Cozy bedroom 18 sq. M. m.: photo, interior design, beauty, functionality

If you have become a happy owner of your own home, you must be interested in its arrangement. The process begins with a repair. Thinking over the design of the home, keep in mind that the rooms should be kept in the same style. It's not even about color. But the shades are still chosen similar. The article will discuss 18 sqm bedroom design m. At the end, look at the photo interesting solutions for small rooms.
It is not a problem to equip a room at our discretion today, as store shelves are bursting with a variety of materials to realize bold ideas. Having included imagination, they come up with such an interesting design that it will be comfortable for you and the guests who visit you to be in the house. Well, if you can’t come up with it yourself, use ready-made ideas, some of which we will consider in the article.

Cozy bedroom 18 sq. M. m.: photo, interior design, beauty, functionality

It is not a problem to equip a room at our discretion, as store shelves are bursting with a variety of materials to realize bold ideas

Bedroom Design 18 Sq. m

A photo at the end of the article they show how diverse an interior is, even a small room. Comfort is achieved with the help of compact multifunctional furniture. Often, one room has to be used for different purposes. For example, for the living room and bedroom. But this is not such a problem as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to adhere to general recommendations.
So, let's begin. The first thing they do is analyze and decide what should be in the room. Choose the flooring, the color of the walls. For the bedroom, bright shades are not the best choice. They must be soothing. True, sometimes even dark shades are chosen. However, they narrow the space, so they will not be suitable for a small room.
Particular attention is paid to lighting, the availability of space and other points. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

Redevelopment of the bedroom

In a large room provide a small corner, having built a separate room. This is easy to do with a partition using drywall. Then the room will be divided into zones. Well, in a small room they use space to the maximum. At the same time, everything should be suitable colors and unobtrusive for perception. Favorite decor elements, of course, leave. But it’s important not to pile up the interior.
The layout is chosen differently, depending on what it is intended to use the room for.

Textured wallpapers are often pasted onto the walls. It all depends on the taste of the owners. Currently, the choice in stores is very wide. Therefore, it makes no sense to advise anything specific.

Bedroom and work space. A large bed is placed to the window, and armchairs and other places for guests along with a compact table are located at the door. The recreation area is fenced with a rack with little things. A separate element of the zoning is the floor covering.

Redevelopment of the bedroom

18 square meter yellow bedroom

The room does not have to be divided into zones. Then all the interior elements are made in the same textured style. In such a room, an automated bed can be provided, leaving for the ceiling, so that the entire area is used during the day.
In a balanced space there is a bed or a large mattress on the podium, which is covered with bed linen. The rest becomes a resting place. They put a sofa there, install a TV on the wall, decorate with paintings or build an aquarium.

Smart space saving

It is known that the room was comfortable, it is necessary to rationally use the space. Here are some tips to help you sort this out.
Do not purchase large cabinets along the wall. It is better to choose prefabricated blocks that rise to the ceiling.

  1. Sometimes it’s enough to install shelves above the sofa to put everything you need there.
  2. It is much more economical to install the TV on the brackets.
  3. Multifunctional furniture significantly expands the possibilities, and a soft little ottoman will completely replace a huge armchair. Partitioning the room into zones helps. The cabinet rack, partitions made of paper and bamboo will do an excellent job with this role.
  4. Many bedrooms have a balcony. If permission is granted for redevelopment, then square meters in the room will increase significantly.
Smart space saving

Beautiful 18 square bedroom

Decoration tip

Depending on the style of the room, elements are selected.

Floor materials should be of better quality. Indeed, in this room, family members spend considerable time. Resistant floors include: parquet, carpet, vinyl or block flooring.

