We embody the Provence style in the interior of the apartment

The Provence style in the interior of the apartment is able to create a cozy and pacifying atmosphere of good provincial France. A good design option for romantic natures, accustomed to good antiquity and simple grace. Style permeates the apartment with light and lightness, freshness of the Mediterranean Sea, the beauty of boundless lavender fields.

beautiful corridor design in provence style

Provence style design

unusual interior of a provence style apartment

Provence style apartment design

bright hallway style in provence style

Provence style in home interior

History of the origin of style

As an interior design, it originated in the south of France in a province called Provence. The location of the southern regions of the country in proximity to the sea, the hot sun and the natural diversity of colors influenced the interior design.

The old Mediterranean style consisted of white stone houses, small windows, a tiled or flat white roof. Miniature cottages descended to the sea and created a picture pleasing to the eye.

Over time, everything changed, and small white houses turned into large estates. In their design, special attention was paid to the comfort and functional separation of the rooms. Such houses featured high ceilings, large windows, and spacious bedrooms. The view from the window has become of particular importance.

Over the entire existence of Provence, the design has changed significantly, from ascetic to sophisticated and has become very popular.

light living room decor in provence style

Bright provence style design

bright provence bedroom design

Provence style living room design


Looking at the photos of apartments made in this style, you can trace the distinct features of Provence:

  • pastel colors (beige, white, cream, light yellow, lavender and marine tones);
  • wallpaper with floral patterns, a cage and a strip;
  • light aged furniture;
  • light, airy curtains on the windows;
  • natural finishing materials (stone, wood, metal, ceramics, porcelain);
  • an abundance of fresh flowers;
  • handmade decor;
  • accessories (forged frames and candlesticks, wicker items from real or newspaper vines).
unusual Provence style kitchen interior

Provence style design

beautiful Provence style kitchen decor

Drawings of flowers on the wall in the living room in the style of provence

bright style apartment in provence style

Beige color in the interior of the living room in the style of Provence

The difference between Provence and country

Provence, like country, belongs to the rustic styles. In the design, both use natural materials and many natural and floral patterns. However, there are significant differences. Although the colors are similar, vibrant colors are used more.

Also, country-style furniture can be varnished, when paint is more suitable for Provence. In the Provence style, a lot of forged interior items are used, and much more floral ornaments.

bright living room design in provence style

Bright Provence style in the interior of the living room

unusual Provence style bedroom decor

Bright Provence style kitchen design

Provence-style walls, floor and ceiling

The design of walls, floors and ceilings in the Provence style does not require ideality, on the contrary, they can be rough. For walls, decorative plaster, painted in fresh lemon or olive shades, is suitable. You can also use wallpaper with three-dimensional patterns or wooden panels.

The floor must be made only from natural materials. It could be:

  • parquet floor design;
  • natural stone floor:
  • floor made of decorative tiles.

Artificial coatings should not be used - they are not suitable for Provence. A carpet with a long pile, which will bring a bit of family comfort, can become an addition to this floor.

For the ceiling, you can use plaster, as well as for walls. A wooden cover made of narrow slats will also look good. Initially, in the Provence style, a decorative stucco ceiling was also used. However, now it can be quite expensive, so you can use stretch ceilings with a pattern for sculpting or even textile. It all depends on the imagination and taste.

light provence style corridor

Provence style design

beautiful hallway interior in provence style

Provence style in the interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence

beautiful bedroom decor in provence style

Provence style white bedroom

Simple, stylish Provencal style furniture

Provence uses intentionally aged wicker, forged or wooden furniture. It performs both an operational and a decorative function.

The main components of the style:

  • worn cabinets, sideboards and mezzanines with cracks and chips;
  • open cupboards;
  • carved tables and chairs (with peeling legs);
  • carved beds, bedside tables;
  • upholstery of upholstered furniture exclusively in pastel shades.
bright kitchen interior in provence style

Chic living room design in provence style

bright apartment design in provence style

Beautiful interior room in provence style

Not just accents - many-sided fabrics

Provence is characterized by an abundance of textile decor with animal and natural ornaments and embroidery. For example, it can be: pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins, curtains. It is preferable to use natural fabrics: linen, cotton, chintz or wool.

Particular attention is paid to window decoration. At first, in Provencal houses, the windows were small and overlooked the garden. Therefore, only light, light curtains or curtains were used. This facilitated the penetration of sunlight and fresh air into the room. Following the rules, it is better to choose a light light tulle, satin or chintz. A small floral pattern will emphasize the lightness and grace of style.

The perfect combination is the echo of the pattern, the color of the curtains and other textiles in the house. Traditionally, Provence style is considered: white, cream, milk, ocher, light blue and yellow, terracotta shade for any textile.

unusual hallway style in provence style

Provence style kitchen

unusual provence corridor design

Provence style bedroom design

bright living room decor in provence style

Provence style white room

Design of a small apartment in Provencal style

In order to better understand what the Provence interior looks like, you need to consider in detail the design of the apartment, made in this style.

An example is a one-room apartment in which the kitchen is combined with the living room, there is a small bedroom, a combined bathroom and a spacious balcony.

Kitchen and living room

The room is made in beige and lavender shades, representing a spectacular harmony. The walls of the living room are bleached brickwork. The sofa is covered in thick purple fabric. It immerses you in the beauty of the Provencal style and fills the space with romantic notes. The walls of the kitchen are made using beige and purple tiles.

bright interior provence style bedroom

Pink color in the interior of a room in the style of provence

unusual hallway decor in provence style

Light provence style design


Made in blue and marine shades. The floor is covered with white oak. The walls are covered with pale blue textured plaster. White wooden ceiling decorated with massive beams of dark wood. From the furniture presented: a carved white bed with a wooden headboard, the same color tables and a dressing table. The bed has a small blue carpet. The windows are decorated with light, light lace curtains.

light provence style kitchen

Kitchen design in provence style

bright living room interior in provence style

Provence style in the bedroom interior

beautiful apartment design in provence style

Kitchen design in provence style


This room cannot be left without attention. The area of ​​the balcony made it possible to adapt it to the recreation area. There are wicker chairs, a round purple table, a storage system for flowerpots with wildflowers and an original miniature lamp.The walls are faced with decorative white stucco. The ceiling is lined with light wood. The floor is covered with medium brown tiles. When decorating the windows, Roman curtains were used in light purple color.


The floor in the room is decorated with large textured tiles of a dark shade. The walls are painted a pale lilac color. To brighten the room, the ceiling is made in white. Plumbing is selected in accordance with the Provencal style. The sink has a rounded shape, and the bathroom is oval, but this does not interfere with maintaining Provence. All furniture is white, standing on curly legs. The large mirror is decorated with an elegant wooden frame.

beautiful hallway design in provence style

White color in the interior of an apartment in provence style

unusual living room style in provence style

Beautiful provence style design

To summarize

The design of an apartment in the Provence style makes it more comfortable and calm, without any pretentiousness. In such a place you feel easy and free.

Without a doubt - the Provence style is worth attention and diligence in its design. Having familiarized with its subtleties and features, you can create a cozy corner of a provincial town and enjoy all the delights of a rustic style right in your apartment.

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