Steampunk in the interior: history, features, photos

Steampunk is a style that definitely cannot be called ordinary. Not every owner will risk using it in his house, and besides, the creation of such an interior will require significant material investments. The original and original steampunk is suitable for those who are not afraid to take risks and make an impression, sometimes even contradictory.

steampunk bedroom interior with leather upholstery

Steampunk style kitchen interior

antique steampunk living room interior

Steampunk style living room

Who is this style for?

Are you a science fiction writer and ardent admirer of Herbert Wells or Jules Verne? Then you are moving in the right direction. The works of these writers became a source of inspiration for designers, allowing the steampunk style to be born.

Such an apartment is a small isolated world in which creative extraordinary personalities will feel comfortable. In addition, its creation requires a special aesthetic taste and design abilities.

If you recognize yourself, then boldly act, because the steampunk style is definitely for you.

steampunk style apartment design with wooden parquet

Steampunk Room Design

A bit of history

Steampunk is not just a trend in interior design. This style has also spread in the field of painting, literature and architecture. Disputes about its appearance do not stop, but it is reliably known that he acquired his modern interpretation in the 60-80s of the last century.

This style is of particular interest for the reason that it reflects an alternative reality, the future through the eyes of a person from the past. It belongs to the category of retro-futurism, carries a hue of the era of Queen Victoria and echoes of fantasies on the development of a steam engine.

steampunk style house with antique effect

Chic steampunk bedroom design

steampunk style bedroom with leather upholstery

Steampunk style room design

steampunk corridor interior with wooden parquet

Steampunk style bathroom

What is it like

The most accurate description can be given in just three words: steampunk is “the future from the past”. It was created as a result of an amazing mixture of Victorian style elements and unusual mechanisms, and personifies the fantasies of people of the twentieth century. It is characterized by an abundance of fantasy devices, pipes, gears, light bulbs of levers and other elements of technology. The man of that time considered the main engine of progress to be a steam engine, so all the designs used in this style were inspired by him.

antique steampunk hallway interior

Steampunk style room

A special place in the design of the room is given to heating and water supply systems. The fact that in an ordinary apartment it is customary to hide, in the steampunk style it is customary to flaunt.

Such interiors are often decorated with completely atypical decor elements. Images of various aircraft such as balloons and airships quite often contribute to the interior design in the steampunk style.

steampunk style design with wooden parquet

Bright steampunk bedroom

Steampunk Features

Like any other style, steampunk has its own characteristics.

  • Blur the time frame.

Steampunk does not force you to abandon all the latest inventions of mankind in 50 years. To give modern electronics the effect of antiquity, it is painted in the color of copper or framed with wood. An interesting tactical move is to combine techniques from different times.For example, modern tiles can be replaced by gas, and the keyboard can be made in the form of a typewriter.

steampunk kitchen interior with wooden parquet

Steampunk style room

steampunk style bedroom with leather upholstery

Steampunk style room design

steampunk style living room with leather upholstery

Steampunk style room interior

  • Naturalness.

In the last century, synthetic materials have not yet gained distribution, so the steampunk style in the interior implies naturalness and natural materials for decoration, as well as decorating the premises.

  • Fantastic.

The interior should remind you of travels in time and space, and the farther away its details will be from reality, the better. Antique watches and compasses, spinning gears, as well as pirate paraphernalia will fit in very well here.

steampunk kitchen design with wooden parquet

Chic steampunk room design

  • The spirit of the Victorian era.

The ideal room in the steampunk style resembles the home of a scientist and inventor from the last century. Decorate it with various elements of steam engines, put Victorian-style furniture and the interior will be almost ready.

  • Original lighting.

Modern lamps and fixtures are definitely not the place here. The best option is gas lamps, which can also be replaced with lamps made with the effect of antiquity.

steampunk style hallway with leather upholstery

Steampunk style bright room

steampunk style house with leather upholstery

Steampunk in the interior of the room

Colors and materials

Steampunk style is a kind of nostalgia for bygone times. Therefore, materials used here are typical for the twentieth century: brass, iron, leather and wood. Moreover, they are used not only in furniture and accessories, but also imitating their wall decoration is also selected.

Coarse textures and raw materials emphasize the industrial character of the design and make the interior even more spectacular.

interior of the steampunk style apartment with the effect of antiquity

Steampunk style room

The color palette of the style is muffled, even a little gloomy. The main colors are:

  • beige;
  • brown;
  • the black;
  • Gray.

It is perfectly acceptable to complement them with shades of red, blue and dark green, as well as any colors with a metallic sheen.

steampunk living room interior with leather upholstery

Steampunk style room interior

steampunk house interior with wooden parquet

Chic steampunk style room

Furniture & Accessories

When decorating in a steampunk style, you don’t have to buy new furniture and update appliances. Old or artificially aged objects will give the apartment a special charm and fit perfectly into the general appearance of the room.

