Boho style in the interior: key features

Among the many options for interior design, a special place is held by the boho style. He appeared in France and during his existence won many fans. Today this style is one of the most popular among interior designers, as well as ordinary inhabitants of Europe, the United States of America. In Russia, this design is only gaining popularity. His motto was a combination of incongruous: here the most unsuitable, at first glance, things look harmoniously in the framework of the overall picture.

light boho style bathtub design

Bright boho style living room design

unusual decor of the bedroom in the style of boho

Boho style living room

Boho style rooms

Boho style in the interior of any room is based on a combination of bright colors, colors, as well as objects. This is a variation on the verge of chaos, which is characterized by variegated and changeable images and gives the impression of complete disorganization. However, this is not quite true.

Boho style in a modern interior is perfect for any room, so it can be used both comprehensively for an apartment, and separately for any room.


For courageous and decisive people, the decor of a bedroom is a real expanse. Here you can apply the most daring ideas, as well as maximize the use of inspiration.

The bed on the legs in the vintage version fits perfectly into the design. Also, extra pillows will look great, randomly located on the bed and multi-colored bedspreads, laid out so that they are in sight. The main thing is not to overdo it with a coloring. After all, the bedroom is a resting place and calm tones should prevail here. At the same time, small bright spots in the interior will not be superfluous.

beautiful boho style living room

Boho style in the room interior

bright boho style corridor interior

Boho Style Options

Several different paintings on the walls, hand-made products on the shelves, as well as rugs and multi-colored tapestries emphasize individuality and complement the picture. The bedroom should be cozy and this comfort will necessarily be combined with many accessories placed in the most unexpected places.

Living room

In order to create a unique design in the venue, you need to add the most contrasting elements that will highlight the room from hundreds of others. For example, a hookah corner combined with a mini arboretum or upholstered furniture with magnificent sculptures.

Do not forget about the large number of various statuettes, caskets and other products that have a visual effect.

light boho style kitchen

The combination of red and purple in the style of boho

bright boho style apartment design

The combination of colors in the design of a room in the style of boho

A place for receiving guests implies a certain number of chairs and armchairs. They are selected not in accordance with one style, but based on the mood (you can make each chair individual).


Who else but children will be able to appreciate the ordered chaos created through the interior in the style of boho! Through such a design solution, you can provide children with maximum space for games and entertainment.Details from colored shreds, soft toys made by hand, a large number of pillows, ottomans - all this will allow children to feel as comfortable as possible in their own room.

unusual boho style corridor interior

Boho style in the interior

bright boho style kitchen decor

Chic boho style living room design

A wooden floor with carpets and soft seating cushions also fit in nicely.

A good option would be to highlight one of the walls for children's creativity. Enough space for drawing and children and parents.

Feature and Elements

Each interior design option is characterized by its key points and basic details. Boho style, where there are many such fundamental values, was no exception. There are many nuances that make Bohemian design stand out from the rest.

  1. Textile. A distinctive feature is the use of a large number of pillows, carpets, rugs, tapestries and other textile products. Such fabrics stand out for their diverse patterns.
  2. Vintage. Furniture, decor elements, vintage type products - all this maximally characterizes this style. You can create an interesting option by placing antique items (from furniture to crafts). It can be both small caskets and a volume gramophone. Size doesn't matter. The main thing is to nicely arrange the products in the room.
  3. Tree. Furniture from various varieties of wood harmoniously looks not only in the classic office. Boho style also perfectly combines bright colors of fabrics and soft colors of wood.
  4. Plants. Harmony is not about this interior. There is no place for modest flowers on the windowsill. Plants are placed on the floor, table, hanging stands. Their sizes can be from miniature to as large as possible. Perfectly complement the decoration of the room with palm trees in pots on the floor or pots hanging from the ceiling with climbing plants.
  5. Macrame. This weaving method survived reincarnation due to the popularity of the boho style. Wicker things, coasters, toys perfectly complement the vibrant combination.
  6. Handmade. Handicrafts are a great addition to creating an individual, multifaceted room. It can be things created personally by the owner of the premises or made by professionals. Pictures, beads, curtains, toys - products will find application. It does not matter their cost. The main thing is that the craftsman liked the owner.
light boho style apartment design

Boho style bedroom interior

unusual boho style living room

Bright boho style bedroom

You can create your own work of art in the apartment using these elements. You can apply them both individually and mixing between them. It all depends on the flight of fancy.

