Dark floor in interior design

The choice of flooring is no less important than the selection of wallpaper and furniture set. Properly selected laminate or parquet will create a harmonious cozy atmosphere. Fortunately, the choice of finishes is huge in texture and colors, so you can always choose what fits perfectly into the decoration of the living room or bedroom. Most often they try to choose a neutral color scheme, however, even a very dark floor in the interior can look luxurious if you take care of the proper selection of wallpaper and furniture so that the design does not seem too gloomy.

beautiful dark kitchen-style floor

The idea of ​​interior design with a dark floor

classic dark floor in bedroom design

The combination of the dark floor with the interior of the room

bright dark floor in the decor of the apartment

Modern apartment design with dark floor

The main advantages

Wenge and chocolate are associated with raw earth, a symbol of solidity and stability. Such a design seems natural, and therefore fits perfectly into the eco-style. In combination with lighter walls, such as coffee or beige, the floor will not be oppressive. Moreover, this design will visually expand the space.

Black and its varieties are luxurious and respectable, the design of the room immediately takes on an expensive look. In order not to spoil the impression, it is recommended to choose the baseboard in tone. This is not only a harmonious look, but also the ability to visually push the boundaries of the room.

unusual dark floor in the interior of the living room

Dark floor in the interior of the apartment

unusual dark floor in the style of the room

Dark floor room design


Despite the fact that the dark floor in the interior is truly luxurious, this material has several disadvantages. Dust will appear immediately, which could not have been noticed on a beige laminate or parquet. If the laminate board or tile with the effect of gloss, then traces of bare feet and paws of pets will be noticeable on it. Moreover, such spots are often visible even in photographs.

Important! If you decide on the floor covering of gloomy flowers, be prepared to clean almost daily. If you feel that you can find free time to mop, you can safely choose charcoal, slate, cherry or chocolate.

It is advisable to choose gloomy colors for spacious rooms, only in this case such a decor will not visually make the space narrower or smaller. On coal floors and wenge, over time, scuffs and scratches are more noticeable, unlike beige or gray.

The choice of wall colors is also limited, the best options are ivory, sand and light beige. The rest of the colors can be heavy and oppressive, however, there are lovers of such an atmosphere who intentionally choose carbon or gray for all surfaces.

beautiful dark floor in the design of the living room

The idea of ​​interior design with a dark floor

classic dark floor in the decor of the room

The combination of the dark floor with the interior of the room

bright dark floor in the interior of the kitchen

Modern apartment design with dark floor

Proportions correction

The dark floor in the interior is not only a spectacular decoration, with the help of decoration you can adjust the proportions of the apartment. Charcoal and dark brown can narrow the room too spacious, making it more comfortable. Using the same colors, you can expand the room. Enough milk or beige walls and a glossy silver ceiling, so they will become taller and wider.

Important! You can visually expand the bedroom or living room using the direction of laying laminate or parquet. Diagonal styling or herringbone pattern visually make the room wider.

The combination of anthracite or chocolate ceiling with the same floor and sand or milk-caramel walls will significantly expand the space. It is worth considering that the height of the room will visually become lower, this technique is suitable only for rooms with high ceilings. Otherwise, the effect will not play into the hands, but spoil the impression.

Less often in anthracite, gray or brown tones make out everything. As a result, the clarity of the lines is lost, which creates a mysterious and slightly surreal atmosphere. For apartments, this technique is rarely used, but it is not bad for clubs and photo studios.

beautiful dark floor in the style of the apartment

Dark floor in the interior of the apartment

unusual dark floor in the interior of the kitchen

Dark floor room design

Advantages and disadvantages of flooring




Which room is suitable


Natural material, luxurious look, goes well with any design.

High cost, difficulty in laying, does not like water, prone to pests.

Living room, bedroom.


Strength, ease of installation, harmonious colors, different textures.

No resistance to water except waterproof types of laminate.

Living room, bedroom, children's room, kitchen, provided that a waterproof laminate is selected.


Affordable price, durability, wear resistance, not afraid of water and pests, easy to clean, plenty of colors and textures, you can lay yourself.

Dents from heavy furniture remain on thin linoleum, shoes can leave black stripes.

In any rooms.


High strength, water resistance, heat resistance, resistance to fungi and mold, easy care, beautiful appearance, many colors and textures.

It can crack with a strong impact, heavy weight, which is not suitable for all walls.

Bathroom, kitchen, hallway.

A rock

Natural environmentally friendly material, beautiful appearance, durability, high strength, resistance to any physical influences.

High price, high weight, difficulty in laying.

Kitchen, bathroom, corridor.

beautiful dark floor in the design of the bedroom

The idea of ​​interior design with a dark floor

bright dark floor in the living room interior

The combination of the dark floor with the interior of the room

unusual dark floor in the style of the apartment

Modern apartment design with dark floor

Shade selection

An interior with a dark floor will be perceived differently depending on the chosen color scheme:

  • Brown. A beautiful cozy color that changes colors depending on the lighting. This is especially evident on dark floors in the interior of natural wood. This is a universal option that is suitable for both classic and modern styles.
  • Graphite. This variety of gray looks refined and sophisticated. Silver overflows will create a feeling of coolness, they relax and soothe. Good choice for hot southern rooms. White or beige door leafs and walls harmoniously combine with graphite. For the bathroom, you can pick up rugs of the same gamut.
  • Burgundy. A beautiful and noble tone that is recommended to be combined with warm shades of brown, yellow, khaki, vanilla, etc.
  • The black. It always looks luxuriously, adding an elitist spirit. Glossy or matte finishing materials are suitable for modern styles, it will be especially appropriate at the forefront and minimalism. So that the situation is not too gloomy, the rest of the design should be lighter tones.

