Design projects of bathrooms: what you need to consider

Many prefer modern and practical bathrooms. Not only beauty is important, but also the functionality of the room. Therefore, it is recommended to think over the design of the bathroom project in advance. Given the features of the room, it will be possible to choose the best option for the interior, hiding the shortcomings of space.

marble bathroom design

With a bath, many begin and end the day.

Everything is important, from lighting and plumbing to an element of decor. Even if the room has a small area, with a competent layout, you can conveniently place everything you need. You can choose any style. It can be a continuation of the rest of the house or be independent. The most preferred styles are reflected in the table.

bright bathroom design

It is important to pay attention to every little thing.

Design Description
Classic Choose marble tiles. Furniture made of natural stone. Pick an identical ornament. The palette is monotonous. Stucco, which imitates natural material, is perfect for a spacious bath. For a small room, it is better not to choose it.
Country The abundance of natural materials and hand-made products. When using wood furniture, it is important to take care of covering it with a special compound to protect it from the negative effects of moisture. Gamma is light, brown or red. Antique objects will help to complement the general atmosphere.
Ethnic To finish the ceiling and walls, choose stone or wood in a brown, gray palette. It is recommended to choose an attractive country and reflect its motives indoors.
design and layout of the bathroom

The described design projects of bathrooms are the most preferred.

If the dimensions of the room are small, it is recommended to make a design plan in advance. This will enable to use every centimeter and arrange everything comfortably.

Design project bathroom 4 sq.m.

The design project of a small bathroom is in demand. After all, 4 square meters. m. is the standard size for placement in houses of the old type. And in this territory you need to put a lot of necessary items. With proper placement of things, you can save free space.

bathroom design 4 sq m photo

There are several design guidelines.

  1. The color palette is only light. This gamut contributes to the visual expansion of the territory, fills it with light and spaciousness.
  2. Several light sources are placed.
  3. Be sure to install a mirror, preferably a few.
  4. If you intend to introduce a glass surface, then you should stay on a transparent one.
  5. A minimum of furniture.
4 sq m bathroom design with hinged shelf

Even a room measuring 2x2 meters will be enough to equip a full bathroom.

These tips will help visually make the space bigger and brighter. Reducing the number of furniture will add space, not litter the territory.

beautiful bathroom design 4 sq m

The main thing is to choose suitable interior elements and place them correctly.

There are several methods to increase the space and functionality of a small bathroom. Consider installing a cantilevered toilet. Its tank is mounted on the wall, so you can save space. For the plumbing system, it is worthwhile to provide a special niche that allows you to free up space for storing household appliances.

bathroom with shower

The layout of the bathroom is also affected by the length of the walls and the location of the entrance.

To clear the area for the bath, you can translate the doorway. You can install a shower cabin, which saves meters. Free space should be filled with an open or closed cabinet. Too much furniture should not be installed.

bathroom design ideas 4 sq m

Bathroom 4 sq.m. may include a bath or shower, washbasin, small toilet, and minimal storage systems.

The design for a small bathroom includes a careful selection of finishes. The most popular tiles and mosaics. These materials have good resistance to moisture, they are easy to care for, tolerate temperature extremes and are reliable.

tiles and mosaics in the bathroom

The key disadvantage is the expensive and painstaking installation.

Porcelain tile has a large area. It’s easier to work with than with similar materials. But it’s worth preparing for big waste. You can design the floor and walls with an identical shade and size. Mosaic is durable. Suitable for round sections, including arch and ledge. Light colors fill the room with lightness, coolness and transparency. You can choose products where several tones of the same color are combined in different variations.

mosaic bathroom decor design

You can choose a mosaic for individual sections of the wall, near the sink or mirror.

How to equip a bathroom of 6 sq.m.

The design of a small-sized bathroom project includes the economical use of available meters. If there is a closet nearby, it is recommended to connect it to the bathroom. This will increase the size of the room. But if this option is not suitable, it is possible in the conditions of 6 square meters. create a beautiful and functional interior.

bathroom design 6 sq m

In a bathroom of 6 square meters you can make a chic design.

