Stylish exclusive design room 18 square meters. m. in a one-room apartment

Not everyone was lucky to live in a spacious house, some have to huddle in a small one-room apartment. But if you creatively approach the organization of space, then the design of a room of 18 sq.m of a studio type (without walls) or in a one-room apartment will come out functional and creative. The smaller the usable area, the more difficult it is to decide how to place all things using a minimum of furniture and decorative items. If you borrow the ideas of interior designers, it is easy to independently achieve the maximum effect with minimal means.

option of an unusual interior of a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

Design ideas can be borrowed from other designers

idea of ​​a bright decor of a living room of 18 sq.m.

If the apartment is one-room, this does not mean that it cannot be nicely decorated

the idea of ​​a bright design of a children's room of 18 sq.m.

Even in the smallest apartment you can make a stunning design

How to reasonably distribute an area of ​​18 square meters. m.?

A room of 18 squares in itself is not considered small, but often this is all that a family can have. If this is a one-room apartment for a single person, then this is quite enough.

For a young family with children, this space is not enough. In this case, you have to compact as much as possible using compact furniture. Partially solve the problem will help bunk beds, folding sofas and armchairs. They fit well into the modern interior of a room of 18 square meters. m. in a studio apartment, as in the photo.

version of the beautiful style of the children's room 18 sq.m.

To maximize the use of space, it is worth choosing functional furniture

the idea of ​​a beautiful decor of a living room of 18 sq.m.

An apartment of 18 squares is not considered small

It is especially crowded, if this is the whole living space, that is, a studio apartment of 18 m2, the design of which involves a food block and a bathroom without an additional meter. It is good if there is a spacious insulated balcony, but few have such luxury.

The configuration of a one-room apartment differs, depending on the layout:

  • standard (rectangular with one window or balcony);
  • corner with 2 windows;
  • square;
  • trapezoid (1 corner beveled);
  • L-shaped;
  • with a rounded or panoramic wall.
the idea of ​​a bright style children's room 18 sq.m.

Use more bright colors, they can visually expand the borders of the room

bright design option of the living room 18 sq.m.

It will be very useful to use bunk beds.

option of an unusual decor of a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

The design of such apartments needs to be thought out individually.

There are different ways to give advice on arranging furniture, zoning the space and designing projects. All solutions have something in common - as little furniture as possible, but more free space, air and light. This is achieved due to free passages, dismantling of the piers and secondary partitions. Not the last role is played by the visual expansion of space and the competent use of furniture for zoning and delimitation of functional zones.

the idea of ​​a bright style bedroom 18 sq.m.

The area needs to be used as useful as possible, it can be cabinets from the floor to the ceiling

the idea of ​​a bright design of a living room of 18 sq.m.

Furniture should be minimal, but it should be functional

version of the beautiful interior of the children's room 18 sq.m.

Furniture in such apartments should be placed competently

How to choose furniture for limited space?

The thoughtful design of the room is 18 square meters. m. in a studio apartment is based on the choice of furniture.


1. Light cabinets Racks, corners, metal shelves and hinged 3-tier shelves made of glass and without doors
2. Built in furniture Sliding wardrobe with sliding doors and mezzanines to the ceiling, pencil cases, corners, modules
3. Transformers Folding seats, stackable stools and chairs, folding tables, padded stools
4. Multifunctional sofa beds For 2-3 seats with a convenient transformation mechanism and orthopedic mattress
5. Kitchen furniture Compact integrated modules and pencil cases
6. Drawers and shelves Used to the maximum, but as part of any multifunctional furniture
the idea of ​​a beautiful interior of a living room is 18 sq.m.

The sofa can be used folding

variant of the bright style of the children's room 18 sq.m.

Using modular furniture is a great idea.

Today, bulky cabinet furniture is practically not used; it has gone out of fashion. It is successfully replaced by lightweight modular designs, often on casters, so that you can move around the room. Compact samples fit perfectly into the design of a one-room Khrushchevka 18 sq. M or a modern studio apartment, as in the photo.

If you have nowhere to put a dining table, you can do without it, replacing a wide coffee table by the sofa. Modern citizens rarely dine together - each has its own busy schedule. They usually have dinner at the TV, discussing the latest news or TV shows.

the idea of ​​a bright design of a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

Sometimes you can do without a bed, if there is something to replace

the idea of ​​a bright interior of a living room of 18 sq.m.

