How to create a cozy design studio apartment in eco style

Studio apartments have long been a new trend. Such interior architecture can work wonders. If the apartment is small, then by combining the rooms, it gets free space. And four-room apartments, when the premises are combined, become like royal chambers. All these charms can be realized. The naturalization that everyone loves determines the modern interior design of a cozy studio apartment. The atmosphere in large cities is polluted by exhaust gas. People want to breathe freely, they try to furnish the apartment with green spaces. Today's article will tell you how to organically equip a modern studio apartment, and at the same time stay with the money.

Cozy studio apartment in an ecological style

An important advantage of designing an eco-style design is the ability to find a solution for every taste and in a variety of price categories

4 steps to a dream

Ecology of the apartment consists of several rules. They can be combined into 4 groups:

  1. Use only environmentally friendly materials.
  2. The rich flora of the apartment.
  3. Healing things.
  4. You can’t do any harm.

A cozy three-room studio apartment - a space for experimentation. Natural, lively, natural materials create a healing atmosphere. There is no need to run somewhere. Just sit down and enjoy your presence here and now. Nobody rushes you.

Interior of a cozy studio apartment with an environmental focus

The style direction is determined primarily by the colors used in the decoration. In our case, these are natural shades - grassy, ​​sandy, earthy, white and blue

Walls, floor, ceiling, and everything that surrounds you should contribute to the regeneration of mental strength. Equilibrium inside is the key to a successful life outside. Surrounding with flowers, beautiful pots with lawn grass, home palm plants - the healing power of Dr. Flora will saturate you with peace and well-being.

Drop metal and plastic. Finish the surface with the rich gifts of nature. Siberian forests generously provide their creations. Noble wood will decorate furniture facades with its secret patterns. Perennial cobblestones from the Caucasus Mountains will proudly elevate their owner to the heights of success. Wicker rattan furniture, small decorative elements from the vine, wicker baskets - these objects have a living soul.

Design of an apartment with a wood fireplace

The apartment is finished exclusively with natural materials, as an exception - their imitation.

Say no to animal dummies. Do not harm nature. The environment is inextricably linked with the human soul. Crippling nature, man disfigures his karma. We must live in harmony with nature, like the ancient Japanese.

A peaceful home will give birth to a true stone jungle samurai. Succeeding in life is so simple if your one-bedroom apartment is finished with natural material. Complement the room with flowers, beautiful stones, treated with decorative tree branches.

Volumetric pots with a lawn, crowned with climbing plants, hinged flower pots, from which grapes of a girl gracefully hang. But what if you create a winter garden on the city balcony? Imagination enchants.

Decoration of the balcony of a studio apartment in the style of a Japanese garden

A piece of real Japanese garden on the balcony of a city apartment

Creating a cozy apartment with a natural accent in an urban environment is simple. Use the well-known fact: nature abounds, there is enough beauty for everyone.Look around you. You can find interesting designer things that nature generously gives you.

Window sill decoration with green lawn

An interesting idea is a real lawn in a city apartment

Eco-friendly design of a cozy studio apartment

Instead of the usual metal, plastic and glass, try painting the bedrooms and living room with natural materials. Fortunately, there will be no problems with the finish. You can buy anything in the store.

The flooring can be made of wood. There is no need to lay expensive parquet, which all the more lies on the floor with a monolithic carpet. Better take a large format board. This doesn’t have to happen like in a village - curved boards with huge slots. Now woodworking has gone far ahead. You’ll get a solid floor, the bonded board will lie end to end, leaving a minimum gap.

Wooden floor in a cozy studio apartment

For wood floors it is better to use water-based oil or varnishes

Take the natural color palette of shades. Natural facades of wood can be left as is, varnished. Or use an impregnation that will make a noble facade of mahogany, oak or beech from an ordinary building pine.

Cozy apartments, the interior design photos of which you will see later, will seem very elegant to you.

Wall paneling in studio apartment

If funds permit, you can use a board or wooden panels for wall decoration

Walls can be painted with water-based dispersion paint. Here, the presence of chemical compounds is minimized. But still impurities are present. If you want to be 100% sure of environmental friendliness of a wall covering, use natural wall-paper. They can be:

  • cotton;
  • bamboo;
  • silk;
  • cotton;
  • cork;
  • textile.

