Ways to design a staircase in a private house

Making stairwells in a private house is a separate aspect. Using standard materials in conjunction with original techniques, you can realize exceptional, beautiful options. The design of the stairs is influenced by its design and the wishes of the owner.

version of the beautiful interior of the staircase in an honest house

Using standard techniques in the design, you can translate into reality interesting ideas

idea of ​​light staircase design

You need to think through the design of the stairs based on its shape

an example of an unusual staircase design in an honest house

The staircase should match the design and style of the room.

How to design a stairwell in a private house

It is recommended to build on the general interior of the room. For classics, a product made of natural wood is perfect. Art Nouveau is perfectly complemented by a construction of glass or chrome. For decorative finishes, use a backlight. When planning the design of stairwells, be sure to consider the design features.

the idea of ​​a bright interior staircase in an honest house

When designing the stairs, adhere to the style of the room

variant of a beautiful style of stairs

With the help of light, you can beautifully design steps

Constructive staircase options

The following types of products.

  1. Marching. Are the most common. Differ in usability. A march can be straight and turning. The latter saves space. Suitable design for spacious rooms.
  2. Screw. Most often used in small rooms. Mandatory railings for safety. They occupy a minimum of space, look spectacular.
  3. Cantilever. They look light. For them, supporting walls are supporting walls. Steps are attached to them. Decorative rods or cables that are attached to the ceiling allow you to take on the additional burden. The design does not prevent natural light from entering the room.
  4. Combined. The product will be reborn through a combination of various materials and parts.
the idea of ​​an unusual style of stairs

Spiral staircases are often used in small rooms.

an example of a light staircase design in an honest house

Decorative lights can be installed on the wall

variant of the bright interior of the staircase in an honest house

The modern design of the stairs in the interior will look unusual and at the same time beautiful.

Entrance staircase: design options

The design of the room directly affects the appearance of the stairs. Therefore, the following styles are suitable for the hallway.

  1. Classic. Valuable species of wood, marble, granite are used. It is complemented by beautiful carvings and elegant elements.
  2. Modern. For the manufacture of suitable metal, stone and glass. The construction is highly durable.
  3. Provence. Often use tree species like cherries, pears, ash.
the idea of ​​a beautiful staircase design

In the classical style, a natural valuable tree is usually used.

an example of an unusual interior staircase in an honest house

A minimalist staircase will perfectly complement the interior of the room.

How to make a staircase in the living room?

Design depends on the chosen style. Classics suggests muted, calm tones. It fits perfectly in the living room product in white, complemented by old paintings or frescoes on the wall. Many decorative elements are not allowed. You can add some natural material like granite or marble.

Modern belongs to the modern style.For design use shades and materials such as metallic. Complete with an abundance of drainage, accessories. It is recommended to mount a backlight in the stairs to embody the atmosphere of chic.

Country is suitable for living rooms in mysterious houses. It consists in the reflection of rural life. Key features are naturalness, naturalness. The staircase should be selected from pine, birch or oak. For walls, prefer decorative plaster.

light staircase option

The design of the stairs primarily depends on the style of the room

the idea of ​​an unusual staircase design in an honest house

Wood is the most common material for stairs

An example of a bright interior staircase

Art Nouveau style often use light as decorative elements

Handrails as part of the decor

Fencing is of great importance for the perception of the entire structure. Handrails should fully reflect the overall design. Existing options are shown in the table.

Types of supports



They are made of wooden bars having a round or square cross section. Suitable for country.


Turned using a milling machine according to a specific pattern. Made of wood.

Stainless steel

It features a simple appearance resembling pipes. Suitable for a modern interior.

Forged metal

It is supplemented with curly elements, complex details. Often combine metal and wood in one product. Look spectacular on screw models.


Used for rooms with a modern design. Often acts as a partition and is complemented by stainless steel parts.

Concrete and stone

Used for bulk products. Allows you to create an impressive effect. Only for spacious rooms. In the small room, the handrails look out of place, bulky.

variant of a light style staircase in an honest house

Handrails are important in the design of the stairs

the idea of ​​a bright interior staircase in an honest house

Glass handrails are commonly used in modern style.

