Bright doors in the interior: a variety of models, materials and textures

Doorways are designed in different ways, including a traditional door leaf made of wood and eco-veneer. Today, the assortment produces plastic, glass and with decorative inserts, but the most popular are light doors in the interior of the apartment. The once popular interior option (from plywood on a frame with white paint) goes into oblivion, preference is given to wood decor. A large selection raises many questions; professional designers will answer them.

White double door with glass inserts

Bright doors return to fashion again

How does the choice of color and texture affect the perception of the interior and self-awareness?

A harmonious interior is directly related to inner comfort, the aura of the room gives a sense of inner balance. That’s why so much attention is paid to home improvement. Psychologists and color experts often recommend "change the environment" after stress.

Staying in beautiful places and fashionable hotels, expensive resorts and holiday homes literally "bring to life." But the overhaul or redecoration of your own apartment has the same effect, if you do not delay it for more than 2-3 weeks. The degree of transformation depends on desire and financial capabilities.

White entrance doors in the living room of a private house

Universal light shades easily fit into any interior and do not conflict with dark tones

Tip. Doors do not have to be changed. It is easiest to repaint or varnish, remove old paint or use spectacular decorating methods. It is recommended to cover the glass insert of the interior door with a stained-glass film - it will look like new.

Beige door in the interior of the living room

Light-colored doors often cost less

Light shades, including the tone of the door leaf and wood texture, have a beneficial effect on perception and mental well-being. But this does not exclude the use of dark contrasts and bright accents. On the contrary, they make any interior more expressive and memorable, as in the photo.

Most often, these shades are chosen for a light painted door:

  • white or milky;
  • light beige;
  • delicate peach;
  • Ivory;
  • pearl gray;
  • golden yellow.
Black lamp in a bright hallway of a country house

Light colors add lightness and purity to the room without the need for careful selection of the color palette

Everyone has their own favorite color, but there is a subconscious perception:

1. Black and navy blue door Associated with entering the unknown, but gives a feeling of serenity and prosperity, especially with expensive fittings made of gilding
2. Yellowish tones of wood Calming, but keeping the intellect in good shape, support the mood for working
3. Orange and peach tones Cheer up, harmonize the inner world
4. Cold shades of blue Calm down, help to plunge into thoughts (a white door with a blue-blue insert or a pattern of stained glass)
5. Beige and brown combinations Gives a sense of stability of reliability, but inhibits creativity
6. Cool greenish shades Visual analyzers relax, soothe and harmonize internally
7. Gray and light lilac tones. They are neutral, help to relax after emotional stress and an excess of information.
8. Reddish and burgundy shades (Red wood, stain or painting) restore strength, activate internal potential
9. White color and light colors Neutral in perception, a great backdrop for the decor, give a sense of peace and balance.
Brown platbands on a doorway with a white door

Contrast platbands and skirting boards add expressiveness to the doors, creating a visual border between the opening, floor and walls.

Bright door with glass in the interior of a classic bedroom

The plain range of furniture and doors looks harmonious and attractive.

If you want light doors to fit into the interior design as much as possible, select the same woody shade to the floor. This is the largest surface of the overall texture:

  • parquet;
  • laminate;
  • porcelain tile;
  • parquet linoleum.
Sliding door leafs in the design of the living room of a country house

Door leaves with a shade selected several tones darker than the ceiling and walls look succinctly

In addition to the color palette, the interior with light doors of various designs is perceived differently visually:

  1. Narrow vertical stripes and inserts, panels and moldings visually raise the ceilings.
  2. Door reception with lining of slopes made of wood creates a feeling of prosperity.
  3. Light interior doors in the interior with a large pattern or dark walls bring some optimism, freshness and novelty.
  4. A door with a fancy decor, curving lines of inserts will help to revive a pale, plain-looking interior.
  5. If you want to mask the passage to another room, you can hide the door with a mirror, but you need pedal fittings to open them.
  6. The surface with a picturesque pattern or wallpapering on the theme of going out into the wild gives a feeling of unlimited space.
White door with stained glass windows in a narrow corridor

Carved doors with stained-glass windows look unusually beautiful

Attention! Phosphorescent or luminous paints are a new trend, they are used to outline the door perimeter. This is useful for people who often have to get up at night, but who have difficulty disorienting in space.

Double hinged doors in the office

The color of door leaves matches the walls, floors and furniture.