A characteristic distinguishing feature of these products is the absence of chemical fillers. In ordinary wallpaper, especially colorful, pigment paint is used, which often includes iron and titanium. As you know, the radiation background is present in any substance, and in metal it is pronounced. Natural wallpaper is a good decision in favor of naturalization.

Panel of green grass on the wall of a room in a studio apartment

To create a style, a few expressive details are enough, everything else just should not contradict the main idea

Decorative plaster of the same gypsum will create a wonderful atmosphere. A good combination would be the Loft style with its brick walls. Remove the plaster and paint the masonry with white paint. Less hassle with plastering - the same effect.

The ceiling is a space that should not be very striking. Ordinary gypsum stucco fits perfectly for an eco-friendly, comfortable studio apartment. Baguettes made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) can be replaced with the same plaster. Their calculation is 100% non-toxic, ceiling plinths, as well as level patterns, are made of wood painted with plaster paint (whitewash).

Plasterboard ceiling in the interior of a studio apartment

Refuse PVC stretch sheets, plasterboard ceilings are much more environmentally friendly

For lovers of suburban estates, the ceiling is decorated with massive wooden beams. Then the wood is impregnated with dark impregnation.

Do not forget about zoning. The studio apartment should have different zones, which are your responsibility to allocate. What can be distinguished:

  • the kitchen;
  • a bedroom;
  • dining room;
  • game / entertainment room.

It is necessary to isolate with the help of environmentally friendly materials. For example, separate the kitchen from the living room with a half-arch (partial partition). It must be made from drywall on the frame. Facing - natural wood. The same design option is suitable for window openings. Window sills, as well as the entire slope of the opening, are revetted with natural wood. Color color make a dark brown shade. So in addition it will turn out to accent the interior.

Partition with living plants in the kitchen-living room

For zoning the room, you can make a wooden frame and decorate it with flowers in pots.

Make an office in the living room. Just put a bookcase with wood through the shelves.The working area is located at the window, so there will be more light. Place the table in natural wood in a dark color.

Focus on flora

Plants from ancient times decorate the premises of houses, create harmony with nature. Greens are already considered an accent, so the finish is predominantly white. Use different varieties of flowers. Each of them is able to differently affect the well-being of a person, his worldview. A cozy apartment decorated with plants will give the interior design a truly peaceful atmosphere of soundlessness.

Decorative column with living plants in a white studio apartment

A rectangular column with plants planted around the perimeter creates the illusion of a real tree

Photo of a small florarium with living plants

A small composition can be arranged in the form of a florarium

Combine broadleaf smooth plants that grow in lush trees with small flowers in hanging pots (planters). Curly greens can be let out under the arch of a ceiling, and then in the early spring morning to marvel at the natural beauty of the room nature.

Pick flowers to the interior of the premises. The style must have a definitive meaning. Oversights are not appropriate. Do not use a lot of saturated colors, such as burgundy, bright red, poisonous purple. Such a range will take away your vital energy, make it difficult to stay in the bedroom or in the kitchen.

White living room with green plants

When choosing plants, it is necessary to take into account the illumination of the room

Tip. Follow the rules - one bright color in one room. The rest of the plants take calm shades. So it is with non-blooming greens. Dark, brown shades are complemented by light green, light green scales.

Shelves for home flowers and decorative items

Plants and decorations can be placed on an attractive bookcase with wicker trim

Pay particular attention to grade. In addition to the absorption of carbon dioxide, indoor plants are able to absorb the positive and negative energy of a person. For example, the well-known orchid is fabulous in beauty. A quivering care is not needed, it should be watered rarely. But she is very beautiful. The fact is that orchids feed on human energy, taking away peace of mind. That's where this fabulous beauty comes from.

White orchids on the windowsill of the apartment

Orchids are very photophilous plants, their flowering directly depends on the amount of light

But hydrangea, on the contrary, fills the room with a positive atmosphere. It releases substances that have a beneficial effect on the human psyche. The royal begonia also acts in the same way. It allows you to accelerate slow brain processes, and also cleanses the lungs and bronchi.

Composition with fresh flowers on a small table

The color of the flowers should be in harmony with the color palette of the interior

Pay attention to astrological calendars. Each zodiac sign comes in completely different colors. To reveal your strengths and tighten weaknesses, you need to choose the right plants.

Living room bedroom interior

The size of the plant depends on the size of the room

Also pay attention to decorative flower pots. Buy only clay products. Since there is no problem with paint now, such pots can be made in any color scheme. You can make a flower pot yourself. This is especially true for suspended structures. From the same wood it will turn out to make an excellent planter. And paint the surface with watercolors.