It is important to try to visually expand the space. This can be done with the help of bedding, a neutral palette and white in different shades. Bright accents such as brush holders will help to dilute the created interior. Monotony will quickly tire the eye. Therefore, you should combine tones. Glossy ceiling adds space. Tile choose smooth. It is recommended to lay the flooring diagonally. The tiles for this are chosen a few tones darker than the rest of the finish.

beautiful bathroom design 6 sq m

In such an area you can arrange a lot of useful things.

The choice of furniture should be taken seriously. All cabinets in color should be combined with the main range. Of the items, install only the necessary. In conditions of limited space, it is important to leave a little space so that there is no feeling of clutter.

high tech bathroom design

Choose shelves with a mirror surface.

To save space, it is worth buying suspended and corner models of plumbing. The space under the toilet will be empty, which will greatly facilitate cleaning. The bath is difficult to squeeze into limited dimensions. Because the best option would be a shower.

6 sq m bathroom design with shower

It is better to place the washing machine under the sink, using the empty area with benefit.

The mirror surface makes the room visually larger. Therefore, choose such a ceiling. What matters is the proper organization of lighting. Set a spotlight around the perimeter of the ceiling that visually add meters. Under the mirror and glass shelves, place the backlight.

aesthetic design of the bathroom 6 sq m

Shower and bath will fit on six square meters.

Design Features for Small Bathrooms

Proper interior design allows you to create coziness and functionality even in a small room. Designers advise using more mirror surfaces. Focus on light colors. Dark tones reduce the size of the space.

stretch ceiling bathroom design

For the ceiling, choose a glossy stretch canvas. It will visually make it higher.

Organize a special niche by placing inside the washing machine, several shelves to accommodate the necessary things and a boiler. The partition will help increase the aesthetics of the room, and it will look wider.

practical bathroom design

The best option would be a rectangular bathtub with a length of 170 to 220 cm.

Make the top white to increase the height of the walls. For the bottom, you can choose a moderately dark tone. Glass shelves are great for a small bathtub. The material perfectly tolerates humidity and temperature changes.

bathroom layout photo

Gives extra shine to the space.

Design projects in various styles

Classic does not lose relevance and remains popular for many years. The materials are mainly natural, natural. Wallpaper use only moisture resistant. Plumbing round in gold or bronze. The remaining pieces of equipment are recommended to be removed under decorative panels.

classic bathroom design

The classic-style bathroom is a testament to the owner’s good taste.

If you want to add extravagance, you should embody the oriental style. A warm, rich gamma is used. Tiles are only small in size, better mosaics with a combination of different tones. You can replace the standard tiles decorated with oriental motifs.

oriental bathroom design

Oriental style bathroom is becoming more and more popular.

Suitable for the embodiment of modernity. The interior should contain many straight lines, including furniture and decoration. You can not hide the technique with the help of materials and niches. Choose plumbing, based on its functionality.

Art Nouveau bathroom

The modern style bathroom is quite common today in modern apartments and houses.

Marine style remains one of the most popular for the bathroom. It aims to create a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Palette in white and blue tones. Images of marine life are posted on the walls. You can complement the space with a yellow shade that personifies sand. A mirror of a certain design in the form of a porthole of a ship.

marine style bathroom

Add nautical-themed decor details to complete your look.

Features design project of a bathroom with shower

A shower cabin is a practical option where every meter counts. It allows you to significantly save space, it is convenient to use it, as well as to care for. You can show imagination and organically “fit” the cabin into the overall interior.

shower in the bathroom

Decide on the location of the structure in advance.

It is important to understand how it will look among other items. Focus on the dimensions of the model. A large one will take up a lot of space, in a small one it will be inconvenient to wash. If the bathroom has tiny dimensions, the built-in cabin is ideal.

bathroom options with shower

Combine the design with the general style will help the floor decorated with tiles in tone with the rest of the interior. If the room is irregular in shape, has construction niches, it is recommended to install a structure equipped with an original pallet in the corner areas. This will make it possible to use all available meters useful.

bright bathroom with shower

A pre-prepared project helps to avoid many problems in the implementation of ideas.

Having a plan, you can pre-adjust inaccuracies, take into account important nuances, and reduce time and effort when translating ideas.

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