What you need to know about the arrangement and design of the bathroom in a private house?

Do not think that the owners of private houses are deprived of all the benefits that apartment owners are provided with. On the contrary, in private homes more space and opportunities for the implementation of ideas. Only it is worth remembering the nuances when building a bathroom in a private house. These include the selection and installation of communication and ventilation systems. Let's find out what should be the design of a bathroom in a private house.

variant of the bright interior of the bathroom

In this design, the materials of decoration and color scheme are very competently selected.

idea of ​​an unusual bathroom design

In the white bathroom you can put a black bathtub and add some wood to the interior

variant of the beautiful style of the bathroom

Ceramic tile with a pattern of flowers looks very beautiful in the design of the bathroom

Bathroom Planning Tips

If you are going to make repairs, adding a bathroom to a private house, you need to take care of the layout. Choose the number and appearance of plumbing and furniture that you are going to install. Private houses are most often built for large families, so you need to determine the number of bathrooms. If you have a two-story house, it is advisable to install them under each other.

idea of ​​original bathroom design

The walls in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles

variant of a beautiful bathroom style

The bathroom can combine large ceramic tiles and mosaic tiles.

Before arranging a bathroom, study the advice of interior design specialists:

  • when installing the sink, make sure that on the sides there are 20 centimeters of free space for comfortable use;

  • at least 60 centimeters of free space in front of the toilet, 40 cm on the sides;

  • the sink is installed at a height of approximately 80 cm, the main factor remains the parameter of people living in the house;

  • to the sink you need a piece of free space measuring 70 centimeters;

  • in front of the bathroom (shower), a distance of 70 centimeters is set.

These recommendations will help not only save space and make the room comfortable, but also visually increase the space even in small houses. If you do not observe the distance, even in a large private house, the bathroom will look small and uncomfortable.

idea of ​​an unusual bathroom interior

In the bathroom you can combine completely different colors

idea of ​​original bathroom design

A white bathtub with wood elements will be especially beautiful.

variant of the bright interior of the bathroom

The walls in the bathroom are made of chocolate-colored ceramic tiles

Private bathroom communication

One of the most important stages is the arrangement of the sewage system and the water supply system. If you do not have a centralized water supply, you need to purchase a pumping station, which is installed in a well-heated room. It must be positioned above the floor, and to minimize vibration, secure on a flat concrete floor.

Sewerage is another issue that cannot be passed. Recently, an accumulative skeptic has become popular, which is an environmentally friendly option, while its cost is low. The owner of the house can lay sewer pipes without the help of specialists.

An important element is the ventilation system, which removes moist air from the room. If you do not install this system, a favorable zone is created for the formation of mold.

variant of the unusual style of the bathroom

In the bathroom you can use wood

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior

The walls in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles

Finishing work

Finishing is an important component of comfort in any room, especially in the bathroom, due to temperature changes and high humidity. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the resistance of materials to household chemicals and the ease of washing materials. You should not choose cheap and low-quality options, because of the features of the bathroom, they will not last long, you will have to spend money again. Private houses have a huge advantage over apartments - bathrooms are usually much more spacious, which allows you to experiment with decoration.

bright bathroom design option

Very beautiful bathroom design using wood

idea of ​​an original bathroom style

The design of the bathroom is made in a modern style using wood

variant of the original bathroom interior

Bathroom design in provence style

How to decorate the walls?

To decorate the walls, ceramic tiles are often used. A huge number of different shapes and sizes enable the owner to design rooms, embodying the most unusual ideas. The best solution for decorating walls is a tile: small options can significantly expand the space, large ones are used for spacious bathrooms.

Wall decoration brings incredible pleasure: you can lay out a mosaic, creating an incredible picture, combine materials of different sizes and colors, creating a unique style. A great solution for spacious bathrooms will be wood trim. The tree looks incredibly beautiful and is additionally varnished, which allows for high moisture resistance.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom design

Soft walls in the bathroom will make it very unusual.

idea of ​​a bright bathroom style

The design of the bathroom is made in one color scheme

Finishing materials for the ceiling

Manufacturers made sure that the owners of private houses had a wide choice in the decoration of ceilings. An incredible number of options, the most common and universal is the stretch ceiling. Its advantages over other options: it is able to withstand both low and high temperatures, is moisture resistant and easy to clean. Buyers have an unlimited choice, more and more types of suspended ceilings appear on sale every year, depending on the style of the bathroom and its size.

variant of the unusual interior of the bathroom

In such a bathroom you will get double pleasure

version of the original bathroom design

The walls in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles

idea of ​​an unusual style of a bathroom

To choose the right color for the bathroom, you can use the color wheel


When choosing flooring materials in the bathroom, pay attention to the level of resistance to moisture. The best solution is ceramic tile, which is much thicker than the wall and has a smooth surface. It is necessary to choose models that can withstand high loads, while with anti-slip properties. The marble floor looks beautiful, but it needs a spacious bathroom.