Healing things

Decorative decoration of a cozy studio apartment looks good with healing things. No need to take this advice literally. Healing things are elements of interior decor made by hand from natural materials with a shower. For example, wicker pockets on the walls in which dried flower arrangements are placed.

Bar counter with wooden worktop

The easiest way is to add eco-elements, for example, decorating the walls with wooden saws

The interior of the kitchen looks especially beautiful with dry plants. Hang healing herbs, arrange folk nesting dolls, painted dishes, bagels, a samovar. Such elements create a healing effect for the human soul.

Wooden drawers with herbs in the kitchen interior

Such a mini-garden will decorate the kitchen and bring practical benefits.

Many interesting things can be found by searching the shelves of the nearest knick-knack market. There, people put up for sale home-made jewelry, suitable decorative little things for home interior design. Look for sea stones harmoniously pasted with a decorative pattern on a wooden plank. Or find a flower pot made by a clay master. Such items have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the rooms.

No harm

Ask poets how quickly you can miss the muse? They will tell you that the very moment she came. And there can be many reasons for this.

With the same approach, design the bedrooms and halls of your cozy place. Imagine that you are sitting in your living room at a typewriter and are about to release a cult novel from under a pen. Imagine what could bother you? Feel it. The answer is inspired. Any object that is able to attract attention, stands out sharply, motley.

Interior of a studio apartment in white with an imitation of a fireplace

A great addition to the interior will be a fireplace - both real and “bio”

Therefore, abandon the venture of complex architectural compositions, bright colors of interior facades. All elements should have smooth outlines, streamlined shapes, calm tones of color. Smooth sharp corners. Remove small decorative details. If there are dark parts in the room, be sure to supplement them with light. Conversely, very bright places, especially natural light from the window, curtain with fabric curtains and curtains.

Also, do not use very cold shades. The color palette should be uniform, calm, pacifying.

Living wall of plants in a studio apartment design

Living greens - a design tool with which you can diversify and decorate any interior

It is forbidden to hang stuffed animals on the walls, as well as artificial mannequins, ceremonial masks of different tribes, thematic items of ancient times. All of them carry a negative charge of energy, which strongly depresses the nerves.

Interior of a kids room in eco style

Children's room with natural wallpaper

On the contrary, decorate the walls with field landscapes, still lifes, paintings depicting majestic waterfalls, with lush, spreading trees. Images or photographs of fruits, wild animals, birds, butterflies, streams - this should first of all be located in a cozy place of a large metropolis.

Comfort in the hallway is easy

The entrance hall is the face of the dwelling. She meets with her warmth any incoming person. The entrance hall of a cozy studio apartment should have all its appearance to have visitors to relax, awe.

The interior of the hallway with living plants

Fresh flowers in the hallway will surely attract the attention of guests

Narrow corridor design with vibrant colors.

The hostess will be pleased to see fresh flowers right on the doorstep of the apartment

Natural decoration materials will be appropriate here. The flooring must be wooden. Paste the walls with natural bamboo wallpaper. If squaring allows, arrange one corner of the hallway with Japanese motifs. Volumetric pots with green bamboo will successfully combine with decorative sakura. Look for a variety of bamboo that grows in juicy green stems.

Following the motives of Japan, arrange a roomy sliding wardrobe for outerwear with sliding doors "Shoji". Natural bamboo paper, coupled with wooden slats of sliding doors of the cabinet, will give a true atmosphere of harmony with nature.

Decorating the walls of the hallway with bamboo wallpaper

Bamboo wallpaper in the interior of the hallway

The ceiling is finished with plaster paint. Gypsum has excellent hygroscopicity in its physical properties (it absorbs and gives moisture to the environment well). Therefore, all negative energies will be absorbed immediately, as soon as you enter your cozy nest.

Let the rays of natural light into the corridor. To do this, make a harmonious arch in the living room. Do not forget about the rules of harmony - the arch should be the simplest, without architectural excesses.

It is not necessary to arrange a large number of mirrors, as is customary in our country for hallways. One small one right at the entrance will be enough.Mirrors create a curvature of space, take energy. Do not create calm for additional interference.

A harmonious apartment, furnished according to the laws of nature, will give you the strength to do great things, create works of art.

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