Bathroom design 2017: color schemes, the choice of plumbing

Everyone begins their morning with a trip to the bathroom. Therefore, the room in question should be comfortable, functional and modern. The market of building and finishing materials allows you to create a fashionable bathroom design in any style. In 2017, the trend is bright, bold color solutions that combine perfectly with creative plumbing.

version of the beautiful design of the bathroom 2017

The design of the bathroom in chocolate color will cause only positive emotions

2017 bright bathroom idea

The combination of black and white in the interior of the bathroom will look very beautiful.

The idea of ​​an unusual bathroom interior 2017

Imitation wood in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

Fashion Design Trends

Before proceeding with the repair in the bathroom, it is first of all necessary to study the latest trends in the fashionable interior. In 2017, designers developed many bold, brilliant ideas.

Specialists in the field of interior design distinguish four main factors that need to be considered when decorating a bathroom:

  • protection;
  • energy;
  • enrichment;
  • nourishment from nature.

The general situation after the repair must necessarily be comfortable and cozy, charge the residents of the house with positive energy, provide a sense of security.

2017 modern bathroom design

Mosaic tiles are perfect for wall decoration in the bathroom

version of the modern style of the bathroom 2017

In the bathroom you can put a picture, it will slightly transform the interior

At the same time, designers recommend not to be afraid of experiments in decoration, contrasting materials and bold ideas in choosing a style. And it doesn’t matter if a small mosaic, large tile, imitation of stone or natural material are selected. The presence of natural shades and eco-motifs is still in fashion.

Creating a bathroom design in 2017, more attention should be paid to lighting the space. The more correct light sources are installed, the more spectacular the overall environment will look. You can use single spotlights or more sophisticated modern designs for decoration. Enhance the lighting will help the correct placement of mirrors or reflective inserts.

The idea of ​​a bright bathroom interior 2017

Extra lighting in the bathroom creates a special atmosphere

2017 unusual bathroom idea

The cream color in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

version of the unusual interior of the bathroom 2017

White bathroom design with porcelain stoneware

Color selection

To radically increase or decrease the space when designing a bathroom with the help of any style, of course, it will not work. But with the right choice of color combinations, materials, interior items, even the smallest bathroom can be made stylish and functional, visually increasing the area.

Designers recommend choosing light pastel shades to decorate the surfaces of walls, floors and ceilings to increase space. In 2017, the use of combinations of white with coffee, green, sand, scarlet is again in fashion. And as accents, more saturated contrasting colors should be added. Elements of tile, mirror frame, rug, shelves or coasters may be bright.

2017 bright bathroom design idea

The design of the bathroom in chocolate with imitation wood looks very beautiful

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom style 2017

Wall decoration in the bathroom is done with ceramic tiles with imitation stone

The main rule when choosing: the shade of the ceiling and floor should in no case coincide.There will be a feeling of an enclosed space resembling an operating room, especially if a white or gray tone is selected.

When choosing the furniture itself, it is worth considering that a dark bathroom, a sink in a dark color are suitable exclusively for large areas. And for small-sized rooms (with an area of ​​less than 8 sq.m.), you should select furniture for the interior in bright colors.

version of the modern bathroom interior 2017

Design of a large bathroom in chocolate color

version of the beautiful style of the bathroom 2017

Ceramic granite with imitation of rust looks very beautiful and unusual

the idea of ​​an unusual bathroom interior 2017

The walls in the bathroom are made of ceramic tiles

The most common trends in modern fashionable bathroom design in 2017 are shown in the table:



Primary colors


Light shades are ideal for designing a bathroom and organically combine with any color. The space will visually increase. In the future, only changing the decor is enough to ensure that the design remains fashionable for a long time.


Sky coloring

One of the most popular color combinations. The bathroom looks fresh and clean. It is necessary to use light tones of blue, so as not to create a feeling of coldness.

White, blue, blue

Eco-friendly solution

Green is always associated with open nature. Ideal for fans to take a hot bath after a hard day. Color calms, relaxes. Combine it better with white or warm gray, you can add orange elements.

All shades of green

In contrast

The most famous combination: black and white. The combination of contrast should be taken carefully and carefully so that an absurd situation does not turn out instead of the fashionable design of the bathroom. It should be borne in mind that the predominance of light color - visually increase the room, and dark - reduce.

Any contrasting colors

Sunny mood

The brightest and most cheerful combination of shades. The main advantage is no dependence on the dimensions of the room. Color is able to charge positively, cheer up, remove negative emotions. It is best combined with orange, light green.


