Bright floor in the interior. What to consider?

Properly selected colors of various coatings make up the lion's share of the final design that a room or entire apartments will receive. Light color creates a noble atmosphere in any room and makes the room fresher. If the interior has a light floor and the same wallpaper, it becomes easier to highlight other design decisions (furniture, ceiling, doors or decor items). In this context, it is appropriate to talk about how to use the right light tone of surfaces, as well as how to combine white and its shades.

Living room interior with white floor and wooden wall trim.

The popularity of light shades is due to the desire of people for openness and joy, which offers a light palette

Light flooring: pros and cons

The choice of color for flooring is far from being based on the “like it or not” principle. In addition to personal preferences, it is worth considering the shades, textures, patterns and their combination present in the design of the room. It is important to know that colors have their own particular qualities and rules of compatibility.

Light ceramic flooring in the interior of the kitchen-living room

A light flooring is good because if the walls and ceiling change dramatically in the room, the floor will still look beautiful and appropriate

Mirrored wardrobe in the hallway with bright floor

Light floor more carefree and informal

Let's consider some of the main disadvantages and advantages of rooms with a light floor covering.


  • They make it possible to use contrasts.
  • Visually expand and illuminate a small apartment.
  • Dust is invisible.
White sofa on a light-colored laminate floor

Light flooring opens and lightens the space, reflecting more light

Interior of a modern bedroom in bright colors

Light colors are the easiest way to make a small space look bigger


  • They have a high degree of marbling (as, however, are dark).
  • Reflect light too brightly when exposed to sunlight.
  • Solid white looks artificial and faceless.
White bedroom interior

Excessive use of light colors can make the room too large.

Important. White is a fairly calm color, but its concentration in the interior can cause a feeling of tension: the room will create the impression of hospital sterility.

Two red pillows on a white bedspread

Searching for light shades can make the room less cozy and warm than we would like

To avoid such troubles in the interior, dark elements (for example, furniture) will help, the combination with which should reach an acceptable proportion. It will not be superfluous to bring bright accents to light ones - the room will be transformed and become original.

Choose a light floor material

Of all the wood species, which is preferred in the manufacture of light flooring, the most popular can be distinguished. Indeed, the interior has a huge impact on the appearance of the apartment not only in color, but also in the durability of materials:

  1. Oak. To get the right shades, the wood is usually bleached. The oak floor is extremely practical, and this is its main advantage.

    Successful combination of a bright kitchen with oak floor

    Light oak blends well with white furniture

  2. Maple. Pleasant cream color looks attractive in any interior. Over time, however, the maple floor may darken to beige.

    White furniture on a cream-colored floor

    Living room with natural maple flooring

  3. Ash. Floors made of this wood are reliable; no cracks appear on them. A yellowish tint is characteristic.

    Figurine of a camel on a natural floor made of ash

    Ash will emphasize the elegant interior in a classic style

  4. Birch tree.It serves for a long time and faithfully if it has undergone the correct processing. The tree is inherent in red tint or light yellowish color.

    Living room design with birch batten

    Long lasting Karelian birch flooring

  5. Hornbeam. Endowed with high abrasion resistance, light gray or sand. This wood is not used very often, since processing causes a number of difficulties.

    Living room interior in bright colors.

    Bright living room with bleached hornbeam batten

The combination of light floors with the rest of the interior

White walls and a light floor in the interior are permissible only if the shades do not merge with each other. Here it must be remembered that white is not always solid and is available in different colors.

White ceiling in the bedroom with light flooring

Light floors go well with both dark and light walls

There are several rules by which walls can be decorated under a light floor. Any of the three options will be effective:

  1. The floor or walls have a pattern, patterns, sections of a different color.
  2. Walls are darker or lighter than flooring.
  3. Light floor of a different texture (for example, wood + paint).
Dining area design with light shade flooring

Skirting the tone of the floor merges with the floor and creates the effect of continuation of the floor, without focusing on the separation of the interior

The combination of a light brown floor with a dark skirting board

Dark baseboard clearly divides the space of the room

If the dark coating options make the apartment more comfortable and more serious, then the room in bright colors always looks updated and diffuses the routine. Modern design actively uses the game in contrasts and monochrome surfaces. In this regard, shades of white and their combination is actively used in modern and new classic styles.

Interior of a corridor with white tile floor

The entrance hall is in a classic style with white interior doors and a glossy ceramic floor with an interesting decor “under the carpet”

However, all this does not mean at all that in a room where there is a bright design, they are not at all comfortable. The final impression largely depends on the rest of the interior, which includes furniture, decorations, and doors.

If the interior with light flooring has dark doors, then the room is in great contrast. In such a room, you can use furniture in both dark and light colors. Do not be afraid to use rich dark doors and white for the walls, as this will give the room a very organic look.

Pink curtains in bedroom with beige floor.

Black doors blend well with beige or tan flooring.

Wooden beams in the living room interior

A good combination of a light brown solid wood door with a coffee and milk shade

To learn more about this, we suggest studying the table "How to combine light floors in the interior":

Light floor and ceiling + Result
White furniture Tenderness, lightness
Dark furniture items Effectiveness, contrast
Dark skirting boards Geometry, rigor
Skirting board in light tones Spaciousness, harmony
Light walls Unlimited, light
Coverings the walls darker Visually Higher room
Dark gray walls in the interior of a room in a private house

Dark walls accentuate the light floor

About additional design elements

It is believed that floors in light colors are so versatile that they can be used with any other colors. In this case, however, it is important that the contrast is noticeable in the room.

Red color as an accent in the interior of the room

The perfect combination of a pair of bright accents with a general neutral finish on the floor, walls and ceiling

Olive bedspread in a bright bedroom

Pastel-colored bedroom interior diluted with olive textiles

You can achieve 100% harmony in the interior, where light color prevails, using the following tips:

  1. You should responsibly approach the choice of accessories - furniture should never merge with the walls.
  2. Dark shades are required, but not to overdo it with their abundance is also important for the mood of the apartment.
  3. It is appropriate to use decorative pillows or blankets with patterns, bright frames, vases.
Living room design turquoise sofa

Bright accents of turquoise shades in the interior of a gray living room

The floor in bright colors is part of the classic interior, which is constantly evolving and acquiring new features.Neoclassical has contrasting minimalism, stylish conciseness and is widespread. Due to these qualities, light floors are also one of the most popular design solutions.

Classic home bathroom interior

Glossy floor in a spacious classic style bathroom

Scandinavian style white living room interior

Bright laminate flooring on a Scandinavian-style living room floor

Bright rustic kitchen

Wooden floor from the boards in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Video: examples of floor design in bright colors

Photo: light floor in the interior of various rooms

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