Constructive types of doors

When starting repairs with the replacement of interior doors, do not forget that at the same time you can get rid of some of the inconvenience associated with an unsuccessful layout. Often, on one square meter of the corridor area, 3-4 doors can open. This creates certain difficulties when 2-3 people simultaneously leave different rooms.

White sliding door against a gray wall

Sliding doors are ideal for narrow corridors

There are several solutions to this problem:

  1. Swing doors, where possible, should be replaced so that they do not open outward, but into the room. Plowing out is prescribed by fire safety rules, but this property may never be needed, and the interior door opens into the corridor dozens of times a day.
  2. Sliding doors or sliding door leafs on casters at the entrance to neighboring rooms can be installed on a common guide rail. They will not occupy space in a narrow corridor, but some efforts must be made when using it.
  3. Folding ("accordion", "door-screen") models are used inside the room - for zoning the space or isolating a specific place.
  4. Double doors (two halves) can be symmetrical or one part is wider. As a rule, a smaller part is fixed with a door latch in the cola and the upper plane of the opening. This is more convenient than opening a wide massive door every time.

Replacing an inconvenient option with bright interior doors in the interior of the apartment will simultaneously solve the issues of aesthetics and ergonomics.

Bright sliding door in the living room interior

Sliding white door on a black guide rail

Tip. Installed closers "themselves" will close any swing doors. It is not necessary to buy expensive models from a natural array. Today there are many budget alternatives that do not look different from wood.

Interior door with natural veneer lining

Modern doors made of combined materials look no worse than analogs of solid wood, but are much cheaper

Modern interior door designs are available in different materials that mimic light wood (and other shades):

  • veneer (thin cut of valuable wood on top of budget materials);
  • eco-veneer with wood decor;
  • laminated plastic doors of different colors;
  • decorative plywood;
  • moisture resistant MDF;
  • laminate (carpentry);
  • composite materials.

Pressed wood waste derivatives with paintwork are a great way to save money. The doors inside the apartment are subject to lower loads than the entrance, so the operational requirements for them are much lower.

Bright folding doors in the interior of the bedroom

Folding doors in the bedroom

Light-colored plastic door in the interior of the bathroom

Plastic doors are excellent for bathrooms and other rooms with high humidity.

There are many aesthetic models in the catalogs - from the usual door with plain panels to spectacular inserts from different types of glass:

  • transparent
  • frosted;
  • mirror;
  • corrugated;
  • stained glass;
  • sandblasting.

It is worth paying attention to such a property as sound insulation. Here a lot is determined not by the material, but by the design of the door - its tightness to the box. The noise absorption factor also depends on the amount of textile and the properties of the finishing materials in adjacent rooms.

Light shades of wood

The flexibility of processing and the texture of wood have always been decisive, but considerable importance was also given to color. The interior most often used natural wood in light shades:

  • oak (different shades of breeds growing in Europe, Asia, Australia and America);
  • holly;
  • hornbeam;
  • beech;
  • spruce;
  • alder;
  • nut;
  • birch (valued Karelian and kapova);
  • pine (different hardness and shade);
  • maple (several varieties with different textures).

Among the accompanying materials, bamboo and cork are often used, but they are applicable in the interior only as a decor after special processing of applying to the base.

Cream-colored wooden door in a classic living room

Solid wood paneled door in classic interior

Modern technologies make it possible to get any shade of door leaf decor that imitates valuable species - wenge, zebrano, mahogany. But periodically, some shades obtained by impregnation with stain (wood) or obtained artificially - computer graphics are in fashion.

Alder door with bright decoration in the living room

Among the doors made of solid wood you can find affordable options. For example, alder canvases combine the aesthetics of natural wood and reasonable cost

Among the most fashionable shades of wood decor applicable in laminate and eco-veneer for doors, designers are especially appreciated:

  • white oak halifax;
  • polar pine aland;
  • alpine pine and cascin;
  • gray oak "foggy London";
  • sugar maple champagne;
  • natural oak (Nebraska and smoothstone);
  • bleached ash;
  • natural cocobolo;
  • light acacia lakeland;
  • beech ellmau, etc.

