2018 interior design trends

Trends in interior design are not changing as rapidly as in clothes. Much that was fashionable in 2017 does not lose relevance this year either. Geometry, concrete, loft and minimalism, natural materials are still popular. But there are some changes and amazing news. For example, instead of the emerald, the red color of the brick shade becomes central in fashionable interiors.

Shades of red in the trendy interior of the living room with fireplace

Red color always dominates other shades and attracts the views of others. With proper use, it turns any room into a fun and cheerful room

The motto of the year is "Only the most necessary." More and more attention is paid to the practicality of the room and the functionality of filling the space.

The main trends in interior design

Light curtains in the fashionable interior of 2018

In window decoration, it is better to abandon multi-layer heavy curtains and choose traditional combinations of light curtains and thin tulle

  • An abundance of light and spaciousness. In the interior, designers mainly aim to fill the room with light and create the illusion of a larger space. This trend has been relevant for several seasons.
  • Cool color palette. This trend follows from the previous one and is not a dogma.
  • Geometric motifs. Now they are found not only in wallpaper patterns, but also in an unusual form of furniture.
  • Eco-friendly materials. This trend also does not apply to new products. However, it is encouraging that materials that are safe in terms of toxicity are becoming more accessible to different segments of the population.
  • Built-in appliances. A trend that has been relevant for several seasons and loved for practicality.
  • Textured surfaces. Due to the desire for practicality, subject decoration is minimized. But unusual textures in decoration and furnishing will not allow the apartment to look too austere and boring.
  • Ergonomic storage. In 2018, countertops with many compartments are relevant.
  • Mixes of styles. This trend simplifies the process of selecting all the details for the whole composition on the one hand, and on the other hand, allows you to more clearly show your personality.
Partitions from hollow concrete blocks in a modern interior

Due to the through holes in the concrete blocks, these partitions are smoothed not with a boring monolith, but with a brutal translucent structure

Velvet sofa in a modern living room

Velvet upholstery in emerald, ultramarine or tart wine is still in fashion.

Fashion color trends

Color in interior design plays a huge role and sometimes becomes the key chord of the whole composition. Through color, you can convey the unique character of the room, emphasize furniture and decor details. 2018 in this regard provides a wide choice, because both minimalism and bold shades are in fashion. Everyone can find a fashionable color scheme for their apartment in accordance with temperament and lifestyle.

Bright yellow chairs at the dining table

Bright colors are always in fashion, the interior definitely ceases to be neutral

The most fashionable colors of this year:

  1. Red, as already mentioned, becomes the main color in the interior of 2018. It is the color of the brownish hue that is relevant. It contains fashionable textiles, cabinet and upholstered furniture, accessories.

    Red sofa on a wooden floor in a modern living room

    It is fashionable to combine red furniture with a brown floor or even a ceiling

  2. Turquoise color, can compete with a brick.At the peak of popularity, a turquoise-mint hue, according to psychologists, facilitates emotional experiences. Curtains or upholstery of upholstered furniture of this shade will create a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

    Fashion trends in the interior of the living room

    The calm, cool color from nature itself is considered universal and ideal for interior decoration in classic and modern styles.

  3. Violet. According to some designers, he should belong to primacy. Psychologists say that it helps relieve stress and increases concentration. He also has the ability to suppress the feeling of hunger, which can please people who do not control appetite.

    Purple living room in 2018 fashion trends

    Everyone treats purple differently, but it leaves no one indifferent.

  4. Aquamarine. It is believed that it contributes to a greater saturation of life with emotions.

    Bedroom with sea-green walls

    The combination of the colors of the sea wave with white or beige makes the interior easier and fresher

  5. Earth tones have been popular since last year. It is white, muted gray, sand and brown.

    Fashionable design of the living room in gray tones

    Bright living room in shades of gray with delicate pink accents

  6. Dark colors continue to be relevant. The black color of kitchen facades is spreading.

    Fashionable interior design in black tones

    Stylish black color can neutralize any interior as neutral

  7. Copper and gold colors become more natural and strengthen their position. Pastels are being replaced by more intense shades.

    Gold shades in the design trends of 2018

    Shiny brass countertops, vases, lamps and mirror frames look beneficial

In 2018, unexpected color combinations are in fashion, such as aquamarine with yellow, or blue with orange.

Yellow sofa in the fashionable interior of the living room

It is not necessary to paint the walls with yellow; just put a colorful sofa or table in the room. Yes, and not just yellow, but as in the cartoons, juicy and positive

Styles and nuances in the decor

In interior design, it is recommended to use a minimum number of elements that will create a homely atmosphere, ideally and they should be of some practical use. This is not asceticism in its purest form, but minimalism with a touch of luxury. Choosing a few decor items, you should focus on high quality.

