Pop art style in the interior - youth and bright

The abundance of styles makes it possible to create a unique interior space. Pop art is one of the most popular styles in design, which does not have such clear boundaries as, for example, classic, which makes it possible to give free rein to imagination. An unusual style of pop art in the interior appeared in the middle of the last century, came to the design of rooms with fine art.

Interesting, creative, fantasy - with these three words you can best describe the pop style. Its essence is in the unambiguity, which consists in endowing ordinary household objects with unusual properties. Thanks to the endowment of cultural value, works of art became Campbell's cans of tomato soup, newspaper clippings, vinyl records, and portraits of the seductive Marilyn Monroe.

version of the unusual design of the house in the style of pop art

Pop art is one of the most popular styles in room design.

an example of a bright interior room in the style of pop art

Making a room in pop art style you can give freedom of imagination

The idea of ​​a bright apartment decor in the style of pop art

Pop art has no boundaries

The interiors in the pop style are bright, stylish and youthful, they always characterize the owner of the house as a creative, active and cheerful person. Pop-art rooms, which have turned into home furnishings from art galleries, do not correspond in any way with sugary banal comfort - light walls, wood-like furniture and floral curtains. Surrounded by objects inherent in this style, the desire to create and experiment never disappears.

variant of a beautiful home decor in pop art style

Pop art style is more suitable for active, creative people.

an example of a bright interior apartment in the style of pop art

If you like to create and experiment, then pop art style is the perfect solution.

The history of the style of "pop art"

In the 50-60s of the XX century in the style of pop, they began to paint, create unusual sculptures. Interestingly, an unusual cultural movement did not originate in the progressive United States, but on the shores of the conservative foggy Albion - in London. The original purpose of the style was to protest abstract expressionism. He made such a big sensation in society that he immediately crossed the oceanic borders and flooded America. Already in the vastness of the States, he crossed the line of fine art - in the style of pop, apartments, houses and cafes began to be decorated.

The term "pop art" in the interior began to be used by an extremely creative resident of the United States - Andy Warhol. He was an artist, filmmaker, writer and designer, changed the way Americans think. At his death, pop art did not lose popularity, those who want to complement the decor of the house with a true sign of this style buy paintings by Andy Warhol for hundreds of millions of dollars at auctions. In the period from 1985 (2 years before the death of the genius of works in the style of pop) until today, the cost of his paintings has increased by 3400%.

Other equally prominent persons of the immortal era were Andy Warhol's compatriots - Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Jones. Robert Rauschenberg created incomprehensible to most of the compositions - "Monogram", "Bed", which have not found application in the home interior and are still kept in museums. The author loved to create pictures from garbage, to consider ordinary household items as part of pop art, in the last years of his life he created eccentric lithographs.Jasper Jones is a contemporary American artist, sculptor, who is considered the most expensive in the world. His sculptures, cast from bronze, represent not something elevated, but everyday things - a toothbrush, a light bulb, beer cans.

idea of ​​light design of a room in pop art style

The original purpose of the style was to protest abstract expressionism.

variant of the unusual interior of the room in the style of pop art

For the first time the style of pop art in design began to be applied in the USA

an example of a beautiful design of a house in the style of pop art

Multi-colored decorative elements create a positive atmosphere.

Signs of pop art style in the interior

To create a unique and at the same time very stylish pop art in the interior, it is not enough just to “stuff” the room with objects of different styles, eras, and unusual products. To determine that the room is part of shocking and fun art, you can by such signs.

  1. Bright, juicy, acid colors in the most daring combinations - purple with green, red with turquoise. Not a stranger to interiors in the style of pop and a combination of black and white in unusual textures.
  2. An abundance of portraiture - posters, comics, newspaper clippings. They adorn not only the walls in the form of paintings, but are also used to decorate textiles and household items.
  3. The predominance of brilliant details is the glossy surfaces of finishing materials and furniture. Textiles are also smooth - bedspreads, curtains made of silk and synthetic fabrics. The decor can sparkle thanks to many rhinestones, stones.
  4. Illusion space - created by many lighting points, neon lights are used.

The interior in the pop style is minimalism in terms of furniture - the cabinets should be built-in, the beds should be pull-out, the rest of the furniture should be present strictly “on business”. And, the main feature is the use of household items for other purposes. For example, from a beer can a unique vase can be obtained, and from a beer barrel - a flush tank for the toilet.

idea of ​​a light apartment decor in pop art style

In the style of pop used a minimum of furniture

An example of a bright apartment decor in the style of pop art

The pop style is characterized by a combination of bright colors

How to create a pop art style in the interior: 4 professional tips

Hanging posters on the walls with the image of Marilyn Monroe or a copy of a work by Andy Warhol, putting flowers in a tin can and hanging the windows with silk curtains does not mean creating an interior in the style of pop, this is not enough. Professional designers advise applying 4 tricks.

  1. Particular attention is given to the walls. The standard basis is white paint, which must be decorated with decorative details. But a white base is a solution for only one wall, it is best if each wall is painted in a different color and different in texture.
  2. Minimum furniture. In a room decorated in pop style, the space should not be cluttered with massive wardrobes, cabinets and sofas, they should somehow merge with the walls. An exception is upholstered furniture of an unusual shape in tandem with a glass or unusual-shaped coffee table. The ideal furniture material is bright plastic, glass.
  3. Lighting - fixtures, lamps and chandeliers of an unusual shape, with neon light.
  4. Gender - can be monophonic, and can strike with unusualness. To do this, it is enough to lay a light laminate, and on top of it is a carpet with an animal or a bright abstract print.