These and other tones of light interior doors are widely represented in catalogs. If several different wood textures are used in the design of the rooms, it is important to choose a favorable combination that complements each other in the overall palette. But there are also traditional combinations of a certain texture and natural colors and shades:

  1. Light oak goes well with shades of fresh spring greens and juicy colors of citrus - a combination appropriate in the cheerful interior of the kitchen.
  2. Mahogany goes well with the emerald color of textiles and leather upholstery in brown tones - a classic combination for an office in the English style.
  3. The yellowish beech wood in the interior with bright doors in the women's bedroom goes well with burgundy, purple and lilac tones of textile.
  4. Ebony tree (black wood) of elegant stylish furniture looks advantageous against the background of white walls and wood decor of gray or lightened oak.
  5. Cherry is in perfect harmony with the cold gamut, if the color of the furniture and the door exactly matches.
  6. Alder will come to a noble interior in gray tones.
  7. The gray oak of a spectacular rustic texture is nobly combined with white leather furniture - an excellent solution for the living room, where the door and floors are the same color.
  8. Smooth beige doors in the interior of a bedroom or teenager's room are in perfect harmony with the design in caramel and chocolate tones.
Scandinavian style bedroom design with white doors

Canvases made of white painted natural wood fit perfectly into the Scandinavian style interiors

Light cream doors in a classic interior

In the classic interior, birch doors with voluminous inserts and carved platbands are often used

Key Design Rules

A particular shade of wood blows perceived more appropriate if it is duplicated in the design of the room or the entire apartment. It can be upholstery or the color of curtains, tiled patterns or functional decor.

It is best when the furniture and everything that is made of wood or imitates its texture is selected in one color, as in the photo.

Hall of a country house with white doors

If several interior doors open onto a common room, then all of them must be executed in a common concept

Bright book shelves and sliding doors with glass inserts

Choosing the color of the door, pay attention to its texture and texture

Classic combinations are in preference, as it is time-tested. This does not overload the psyche and will never go out of style.

In contrasting combinations, care must be taken so that all this is not dazzled. If white furniture, it will be lost against the background of white walls. But the noble shade of the laminate on the floor and floor doors will be well shaded by colored curtains and other textiles.

Dark gray brick wall in the interior of a narrow corridor with white doors

Classic combination - white doors and dark floor

Do not rely on gray for the whole room if you select a fashionable shade of the door with a spectacular design of inserts. It can inspire despondency; bright accents are needed for mood.

When choosing light interior doors, you need to focus on several indicators:

  1. Material, its decorative properties.
  2. Soundproofing.
  3. Price-quality ratio".
  4. The authority of the manufacturer (quality guarantee).
  5. Hardware design is important (how expensive it looks).
  6. Reliability and accuracy of insertion of a latch with a lock.
  7. Choose a model with a box (facing of slopes) or in strict accordance with the dimensions of the previously dismantled door.
  8. The decor of the door leaf should fit the style of the interior (classic, country, minimalism, art deco, baroque, empire, etc.).
  9. Constructive convenience (open in the right direction, 1- or 2-wing).
  10. In an expensive interior, cheap plastic and ordinary painted doors will not work.
Minimalist black armchair in the living room

Bright doors are widely used in minimalism, perfectly complementing the ascetic nature of this style.

White door in the interior

Pay special attention to the design of the room where the modern white door will be installed. But it will become a worthy decoration in the design of the room, if it is in harmony with textiles and furniture.

A white door looks better with spectacular glazing or design accents. Then she "will not get lost" against the background of white walls and plastic windows with transparent tulle. This interior creates the feeling that a lot of light and air is a great option for a small room on the north side of the house. This color does not absorb space, so white doors are chosen for small apartments.

Two white doors in the bedroom interior

White doors combined with light walls or furniture visually expand the room

Tip. If the room has a little natural light, choose with glossy paint (with a maximum degree of light reflection) and a mirror insert.

Living room interior with white windows

The combination of white doors with white windows is considered classic

Ajar white door in spouses bedroom

Most white doors do not have complex carved patterns, so it’s easier to wash them from dirt

There is an opinion that white and bright interior doors are easily soiled and not practical. It all depends on the frequency of cleaning and the practicality of the coating. On a black lacquered door leaf, every fingerprint is visible. They have to be cleaned much more often than a white door leaf and noble walnut or bright oak decor.

In our photo gallery you can choose for inspiration the option that is most suited to the design of your home.

Video: how to choose the color of the door

Photo: bright doors in the interior

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