In which interior linoleum is appropriate

Deciding to make repairs in the house, the question inevitably arises of choosing a suitable floor covering. It must be functional, practical and beautiful. Linoleum in the interior is widely used and has many advantages. If you decide to use it specifically, then you should find out a few of its features and the nuances of choice.

Linoleum with imitation of a wooden floor in the interior of the living room

Linoleum - a fashionable, beautiful and versatile floor covering for a budget

Linoleum in the interior of the apartment: modern designs

The material is versatile. Thanks to this and a wide range of its design, you can choose the best option for the modern style. The coating is practical, resistant to moisture, it is easy to care for and easy to mount and dismantle if necessary.

Room design of a city apartment with linoleum on the floor

Among the variety of options, you can choose linoleum with the texture of ceramic tiles, wooden parquet, stone slab or with an abstract composition

The models offered in the construction market differ in texture, shades, and patterns. An additional advantage is the low cost. Therefore, if the budget is limited, this option will be ideal.

The process of laying linoleum

Installation requires compliance with certain rules:

  1. Begin with cutting. It is important to do everything so that the pattern matches, subject to its availability. 10 mm is left on each side for allowance.
  2. Finished sliced ​​products are left in the room for 3 days. Then the material will completely straighten.
  3. There are several ways to lay the product. Each depends on the substance used to bond linoleum and floor.
Do-it-yourself trimming of the edges of linoleum along the wall with a construction knife

Trimming linoleum to size

The marked methods are indicated in the table.

Mounting method Description
Double sided tape You need to create a special mesh from adhesive tape. They lay the product on it and fix it.
Glue It is labor intensive. Suitable for concrete base. It takes a certain time to wait for the composition to dry. The exact date can be seen on the packaging. It is a maximum of a week.
Floating The roll is rolled out and left for several days. After you need to fix the baseboard. This should be done loosely, so that when the temperature in the room changes, the product can be compressed and straightened without irregularities. Suitable for small spaces with a concrete or wood base.
Do-it-yourself skirting after laying linoleum

Skirting boards are fixed only after the linoleum is fully straightened

Light tones of linoleum

Hue coating is of great importance. Linoleum in the interior should match the overall design of the room. Proper selection of a suitable model will visually hide the flaws of the room. Light linoleum visually expands the space, increases the area.

White kitchen with light linoleum on the floor

Light floor visually expand the limited space in a small room

Black living room decoration items against a light linoleum background

In combination with dark objects, a light coating will create an elegant and noble design.

In addition, this tone has other advantages.

  • The combination of light floor and dark furniture reproduces a refined and noble atmosphere.
  • You can choose for almost all designs, which makes it universal.
Light shade linoleum in the interior of a Provence style room

Light shades of flooring are suitable for almost any style.

The interior of the kitchen-living room with linoleum under a clarified oak

Light linoleum reflects light well, making the room even brighter and cleaner

However, it is recommended to consider some of the disadvantages of the coating.

  • A large amount of white tones creates a cold and uncomfortable atmosphere.
  • In terms of pollution is not practical. Traces of shoes and dust are clearly visible. Therefore, for the hallway, you should not choose a light color.
  • If the sun regularly falls on the floor, the coating will turn yellow.
Bright plain linoleum in the living room with wooden furniture

Spacious rooms with lots of light colors may seem cold and uncomfortable.

Cons will help not to make some mistakes when choosing the color of the coating.

Linoleum with oriental patterns and curls in a classic-style living room

Sand-colored linoleum with beautiful patterns is perfect for a classic interior style

Dark tones of linoleum

Dark linoleum in the interior is a unique technique. Among the advantages, the following are noted:

  • Acts as an independent accent. Allows you to link individual items in the room.
  • A suitable solution for areas with high traffic.
  • The variety of tones allows you to prevent gloom in the room.
Dark linoleum in the interior of the living room

A dark coating will bring together the entire space of the room and will not get dirty quickly

White sofa on dark brown linoleum

White furniture looks great on dark linoleum


  • It takes light in space, which can add darkness, therefore it is important to have maximum lighting.
  • It is recommended only for spacious rooms where it will not "eat" the area.
  • May add a bit of severity, which leads to the need to carefully select all the details.
Dark brown linoleum in the interior of the industrial-style living room

In a room with dark linoleum there should be good natural light

Game of colors and tones

A wide range of products allows you to play in different tones and create a unique design. It is important that the selected option is in harmony with the common room. Take into account the warmth of the gamut, ornament, texture. These subtleties can transform any room, subject to a competent choice.