There is no need to add decor to this list, since everyone who is going to remodel a room in the pop style knows all the details. For example, a true fan of pop art apartments does not need to be reminded that the style is characterized by absurd plastic figures, sparkling, sometimes dazzling details.

idea of ​​unusual design of a house in pop art style

The floor in the room may be plain

version of the beautiful interior of the room in the style of pop art

A room designed in pop style should have maximum free space

variant of the beautiful interior of the apartment in the style of pop art

Follow the standard guidelines to create a pop art design.

Ceiling and floor

The furnishings in the pop style are sometimes an unusual but harmonious combination of colors, textures and objects. Despite the presence of the experiment, the ceiling should be shiny and bright.For the design of the ceiling, the use of various finishing materials is permissible: PVC film or fabric, drywall, paint. PVC film and fabric are materials for creating suspended ceilings; drywall constructions are very similar to them. Paint is used only when the standard ceiling coating (plaster, concrete slabs) is even and without damage.

No matter how the decoration material decorates the ceiling, the main thing is that it reflects the light. It is allowed to create a flat canvas or a multilevel structure. The second option is more suitable for rooms in the pop style, in the formed ceiling niches, you can arrange LED strips with neon lights. If the ceiling is redone with drywall or just painted, the paint must be glossy, like glass. It is best to use acrylic or latex based coatings. They are carefully applied to the surface, easy to clean and have a long service life.

idea of ​​a light room decor in pop art style

Ceiling recommended brilliant and bright

an example of an unusual design of a house in the style of pop art

Ceiling paint is best used with a reflective effect.

Gender in this style can be a work of art. Suitable materials, their pros and cons are shown in the table.




Material benefits

Disadvantages of flooring when not recommended


Withstands heavy loads, easy to clean, individual parts can be replaced in case of damage. You can also note the affordable price, subject to the use of a quality laminate, it can last up to 20 years

The coating is slippery, requires strict installation conditions - the surface should be perfectly smooth

Carpet, carpet tile

Warm, pleasant to the body type of coating, does not require special installation conditions

Carpet needs regular dry cleaning.

Bulk floor

The newest variety of flooring in the style of pop, which is distinguished by an unusual design, high strength, ease of care. When mounting, a solid surface is poured, so there are no seams

The coating is notable for its high cost, complexity and duration (the bulk floor freezes for 5 days) of installation, it is impossible to hide utilities under it

idea of ​​bright design of a room in pop art style

Laminate is perfect for flooring

an example of a beautiful apartment decor in pop art style

The floor in the room must match the style.

variant of the bright interior of the house in the style of pop art

The room in the style of pop art will look modern and beautiful.

Furniture in the style of pop art

As already mentioned, furniture in the pop style is a clear minimalism, which has nothing to do with luxury and naturalness. Unusual, unusual pieces of furniture will ideally fit into the pop art apartments. It is better that they be made of plastic. Cabinets are absolutely unnecessary details, so they should be replaced with niches or built-in wardrobes. All furniture details should have a smooth, shiny and bright surface to fit the idea. Upholstered furniture can never be upholstered in dense, massive and patterned fabrics - only smooth silk and satin are relevant for pop art.

example of a light room decor in pop art style

In the style of pop, furniture should be a minimum quantity

version of the unusual design of the apartment in the style of pop art

Furniture should have a smooth and bright surface.

Pop art decor

To harmoniously complement pop art in the interior, use decor. Rather, decorative elements occupy a key position in pop art apartments. When designing a space, you should adhere to useful recommendations.

  1. The presence of frequently repeated symbols in different colors. It will also look good to repeat several images, but in different sizes.
  2. Use of hand-made items.
  3. Extraordinary items - a floor lamp in the form of a superman, a stack of books instead of a coffee table.

It is important to use a lot of pop style decor: unusual flower vases, lots of colorful pillows on sofas, and a maximum of lighting. At the same time, the more unique each detail is the better.

idea of ​​a bright home interior in pop art style

Decorative elements are the main feature of the style.

an example of bright design of a house in the style of pop art

When decorating a room, follow generally accepted recommendations.

idea of ​​an unusual room decor in pop art style

Use unique decor items

Pop art in the interior of different rooms

According to the story, the pop style interior is used exclusively for remodeling housing of mega creative individuals who love freedom and do not honor family values. Today, this stereotype has been completely destroyed by modern designers who correctly introduce pop art into children's rooms, apartments of popular cafes, and offices.

To give the bedroom a pop-style calm, it is worth giving way to bright colors for the benefit of unusual textures. The same can be done when remaking the children's room, but it’s best to leave some bright details - mickey mouse posters and neon lighting. If we talk about the kitchen, it is also possible, just paint the walls with white paint, pick up a bright furniture set and set a glass dining table with plastic chairs. An ideal addition to the kitchen is a bright refrigerator. In the bathroom, you should forget about ordinary white plumbing and replace it with chrome, the same can be done in the kitchen.

An example of a bright apartment interior in pop art style

Pop art style started to be used more and more.

variant of unusual home decor in pop art style

The combination of many colors in the interior is the main feature of style

Actual colors

A variety of color palettes is the trump card of rooms decorated in pop style, but proceeding to remake it is important to remember that when using all the colors of the rainbow there are shades that can not fit into the pop art interior. These are pastel, matte shades of different colors. For example, this applies to mint and coral flowers. It is best to use the white base of the walls and combine it with bright colors - purple, red, ultramarine, emerald. The fresher and brighter the color, the better.

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