Cabinets should be used as functional as possible.

Many hastily eat breakfast, limiting themselves to a cup of coffee with a sandwich. For such a lifestyle, a bar that separates the food block from the living area, or a wide window sill with tabletop functions, is quite enough.

Regarding children's furniture, a solution has been found for a small space for a long time. The design of a one-room apartment of 18 sq. M fits perfectly:

  • two-level modules;
  • bunk beds;
  • compact children's furniture complexes;
  • wardrobes and work areas with an attic bed.

A couch or couch for a couple does not have to be placed along the wall. In a compact studio-style apartment, there is not always a place for them. A great option is to expose the island in the center of the apartment, the front side to the plasma panel on the wall or to the TV on the multi-function cabinet.

idea of ​​a bright interior of a living room of 18 sq.m.

Using light shades can visually expand the boundaries of the room

version of the bright design of the children's room 18 sq.m.

Modular furniture will be a great option for such an apartment.

version of an unusual design of a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

Two-level modules are perfect for this design.

Tip. It is better to do without a bed if there is nowhere to put it, especially when there is something to fully replace.

Room design 18 sq. M. m type bedroom-living room is a wide comfortable plane for sleeping. For example, a bed enclosed by a partition or a quickly assembled sofa with a reliable transformation mechanism.

option of a beautiful style of a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

The bed can be separated by curtains.

the idea of ​​an unusual decor of a children's room of 18 sq.m.

Zoning can be done with plasterboard partitions

Choose a style

  1. Minimalism is the best choice for a modern small-sized apartment with an improved layout or a studio apartment. The Scandinavian version in white is especially good for the interior of an apartment of 18 square meters. m. on the north side. This is a functional style without decor and frills. Not only traditional and Norwegian minimalism is gaining popularity, but also the Japanese variety - for lovers of oriental exoticism.
  2. Retro style suitable for room design 18 sq. M. m. in a one-room Khrushchev without redevelopment. But so that it does not look morally obsolete, it is worth getting rid of bulky furniture and old textiles. It is better to give a special highlight due to antique dishes, tablecloths and handmade napkins from a grandmother's chest, comfortable chairs and other practical items with a touch of nostalgia. This option is chosen for families in which there are representatives of the older generation.
  3. Young people most often choose the modern urban design of a studio apartment of 18 square meters. m. or for repairs of one room. High tech and techno, loft and fusion - all of these areas are close, but unique in their own way.
  4. In the stone jungle of megalopolises you want forest smells and sounds, fresh flowers and bright colors of nature. The ecological style and many varieties of country do a great job of this. Provence, with its lavender fields on the photo wallpaper, or a Swiss chalet with a sheepskin underfoot instead of a palace - for lovers of cozy rural interiors.Decorations in the spirit of the Russian tower are suitable for the design of a studio of 18 squares without walls, but you need a real hearth or stylization of a Russian stove.
  5. Classics and historical stylistics in a modern reinterpretation finds its worthy embodiment in apartments with high ceilings and large windows. New apartment design 18 sq. M. m. in the traditions of postmodernism or neoclassicism is better to entrust to specialists.
    bright design option for a bedroom of 18 sq.m.

    Remember that in some cases it will be impossible to translate ideas

    the idea of ​​a beautiful style of a children's room is 18 sq.m.

    Most often in such apartments use the style of minimalism.

    version of the bright interior of the children's room 18 sq.m.

    Modern style is more suitable for youth

Tip. Keep in mind that in confined spaces it’s difficult to realize grandiose ideas.

Ways to visually expand the space:

  • mirror surfaces;
  • wall cladding and stretch ceilings with a glossy effect;
  • transparent curtains and tulle;
  • 3D murals with spatial illusions;
  • glass shelves and countertops;
  • vertical and horizontal lines;
  • large geometry on wallpaper and textiles;
  • light shades in the interior of the studio room 18 square meters. m
the idea of ​​a bright design of a living room of 18 sq.m.

Mirror surfaces can also expand the boundaries of the room.

variant of the unusual decor of the living room 18 sq.m.

Bright colors can visually expand the boundaries of the room

See these and many other techniques for organizing space in the photo in our gallery of illustrations.

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