unique, absolutely unique atmosphere. Gold-plated, painted or carved details give the degree of soft drapery.
  2. Soft, provides fabric drapery consisting of several elements or a single strip. Considering that the structure remains motionless, it is fixed on an additional eaves.922f023b417380c1e42befe3566ca794
  • Simple - draped in vertical warehouses or looks like an ordinary frill. Fastened to the entire length of the cornice with the help of special wings and buttons.
  • Swag It is made of fabric specially cut in a semicircular draped folds. The composition can be either double or rolling into a one-piece element.
  • Corrugated finish de jabot, consists of numerous clear folds hanging spontaneously. They can be decorated with fringe or brushes.
  • Cocktail has warehouses diverging from the center or converging to it.

Made from airy fabrics, accessories add elegance to the design. To avoid unwanted glare, they should not have too deep sagging in the center of the window. But, reaching the middle, ruffles with a wavy shape on the sides, will give a certain charm to the whole room.

Combined, harmoniously combines the details of previous styles. The combination of airy fabrics with a rigid base, of various shapes, has a rather spectacular appearance.Such compositions can add mystery and sophisticated romance.

657-pelmet-jpgIt belongs to a separate type of curtain flap. Such a design can be thrown over the cornice one or more times. Its ends are made out in any of the options described. In comparison with swag, peroxides have an empty sag, into which another one is made, made of another material. This design looks great in two-row compositions consisting of various colors. A piece of cloth of gentle soft tones thrown over the rod of the cornice will make the room unique.

Comfortable decor

Having looked through our photos, you can easily pick up the option corresponding to any interior. The use of translucent material, elegant drapery with soft lines is more characteristic of the "classics". Laconic models made of linen or cotton will perfectly fit into the modern design.

81GmCiaM1YL._SL1500_The choice of expensive fabrics for decorating bedroom curtains is optional. The main thing is that they harmoniously combine with the overall style. For window decoration, it is advisable to choose decorative pillows, as well as a bed cover for beds of similar shades. Numerous textile brands produce the so-called companion fabrics. They are executed in a single color scheme, differing in drawings and texture.

Fabric selection

The main purpose of curtains is protection against penetration of bright light. Therefore, according to designers, the most suitable option would be a heavy, fairly dense material, such as velvet and brocade. Although, quite a lot of people have a desire to decorate windows with airy, surprisingly light curtains that let in enough light. Whatever option was chosen, it always has the opportunity to pick up lambrequins.

2bc253897d4837b129e15ef39b7c39d0Any material, with the exception of too airy or openwork, is perfect for creating them. You can use the fabric from which the curtains are made, choosing the appropriate or contrasting colors and patterns. The photo shows that the composition does not have to be monophonic, the main thing is that among the riot of shades, three or more colors should not be used at the same time. This can overload the interior too, making it coarse and smeared.

The decor should be selected in accordance with the color of the bedspread or plaid covering the bed. As a basis, you can use shades of wall coverings, making lambrequins somewhat lighter or darker, which will largely depend on the lighting the bedrooms. To create a soft type, light, absolutely transparent fabrics, such as:

  • veil;
  • air organza;
  • satin.

Thanks to them, it will be possible to emphasize the aristocracy of the entire decoration of the room.2-50

Application in various styles

Being a great addition to curtains, textile decorations should correspond to the intended style. Their versatility allows you to choose a special option, both for high-tech and classicism. The determining role in choosing the form of accessories for curtains is played by the general style of the room.

The classic bedroom should be supplemented with elements that look like swag or ties. Multi-row lambrequins with an unusual complex weave are perfect here. The interwoven fabrics of various tones will also look spectacular. If the room seems romantic to you, accessories with delicate drapery made of airy fabrics with maximum softness will be a great addition to it.yorkshire-curtains

Theatrical art deco, as well as the majestic baroque, also need softer, smoother lines. However, the designs in them must have simplicity expressed in decoration and decor. Deep violet, emerald, as well as golden or brown shades can fill the room with precious radiance. Modern style is concise, without excessive luxury. Although this does not make it less presentable.

Jewelry decorated with exquisite puffs can add originality.In general, the bedroom is the place that allows unlimited fantasies and all kinds of variations. Possessing a creative approach, as well as a great desire, you can build hard lambrequins, with a peculiar pattern or applique on them, depicting your favorite landscape. Window decoration, look at the photo, has many different options, opening up tremendous opportunities for imagination.WP_000243

Lambrequins and their care

Even the fact that the lambrequins are located almost under the ceiling does not save them from pollution, since the existing dust settles in a circle. Therefore, decoration details also need care and, accordingly, timely cleaning. Their fastening can be carried out in two options:

  • independently on the ledge, using a special braid equipped with hooks;
  • sewn on top of the curtain, as shown in the photo.

It is clear that it will be much easier to care for those attached to the cornice. What types of care can be advised for curtains that are indoors.WEB-gallery-1-1024x770

  • Vacuuming dust using a specially designed nozzle.
  • Regular ventilation will help to avoid impregnation of the material with odors.
  • At least once every six months, dirt should be removed from the products by washing, using a delicate regime or manually, at a temperature of about 30 *. Natural material is washed carefully, without being subjected to push-ups, while using gentle powders.
  • Compositions of the "bando" type should be wiped with a soft sponge soaked in soapy water.
  • Structures should be smoothed out at low temperature so as not to damage light tissues.

Despite the fickleness of fashion, these decorative elements always remain relevant, as they can be used in the design of any style, from classic to hi-tech. The presented photos clearly demonstrate this. The main thing is to think over everything, choosing the material wisely, then you will admire your creation for many years.

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