Interior style: types of design solutions for your home

Before embarking on home decoration on your own or with the help of a professional designer, you must first examine “what are the styles of interior design?” Experienced designers say that there are more of them than in architecture. Each style carries certain features and differences. Moreover, the interior can combine two or more types of design at the same time. The main rule of room design is an individual approach to design, taking into account the personal preferences of the owners.

Art Nouveau Design Entrance Hall

Chocolate color bathroom

bright baroque bedroom

The combination of light and dark shades in the bedroom

bright avant-garde style living room

Room design solution

Stylistic groups in the interior

Designers agree that the whole variety of styles can be conditionally divided into 3 main ones, namely:

  • classical;
  • modern;
  • ethnic style.

The classical style is characterized by a certain “pomposity” and chic, which was adopted in aristocratic circles of past eras. The design uses massive furniture, bright bas-reliefs and magnificent tapestries. In general, all that distinguishes the house of a simple person from the palace of an aristocrat.

beautiful empire style room

Chic bedroom design

beautiful loft style apartment

Contemporary bedroom design

Modern style does not carry the spirit of any era, it is dictated by the fashion trends of the present time, which disappear faster than the designers have time to bring them to life. Each subspecies is not like the other. In this group, the spirit of a certain time and its changeable moods are characteristic.

Ethnic style in itself is diverse, based on geographical roots. So, for example, the ethnicity of Western Europe is very different from the traditions of the native Russian dwellings. And the design in the oriental style may not be characteristic of the Anglo-Saxon countries.

These groups include dozens of different subspecies of interior solutions, each of which differs in something from the others. The article will briefly list the most common types of interior design styles.

designer kitchen in the avant-garde style

Flowers on the walls in the interior

bright baroque living room

Living room design in chocolate color

bright loft style kitchen

Large bright bedroom design

Design areas in a modern style

Currently, interior styles include the following areas: minimalism, hi-tech, modern, postmodern, eco-style, pop art, country, art deco and English style, it is also a chalet. All these styles are united by one thing - the desire and the ability to adapt to a changing world through minimalism of furniture and interior details. These styles are suitable for people who are fast, decisive, able to process large streams of information that value minimalism and are ready to endure a lack of comfort.

The main features of these styles in the interior:

  • furniture of a clear and correct design;
  • main surfaces are chrome plated;
  • good lighting;
  • lack of bright color (using pastel shades);
  • the main finishing materials of a clear and regular shape resembling geometric shapes;
  • materials are multifunctional.
beautiful bedroom in modern style

Bright purple living room in a modern style.

Empire style design room

Living room design in chocolate color

Empire, baroque and avant-garde: fashionable classics passing through time

"Empire" from French is translated as "empire". The style originated in France during the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte. He replaced the classicism. Decor elements fully justify their name - the interior contains Roman massive columns, gold bas-reliefs, marble consoles and pilasters. All furniture has curved flowing shapes, decorated with bizarre figures of ancient Roman chimeras or ancient Egyptian sphinxes. Wooden materials are coated with bronze, silver or gilding.

bright loft hallway

Light green bathroom

bright apartment in modern style

Design of a bathroom with striped walls

Empire style bright living room

Kitchen interior design solution

Baroque originated in Italy at the end of the 17th century and translates as "artsy." Catholicism and then Christian dogma strongly influenced its development. At that time, baroque-style dwellings emphasized the prestige and status of its owner, and this style was not accessible to ordinary citizens. Baroque features are sophisticated wood carvings, ornate stucco moldings decorated with gold and silver. The use of antiques and antique paintings is a must!

For the "avant-garde" is characterized by the use of a combination of 2 types: Empire and Baroque. The avant-garde can be admired, as if in a museum, it contains pompous elements of French Empire and Italian Baroque.

beautiful avant-garde style kitchen

Kitchen design in white.

baroque design room

Bedroom design in dark colors

Classicism and country: popular solutions by fashion designers

Classicism is characterized by restrained interior styles than in Empire or Baroque. Small rooms, cozy compact windows, simple mirrors, marble bas-reliefs and carved luxurious fireplaces. The walls are painted in light shades, ranging from white to light green or light brown. Everywhere, symmetry among the finishing materials and compactness should be maintained. It looks simple, elegant and beautiful!