Coffee table in the form of a tape cassette in the interior of the room

Do-it-yourself exclusive home-made or custom-made furnishings

Decor Solutions:

  • Metal textures are at the height of fashion. However, it is worth adding something more extraordinary than pens or countertops. A trendy option will be a round chandelier with gilding.
  • Chandeliers of the most unusual shapes are also popular.
  • 3D - mosaic. Choose one detail that will make the room decoration. For example, it is possible to veneer an apron with a volumetric mosaic.
  • The same apron can be made printed by matching the pattern to the main design.
  • The walls, decorated with mirror mosaics, add light to the room and look very interesting.
  • Open shelves - with or without glass facades. Visually increase the space.
  • Household appliances in bright colors. In case the built-in is tired, the equipment can be made a dignity of the room.
  • An unusual bright carpet can also be used as an accent.
Brass ware in the decoration of a fashionable interior

It looks good metal in the form of bars or other very thin lines, literally strokes

Gray bookcase with combined shelves in the interior of a fashionable living room

The wall can be completely covered with shelves and they will not “crush” if you use a combination of closed and open shelves

The latest trends in the interior of the kitchen

Functionality and practicality have a special place in the interior design of a kitchen. And stylistic decisions can be very unusual and violate the template ideas about the finish.

Bright bar stools in the fashionable interior of the kitchen-living room

In the design of the kitchen there is no need to be afraid of bright colors, you can safely use yellow, light green or sunny orange

Kitchen interior design trends:

  1. Union. To expand the space, the kitchen is connected to other rooms. An excellent solution would be a kitchen studio, captivating the living room and dividing into zones. Designers often make a kitchen of modules similar to ordinary furniture, combining it with another part of the apartment.The kitchen ceases to be a limited room, piled up with cabinets and objects and is not perceived as a boring space exclusively for cooking.
  2. Matte coating. Brilliant lacquered facades in 2018 go out of fashion.
  3. Metal and stone finish. Actively used and such modern materials as: glass, wood, plastic and gypsum. Combinations of different materials look interesting.
  4. Thin worktops and wide worktops.
  5. Cabinets without handles. The absence of the upper row is welcome.
Fashionable kitchen interior with frosted facades

The interior of the kitchen should be spacious, with clear concise forms

Daisies in vases in a kitchen interior

There must be fresh flowers or herbs in the kitchen

The modern kitchen has comfortable furniture. Each item in the room performs a function and is located in the designated place. No extra things that just take up space. Dishes prefer monophonic. The necessary tools are at arm's length in the equipped countertops.

Household appliances are mainly built into furniture modules, but in some cases it is permissible not to hide it, but to make it a room advantage. The main thing is that it is easy to use and contributes to the maximum optimization of cooking processes. Workability is of great importance. Wi-Fi is built into modern technology to remotely control and receive notifications about the cooking process.

Touch screen hob in the kitchen interior

In modern kitchens, touch screens are increasingly common, and intuitively we understand that gadgets will be the main trend in the future

Modern kitchen with brick wall loft elements

Partial or full decoration of the walls with brickwork can become the highlight of the kitchen interior

To decorate the walls of a small kitchen, light tones of tiles or wallpaper are chosen. This will help visually increase the space. For greater effect, the ceiling is also recommended to withstand in bright colors. Such a performance will correspond to a minimalistic trend. If you wish, you can set up non-shouting accents.

Soft pastels and noble metal

If, despite the large selection of trendy colors, none of them seem suitable for the design of your apartment, there is a great solution. Designers recognize pastel colors relevant for the interior, regardless of the fashion season. Recall that pastel colors are shades of any color diluted with white. Thanks to its pigment, any color becomes more calm and suitable for decorating a living room.

Fashionable living room of a country house in pastel colors

Pastel colors include light blue, cream, milk, transparent yellow, pale pink and many other slightly muted and discreet shades

You can choose any pastel shade from a huge palette, and to express the fashionable spirit of the time, use the most trendy finishing materials in interior design. The combination of pastels with metal will look piquant and fashionable. This material is now used not only as an additive, but also serves as the basis for whole kitchen surfaces.

Metal kitchen table in the interior of a modern kitchen

Metal worktop in the interior of a trendy kitchen

Metal facades, in addition to showiness, perform one small but pleasant function - you can attach magnets with task lists to them, leave notes for your beloved. The metal in the facades combines well with glass, wood, concrete and stone. With a low budget, it is permissible to use metal imitation.

Fashionable styles in the interior

Now dominated by loft and minimalism. Here are the key points that characterize them:

Minimalism Loft
Chrome steel, glass, stone or wood finish Concrete floor and wall decoration
2 primary colors, a third is possible as an accent Wall decoration with bleached or red brick
Massive windows to fill the room with light Open communications
The lack of partitions in the room Beams on the ceiling
Geometry shapes Raw wood tables and benches
Blinds instead of curtains Metal cabinets
Modern living room in a trendy minimalist style.

Comfortable minimalism is ideal for small rooms - only the necessary set of items, but at the same time the situation should not be ascetic

Fashionable loft style living room design

The industrial design style, democratic and provocative at the same time, consists of a flashy emptiness and deliberately gross details

If you are an avid fashionista or like cardinal changes, then the style can be changed in accordance with the fashion. But remember that the style more than other aspects reflects the character of the tenant. If a long-term stay is planned in the apartment in which the repairs are being carried out, it is recommended to choose a style that matches the temperament and lifestyle. Then the apartment will become as comfortable as possible for you, and you will look harmoniously in your home. There will always be fashion trends that can be embodied within the framework of your chosen style.

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