Lining in the interior: types, photos, tips

The cladding board is made from recycled wood. Lining is used in the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen. It looks great with wallpaper, textiles, painted surfaces. Finishing board is used for walls and ceilings, furniture decor. It will create a unique and elegant home decoration.

Clapboard is in demand in the interior of a country house everywhere. Designers successfully combine fashion trends and wooden components. Finishing board is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate your home. Masters often use aesthetic material in their projects, offering original ideas.

multi-colored lining in the room from mdf

Large room with lining trim

beautiful lining in the guest room made of wood

White lining in the interior of the room

Advantages and disadvantages

The material has a natural structure and fits perfectly into the environment. It is not difficult to change its color with the help of paint, the choice of which is huge. Using different colors and their combinations, it is possible to achieve interesting results.

Main advantages:

  • durability of operation;
  • environmental friendliness:
  • additional thermal insulation;
  • simple installation without the need for specialists;
  • affordable price.

Wooden lining is perfectly combined with any materials. It will help create an exceptional home environment.

bright lining in a bedroom from aluminum

Room design with lining trim

bright lining in a wooden apartment

Decorating a room with a wooden lining

There are some disadvantages of the finishing board:

  • It is perfect for private households, but wood is easily ignited. Before use, it is carefully treated with flame retardants.
  • Under the influence of moisture, the tree begins to collapse. It is impregnated with special substances to ensure resistance to decay processes. This increases the longevity of the skin.

Even housing in a metropolis will become like a luxurious homestead if lined with clapboard. A unique atmosphere will turn out with a good choice of lighting, mirrors and furniture.

beautiful lining in the house of MDF

Lining with a pattern

bright lining in the apartment from mdf

Wooden lining in the interior of the room

Types of lining

It is worth carefully approaching the choice of material. There are such types:

  • Wooden view.
  • Plastic products, which have gained popularity due to their performance characteristics, are in demand.
  • From MDF, a board with a special density is obtained.
  • The aluminum version is suitable for external cladding.
multi-colored lining in a guest from a tree

Lining in the design of the room

light lining in the room of aluminum

Beautiful bedroom with wall paneling

Modern manufacturers produce wooden types from deciduous and coniferous trees. They are classified according to grade and quality: Eurolining is a narrow board that has a groove and a tongue. This is a quality material that deserves attention. In the manufacture, it is treated with antiseptics, special formulations are applied.

The block house has a texture similar to log laying. An American resembles a wooden beam. It is often used for exterior cladding of houses, but can also be used for interior decoration.

bright lining in the house from aluminum

Bright room with blue clapboard

multi-colored lining in the apartment from a tree

White Clapboard Room

Lining is divided into classes:

  • extra - high quality and expensive type;
  • "A" and "B" - medium quality;
  • “C” is the cheapest option.

Lining classes:

Knots Unacceptable Up to 1 healthy, light and captive knot per 1 meter Healthy are acceptable.Not more than 1 drop-down (up to 1.5 cm in diameter) per 1 running meter Valid
Cracks Unacceptable Valid (not pass-through) Valid (not pass-through) Valid
Core 3-5% Less than 20% Valid Valid
Rot Unacceptable Unacceptable Less than 10% Valid
Tar pockets Unacceptable Less than 5 cm Valid Valid
Wormholes Unacceptable Unacceptable Less than 10% Valid

Finishing material also varies in size. Its selection depends on where the installation will take place.

light lining in the guest room from mdf

Wooden lining in the interior of the room

multi-colored lining in the room from aluminum

Bedroom with wooden lining

The interior of a country house

Home decoration requires attention from the owners. High-quality finish will provide coziness and comfort. Lining in harmony with painted surfaces, wallpaper, objects.

The most popular is the Provencal style. A wooden lining complements the rough floor and plastered walls. She looks great in the interior of a country house. Fashionable and practical choice will change the angle of perception, save from template forms.

beautiful lining in the bedroom made of wood

Room interior with wooden lining

bright lining in the guest room made of wood

Bedroom with wooden lining

The use of such a cladding is due to a combination with the available design components. An important factor is the artistic and architectural solution. It depends on him how the wooden components will interact with other materials.

