Provence style in the interior of a country house

The rural country style is well expressed by the Provence style in the interior of a country house. Colors, subtleties may vary, but the general appearance is similar for everyone. The most popular at the moment is French Provence.

Provence-style country house living room design

The Provence style interior features light finishes, natural materials, rustic textiles and elegant yet comfortable decor.

Key Features and Features

A country house in the Provencal style is the embodiment of not only the rural life of the southern province, its culture. He “blows” him with calm, peace. Being inside, you plunge into the atmosphere of the hot sun, heat, sea, romanticism.

Glazed wooden partition in the provence style kitchen

Provence-style country house has a special, light atmosphere.

Provence style denies modern devices, furniture made of plastic and steel. It is important tree, pastel colors, green plants in pots, the decor is comfortable and simple. The villagers are in no hurry, they are not chasing fashion and novelties, therefore, being in a room decorated in the Provence style, the furniture is worn, artificially aged, natural materials, antiques, a lot of decor items.

Provence style living room interior

The interior of the room consists of simple elements, artificially aged materials and antique decor items.

Distinctive features:

  • lack of bright, saturated colors;
  • walls, ceiling several shades lighter than the floor;
  • the furniture elements are old;
  • all textiles from natural fabrics;
  • the main print is floral;
  • windows are large with many sections;
  • lack of heavy curtains.
The design of the premises of a country house in pastel colors

In this interior there is no place for bright flashy colors, and the advantage is given to calm pastel shades

The whole room, furniture, decor in most cases, has a white, light color. In the homeland of this style, the weather is very hot, so they try to create an atmosphere of coolness and lightness in the living quarters.

Plants in the bedroom interior of a Provence-style country house

The French-style interiors have many dried and fresh flowers placed in vases, tubs or herbaria

Color features

Provencal style compares favorably with others in its unobtrusive, pastel colors. At first glance, it may seem that everything is the same color, but if you look closely, you can find many different shades. The situation in the hot southern countries cannot be saturated for a long time, it quickly fades in the sun. Decor and furniture may be bright.

Provence style log home living room

For decor use shades of pink, light brown and green.

Bed in Provence-style country house bedroom

Variations of pastel colors are also suitable for furniture, decor and textiles.

The main shades of this style: white, pale green, yellow and mint, beige, blue, lemon, azure, terracotta. All these colors can be used both for decorating a room and for decorating.

Room decoration

Finishing a country house begins with a plan, the purchase of material. All repairs are carried out in stages.

Interior decoration of a Provence-style apartment building

The rustic style welcomes the abundance of small decorative elements that make the home habitable and cozy.

Wall decoration

In rooms decorated in the Provence style, the main option for wall treatment is decorative plaster. It is applied in a variety of ways, surfaces can be uneven, rough.Shades of vertical surfaces should be light. Because of this, the room visually expands, refreshes, a feeling of cleanliness appears, and it becomes possible to install any decor.

Light stucco wall in the living room of a provence country house

Stucco on the walls is often specially applied with bumps.

The walls can be decorated with wood paneling. In such cases, the entire finish is made from natural materials. Provence style allows you to paint wall panels in white or beige color; artificial scuffs look great on them. If the owner wants to create the interior of the village hut, you can make decorative designs, for example, in the kitchen room, vertical surfaces can be finished with tiles or mosaics.

Wooden wall in the interior of a provence-style country house

In the design of the walls using structural elements, for example, the logs are not painted, but only treated with protective compounds


In the Provencal style, the ceiling is painted in light shades, whitewash is applied. In some cases, the surface is decorated with wooden beams, contrasts can be emphasized favorably, and the method of artificial aging can be used. If a living room or dining room is decorated, the ceiling can be decorated with stucco molding.

Wooden beams in the ceiling design of a country house

As a rule, the ceiling has a light color and contrasting wooden beams.

Stucco style ceiling in the dining room of a country house

Stucco molding is appropriate on the ceiling in the living room, but it should also look aged


The classics of this style are wooden floors. They can be painted or left unprocessed. All finishing materials must be natural, high-quality. If you are designing a kitchen, another utility room, you can put tiles on the floor, for example, brown. Designers find this option practical.

Wooden floor in a provence country house

In the living rooms, the most logical look is the wooden floor. Parquet, laminate or engineering board - it's up to you

Tiled floor in the bathroom of a Provence-style country house

You can lay tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen. This solution is practical in terms of cleaning.

