Loft style in the interior

The space, decorated in the loft style, is more like an abandoned factory, an art workshop, even an informal squat. This is a combination of urbanism, luxury, "attic" romance and overt industrial. The article details the best loft design ideas.

Loft style kitchen-living room interior

Style means minimal decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling, or the illusion of a lack of repair

Origin of style

"Loft", translated from English, originally meant abandoned, non-residential buildings, attics, hangars, warehouses, attics, shipyards and more. In general, all the places where a normal person would never agree to live. But the poverty of the mid-20th century, the fabulous land prices, forced many Americans to move into abandoned factory buildings and offices. Their owners moved production outside the city, where rent is cheaper.

Bright Loft Industrial Living Room

Beams, pipes, ventilation and other traces of communications do not hide, but are displayed

Living room with high ceilings and panoramic windows.

A characteristic feature of the loft is high ceilings and large windows that are not covered by curtains.

There is always a lot of space in these rooms, good lighting, high ceilings. To rent such a house was less expensive than an ordinary apartment. Convenience was limited by the presence of water, light, a place to sleep - people cost little. At first, musicians, artists, another bohemian settled there. Later, in the 50-60s, this housing was considered fashionable and elite. Separate buildings have acquired the status of architectural monuments, now more wealthy people live there.

Industrial loft style living room interior

The loft style is most loved by creative people

Since the buildings of the former factories are multifunctional, some of them host exhibitions, concerts, parties, organize cultural centers, cafes, offices and other facilities.

Private houses now also sometimes style “under the loft” - this is called “neoloft”, implemented on special projects.

Interior in loft style - space without shackles

The loft style in the interior is paradoxical, it demonstrates how unfurnished industrial objects, with the help of skilled designers, become real works of modern art.

Loft style storage room ceiling

The original idea of ​​storing bicycles and skateboards

The main features of the style:

  • Excessive free space
  • high ceilings;
  • details of the "factory" past - pipes, stairs, ventilation;
  • "Factory" lighting - huge pendant lamps;
  • the windows are high, wide - ideally to the floor, no tulle, curtains;
  • brick walls - at least one, no wallpaper;
  • furniture is scarce, but it is luxurious;
  • free layout;
  • there are almost no partitions - only a closed bathroom.
Using a freight container as a toilet in a loft-style house

WC from the container

Loft directions:

  1. Bohemian or hipster. The interior of the plant is mostly preserved. Space without decoration or it is minimal. Furniture, usually used, even old - dressers with a "noble patina", shelves of a hundred years ago, wrought iron beds, chairs. Everywhere there are many objects of art - paintings, musical instruments, sculptures, floral arrangements.
  2. Industrial or industrial. This is the most popular type of loft. All attributes of the factory floor are deliberately emphasized here - pipes with large valves, plexus wires, cords, chains.Furniture with a clear geometry, strictly functional, no frills - plain sofas, open hangers, simple tables, chairs.
  3. Glamorous. It is characterized by an abundance of pastel shades, the elaborate form of lamps, which are abundant. The direction combines strict forms and elements of the Baroque. Furniture should look luxurious, expensive.
Black metal spiral staircase to the second floor of the loft

A vintage black metal staircase is one of those details that emphasize the industrial style of the room.

There are also three varieties of loft:

  • hard - a finished room with a bunch of pipes, wires, easy redevelopment is allowed;
  • soft - created by a special project, it is very comfortable here, a lot of wooden parts;
  • commercial - the room looks non-residential, the style is completely “attic”, with very high ceilings.

Since the room does not have interior walls, but only external ones, the space is divided into zones using furniture. Almost no interior item is placed near the wall, but only somewhere in the middle. The abundance of light creates the effect of unlimited space.

Furniture in the interior of the room in the loft style

The combination of furniture is optional and even undesirable

Behind the partitions is only a shower, toilet, bathroom, and all unnecessary things are located in the back rooms, without cluttering up the interior. Also in the auxiliary rooms can accommodate a dressing room and pantry.

Materials and colors used to create loft interior

Repair items and materials are different:

  • traditional - natural wood, cement, marble, brick, glass, steel;
  • the latest - plastic, MDF, artificial stone, drywall.

The most common ones are:

  • bricks;
  • pipes;
  • beams;
  • concrete.
Concrete ceiling in the interior of the living room in the loft style

Industrial interior with concrete ceiling and dark hardwood floor.

Industrial style design of a private house kitchen

Brick, concrete and stainless steel kitchen

A very characteristic feature of such a room is brickwork. The walls can also be decorated with rough stucco, preserving the texture. Less commonly used are “brick-like” wall panels, decorative plasters, which distinguish individual zones. The walls are painted predominantly cold colors, sometimes with bright splashes.

Copper pipes, cast-iron batteries do not hide behind the screens, but on the contrary, they maximize the output. Sometimes thin, inconspicuous replace with more massive, painting them in metallic colors or "under the rust."

Copper decor in the living room of a private loft-style house

For the decoration of the room used wood, concrete and brick, and the decor is a lot of copper

The floor of the apartment is covered with rough wooden boards, tiles "under the stone." Bulk and 3D floors are the most fashionable trend of recent years.

On the concrete ceiling, iron or wooden beams are made, shiny pipes, they paint it in bright colors. Large production fans seamlessly complement the interior design.

For lighting, lamps are used, as in old factories - large, hanging from the ceiling, they give a lot of light. The wiring is left in sight, and LED bulbs can be used.