Furniture in the steampunk style is acquired not only in antique shops, but also made independently. It looks simple and straightforward. Even industrial shelves will do.

However, it is necessary to focus on belonging to the Victorian era. For this, an elegant sofa with leather upholstery, wooden cabinet furniture, as well as elegant metal fittings, are suitable.

steampunk style bedroom with wood flooring

Chic steampunk room design

Furniture should be of high quality and solid, look expensive and noble, emphasizing the wealth of the owner. It is preferable to dwell on dark shades of wood, but for rooms with modest sizes, a lightened tree is also suitable. The decor should be restrained and concise, and present in the form of metal corners and forged hinges.

Books and bookshelves give a special touch to the room. For storage, chests, caskets and open shelves are also used.

Look for accessories in the attic. Everything that used to be just a pity to throw away will now become a stylish addition to your interior. Feel free to get chests, caskets, antique clocks, televisions and telephones, and place them in the bedroom or living room.

steampunk kitchen design with antique effect

Steampunk style bedroom

steampunk style design with leather upholstery

Steampunk style room


Steampunk style in the interior of any room pays special attention to lamps. It is they who create the mood, bring this or that atmosphere to the room.

What kind of lighting is better to organize? There are a couple of great ideas.

  • Lamps in an industrial style.The abundance of pipes, deliberately bare wires or even ordinary incandescent bulbs will be a reference to the era of industrialization.
  • Classical or Victorian chandeliers. Such a luxury item is suitable for an apartment with a high ceiling and good taste hosts. Such a light source will attract attention, therefore it is necessary to try so that it does not look too pretentious and fits into the overall design of the room.
steampunk interior with leather upholstery

Red room in steampunk style.

Steampunk style living room

The steampunk-style living room will immediately let guests know that the owners of this apartment are creative and non-standard people. In order to impress, you will not need a lush decor, or expensive modern appliances, or luxury furniture. You only need a creative approach and a willingness to implement the most daring ideas.

The main task of arranging a living room in the steampunk style is to correctly distribute the space. The room should not be cluttered, but also not look empty. Let the feeling of creative mess reign in the living room, and moving around it will be simple and convenient.

antique steampunk style corridor style

Steampunk Room Design

Think ahead to the lighting. Choose original fixtures with a soft dim light. Pay attention to Victorian chandeliers and metal sconces.

The decoration of the room is carried out in such a way that the freshness of the repair does not catch the eye: old wooden parquet, rough plaster or unprocessed brick on the walls. Designers also suggest using wallpaper with an unusual pattern. This can be an imitation of natural wood or stone, images of various mechanisms or geographical maps.

The color palette of steampunk is quite restrained, so it is better to save bright solutions for another occasion. However, it is quite acceptable to diversify the interior with several catchy details: sofa cushions, carpets, curtains or other items.

steampunk house design with wooden parquet

Beautiful steampunk room

Forget boring standard furniture and accessories. The striking imagination of a man of the twentieth century, designs, tables and chairs on wheels, metal racks with rusty coating - all these ideas are the embodiment of steampunk in its purest form.

Decorate the walls with maps showing the way to pirate treasures, or abstract schemes of intricate mechanisms.

steampunk style interior with leather upholstery

Steampunk style bright room

Steampunk in the bathroom

The bathroom and the toilet open up a wide scope for the actions of the designer designing the steampunk-style apartment. These rooms are ideal for creating such an interior.

A network of decorative pipes and levers will create the necessary effect, and their counterparts from copper pipes can become an alternative to furniture. The sink and bathroom are usually made of stainless metals and noble materials such as marble or granite.

steampunk style bedroom with antique effect

Steampunk style room interior

Even ordinary cranes here are real works of art. As if they came to us from past centuries, these details create the inherent steampunk effect of antiquity.

It is customary to decorate the walls with decorative tiles in the relevant subjects. Pay attention to the tiles with the images of balloons, steam locomotives or an imitation of the old map - we need them.

Summarizing all of the above, we give the main "chips" of steampunk, which must be used to create the right interior.

Element of the interior


Space planning

  • Not too spacious, but not cluttered interior.

  • The effect of creative mess.


Natural materials characteristic of the last century:

  • Tree

  • Brass

  • Copper

  • Leather

Color spectrum

Calm muted colors: beige, brown, gray.


  • The effect of antiquity

  • Wallpapers and tiles with thematic drawings

  • Wood flooring

  • Rough textures, raw materials


  • Soft dim light

  • Fancy lights

  • Victorian Chandeliers


  • Old or artificially aged items

  • Leather upholstery

  • Laconic decor

  • Metal parts and structures


Pipes, levers, gears and other elements of mechanical structures are used. The more unusual the accessory, the better.

antique steampunk style corridor design

Steampunk Room Design

Not everyone will like an amazing and unique steampunk, but such an original idea will impress everyone. Immerse yourself in the past, while also looking into the alternative future. The steampunk style in the interior of any room is a portal to a parallel reality, bewitching and alluring.

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