Wall decor along the steps

Designs require not only elements of the stairs, but also walls located along. One of the most popular options is the placement of photographs and paintings. This will allow you to choose a harmonious composition for any interior.

If you have the talent of an artist, you should try to paint a picture yourself, and then hang it on the wall. Pay attention to the selection of frames. They should correctly fit into the general view.

Bright staircase design example

Along the steps you can place lights

the idea of ​​an unusual style of stairs in an honest house

Paintings along the walls are the most popular decor options.

An example of a bright interior staircase in an honest house

The frames of the paintings should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room

Steps and spaces below them

If the width of the steps allows you can complement them with decorative details in the form of vases with flowers and beautiful sculptures. The available free space should be used for:

  1. shelving and shelves for books;
  2. a cabinet for storing things;
  3. with the necessary space, you can make a corner for children's games or sports.

If there is enough space, it is worth adding book shelves with a soft armchair or a small sofa. This will make an excellent reading zone.

version of the unusual style of stairs in an honest house

Under the stairs you can place flowers or other decorative objects

the idea of ​​a beautiful staircase design in an honest house

The free space under the stairs can be used to advantage, making a small cabinet

How to design a concise design

If it is not possible to use various decorative details, it is worth considering the option of applying a concise design. There are standard tricks for this.

  1. The steps should be clean and tidy. Combine gamma and material with a common interior. The most popular finishing materials are wood, carpet, laminate.
  2. For almost every model, a carpet is suitable. He makes the steps soft, warm. The sounds of steps will become muffled.
  3. Walls nearby are recommended to be decoded with panels and other decoration details.
example of a beautiful staircase interior

The staircase should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room

light staircase option

With the help of light, you can beautifully design a staircase

example of a bright staircase interior

There are a lot of design options for the stairs, finding the right one is not difficult

How to arrange the space under the stairs

It was noted that the place under the construction can be used to good use. It is important to consider the dimensions of the product and design features. What matters is the position of space, the presence of technical communications. It’s worth acting, fully observing the rules of TB. Preferred design options.

  1. Hallway Actual if the design is in the corridor. You can arrange a cupboard, cabinet for convenient storage of things. Complete with a mirror. Such arrangement effectively saves space, allows you to store more things, frees up free space for guests.
  2. Pantry. It is recommended to make the niche closed and place objects that are rarely used in it. For small parts, make shelves. A great way to organize the storage of things that could not find a place in the main part of the house.
  3. Wardrobe. You can organize a dressing room for efficient storage of clothes, shoes and accessories. Reduces the need to install huge cabinets in other rooms.
  4. Bar. Make a few racks with cells for alcohol. You can equip a small bar and put some chairs.
  5. Office. You can organize a home workplace. It is enough to put a table, an armchair and several shelves. Pay particular attention to lighting. To reduce noise, make a sliding door.
  6. Library. Shelves, racks, cabinets are suitable for storing books in this area. You can make a library where the book collection will simply be located or add an armchair, appropriate lighting and turn it into a resting place.
the idea of ​​a bright interior staircase

Under the stairs you can equip a closet and store things

idea of ​​unusual staircase design

If there is a lot of space under the stairs, you can put a sofa there

Ideas for unusual staircase design

  1. Soaring stairs. The walls have an even white palette connected to straight wood panels. The casing smoothly unfolds, which erect to create a cantilever staircase. Its restriction is a wall of glass.
  2. Contrasts It consists in combining opposites. Dark gamma with light, modern details with traditional.
  3. Map. The wall next to the structure can be supplemented with an old city map. It should start from the place where your home is.
  4. White with black. This combination is classic. A monochrome palette helps highlight architectural details. The path on the stairs should be black, complemented by pendant lights. It will give elegance.

A staircase is an important part of the room. Its design should be approached thoroughly, carefully thinking through every detail. The design is able to complement and favorably emphasize the interior of the home.

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