Loft Room Lighting

In principle, any light sources can be used in the loft, and there should be a lot of them

If the windows are large and they have a wonderful view, then you can do completely without curtains. When the windows are small, and the landscape behind them is so-so, they use blinds in white or steel colors.

To separate the bath and toilet from the main space, use mirror partitions, metal sheets processed by plasma cutting, even parts of railway containers.

Furniture should be selected in the spirit of minimalism or "antique", metals, plastic, leather, leatherette are welcomed from materials.

Unfinished concrete in the design of a room in the style of a loft

An abundance of bare concrete - walls, a dining table and even a podium with seating areas

Brick wall in industrial style room interior

Original masonry painted white

The most popular colors of loft design: black and white, blue and silver, red and sand, wood and wine.

Free layout, optimal zoning, functionality

The functionality of interior design in the loft style is above all.The space may look quite ascetic, but every element in it is not just like that.

Zoning as such can be practically absent, and furniture is often rearranged, depending on the mood, especially if it has wheels. Different zones can be visually separated by podiums, ceilings of different heights, mirrors on legs, large sculptures, columns and beams. The bedroom from the living room should differ in the material of the walls or flooring.

Separating zones with a glass partition in an industrial style studio

Zoning with a transparent glass partition on a metal profile

Division of the loft style into functional zones

Symbolic zoning with lightweight partitions

High ceilings make it possible to make two levels in the home. The stairs leading upstairs can be made forged, vintage, from rough wood or concrete. On the second floor there are bedrooms, a study.

It is necessary to take care of heating - warm floors will come in handy. It is not necessary to do floor heating throughout the vast area of ​​the home - just place it in the bedroom, bathroom and relaxation area.

Loft style modern living room lighting

Ventilation pipes can coexist with luxurious chandeliers

Accents used in design:

  • open water pipes made of steel and other metals;
  • thick ceiling beams or false beams that are not covered by anything;
  • decorative or real fireplaces;
  • minimalism combined with luxury;
  • rough finish and artificial aging of furniture;
  • slight negligence in everything.
Sculpture in the form of large angel wings as a decor in the loft style

In the loft, the place itself is huge, even provocative decor items

Of furniture, you should prefer multifunctional, easy to care for, the most durable, strong. The room will not do without an ultramodern technique that will look eclectic against the background of rough walls without decoration.

Loft Decor

The decor in the apartment should not be used excessively. At first glance, it is located randomly, but at the same time each item has its own special place. For example, colored bottles play the role of vases, and from several suitcases there are options to build a semblance of a chest of drawers.

Wall decoration in the corridor of a loft-style residential building

Letters, numbers or some graphic designations on the walls, protruding rivets on metal and other details that attract attention with their deliberate

A bold and aesthetic mosaic is collected bit by bit. Walls can be decorated with various graffiti, collages from pieces of a magazine, patterns on raw plaster, posters, road signs, paintings.

The interior can be organically decorated with a real telescope by the window, columns with intricate stucco moldings, carved wooden sculptures, or even your favorite motorcycle.

Loft-style bedroom-living room interior

Favorite guitar and telescope by the window

Loft style living room decoration

Untouched brickwork, wall painting and a variety of art objects

In the middle of the room, a vintage fireplace looks interesting - wood or electric. Wiring can be specially made from a color cable.

Interior design of a city apartment in the loft style

Modern loft in the interior of the apartment is appropriate, even if it is small and can not boast of high ceilings. The main thing is to remove the partitions to the maximum, fill them with light using mirrors, bright lighting. Large posters with city views, lamps similar to street lamps will help to emphasize the style.

Kitchen design in the loft style is possible with the use of wall panels, the whole variety of shiny chrome household appliances, modern modular furniture combined with a rough finish of the floor and ceiling. You can emphasize here on the corrugated exhaust pipe, duplicating it in several places, industrial lamps with chains. In general, the kitchen should look like a stylized working room of a restaurant.

Loft style kitchen with modern elements

Simple interiors, wooden beams and modern furniture in the dining area

Arrangement of a loft-style living room seems quite simple - walls with decorative plaster, one of them stylized as a brick with a fireplace in the center. The furniture is beautifully decorated with draperies from canvas or canvas of various colors.There may be a leather sofa, with wheels, like a cart, chairs, with parts from a bicycle, different racks. No headsets, massive closets, extra things in the pantry. If possible, all objects should be placed away from the walls.

Zoning of the living room is a soft sofa with a fluffy carpet for the sitting area, and a table, chairs made of metal or plastic - for the workplace. A home theater with a large-scale stereo system will organically fit into the interior of the old factory.

Mixed style modern bedroom interior

Combination of styles - a classic bed with a rich headboard and leather upholstery surrounded by an industrial interior

The loft style bedroom can be separated from the rest of the room with shelves, canopies or equipped on the second floor. A large bed of steel with "balls" in the corners, enough for a couple of nightstands and a little light.

It is not necessary to enclose the bathroom well - a rather light folding screen is enough. The bath itself can have legs, legs, and faucets with pipes can be made of brass, copper, steel. A muddy mirror in a heavy frame, rough brickwork, goes well with the latest shower.

Dark loft style bathroom design

Dark bathroom interior - wooden drawers and lots of light bulbs without shades

Design of a bright bathroom in an industrial style

Bright bathroom with white walls and mirrors

The modern loft style in the interior gives great freedom in the choice of design solutions, combining the harmony of antiquity and innovation, urbanism and visual art, creativity and ease of execution. It is the most suitable for everyone who loves large spaces, rough forms, creativity and minimalism.

Loft style is not even a type of design, but a separate way of life.

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Photo projects in the loft style

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