Today it is possible to use such cladding in the bedroom, living room. It will create a special atmosphere of warmth. One of the walls is made accent, it attracts attention, being the starting point of the whole situation. The natural color of the skin will become the backdrop for the paintings.

This option is also appropriate in the bathroom, it will turn it into a real corner of relaxation. Small rooms will benefit from textured surfaces. Non-standard and unlike each other types of design will allow you to find an individual solution.

beautiful lining in the bedroom from aluminum

Solid wood clapboard room

bright lining in a bedroom from a tree

Room interior with wooden lining

Lining in the interior of the kitchen

Such panels completely decorate the room, but you need to make a bright accent. They distinguish a dining area, and are used to decorate work sites. After coating with a moisture-resistant composition, care will be simple.

For French classics, country style, the location of the material is only at the bottom of the walls. Wallpaper is glued to the rest of the surface, painted. There are other options. Lining installation is carried out only where the kitchen set is installed. Its vertical arrangement will visually increase the height of the room. If you want to expand the space, then stop at the horizontal version of the casing.

bright lining in an apartment made of aluminum

Bedroom with white lining

light lining in a house made of wood

White lining in the interior of the room

Attention is paid to facades, it is better to choose smooth products. The upper sections are often replaced by shelves to make the room more concise. If you decide to design a room in the eclectic style, it is better to use a lining for one or two walls. In this case, the horizontal direction of the material texture is selected.

beautiful lining in the bedroom from mdf

Multi-colored lining

multi-colored lining in a guest room from aluminum

Wooden lining in the room

Painted lining

This decoration opens up a wide choice for the owner of the house, everyone can find an individual solution. Wooden lining lends itself to additional processing. Thanks to this, the room can be decorated in the chosen style, to place accents. Painting makes the boards more resistant to environmental influences. The procedure can be carried out at home. For this, various types of paints and varnishes are used. Periodically, you need to update the coverage.

For the ceiling space choose a wide board. Painted lining looks harmonious. Get the desired effect help contrasting shades, changing the direction of installation of parts. If you use a transparent composition, the wood texture will become more expressive. Wooden lining in the interior is slightly tinted.

bright lining in the bedroom from mdf

Bright white lining in the interior of the room

bright lining in a wooden apartment

White lining in the interior of the bedroom

Acrylic glaze serves as an intermediate layer or is used as a topcoat. The lining is painted in an inconspicuous place to make sure that the tone is selected correctly. Some compounds are tintable, this is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions.

The use of two colors will relieve the monotony of the design of a country room with a lining. To do this, the boards are painted in different shades, alternating them. Semi-matt compositions hide the texture of the wood, but the relief will remain on the surface. Patinating agents are popular, allowing you to get antique-decorated details.

beautiful clapboard in an aluminum house

Design of shower room with clapboard

light lining in a room made of wood

Lining in the interior of the room

Lining: decor ideas

Using time-tested material, you can implement unique projects. Owners of private homes are concerned about how to decorate the lining. Get an unusual texture will allow paint, designers recommend applying it with your hands. Processing of individual elements is carried out before they are attached to the base. The interior of the lining of lacquered or matte light color provides an amazing effect. The layout of the boards may be different.

A unique texture is obtained thanks to a blowtorch. This decor was first used in Japan. A combination with plates or finishing only part of the wall of the room is attractive. For such purposes, light options for pastel shades are selected. They are surprisingly combined with bright furniture in the interior of a country house. The top edge of the board is decorated with baguette.

multi-colored lining in a bedroom from mdf

Wooden lining in the bathroom

Walls from the lining in the interior with lighting will stand out. The material is often used in the style of Provence. It is specially aged with paint to create an atmosphere of soulfulness. The fashion trend is the use of a mirror on a bright wall, but it is better to purchase several products and make a composition.

The classic solution is the interior of the house, sheathed in white lining. A fresh and unbanal solution is to finish the ceiling. This will create a special atmosphere in the room. Lining will be an integral component of the Scandinavian style. She will organically fit into the design with large ceiling beams, natural and artificial stone. The use of wood cladding opens up almost limitless possibilities. With its help, it is easy to translate any design ideas into reality.

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