To whom boho suits

When it comes to boho style interiors, the first thing that comes to mind is bohemia. Most believe that this design is suitable for people associated with art - artists, actors, However, this is not entirely true. Such housing options are inherent to creative, free-minded individuals who value personality. It is preferred by people whose motto is freedom in everything. The main criterion for creating a homely atmosphere is comfort. It should be comfortable and pleasant to be at home.

For fans of minimalism, perfectionism and rationalism, this option is not suitable, since it stands out with its colorful colors and a large number of various elements. For the above people, it is quite tiring.

This design is for people who prefer to furnish housing with a lot of little things (from figurines to beads and caskets). A large number of pillows is also a characteristic of Boho, so people who like to sit comfortably on them will like the option.

Boho Style Features

In order to determine its features, it is necessary to understand the basic principle. This is not so much a manifestation of individuality as the pursuit of comfort and freedom in everything.That is why fans place in their rooms a variety of paintings, bright tapestries, flowers and figurines - all that creates the owner of the house a feeling of free flow of thought.

beautiful boho style hallway interior

Boho style design

unusual boho style bathroom interior

Boho style in the interior

The following features can be called the features of creating the atmosphere of “a la Bohemia”.

  • The presence of a unique color palette and variegation will create not only an atmosphere pleasing to the eye, but also give it natural colors.

  • Every detail of the room should cause a feeling of comfort. The main purpose is the relaxation of the people present in the room.

  • Mixing different directions allows you not to fetter a person with frames, rules. Therefore, they often prefer to place objects from different design trends in the room.

But the most important feature is the self-expression of a person. Here you can create a small own universe, which obeys only your rules. Everything here is aimed at achieving harmony, despite the seeming mess. This is the main difference between boho and other design decisions in the design of premises.

beautiful boho style bedroom

Turquoise color in the interior of a room in the style of boho

bright boho style hallway design

Boho style living room

Color preferences

The choice of color orientation when creating the appearance of a house or apartment in this case does not fetter a person by any rules. Of course, there are some peculiarities here.

  1. For the bedroom, calm tones are preferred (a combination of soft blue and green), and bright and cheerful colors should prevail in the nursery.
  2. The combination of shades is also not particularly significant. The main rule - the color should be pleasing to the eye.
  3. Colors should be natural and saturated.

The primary colors that are used are:

  • shades of red;
  • yellow, lemon;
  • Orange;
  • green natural shades;
  • blue is both pale and saturated.

If you want to highlight some part of the room, use white. Against its background, the rest of the shades seem much brighter.

light boho style bedroom decor

White boho design

unusual boho style apartment decor

Bright boho style room

What furniture to choose

Any elements of boho obey one dogma - no rules. This also applies to furniture. You can use any furniture to give the room personality. Vintage design of wood products and newfangled high-tech, and soft corners will do.

The same applies to the number of pieces of furniture in the room. They can be arranged as much as space and imagination allow. Location is welcome messy.

Particular attention should be paid to the color of products. Armchairs and chairs painted in bright colors will create a bohemian look. Painting can be ordered from specialists or do it yourself. It all depends on the imagination and determination of the owner.

The combination of the individual elements is also optional. Chairs can be from different sets, and painted in different colors. You can also combine upholstered furniture and stools with chairs.

Of course, one of the most acceptable options will be the availability of vintage furniture. This can be your own rarities, inherited or acquired things that are made "antique".

beautiful boho style corridor design

Red color in boho style room design

bright boho style living room interior

Bright boho design

Creating a special kitchen design

The kitchen is a place where many people spend a huge part of their lives. Therefore, its stylization must be approached with particular care. The fact is that boho is a style that implies the maximum number of elements without loss of a sense of comfort.

