Fusion style in the interior - combine incongruous

The choice of the general style of the apartment is not an easy task. Often, the owners can not decide on the exact direction of the design that they would like to see. In this case, modern images come to the rescue, which adapt to the current pace of life. Not having clear boundaries and boundaries, denying outdated rules, they open up new perspectives for space planning. One of these styles is fusion. Literally, from English "fusion" is translated as merging, mixing. This direction allows you to combine, at first glance, incompatible household items, while maintaining harmony between them.

unusual fusion style corridor decor

Unusual fusion home design

bright fusion style kitchen interior

Chocolate color in the interior of the apartment in fusion style

light fusion style apartment

Fusion Design

Fusion Style - Freedom Without Borders

Fusion in the late 90s began to supplant strict interior images, which established strict rules for organizing the space of premises. Replacing practical and functional minimalism, it gave freedom of action and thought. The basic rule of this design direction was the phrase “combine incongruous”. In fusion style, it’s not just permissible and permitted, but it is necessary to “mix” textures, materials and decor.

beautiful fusion style living room design

Dark shades in the interior of a room in fusion style.

bright fusion style bedroom interior

Gray color in the interior of a room in fusion style.

The origins of fusion style

The history of fusion begins in 1970. He appears not only in the field of design, but in other areas: in music, in dance, in cinema and others. Style instantly penetrated into all areas of human life, soaking everything with its charm.

Fusion style in the interior was first tested by designers from America. Creating bold and eccentric interiors, they combined absolutely diverse styles: classic and ethnic, high-tech and baroque, Gothic and Renaissance, modern and chalet. At the same time filling the space with harmony and tranquility. A striking example of those samples can be called a combination of a leather sofa and a table next to it with mirror fragments. In the 90s, the concept of "fusion style in the interior" tightly came into use. Style began to be applied everywhere: in hotels, cafes, restaurants, houses. Moreover, each location, made in the direction of fusion, remained completely individual. Due to its limitlessness, the style is still relevant today.

beautiful fusion style hallway

Fusion color combination

light fusion style hallway design

Unusual fusion room interior design

unusual decor in fusion style bedroom

Beautiful room design in fusion style

Where to start creating an interior in fusion style?

Fusion style requires a certain vision of space. The designer must have creative and vivid thinking, an impeccable sense of style, but at the same time have a concept of measure. This direction is not design rules, but a special perception of the room and things. Conventionally, you need to be able to see in classicism lightness and ease, and in minimalism - an unusual twist. You also need to understand that you should not set clear boundaries and zones of space. Fusion - bright, but at the same time light style. He must maintain charm and cheerfulness.

unusual fusion style corridor design

Black sofa in fusion style living room interior

bright fusion style kitchen interior

Fusion style living room design

What colors are used in fusion style?

If you look at the color palette of fusion style interior design, you get the impression of pleasant chaos. This is exactly what designers are achieving by clearly selecting paints. Neutral shades are most often used as background colors: white, gray, beige or brown. You can use them individually or create a mix. Using background colors to decorate the ceiling, walls and floor. For color accents, it is permissible to use both pure uniform paints, and patterns, and paintings. Juicy accents look as fresh and bold as possible against the background of pastel colors. Often apply rainbow colors or their brighter shades.

bright fusion style living room decor

Dark colors in the interior of a room in fusion style.

beautiful fusion style apartment

White color in the interior of the fusion forge

unusual fusion style corridor

Bright room in fusion style

Most popular patterns

Fusion is distinguished by an abundance of patterns used, harmoniously harmonizing between each other. This approach creates a peculiar sense of creative disorder. To give the interior individuality and brightness, to emphasize its unique character, the following patterns are used.

  1. Ethnic, folk motifs will dilute the atmosphere with pleasant colors.
  2. Patterns in a box or strip add rigor.
  3. Geometric patterns. For example, squares, triangles, rhombuses and ovals.
  4. Floral prints give the space of romanticism.
  5. Images of animals will enliven the room.
bright fusion style bedroom design

Fusion Design

beautiful fusion style living room decor

Pendant lights in fusion style interior design

Materials used in fusion style

Fusion allows the use of various types of finishes and decor. It is important to understand that textures should not just be combined, but complement each other not only visually, but also on tactile sensations. Suppose a wall looks like fresh, young, green grass, even when touched it should be perceived as a pleasant lawn. A surface that visually resembles sand should tactilely be felt by small grains of sand.

bright fusion style hallway

Dark shades in a fusion style living room interior

unusual decor in fusion style apartment

Fusion style in the interior of the apartment

beautiful fusion style apartment design

Bright fusion style apartment design

Most popular finishes

  1. Bamboo, cork, paper wallpapers.
  2. Natural or artificial stone.
  3. Decorative plaster.
  4. Natural wood.
  5. Laminate.
  6. Natural fabrics.
  7. Glass and mirror surfaces.

Wall, ceiling and floor decoration

There are no restrictions on wall and ceiling décor. Often use wood, glass coatings, ceramic tiles and more. Basically, the decor of the walls and ceiling depends on the remaining components of the interior. So, if you are going to focus on furniture and accessories, then the walls and ceiling should be left dim and plain. It is also possible to make the main color accent on the walls and ceiling. In this case, when choosing utensils and small things for the home, you should focus on calmer colors. This technique of forming the room will allow you not to overload the space with color, not to make it lurid and unpleasant.

In choosing the design of the floor, they most often focus on practicality and convenience, choosing materials that will last a long time. Most often, tiles, laminate or linoleum are used.

light fusion style corridor interior

Fusion style living room design

unusual fusion style cuisine

Light tones in a fusion style kitchen interior

Furniture in fusion style: functionality and amenities

When choosing furniture, you should not opt ​​for headsets or sets of several items that combine in the same style. So in the living room you can place utensils made not just from different materials, but made in different eras. For example, you can combine minimalistic tables made of glass with chairs made in ethnic motifs. The whole essence of decorating space with furniture is a combination of beauty, brightness and functionality.

For the kitchen, you can choose several different decor options. For example, choose a baroque style kitchen kit. Add to it a hi-tech table.At the table, arrange completely different chairs. At the same time, keep the same note in all selected items. For example, the metal finish of small parts.

light fusion style living room decor

Fusion Design

beautiful fusion style entrance design

Chocolate color in the interior of a room in fusion style

beautiful decor in fusion style bedroom

Fusion dark room design

Who is suited for such an unusual style?

Fusion style is universal for almost all people. An artist who constantly lives in his thoughts. The clerk, tired of the routine of his everyday life. A family with active and smart children. A businessman who is always in a hurry about his business. A young girl who is only making her plans for the future. The combination of the described people is fusion in itself. Each character described above will find something different in this design. A charm that will make them fall in love with themselves. It will be convenient for the artist to live in a creative space. The clerk will be distracted from the grayness of days and drown in bright colors. The family will coexist quietly without feeling something infringed on someone else's interests. A businessman can finally relax and stop to enjoy simplicity and freshness. The young girl will live, as if in a fairy tale, which she will invent for herself.

light fusion style apartment design

Black fusion style room interior

unusual fusion style hallway

Bright room design in fusion style

Fusion style is good for everyone. His freedom, brightness and character will conquer any layman. There are no borders, no outdated rules, no zones of space. There is a flight of imagination and thought, there is functionality and practicality, there is cosiness. You just need to feel the harmony. Fusion itself is a secret that is subject to anyone who wants to live in a special place. Revealing its potential and features, you can organize the room in such a way that you will feel the absolute ideal created by your own hands.

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