Grunge style in interior decoration

Many may mistakenly think that this is another style that originated and became widespread thanks to America. The latter is indeed true, but the first grunge-style interiors appeared in France at the beginning of the 19th century. This was due to the fact that the French aristocratic and bourgeois elite were oversaturated with luxurious and expensive urban housing and tired of the daily rush. Therefore, they began to move to the provinces and small villages to equip cozy family nests. However, the poor towns did not have in the assortment of expensive decoration materials, luxurious pieces of furniture and a sufficient number of professional craftsmen. Therefore, when arranging a new home, aristocrats adhered to the classical style, tried to recreate the atmosphere of antiquity, but at the same time used cheaper and more suitable materials for rural conditions, guided rather by practical considerations. They managed to find a “middle ground” between simplicity, practicality and solidity of the internal situation. Subsequently, the works of aristocrats were deservedly rewarded with the creation of a separate direction: in the grunge style.

unusual style of apartment in grunge style

Grunge style in the interior

beautiful hallway interior in grunge style

Grunge style in a room interior

bright bedroom decor in grunge style

Dark colors in the interior of the room in grunge style.

Grunge style in design: the main features in the interior

The classical style is certainly fundamental in the formation of the grunge style, from it elegant textures of elements, symmetry of objects and the quality of materials were transferred.

Simplicity and open space

One of the requirements for creating a grunge style is that a large amount of free space and light is needed, and, unfortunately, small darkened rooms with low ceilings are not suitable for it. Real interior decoration in this style will exist only in a spacious, high and bright room. The abundance of natural light is a key factor, and in addition to it, small artificial lights that give warm, soft and diffused light are ideal.

bright grunge style kitchen design

Light grunge design

beautiful corridor decor in grunge style

Grunge style bedroom design

Bet on natural materials

There is a distinctive feature of the design of the rooms in the grunge style - the use of natural material in the form of brick, wood, stone, tile and forging. In addition, the natural origin of the material can be emphasized by artificially aging it.

bright living room style in grunge style

Bright large living room in grunge style.

unusual grunge flat design

Chocolate color in the room interior in grunge style

bright living room interior in grunge style

Grunge style in the interior

In most cases, the walls are decorated with brickwork, while painting and leaving the texture, or do not touch at all, leaving the original version without decoration. Sometimes they use the same boards of natural color, without painting. The ceiling is often covered with a wooden surface, or decorative beam structures are used, or boards, almost without polishing and having various lengths and widths.

bright hallway decor in grunge style

The combination of red in the interior of the room in grunge style

bright bedroom interior in grunge style

Grunge style kitchen design

This applies not only to finishing materials, but also to textile elements.Here fit: linen, cotton, silk, satin, wool, occasionally it is possible to use fur and leather. Including in color scale. Use warm and non-irritating colors. Standard colors in grunge style:

  • white,
  • the black,
  • Gray,
  • brown,
  • Navy blue,
  • yellow and all neutral shades of these colors.
beautiful grunge style kitchen design

Grunge in the interior of the room

unusual style corridor in grunge style

Dark tones in room design in grunge style.

unusual hallway design in grunge style

Grunge style kitchen design

Nevertheless, the grunge style in the interior is characterized by a predominance of democracy, both in materials and in furniture, in contrast to the strict classical direction. It is thanks to this that it is possible to create a real individual design in the grunge style, because practical and solid furniture can have an inexpensive simple table in form, and an expensive antique mirror in a metal frame can be hung in the updated bathroom. One of the key concepts: simplifying everything.

beautiful interior of the apartment in grunge style

Grunge style in design.

bright style living room in grunge style

Large living room in grunge style

What to consider when designing a space in grunge style?

The interior should not contain obvious hints of the social status of the owner. Also, instead of paintings in gilded frames, you can hang ordinary landscapes or portraits without it.

light corridor decor in grunge style

Brick wall in living room design in grunge style.

light bedroom design in grunge style

Chic living room design in grunge style.

unusual grunge style kitchen interior

Bright room design in grunge style.

Grunge style in bedroom interior design

  1. When designing a bedroom, it is worth emphasizing its expressiveness even more, using combinations of various textures. A many-sided and unusual image will help to create textile wallpapers, painted brickwork, wood panels and floral design.
  2. When choosing furniture, preference is given to the most practical and convenient, better - from natural wood. It is not necessary to be limited only to a place for sleeping, you can still create a small area for communication or highlight a small workspace.
  3. To create a truly cozy, calm atmosphere of the past years and modernity at the same time, be sure to use elegant accessories like lamps or sconces with wrought iron elements, lampshades made of fabrics, carpets, various decorative pillows, rugs in the same scale as the interior, but in reasonable quantities . This also includes antique furniture, elements of gilding, patina, engraving, drawing, highlighting the romantic image in the bedroom.
beautiful decor of the apartment in grunge style

Drawing on the wall in a room design in grunge style

light corridor design in grunge style

Beautiful grunge design

Grunge style in a living room interior

  1. The living room in the grunge style is almost completely filled with air, there is no unnecessary furniture in it, and the main area of ​​the room is occupied only by the main, used items. Be sure to have areas for communication or relaxation.
  2. The walls can be finished with any material you like, or use wallpaper, wood or bamboo panels for decoration, textile coverings. The usual painting of walls here may also be appropriate. For large rooms, a combination of several finishes is preferable, for example, painted brickwork and natural stone.
  3. The floor can be covered with ordinary wooden boards, as well as parquet, laminate, which will make a significant contribution to the creation of the very home comfort.
  4. It is important to know that the grunge style in interior design does not allow frills under the guise of stucco elements on the walls or the presence of highly elaborate details.
  5. A grunge style living room common stop is formed by creating pairs of objects. A standard couch in spacious rooms can be replaced with combinations of several armchairs, sofas, poufs, combined with a coffee table or fireplace.
beautiful bedroom decor in grunge style

Light grunge design

unusual style hallway in grunge style

Bright saturated tones in interior design in grunge style.

bright grunge style kitchen interior

Grunge style living room design

Furniture in grunge interior style - from a briefcase to Biedermeier

During the selection, it is necessary to focus on classic furniture without excessive luxury.Its task is to connect generations, be functional and deliver comfort. Armchairs, sofas, pouffes in the style of the 60s, open shelves and shelves made of wood or with glazing elements, chests of drawers, tables and nightstands in light colors. Wood is often chosen as the main material with high strength.

unusual design living room in grunge style

Grunge style room design

bright grunge style corridor interior

Grunge style in the interior

Since the space should be filled with daylight, you should not choose dark and impermeable curtains, it is better to limit yourself to a simple texture, one tone and natural components in the composition. In the evening, they include small lamps, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, where attractive lampshades can be on forged or bronze bases.

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