Every detail of the kitchen should be thought out and meet the taste preferences of the owner.

Key Features for a Kitchen Interior


The decoration of the kitchen with bright curtains (you can use orange or red), plants (flowerpots on the windowsill, flowers in hanging pots - everything that pleases the eye) is perfect. You can use both live and artificial plants. The chandelier also deserves special attention.There are no rules as such, but a motley chandelier will look harmonious. It can also be DIY lighting or central lighting with lamps of different colors.

beautiful boho style bathroom decor

Boho style living room design

unusual boho style bathtub

Multi-colored sofa in the interior of a room in the style of boho


In the kitchen, vintage furniture will look great. Classic chairs can be combined with soft seating cushions. It is precisely such drastic changes in design that characterize boho. The main thing is convenience, comfort and peace of mind when you are indoors.


In order for all the equipment to fit well into the interior, it is best to purchase equipment in a wooden case. There are many similar offers on the market today, so choosing the right one will not be difficult. In addition, you can independently paint some elements of the kitchen equipment (for example, a refrigerator) to give them an extravagant appearance.

Dishes and utensils

Creative chaos should prevail in the kitchen. Therefore, the dishes you need to buy are not of the same type and, of course, the most daring shapes and colors. Do-it-yourself earthenware pottery will be a great touch (now many companies offer similar master classes). Also, a great addition will be the presence of a variety of cones, jars and other, at first glance, useless items.

Tip. Actions aimed at creating a kitchen design depend only on the imagination and desires of the owner. It is impossible to overdo it. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating the room to the maximum. There are no unnecessary elements. Everything that was to your taste fits perfectly into the atmosphere. The main criterion is the taste and imagination of the owner.

light boho style hallway design

Bright boho style room design

bright boho style bedroom interior

Boho style in the interior

What accessories should be chosen

Used decor elements should be selected with an eye to the taste, mood of the owner. Also, boho reflects the interests, hobbies of the creator. Therefore, accessories are sometimes used the most spectacular.

To show your hobbies, you need to demonstrate to potential guests objects that are associated with the interests of the landlord. It can be books, various devices, flasks, old records, a guitar - in general, everything the owner of the room wants to brag about.

The location of all these items should satisfy only the imagination of the owner.

Interesting ideas for using accessories

  1. The hanger can be made from the old stairs, having previously decorated it with colored shreds; Use the most unexpected objects (for example, a hat) as flowerpots for plants; On the wall, place a collection of musical instruments.
  2. Any fantasy in a few seconds is embodied in an element of decor. The basic rule when choosing accessories is to use two important feelings: imagination and a sense of proportion. So that the room does not turn into a warehouse, it is necessary to harmoniously distribute the products.
unusual style of cuisine in the style of boho

The combination of colors in the interior of a room in the style of boho

light boho style corridor decor

Boho style bedroom option

And finally

Of course, this design of a house, apartment or cottage is not suitable for everyone. But at the same time, you may not be part of the bohemia in order to create an individual unique image in your home. You just need to remember the main points that you need to use when creating your own unique apartment.

Creating your own design option involves reflecting fantasies, affections and hobbies. The frenzy of colors will only complement the luxurious design. Any thing turns into a light design touch, if you apply imagination and connect the imagination. Do not be afraid to use the most unexpected objects for decoration.

beautiful boho style living room interior

Red color in the interior of a room in the style of boho

If you use the rules, the house will turn into a unique museum, dedicated only to the identity of the owner.Here, the objects will reflect the character of the owner, and the color scheme will reflect the mood inherent in him throughout the creation of the masterpiece called “beloved house”.

The boho style in the interior reflects the essence of its creator. It is created exclusively for one person without regard to the opinions of others. Therefore, to design a room it is absolutely not necessary to use the services of professional designers. Everything needs to be done with your own hands. And extraneous judgment should not influence the choice.

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