Windows and doors

In the Provence style, window openings, doors are preferably made of wood. They can be left in natural processing, painted, artificially aged. In order to have more natural light in the doors, transparent glass inserts can be made. In this style, the “French window" technique is often used. That is, an opening is made from the ceiling to the floor, the window can be used as a door.

Provence-style French window in the living room of a country house

The highlight of the style is the “French window” from floor to ceiling, which can be made in the form of glazed door sections

Wooden doors as contrasting interior details in Provence style

Doors can serve as contrasting elements if made of dark wood.

Furniture selection and placement

Provence style in a country house implies massive wicker or forged furniture. Plastic, steel, accessories prohibited. If there is not enough money for a real tree, you can purchase elements from particleboard, MDF with high-quality imitation.

Provence furniture set in the living room of a residential building

Solid wood furniture or decent imitation with a distinctive design is suitable for rural style

If the hostess or the owner of the house is a creative person, you can collect old furniture from friends, acquaintances, market sales and put it in order yourself, restore it. Here, excellent “helpers” will be online master classes, tips from more experienced fans of this style.

Wooden furniture in the dining room of a country house in the style of Provence

Real Provence is wooden or wicker furniture with forging elements.

The main decoration of the room, decorated in a rustic Provence style, are cupboards, chests of drawers, cabinets, chairs, mezzanines. All of them should be of solid size, in good condition, painted in light, pastel shades. Allowed painting, engraving on the facades. A dining group consisting of a massive table and several chairs will add chic to the dining room. In the living room you can put several wicker chairs on which to put several pillows. On the sofa you can throw a quilt with ruffles.

Open shelves in Provence style interior decoration

If you want to visually free up space, hang simple shelves instead of massive cupboards and cupboards

The choice of decorative elements, textiles

Country style and, accordingly, Provence “loves” high-quality, natural fabrics (linen, silk, cotton, muslin, chintz). Drawings are preferable to vegetable, for example, flowers. These prints are ideal for decorative pillows, light curtains, tablecloths. The windows are decorated with tulle with interceptions, ruffles, tassels. The bedroom is covered with quilts. Do-it-yourself elements that fit perfectly into the interior. Lampshades, floor lamps, floor lamps can be decorated with floral fabric inserts.

Curtains made of natural fabric in the decoration of the house in the style of Provence

When choosing textiles, give preference to natural fabrics - cotton, linen, silk or chintz

Decorating elements in the interior of a house in the style of Provence

The desired mood in the room creates an abundance of all kinds of decor, many of whose elements can be made with your own hands.

The walls are decorated with paintings depicting nature, rural life. Put small, wicker baskets, candlesticks on the shelves, the table, put a few lace napkins, ceramic dishes. Mirrors are hung in forged frames. In the village you can not do without flowers in pots and pots, on the wall - a herbarium.


Each style has certain requirements regarding the selection and placement of lighting fixtures.

Chandeliers with lamps in the form of candles in the interior of a room in the style of Provence

Open fixtures in the form of candles are often used in luminaires.

Basic Provence Style Rules

Using fixtures They should be made of wood, porcelain.
Color matching Brightness or many shades are excluded. It is enough to use 2 colors, the main one is white, the additional one is blue, pink, beige. It is desirable that the entire interior was created using similar shades.
Style combination All lighting fixtures must be combined, even if they are in different rooms.
Provence-style living room lighting

Several light sources are installed in the rooms, helping to zon the room and adding accents to certain elements of the decor

Suburban area design

In order for the Provence style atmosphere to be fully felt, one should not forget about decorating not only a residential building, but also a land plot. The landscape can be easily transformed with the help of a small arbor, an old-fashioned fence with a miniature wicket, wicker garden furniture. Along the arbor you can plant grapes, which will grow over time, spray roses, lilacs, wisteria.

Provence Country House Outdoor Terrace

The appearance of the house and everything that is nearby should correspond to the chosen style

Provence summer kitchen in the garden

If there is a place in the garden, not far from the house you can put a small gazebo or even a summer kitchen

Provence style is preferred by calm people, living in harmony with themselves. These are not necessarily poor individuals, there are wealthy owners who want to create a homely atmosphere in their country house, warm, without any luxury. Everything is as simple and convenient as possible.

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