Vanguard style in the interior of a modern apartment

Any interior gets bored over time, the owners get used to even the most sophisticated atmosphere, I want to radically change something. The avant-garde style in the interior is the choice of young, stylish and energetic people. It is a pleasure to invite guests to such a house, being proud of the embodiment of their creative abilities. Although the style is very specific and extravagant, even such a personal space can be harmonious and quite welcoming. But it is important to follow the recommendations of specialists in creating the interior, so that it turns out not only functional and memorable, but also quite comfortable.

beautiful avant-garde style apartment design

Red color in the interior of the avant-garde style room

bright style living room in the style of the avant-garde

Bright avant-garde style room

unusual interior of the corridor in the style of the avant-garde

Avant-garde style bedroom

Origin of style

Outwardly, this style is very specific, recognizable at first sight. Everything that fits into the framework of the classical canons, as in the avant-garde style photo in the interior, is appropriate here.

Such an interior in a living space is a kind of experimental game:

  • color contrasts;
  • innovative finishing materials;
  • modern equipment;
  • furniture of unusual shape;
  • extravagant lighting design.

This design of the apartment is fully consistent with its name in translation from French. The term "Avant-garde" comes from military redoubts, which means "advanced guard." Vanguard stylistics holds leading positions for several decades, entrenched in art, fashion and interior design.

light decor of the avant-garde style bedroom

Contemporary avant-garde design

bright interior of the hall in the style of the avant-garde

Bright avant-garde bathroom

Some design concepts, firmly rooted in modern styles, came from here, but were not accepted at one time. Over time, extravagant offers were approved as "innovations from leading designers", but it was a "well-forgotten" old. Many spectacular designs owe their origin to avant-garde style enthusiasts who once proposed:

  • convertible sofas;
  • acid colors in textiles;
  • glass furniture;
  • plastic panels;
  • metallized wallpaper;
  • ceiling cornices with remote control;
  • black bulk floors made of polymers;
  • mirror ceilings, etc.

Avant-garde style is a progressive self-expression that has become the “calling card” of such interiors. Only it perfectly combines “incongruous” colors, textures and shapes of objects. Perhaps that is why computer geniuses, clothing and furniture designers, stylists and movie stars choose this style for their home.

bright avant-garde style bathroom decor

Bright avant-garde design

beautiful avant-garde style cuisine

Dark red avant-garde style room

unusual avant-garde corridor design

The combination of white and light green in the design of the avant-garde room

Characteristics of the avant-garde interior

The concept of “modern” in the style of avant-garde is somewhat hypertrophied, this is a new understanding of reality with a look into the future. It is considered akin to styles such as fusion and kitsch, loft and futurism. This is probably why it is difficult to draw a line in some author's interiors and give a clear definition of what style it is, as in the photo.

Every item in the interior from the avant-garde is surprising. But with a successful combination of decoration, furniture and accessories, a very harmonious interior is obtained in which you want to live and create.

bright decor of the avant-garde style apartment

Avant-garde style living room

beautiful avant-garde style living room

Vanguard in the interior of the room

Avant-garde artists offer unthinkable creative installations and incredible architectural designs. Such, in due time, became the Eiffel Tower, it can also be used in the avant-garde interior. Every decade, designers offer new ideas for this style that not only keep up to date, but are ahead of it. Even such a “rebellious” and extravagant style is subject to certain canons that outline its characteristic features. This avoids bad taste and inappropriate combinations.

Interior designers specializing in the avant-garde style argue that such self-expression is not only suitable for extravagant housing. It is interesting in large recreational areas of modern shopping and office centers, in the lobby of hotels and receptions of large companies with creative furniture for visitors, as in the photo.

bright interior in the style of the avant-garde

Vanguard style design

unusual design of the avant-garde style kitchen

Large bright living room in the style of the avant-garde

bright avant-garde bathroom design

Vanguard style in the interior of the kitchen

The style is recognizable by sharp contrasts in color and an unexpected solution to the form, where appropriate:

  • repeating geometric shapes;
  • concentric circles;
  • abstract illustration;
  • unexpected surface texture;
  • a lot of free space where "something is missing";
  • light background and bright accents;
  • non-standard choice of color in the design of walls, ceiling and floor;
  • many small items of amazing shape, but the largest object should be superior in design decision.