Linoleum in the interior of the kitchen space

Bright saturated drawing harmonizes well with a plain, calm surface of the walls

Often choose a combination of doors and linoleum. The coating is with a glossy surface or matte. In the first case, it recreates the solemn atmosphere, but in bright light all the stains and scratches are visible. A matte finish helps hide flaws.

Tarkett linoleum in the interior is used along with products made for parquet, stone and others.

How to choose linoleum for an apartment?

The choice is influenced by the purpose of the room. The following tips should be followed:

  1. Hallway The gamma is dark, the texture is slightly rough. Shades are recommended to choose discreet.

    Linoleum with a tile pattern on the hallway floor

    Semi-commercial linoleum is suitable for the hall, which is difficult enough to damage

  2. Living room. The model depends on the size and basic style. The small area is complemented by bright colors. If there is enough space, you can apply a glossy finish.

    Light brown linoleum in the living room

    The choice of linoleum for the living room largely depends on your preferences and the size of the room

  3. Kitchen. A key reference point is the headset palette and wall decoration. The structure and rigor of the style may not be taken into account.

    Linoleum with ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor

    For the kitchen, linoleum with a tile pattern is perfect

  4. Bedroom. Too dark gamma is not recommended, it does not contribute to relaxation.

    Light linoleum in the bedroom of a country house

    Light colors and warm shades are recommended for the bedroom - cream, coffee, sand or beige

  5. Children’s. Bright palette. But it’s important not to overdo it so that there is no busting. On the cover can be geometric shapes, patterns, patterns.

    Linoleum with bright colors in the interior of a child’s room for a girl

    Kids like unusual vibrant prints.

Features of light linoleum

The features of a light product include:

  • Glossy light coating perfectly reflects light, artificial and natural, which makes the room more spacious visually, light, free.
  • Monotony will make space airy.
  • Pastel colors will be an excellent backdrop for details and furniture of any color.
Interior of a studio apartment in bright colors with linoleum on the floor

Light linoleum in a studio apartment

Using glossy linoleum

Suitable model for dark rooms. It allows you to increase the height of the ceilings, expand the visual area. It is important to remember that gloss makes all scratches, stains and dirt visible. You can wash only with special tools. It is not necessary to use in a hall and other rooms with high passability, it can quickly be erased.

Yellow linoleum on the floor of the kitchen-living room

Bright sunny kitchen with glossy linoleum

Black glossy Art Nouveau living room flooring

Dark gloss looks great indoors hi-tech or modern style

Basic color selection rules

When choosing a gamut of coverage, you should rely on the following recommendations:

  1. Create an overall picture of the room. Choose a style, think about what details will be present.
  2. Prefer refined tones to unusual textures. This will avoid a simple and cheap kind of flooring.
  3. For the hallway canvases with muted shades are not suitable.
  4. The chosen option should appeal to all the inhabitants of the house and meet your personal taste preferences.
The interior of the room with plain linoleum

When choosing a monophonic floor covering, the general design rules work - bright colors will add dynamics, pastel colors will add warmth and comfort, citrus fruits will create a joyful atmosphere

Linoleum with a pattern imitating an expensive floorboard made of precious wood

Linoleum imitating expensive coatings is always in demand.

Linoleum in the interior is widely used. Using the above recommendations, you will be able to choose the perfect coverage for a particular room.

Zigzag linoleum in the interior of the living room

Wide stripes of zigzag pattern visually expand the space of the living room

The original design of the floor in the kitchen using unusual linoleum

An interesting drawing based on “Alice in Wonderland”

Video on how to choose linoleum

Photo: linoleum in the interior of rooms of various styles

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