2017 modern bathroom design

The combination of white and gray in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

2017 bright bathroom design idea

Light bathroom design

Rules for choosing a color scheme

Starting to determine the primary colors, you should initially familiarize yourself with several important rules:

  1. The number of tones. So that the bathroom space looks stylish and harmonious, does not irritate vision with motley colors, it is not recommended to use more than three colors or five shades. In most cases, you can do without two well-compatible colors. If there is no desire to create contrast, then you can choose 2-3 tones of the same color to design surfaces. The main thing is that they emphasize the most important details of the interior.
  2. Brightness. When determining the saturation, you must first remember the area of ​​the bathroom. As mentioned above, dark colors visually reduce space, and light colors increase. Do not forget that juicy tones will help you wake up faster in the morning, and calm ones help to relax and be distracted.
  3. Color value. Each shade has its own psychological effect on human consciousness. This information must be taken into account when designing a bathroom. It is from the color scheme that the mood will largely depend.
version of the unusual style of the bathroom 2017

In small bathrooms it is better to use showers, they take up little space

The idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior 2017

Chocolate color bathroom design with porcelain stoneware

the idea of ​​a beautiful bathroom interior 2017

The design of the bathroom is made in a modern style with ceramic granite walls and wood imitation.

Modern designer plumbing

Stylish interior is not only the right colors, but also high-quality modern sanitary ware. These items also include faucets, accessories. Currently, manufacturers use a wide variety of technologies and materials, including innovative ones.

Thanks to the latest modern processing techniques, ceramics have become very malleable and at the same time stable. For this reason, new collections are literally a work of art. Materials allow designers to create interior items for a bathroom of any shape.

Design novelties for the bathroom go well with contrasting colors. Snow-white plumbing looks especially advantageous, it goes well with any bright saturated shade. You can choose matte furniture with mother-of-pearl finish. Dark tile (rich brown, dark green or even black) is also suitable for such plumbing. If the walls and floors are light, then you should not be afraid to buy furniture in black, bronze, chocolate color. It looks especially good with gold or silver trim.

2017 bright bathroom design option

Bathroom Design with Combined Shower

version of the unusual style of the bathroom 2017

The imitation of stone in the interior of a bright bathroom looks very beautiful and unusual

In 2017, open spaces came into fashion without the addition of borders. Shower cubicles without pallets fit perfectly into this trend. Do not be afraid of such an idea. Drain systems are mounted directly on the floor. As a result, the shower does not occupy a large space and organically fits into the interior. Such plumbing is very easy to care for, suitable for use by kids and the elderly or with disabilities.

If you want to create something special and unique, then a modern 3D structure will be an excellent option. Depending on the chosen theme, the bathroom takes on a unique style. Volumetric motives are able to transform even the most simple items of plumbing.

When working on the concept of the interior, it should be remembered that the idea should emphasize the preferences and character of the owner of the bathroom. And most importantly - there should be an opportunity to transform the situation, add something new and fresh. After all, fashion is constantly changing, and it is very difficult to make repairs every year.

2017 modern bathroom design idea

Design of a small bathroom in a modern style

version of the unusual interior of the bathroom 2017

Imitation wood in the interior of the bathroom looks very beautiful

version of the bright style of the bathroom 2017

Modern style bathroom design with shower

Floor, ceiling, walls

This year, designers highlight several trends for the design of the ceiling surface in the bathroom. Among them:

  • glossy stretch ceilings;
  • matte coatings;
  • transparent stained-glass windows;
  • mirrors that allow you to visually increase the space.

For walls, it is recommended to select a large tile. Perhaps the presence of modern mosaics or ornaments. The main advantage is the minimum of wall seams and the maximum of the selected color. And various inserts can create a favorable accent on the walls. But do not forget that the trend still has natural stone. From it it is quite possible to make a stylish panel on one of the walls.

Designers also believe that if you make an ornament or mosaic, it’s more difficult. The surface of the walls of a modern bathroom should generally have a smooth, even tone, with the exception of inserts. It should not be located in one place, it should be several zones that are compatible with each other. But this applies only to rooms of more than 8 sq.m.

The idea of ​​a modern bathroom interior 2017

Mosaic tiles in the interior of the bathroom will look very beautiful

version of the bright interior of the bathroom 2017

The design of the bathroom is made in chocolate color from mosaic tiles.

Actual in the design of the bathroom 2017 are interior or decor items made in the style of “wood.” They are able to bring cosiness and warmth into the atmosphere, they are perfectly combined with any color palettes. For example, a cabinet under a sink or a countertop next to it can be made of wood.

A bathroom is a room where all family members will go daily and more than once. And if you consider that the repair is done once for several years, then the materials for surface finishing must necessarily be high-quality, modern and reliable. Whatever decision was made, the style should be combined with the overall design of the apartment or house.

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