Classicism can be decorated with medieval objects hung on the walls: swords, helmets, spears and chain mail. At the corners, you can put models of knights in armor. From the finish, bronze is acceptable, but not gold or silver. Elegance, without chic and shine ...

Country style should emanate the “spirit” of a certain people, be it Anglo-Saxony or Germany, Russia or Japan, Europe or Asia. It doesn’t matter, the main rule of the country is to observe in the interior one style typical of a certain people. With the help of folklore decor elements, you can create a slightly rustic room, but very cozy. Mandatory use of products from natural natural components (clay, stone). Wicker furniture, rough finishes and the use of natural gray fabrics are acceptable. You can dilute with elegant flower arrangements and a home library with rare books.

bright hallway in the style of the avant-garde

Light colors in the interior

bright living room in modern style

Bright living room

Empire style designer apartment

Design a small bedroom

Loft and Constructivism: directions of minimalism in the spirit of the new time

According to some reports, the loft style originated in America during the Great Depression, when many factories were closed, and people in search of housing and food were forced to be content with a minimum. So, the designers came up with the style of the room, decorated for an abandoned building, factory or manufactory. Protruding pipes, rough brick and ceiling cracks are the main materials of the unusual loft style. In urban apartments, this combination looks rather unusual and highlights the rebellious character of the owner.

The main features of constructivism are functionality and simplicity. No romance, grace and grace. For the constructivism interior styles, the use of exclusively rational decor items is characteristic, that is, nothing superfluous. A bed for sleeping, chairs for lunch, cabinets for storing things.The use of "extra" details or romantic tapestries are unacceptable! Only rational functionality!

beautiful baroque hallway

Beautiful bedroom design

bright loft bedroom

The combination of white and black in the interior

Modern and minimalism: two opposites in fashion decor

Art Nouveau is the most popular style among modern interior decoration. Furniture is smooth and elegant, the comfort and convenience of which is aimed at creating maximum comfort. Art Nouveau is an invention of modern masters who created this look, guided by Baroque and Empire style, but only removed the luxurious decor elements of bright color, leaving comfort and grace. Art Nouveau is suitable for people tired of rectangular, deprived of grace and comfort forms.

In minimalism, all the decor elements are saturated with oriental philosophy. All space has smooth forms, there are no clear outlines. This technique creates the effect of weightlessness and infinity, so characteristic of Buddhism. The complete absence of "extra" elements creates a feeling of spaciousness. Be sure to use good lighting. Colors are muted, pastel, but more often white or light gray. Furniture products with or without metal chromed legs.

Art Nouveau bright kitchen

Bright bathroom design

designer living room in the style of the avant-garde

Chic living room design

bright avant-garde style bedroom

Bright bathroom design

Pop art and hi-tech

Pop art won the hearts of residents of the United States and Europe at the end of the last century, thanks in large part to the western youth hippie movement. Pop art, like hippies, does not recognize dullness and boredom, general rules and mediocrity. It contains smooth outlines and "poisonous" bright colors. No greyness and monotony! Only a color splash, only extravagant combinations and no rules.

Glass and metal products abound in high-tech. Minimalism is widely used, it is unacceptable to “litter” with excess furniture and decor elements. The color scheme is based on the contrast: light and dark. For example, a white ceiling, gray walls and a dark floor. Partitions are actively used for maximum zoning of space.

bright loft room

Baroque room design

beautiful Empire style kitchen

Beautiful design of the living room

Romantic style for poets and sophisticated people

In the romantic design, the use of rude elements, forged products, flashy details and gray components is unacceptable. In the romantic style, soft shades prevail: pink, coral and turquoise. The use of light silk fabrics and smooth shapes will add aesthetic grace to any space. The main rule is lightness and grace!

There are much more styles in the interior than are considered in this article, here are the most popular and common types of design directions. At will, they can be combined with each other, complementing each other!

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