Background and furnishings

Interiors with a dark floor are easy to combine with more sunny motifs in decoration, furniture, textiles. The most classic option for coal or dark brown is to add baked milk or ivory. This is appropriate for classics, and also allows you to emphasize the style of the selected furniture ensemble. Such decoration will visually expand the space, which is important for small-sized apartments. An undoubted advantage will be the abundance of natural and electric light, so the anthracite floor will not be gloomy.

classic dark floor bedroom decor

Dark floor in the interior of the apartment

bright dark floor in the interior of the room

Dark floor room design

Completely black and white color looks strictly and is suitable for fans of minimalism. However, for a recreation area, for example, as an addition, you can choose lilac or purple. These colors create a calm and slightly mysterious atmosphere. So that the black and lilac gamma was not too gothic, it can be diluted with white or silver elements.

Milk, cream, baked milk, beige, gray-green and olive go well with black, wenge, and graphite. Such combinations seem natural, especially green shades. This design is well suited to eco-style and country. In this case, it is worth choosing a natural tree in the form of boards or parquet as the material for flooring. For a country style, the surface can be aged by adding scuffs or cracks in the paint (craquelure varnish is suitable for this purpose).

Gold and bronze are in harmony with chocolate or coffee. Orange elements will bring energy and cheerfulness to the atmosphere. However, do not overdo it, too active colors are inappropriate in large quantities. The addition of turquoise and blue will noticeably refresh the atmosphere, a similar decor is especially suitable for the south side, where it is often much hotter, especially in summer.

unusual dark floor in the design of the living room

The idea of ​​interior design with a dark floor

bright dark floor in the design of the kitchen

The combination of the dark floor with the interior of the room

classic dark room style floor

Modern apartment design with dark floor

What to pick up doors?

If you decide to lay a charcoal, anthracite, burgundy or chocolate flooring, it is very important to choose the colors of the doors so that they do not break out of the situation and look harmonious.

Chocolate, coffee and wenge harmonize well with light walls and decor, glossy elements. In this case, the doors can be in tone with decorative elements or textiles. Models with glass inserts or a large number of metal elements are well suited. Glass doors will create the effect of air space filled with light.

In spacious rooms, it is appropriate to set the doors and window frames to match the floor, this will create a contrast, and clearly marked vertical lines will give dynamism. If desired, you can choose doors with charcoal, chocolate or coffee jambs and a snow-white or translucent glass sheet. However, such contrasting combinations are not an option for small rooms, clear stripes can visually cut them into even smaller pieces.

beautiful dark floor in the decor of the apartment

Dark floor in the interior of the apartment

unusual dark floor in the design of the bedroom

Dark floor room design

Living room

This is an area for receiving guests and holding family celebrations, which means that the atmosphere should be cozy and at the same time elegant. In this case, a lighter finish on vertical surfaces is best. If a laminate or parquet of wenge, cherry or stained oak is laid in the living room, it is worth choosing furniture in white, milk, sand shade, or use brighter details using green, blue, blue, golden, etc.

If the living room is small, you can lay a snow-white carpet in the center. And in order to expand the space, in addition to snow-white or sandy walls, you can use murals or murals with a three-dimensional image that takes you into the distance: endless meadows, a city street with a perspective, a path to the garden, a view from the windows to the sea, etc.

classic dark floor in the interior of the apartment

The idea of ​​interior design with a dark floor

bright dark floor in the decor of the bedroom

The combination of the dark floor with the interior of the room

beautiful dark living room style floor

Modern apartment design with dark floor


The dark-colored flooring is suitable for the bedroom, given that it is practically not visible under the furniture: a bed, a compartment, a chest of drawers, a cabinet, a dressing table and, possibly, a soft reading corner. As in the living room, it is better to choose a milk or beige furniture set. The set is to match the floor on a snow-white, sandy or golden background appropriate in the Gothic style, the Renaissance or in the style of a hunting lodge. Such a design is appropriate only for spacious bedrooms.

You can use the reception with an accent wall behind the bed or opposite it.Finishing, matched to the floor design, will visually make the room taller. Against such a background, paintings, panels, photos look good - everything that needs to be attracted attention. Also, this is a suitable place for a wall-mounted TV, a monophonic calm background around will not distract you from watching movies.


A snow-white set for the kitchen is ideal, especially against a black floor. Visually, the furniture will seem easier, and if you add backlighting to the bottom, the headset will “soar”. The effect will be stronger if you choose a glossy tile.

White furniture with black, dark brown or silver accents will also look stylish and sophisticated. At the same time, for wall decor, it is worth choosing plain wallpaper or plaster. The most suitable options are white, milk, vanilla, beige, golden or caramel.


Black or gray glossy tiles for the bathroom is not the most practical choice, drops of water, traces of bare feet, dust, and stains after washing will be immediately noticeable. In such a bathroom, constant cleaning is required, which takes extra time.

If you want to choose the dark flooring for the bathroom, you should pay attention to the matte tiles. Also, it should not be too smooth so as not to accidentally slip.

beautiful dark floor in the style of the room

Dark floor in the interior of the apartment

classic dark floor in room design

Dark floor room design


Most often this is a tiny room without natural light, where gloomy colors are not appropriate in principle. It is better to choose a tile or laminate with light spots. Against such a motley background, spots, dust and dirt are less visible. Otherwise, the anthracite or dark brown floor will seem too dirty and messy, which will only spoil the impression of the decoration of the hallway.

Important! If a dark color is chosen for the corridor, the lighting in the hallway should be impeccable.

Laminate or parquet in dark color looks impressive and stylish. However, in order for such material to harmoniously fit into the intended design, it is necessary to dilute it with lighter or brighter colors.

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