What style to decorate the room?

It is necessary to determine the style long before the construction phase. The table of design options will help you with this.


  • Due to the use of wood for finishing floors, walls and ceilings, it is a popular style for decorating a bathroom in a private house. If there are window openings, they are decorated with a checkered curtain. Terry bathrobes, towels and other check accessories can serve as a decor. You can add shelves made of wood.


  • For design, you need to use calm shades without bright colors. A suspended ceiling and spotlights are installed in the room. Bathrobes and towels choose soothing colors.

High tech.

It is characterized by the presence of cold shades and spot lighting.

Choosing a style is necessary solely from your desires and preferences. Mixing elements from different styles to create a unique design is welcome.

the idea of ​​a bright bathroom style

Modern bathroom design with wood

version of a beautiful bathroom design

The walls and floor in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles, and the ceiling is wooden

Should I use wallpaper in the bathroom?

Most are afraid to use wallpaper in the bathroom, which is explained by the main drawback - the paper base quickly absorbs water vapor. Over time, the material begins to swell, which leads to peeling wallpaper. Due to temperature changes, the glue begins to lose its properties, so many are afraid to glue wallpaper in the bathroom.

It is worth paying attention to the advantages that overlap the disadvantages:

  • decorating with wallpaper will cost much less than using tiles;

  • unlike plastic panel trim, wallpaper can be glued on its own without involving specialists;

  • the material is easy to update, in case it starts to depart, and a complete update of the design will take a minimum of time and effort.

The main difference between all materials available on the market is the technology by which the production takes place. For the living room or bedroom, it is better to use paper options, but for the bathroom they will not work, because there is too much moisture. Washable wallpapers, which are easy to clean from dirt, are gaining popularity, and the protective coating increases their service life, protecting them from delamination from high humidity.

variant of the original bathroom interior

The design of the bathroom is in the same style.

idea of ​​a bright bathroom interior

The walls of the bathroom are decorated with ceramic tiles and decorative plaster

variant of the unusual design of the bathroom

The design of the bathroom is made in a modern style with wood elements and illuminated shower

The following types of wallpaper are distinguished.

  • Liquid is only conditionally called wallpaper, because this is a mixture that must be diluted with water and applied to the wall after the primer. Advantages - easy application, no wall alignment required, ease of repairing damage. Remember that before applying it is necessary to treat the walls with a white primer, and such wallpapers should dry for at least two days.

  • The non-woven type is made on a basis that is similar to paper, while it is made from natural mixtures. Such wallpaper is easy to glue, you can choose any color and they are environmentally friendly (especially important if there are children in the house). On sale it is easy to find wall-paper monophonic and non-woven wallpaper.

  • Cullets are a relatively new option on the Russian market. They are made of fiberglass. When compared with other options, cullet have high strength, environmentally friendly, you can wash the dirt using detergents. This explains their popularity in the use of bathroom design.

Wallpaper is really one of the cheapest finishing options, but not always. The last option requires huge costs for the wallpaper gluing process: first you need to level the walls, buy wallpapers, the prices of which have been growing recently and buy a lot of paint, because you need to paint with a thick layer of paint.

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom style

In a white bathroom, individual places can be made black

bright bathroom style option

The walls in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles

The choice of decor for the interior of the bathroom

Decor is everyone’s choice, there are no rules. Some love minimalism, others love baroque splendor. Some people like the classic décor more, while others are delighted with a non-standard combination of styles. It is easy to find hundreds of ideas and photographs on the decor in the bathroom, all of them will be unique and in their own way special. But there are some decor items that are definitely worth using in the design of the bathroom.

The interior can be saturated by playing in contrast. For example, use lights and mirrors in a style different from the walls. You will immediately notice how bright the room looks.If there is enough space, you should buy a massive stone countertop, on which bottles with perfumes and shampoo will look original. It is worth using flowers, because they bring freshness and make any room cozy. You can purchase artificial bouquets, but living plants are the best option. A large vase with fresh flowers can be placed on the floor.

Definitely a bathroom in a private house is much more interesting to create. It requires additional time and money, but the field for creativity is larger in comparison with the apartment. Use all the tips and create a unique interior design of the bathroom in a private house.

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