Lighting options

By organizing the light, provide special nuances for bedroom design 18 sq. m. Photo different interiors show how they achieve comfort in the room by skillfully arranging lighting fixtures. A chandelier may have several lamps. Additionally, other light sources are also installed. Fixtures with matte shades and halogen lamps with adjustable light intensity are a good solution for the bedroom.
In addition to the main lighting on the ceiling, install lamps:

  • over the dresser;
  • next to the mirror;
  • by the bed;
  • And so on.
Lighting options

Minimalism style bedroom

Basic recommendations for the arrangement

So, starting to create a bedroom, provide the following points.
The future interior should be thought out to the smallest detail. Starting to arrange, you should already know where the furniture will be located, in what color scheme the bedroom is made and so on. All the little things are taken into account at the start.
The style of this room is no less responsible. In this place, people become the most defenseless. Therefore, everything should be aimed at setting our coziness, calm and comfort bedroom design 18 sq. m

Having picked up materials for a floor and walls, the turn of a ceiling comes. The most popular coating option today is stretch ceilings. They can be solid, or include built-in lighting fixtures that complement the design. This last point is worth mentioning separately.

A photo illustrate various pieces of furniture and bedroom sets. It does not have to be expensive at all, especially when massive. In a small room, such furniture looks ridiculous and puts pressure on the interior. And with a small size, it literally merges with the ceiling and walls, turning into a single ensemble.
The color scheme is chosen based on which side the light is located. When entering the northern part, it is better to choose warm shades, and to the southern - on the contrary, Scandinavian, white.

Basic recommendations for the arrangement

The future interior should be thought out to the smallest detail.

Room Styles

To figure out what individual details to pick up in the bedroom, choose a style. Let's get acquainted with the main ones.

  1. Classical characterized by regular geometric shapes. The space here is not overloaded with decorative elements, and contributes to the warmth of the family hearth as much as possible. For him, they often choose light furniture with gilding. Furniture with a bronze shimmer looks beautiful.A special effect can be achieved when designing blue-green and pastel shades of textile.
  2. In the style of "Country»The rustic identity is embodied. The solution of the Provence interior and the original hut of the Russian village looks exquisitely. The furniture here is made of wood and stone. Textiles are chosen with different patterns. Often linen or cotton canopy is used on beds.
  3. As practice shows, style minimalism helps to have a good sleep. It is easy and comfortable to be in such a room. It uses light colors, contrasts from white and black, as well as other very different colors. The room has only the necessary items that ensure a full life. This style is suitable for people who are looking for a good rest after a day full of events and experiences.
  4. An interesting solution is a style called "Ecliptic mickwith". In this case, the design involves the presence of a large number of small, but necessary items. Often, wall paintings, chess patterns, and fabric appliqués are used here. For this style, wallpaper with creative drawings is selected.

The considered styles are only a small part of all those decisions that can be embodied in your bedroom. But this is enough to understand in which direction you should move in order to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Room Styles

Classic characterized by regular geometric shapes.

Bedroom and living room options in one room

We will analyze the version of the room where both guests and sleep. The optimal style for such a room is, of course, minimalism. You can consider, for example, the option of Japanese minimalism. The main general rule here is that there should be no piling up.
Let's try to put it into practice. First, we determine the necessary things. For the bedroom you need: a bed, as well as a small dressing table. What is needed for the living room? Most likely, this: TV, music, a table for refreshments. If this room is the only one, they also place a wardrobe for things here. The best solution here is the sensational already multifunctional furniture.

Bedroom and living room options in one room

Delicate shades in the bedroom 18 squares

The table is chosen small in size, suitable for the existing interior. But it is better to refuse a special table for the TV. Instead, try mounting the brackets on the wall. So, it saves a lot of space, and looks much more stylish. The bed is not suitable for the living room. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a sliding sofa. As for the cabinet, it is best for it to reach the ceiling. But consider hanging shelves. Perhaps, thanks to them, it will be possible to do without a bulky cabinet.

And of course, in such a room it is appropriate to seriously consider the question of how to divide the space into zones. Then in one room it will be convenient to have fun with friends, sleep and even work.

Room design 18 sq m bedroom

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