From what avant-garde style embodies in the interior of large areas, not everything is suitable for a small apartment. For example, a self-leveling floor and a glossy black ceiling with contrasting white walls narrow the room vertically, although it looks elegant.

unusual style of cuisine in the style of the avant-garde

Bright avant-garde style living room design

beautiful decor of the avant-garde style bedroom

Design of the bedroom in the style of the avant-garde

The most popular color duets:

  • green and yellow;
  • black and white;
  • chocolate and silver;
  • blue and red.

A similar contrast “confrontation” is applicable in the choice of color for opposing planes. Experiments in combining furniture of various shapes in unexpected applications for zoning, as in the photo, are appropriate.

Functional areas for the avant-garde style in interior design outline multi-level ceilings, partitions and podium type floors. Furniture should be arranged so that there are visible borders (as if behind glass) without partitions. Although glass partitions, countertops and shelves are also welcome. In preference - colored glass and plastic, curtains made of transparent fabrics with a metallic sheen. The design will complete the original lighting solution, which for each functional area should be a different color.

light style avant-garde corridor

Bright avant-garde bathroom

unusual design of an avant-garde style apartment

Room design in avant-garde chocolate color

beautiful interior of the living room in the style of the avant-garde

Bright living room in the style of the avant-garde

Interior design recommendations

Living room avant-garde design - a room where you can give free rein to imagination. However, do not forget that a complete concept should be traced - with the background, contrasts, bright accents. The original idea justifying the choice in favor of the avant-garde should be noticeable. The budget decision should focus on the original wallpaper, plastic furniture in the dining area, a soft sofa in bright colors and unusual lighting fixtures.

unusual interior of the hall in the style of the avant-garde

Vanguard style in the interior of the living room

light decor of the avant-garde style living room

Design a bedroom in the style of the avant-garde

For an avant-garde bedroom, a bed and a wardrobe are the basis of an unusual shape and color. For example, a sleeping plane (instead of a bed) is a podium with a large orthopedic mattress and black bedding. Mirror tiles opposite the bed and on the ceiling will look original. More non-standard approaches in the design of the head of the bed and when choosing bright facades of the built-in wardrobe. A large palm tree in a tub or a rack with a collection of plants or a large aquarium with black fish will add life.

Avant-garde in the interior of the kitchen is also appropriate, especially after redevelopment and joining of the balcony area. It is worth looking for unconventional approaches to the design of traditional zones. Some can be borrowed from high-tech and loft styles. The built-in home appliances look good in combination with beautiful black facades of cabinet furniture and large chrome handles. The table and chairs on thin graceful legs of unexpected shape, but they should be comfortable, with soft seats. Design will complement the creative solution.

bright avant-garde corridor design

Large bright room in the style of the avant-garde

beautiful avant-garde style apartment

Avant-garde style bedroom

unusual decor of the avant-garde bedroom

Vanguard style in the interior of the room

The avant-garde style in the interior of a nursery or a teenager’s room? Why not? Black ceiling with an imitation of the starry sky, three-dimensional installations, decorative panels, murals with optical illusions or movie characters tearing masonry. An alternative solution may be the original color of the walls, fancy furniture and home-made soft toys instead of cushions.

For the bathroom, the avant-garde style is most acceptable when you want unusual plumbing, for example, a black toilet and a washbasin plus a glass bath. You can shine with originality in front of guests in the choice of tiles and bulk floors with 3D patterns - sharks, dolphins or coral gardens.

bright hallway design in the style of the avant-garde

Contemporary avant-garde design

bright avant-garde style kitchen interior

Bright avant-garde room design

The avant-garde interior style in the living room will complete the overall harmony of the living space. It is “from the hanger” that this whole “theater” of extravagant apartment can begin. It is worthwhile to show imagination in choosing "soaring ceilings" and luminous panels on the floor, which turn on when they go along. Small space - low cost for the original finish. You can afford wall sconces in the form of torches, reflected in the mirror wall, or panoramic wallpaper with a view of Paris or New York.

There are no limits to fantasy, which can be found worthy of application in the avant-garde design of an apartment. An important condition - the owners should be comfortable in such an environment. This style is for those who are tired of traditional solutions and dull rooms without signs of a holistic design.

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